The Cat Keeps His Word And Goes A Bit More Absurd!

So with all these award things floating about with their stupid rules turning people into a blog whore with their shout. Not that there is anything wrong with that for those who like such things, unlike this cat. Of course it doesn't take away from the generosity of the award that you scored. But it kind of leaves it on the back burner when you have to deal with all the crap rules that come with it. Okay, that is the end of this fit.

As I was saying before my ranting started playing. It got into the rumpology rap bringers head that she needed an award from the cat for something she did or said. Sadly, neither one of us remember what it was for but the cat did say he would do one at his shore. And the cat keeps his word unless provoked by some yummy bird. Anyway, we'll say it was for her rules post about your favorite rhyming cat host.

Of course there is no way I could employ Pat or be an artsy cat. For we both have the same skill when it comes to art at our hill.

A simple duck,
Would look like a truck.
Some dress suit,
Maybe the cover of a flute.

Amoeba, don't even go there.
A blank look and maybe a glare,
Is all you'll give to the cat,
Do they expect me to know that?

With a nurse,
Things may get kind of perverse.
A hill I can do,
I can make it green too.

Can make a paw,
With a nice sharp claw,
Come out a cats butt.
Yep, I'm a nut.

A stadium not so much,
Will get confused a touch.
And maybe find it to be a sea,
If you are lucky.

A base worked well,
But orbit caused me hell.
A sunny day,
Was easy to convey.

I know almost all are lost today,
Which was the point at my bay.
For if the cat were to draw,
Whether with paw of claw.

You would not go awww,
You'd want to take your eyes out with a saw.
The same for Pat,
So take the confusion, times it by ten and that is that.

Thankfully the cat has other avenues to take and as he let an idea bake it came due and NO RULES what so ever follow it other than what you view. That's right, whether day or night by taking the award from the cat you are owned by my rhyming mat. That is the only rule. I know the wiener pooches might not think it is cool. And last but not least you are owned by this furry beast in anime type form. Now doesn't this surely beat the award norm?

So there is one more rant that came due and one less thing on the to do list for me to view. The cat doesn't slack when an award comes from his shack. Chalk something else up that the cat can do thinking of art that can be awarded from my zoo. And now the to do list has less mass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I remember the post Jax wrote about the "cat being out of the bag". She described you and your blog perfectly. And that award is so cute. Yes, cats are in control, they rule the world from atop their perches. My dogs fear my two cats and I never question their orders, just obey them silently and swiftly.

    1. Cats do rule the roost
      Guess they need an ego boost
      The dogs just get a good smack
      And avoid them or obey at their shack..haha

  2. Harmless fun and not the virus some people think they are!

    1. More like a cold
      That are caught and sold..haha

  3. i love this award to jax Pat, ha. well deserved, is so cute an love no rules(lol) have a nice day:)

    1. No rules had to be done
      Those things are just a pain in the but to give a run

  4. An Award? For me?! That picture looks just like me too!! You aced the black hair wanting desperately to become a redhead. Very good! Your art skills are amazing... hahahaha Owned by the cat? Oh boy...good thing I don't live with the wiener pooches anymore or they may try to eat you and pat! :)

    LOL at the amoeba. The sad part you a single celled organism looks JUST like a pawn. hahahahaha And the paw coming out of the ass...I remember that! No worries, I still have The Last Supper and Moses.

    Thank you for awarding me your minion cat! Always a catch... lol

    1. jax i think you look so nice in the award (lol)

    2. Thanks Gloria!! He really portrayed me at my best ;) And that outfit? It's been my favorite for years!! hahaha

    3. hahaha oh for me?
      Pretending you didn't know it was coming to me sea..haha
      See the cat has such great art skills when he wants to
      He's just being coy with the other art you view..LOL
      Riiight, but he'll take credit day or night
      For at least not showing his art fright
      I guess I get a reprieve from the weiner pooches trying to eat me
      They may get Pat but the cat would make them leave bush number three..haha

      LOL stupid word to use
      Trying to confuse
      Then it expected me to draw the thing
      A pawn was better then just letting my hands fling
      Which they did
      Stupid word trying to make me flip my lid..haha
      LOL yes Moses will never be lived down
      Especailly when all you needed was the divide sign to win the art crown..haha

      LOL but it's an okay catch
      The cat won't make you play fetch..haha

      hahaha a favorite outfit too
      Damn more bonus points should ensue..haha

    4. Congratulations, Jax - I loved the post you did about Pat, it was spot on.

    5. @L...Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

    6. I had no idea, otherwise I would have prepared my acceptance speech! LMAO

      How do you not know what am amoeba is?! You know what a pawn is, but you aren't familiar with that. A little girl died a few months ago from some killer amoeba she came in contact with after taking a swim in a swamp.

      The point is, you all got it right AND you knew exactly what it was. Moses parting the red sea is a drawing that should go down in history!! (That's not meant to rhyme! Dammit, you're ownership is rubbing off already...)

    7. LOL oh now that would have been something to post
      Sure it would have delighted this host...hahah

      I don't go around collecting one celled organisms I guess
      Geez those things are nasty, glad I have an aversions to swamps and mess
      Still you didn't know a pawn
      That is a worse one not to have an idea dawn..haha

      LOL yeah we knew exactly what was being shown
      You just didn't show the word in the right tone
      And rhyming too
      Oh such fun it's true

    8. Oh Pat I know you hate these awards (I dont like too) but some of us REALLY LOVE the award you give to AJAX she look georgeous!! (lol)

    9. ha Jax I love the outfit too!! lol

    10. @Gloria...I have to say girl, you got GREAT style!! Who knew that the cat was all about the newest fashion trends? LOL

      @Pat...I meant to tell you, but I forgot! I was coming back from an appointment on Saturday, and I looked to the left to see a giant freaking billboard. "PAWN SHOP". I was sooo tempted to go inside and find out what a pawn really is! My luck, I'd walk in and catch an amoeba. lol!!

      When I go back on Saturday, I'll try to snap a picture. If I crash during that, the cat gets the blame. I hope you got good health insurance for your minions...

    11. haha I only give good awards at my sea
      None of that rule crap for me

      LOL see the cat doesn't need glamour
      With fashion he doesn't stammer
      Riight to that too
      But we can pretend here at my zoo

      LOL pawn in that case is different from the chess piece I was referring too
      In that case you give your stuff and get cash in return or exchange for some other item or just buy what you see there and nothing is new
      LOL that amoeba is everywhere
      Better do an extra floor scrubbing at your lair..haha

      hahaha now with your record of rear ending people I wouldn't suggest that
      But healthcare is free at my Canadian mat
      So I guess the cat does have good health care
      Here at his lair

    12. Of course the cat needs Glamour. Everyone needs Glamour!

      There are different types of pawns?! Sigh...blowing my mind over here...

    13. Well there is a pawn shop
      Where things get pawned off, that are prob stolen, so watch out for a cop
      The pawn as in a chess piece on the board
      Or pawn something off on you like cooking for a horde
      You don't know that word
      Geez better go ask a bird..haha

      Pfft glamour is to sparkly for me
      Although the Supernatural ones I wouldn't scoff at that you have at your sea..haha

  5. You got awards without some damn rules...
    What has happened to the blogging world ?
    It is the end of the world !

    1. The blogging world might make me suffer its wrath
      For not going down the same old awards path

  6. Great way of getting around the award thing Pat, it's decent of you to keep your word mate. Sometimes I find it tough to keep up too so awesome stuff mate.

    1. When the cat wants around something
      He makes sure to get around it at his wing
      The cat says he's going to do something and it gets done
      No matter how much other stuff that keeps me on the run

  7. I've ranted more than once about the chain letter aspect of some of these awards, the kind where they tell you that you have to pass the award to 47 other freakin' bloggers. If every recipient did that, soon everyone who has a blog would have one... which would make the "award" aspect kinda pointless. Glad I'm far from the only one who feels that way.

    1. hi silver im agree with you :)

    2. That is the main aspect of the things
      To let them be found at everyones wings
      Then they are pointless indeed
      So I remembered your feed
      As you have one with no rules attached there
      So figured why not give it a go to at my lair..haha

    3. The passing around of awards gets boring after you've read basically the same post 30 to 40 times as it makes its way around the blogosphere. I created my own award and gave it to myself. And I'll never pass it on to anyone else because it has meaning only for me. And ultimately as a blogger, getting these things becomes a burden because someone else is dictating what you're going to write. And I don't like that any more than the cat does.

    4. Yeah it's the dictating part that really is a pain to me
      I just yap about whatever I want at my sea
      Don't want to go on one big spiel about what everyone else already has when they got it
      Not a fan of the pass around ones one bit

  8. "47 freakin bloggers"??? ha!you make me laugh dear!

    1. Well it's prob more than that when it is through
      Going around for everyone to view

    2. I won a couple of awards recently.
      I just said thank you and let them be.
      The rules were long
      I won't sing that song.
      I had to nominate 11 others
      that is just way too much bother.

    3. Agree Betsy I received always Award I said thanks put a time in my side bar and ciao! But always I thinks the persons give these are so nice (lol) always I say thank you but I dont have time to think in all the persons I can share, lol

    4. Yep that is all I do to
      Thanks and back to rhyming at my zoo
      Way too much work to bring such a thing about
      With such a blog whoring shout..haha

      Yes they are nice indeed
      Never say otherwise at my feed
      But the awards themselves with all the rules are dumb
      And annoy my little rhyming bum

  9. No rules really sounds like an excellent rule when it comes to accepting awards ;)

    1. Yep no rules what so ever
      Would be so much bettter but prob will happen never

  10. it's absurd, but I get you only when you go absurd. Absurd? I know :)

    1. lol well I'd expect nothing less from you
      As absurd you can surely do

  11. Aw, jax!
    Look at Orlin around your neck!
    I think he looks quite content there
    making a blanket of your hair! :)

    1. haha until he decided it may need a pull
      Then tries to take a mouth full
      Might not be so grand then
      As he gets flung across the den...haha

    2. Do I get some sort of retirement fund now that I'm owned by the cat?

      And if that cat takes one bite at my hair, you're going to have to supply me with the placenta to help it grow back!

      I'm going to start a union!

    3. Hmmm I'll have to look into that
      But you will have to pull your weight and scout the Cracks for Pat..LOL

      You know, knowing him he'd prob like the smell of it
      That would make me twitch quite a bit..hahaha

      Oh no!
      Not a union, you start that and the cat will have to let you go...hahaha

  12. I love it, Pat! Not only did you create an award with NO rules (hooray!!) - you also managed to make me laugh, yet again, by using "blog whore".

    1. LOL blog whore just has such a nice ring to it
      That I use it quite a bit
      No rules are the best
      Otherwise it's like you have to pass some test

  13. Pat, this is hilarious! I love that award for JAX. I'm not into those awards either, but I feel obligated sometimes. Ugh.

    1. Yeah sometimes obligation comes due
      Depending upon who gave them to you
      Glad it was fun
      As I gave the awards a run

  14. the cats skills at his shack just grow and grow, not he has his own awards show, oh well just something more to covet, and in hope for before i kick the bucket, bet you thought i would rhyme that with muck it, no, oh well, all will be swell

    1. Yep they just grow each day
      As something else comes into play
      Hmmm you will get something like that
      One day as the skills once more are stretched by another and the cat
      And I knew it was muck it
      And not fluck it..haha

  15. As the owner of a needy Princess Diva who insists my life revolve around hers (incidentally she's a long haired Persian,) I completely understand the stardom of your feline. Obviously she's a good companion. I wonder if she rhymes also?

    1. LOL yeah they surely wish your life revolve around them each day
      With their ego on display
      But they are fun
      And hahaha not many rhymes from her are spun

  16. you rhyme as fine as ever and you should never... ehm... stop rhyming...

    1. It will never stop
      Unless someone calls a cop

  17. Pat, there must be more than one of you. How do manage to come up with this stuff and still be able to comment on other sites. You are omnipotent.

    1. Well Pat does have the cat
      He gives me a break at my mat
      Otherwise who knows how it is done
      I just keep on giving it a run

  18. Never mind ducks looking like trucks, that is a great drawing.

    1. LOL yes it is indeed
      But it was not done my those who own this feed..haha

  19. An award without rules? Holy toledo, you lucky duck! I need one of those, cuz rules just suck!

    1. That they do
      Hurts the view
      So the rules went out the window
      At my show

  20. that is indeed a lovely post about Pat and the car by Jax.
    no rules is a good rule :p

    1. A good rule indeed
      And will stay that way at my feed

  21. I'm with you, Cat...I hate those awards, the pompous stuff...but I loved your rap.

    Lady Nyo...and this probably won't go through...blogs are being butt-ugly lately....

    1. It went through just fine at my zoo
      Guess my blog isn't being butt ugly to you..haha

  22. 'Blog whore' obscenely in elements
    In cyberspace and blogosphere however
    It is a term of innocent endearment
    Respectability assured through Pat's endeavor
    In Rhyme Time as expected by everyone
    Anything goes and all in good fun


    1. Yes it is all in good fun
      As it always is here under my sun
      Endearment will come to pass
      As long as I don't have to blog whore my little rhyming ass..haha

  23. I think things only get perverse with nurses in Road Trip. ha

    1. haha yeah and there are many movies that to such things
      Even giving some nurses wings

  24. A simple duck
    who looks like a truck.
    Such a thing to see.
    But, 'duck' can rhyme
    with stuck, muck, and luck.
    And that 'F' word, you see.

    1. Yeah and the F one
      Is fun to give a run
      And just must be done
      But not a ton
      Then some will shun
      Plus might offend a nun

  25. I like the award fixed by the rhyming cat

    congrats to Jax

    1. Glad you like the award at my cave
      Seems to be all the rave

  26. Jax got the Rhyme time award! Luckeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Had more to do with whining than luck
      But shhh don't tell her she might make fun of my duck..haha

  27. There's nothing like an award and no rules. I don't like (a) rules and (b) having to bore people with 10,000 facts about myself and (c) tagging more than one winner, which makes winning the award so much less. special.

    1. The first few facts can be fun
      But after you've given 5 or 10 a run
      They becoming annoying indeed
      And one just bores people at their feed
      True tagging more than one winner
      Is like sharing your dinner

  28. A paw with a claw out a butt? You ARE a nut! LOL :)

    1. LOL hey I can't draw
      At least they could tell it was a paw..hahaha

    2. You could not tell it was a paw. It looked like a paintbrush coming out of a kitties rump. hahahahaha I kid, I kid. :)

    3. hahahahaha well I can't say it didn't resemble such an act
      Just proving my drawing sucks and that is a fact..haha

  29. You are like Dr. Suess on steroids with a it!

    1. haha Dr. Suess ain't got nothing on me
      I'm all steroided up at my sea..haha

  30. Wow this awards are all the rage. They seem to pop up in every page!

    1. But I have no rules on mine
      So mine is more divine

  31. Sure to be the most coveted award around!

    1. The most coveted one
      Oh wouldn't that be fun

  32. Yay, I love blog awards with no rules.

    The cat's drawing skills apparently out shine mine any day. lol

    1. Yep rules are for fools
      At least most rul..haha
      Pffft that isn't my drawing skill
      Mine would make on need to pop a pill

  33. The best of awards have no rules, I agree. You don't need to pass them onto 15 people after answering 25 questions about yourself, including your most embarrassing moment and the music you lost your virginity to.


    1. And what if there was no music to be had
      Would that make them mad?

  34. I agree about awards 100%, but I really like the cool Rhyme Tyme award. True talent indeed!

    1. haha the talent was not mine
      But yes it is still divine

  35. Inriguing. I like how you've driven the poor Miss insane at her job. My cat does this to me at home only.

    I'll be keeping you to your boast that the cat can rhyme my tagged questions . .


    1. hahaha driving people insane is fun
      And has to be done
      And yes anything I can rhyme
      Here as I'm in my prime

  36. yes! A "no rules" award. Love it! I have to agree with what you said about blog awards with rules being a bit of a drag

    1. Yeah all those friggin rules get to be a pain
      So I avoid them here at my lane

  37. So the cat's jumped into the award business know, guess with all his success he's feeling a bit billy crystal now lol but if anyone's earned award emcee duties it's definitely the cat, bet robbie raisin will have something to say about all this though- can't wait till that one blows- should be another fun rhyme spun the way only the cat can spin with his rhyme time fun

    1. Your psychic powers are at play once more
      As Robbie Raisin does have something planned for an encore
      That cat could put Crystal to shame
      As he reaches an even higher fame

  38. I agree with Tony Van Helsing :) You, Pat, are AMAZING! This is an awesome award ;)

    1. LOL wow you actually read the comments below too
      Glad I can amaze at my zoo


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