Island of The Gawker Part One For Some dVerse Fun!


Miss Priss yelled to all and we answered the call. Blabber and the cat took off for the prize while Pat argued with himself looking so unwise. Irish Air sucked back her liquor and spit it out at the fire making it more heated and thicker. Petsy sounded the attack of her crew and Drazin's bald head used the sun to blind their view. It was do or die as I cursed that Merlin guy.

Wait! What? I guess I should reverse a bit as I sound like a nut.


Pat just got home to our little dome and as with any other night we greeted him on sight. But as Miss Priss and I came to the door we heard a familiar roar. Actually it was more like a chant by that stupid Merlin, who I'd like to squash like an ant. If you recall he sent us away from our hall, back for dVerse's opening festivities. I so hoped we were done with his extra curricular activities. But as soon as we began to glow I knew we were leaving the safety of our show.

"You three have been getting slack. So it's time you get the magic back. Good luck! And just for fun I've brought forth that wacky duck."

Merlin stood before us with a smile and then disappeared as we saw something vile. That bald headed buffoon was standing before us like a loon. Drazin actually looked like a loon too as he stood on the beach enjoying the view. Yeah, we were on some strange island like Lost and somehow I knew this adventure was going to exhaust. But the only way home was to play Merlin's game, so we decided to talk to the one of oh so godly fame.

"Drazin was enjoying Drazin's self until you fleabags showed up. You even brought the pesky human sidekick along."

"I will smite you demon."

"And Drazin can see once more he has voices going through his head. And you fleabags have the nerve to call Drazin crazy."

"Pat, thinking he's King Arthur or Robin Hood or whoever has nothing on a bad Saturday morning cartoon villain, with some dollar store contact lenses to make his eyes glow."

"It's warm here so Drazin doesn't need his slippers. But that doesn't mean Drazin won't drown you fleabags."

Miss Priss and Drazin continued their usual exchange and it was the only thing that was not strange. For I thought I was becoming Pat, as a voice was heard by the cat. Seems everyone else heard it too and we searched for where it came due. There was a radio lying in the sand which we hoped would be someone who could take us away from this land. Turns out there was another stuck here and she kept saying the same thing over and over with such fear.

"Someone, anyone, if you are getting this, help! All this sand is ruining my day. Save me and I'll stick my hand in a vending machine or ride an elevator any time. At least send some shampoo, two kinds, because my hair is falling out. And please get this flea off my knee."

"Is it just Drazin or is she quite the blabbermouth?"

"Thou would be correct, demon."

Those two gave each other the eye and Drazin looked like he wanted to clobber that Pat guy. Miss Priss and I just let them be and figured we'd search out the blabbermouth with the flea on her knee. We went to the tree line with the two humans, if you can call them that, both acting quite divine. Weird yellow glowing eyes peered out from the woods. They finally appeared dressed in dark robes and wearing hoods.

"Relatives of yours, oh godly one?"

"Shut up, fleabag!"

It looked like the mothman rip offs could float and I think I even heard the noise of a goat. They remained in the trees barely visible to us and then kicked up quite the fuss. It seems this was the land of the Gawker, by the way they looked at us that was not a big shocker. We were trespassing and had to leave or he would surely make us grieve. The three of them cackled in the typical evil bad guy way and Drazin had enough of their display. He marched toward the trees but was suddenly buried in sand up to his knees.

"You mess with the Nazi of Grammar and he'll make you stammer"
"Leave this sector or suffer the wrath of the Dictionary Collector."
"Fear the Penguin Man for he will crush you like Godzilla did Japan."

I admit their rhymes were not bad at all and then I once more heard that goat call. What was up with that? I had no time to think as they pointed toward the cat. Those mothman rip offs were not going to get me. Miss Priss and I were quick to flee. Pat turned into some pirate guy sounding some swashbuckler cry while Drazin dug his way loose and wanted to ring their necks like a goose.

The three stopped and cleared their throat as out came that noisy goat. Their yellow eyes grew wide and then they disappeared with the changing of the tide. A phobia of a goat? If so that goat had my vote. But then the land began to quake and out came a snake. It was followed by a crew of cats and they were all dressed in hats. The thumping ceased as out came a great big beast. It sprayed us down which made Miss Priss and I frown.

Another human was riding an elephant and looked to really be in her element. She was controlling all the animals around her. So I had her to thank for my wet fur.

"Come with me if you want to live."

Were the only words she would give. This Petsy was a bit of a scary lass but I figured she did save my little rhyming ass. So Miss Priss and I followed her and her crew through the jungle as the elephant made the trees crumble and Drazin continued to mumble while Pat did not even stumble. Seems he was normal once more after that movie reference that came ashore.

We reached a tiny shack but the yard surely did not lack. It was a field so vast it could fit a whole Noah's Ark cast. In fact I think it did, there were so many animals there Drazin looked like he was going to flip his lid.

"As if two fleabags weren't enough to bother Drazin. Now Drazin has to deal with every animal known to man."

"Suck it up, godly one. One look at your ugly mug and away they'll run."

Miss Priss trotted inside the shack leaving Drazin wanting to attack. Pat and I followed suite ignoring the godly brute. Petsy pretty much force fed us food acting as if we were rude if we did not eat her oh so yummy treat. She seemed to have the right food for all. Maybe Merlin put in a call? Drazin chowed down as well and let's just say you would find better manners in Hell.

She finally explained about the yellow eyed mothman things and it turns out they did not really have wings. The Gawker has such a powerful gawk that it can pierce through the soul as they take their death walk. He gets them before they go into the light and brings them back looking like their floating, glowy eyed fright. She said he had an army under his control and around this island they continually patrol. Of course he wants to rule the world, when she said that Drazin's lips curled. Obviously the godly one did not like being upstaged so he was a tad enraged.

The souls of animals seem to have a brighter light and if you amass many in one site, they cause the glowy eyes a fright and they scurry away for the darkness of night. She seemed pretty smart and as we suspected from the start, she said there was no way out of this place, which was why The Gawker does not rule all time and space. Petsy told us how she put things to the test after being stuck here on her Fountain of Youth quest, but could not find a way out of here so she kept the animals near. She pointed out the window to Gawking Peak, stating it was where The Gawker stayed every day of the week.

"Drazin guesses that is where Drazin is going. You coming fleabags?"

Drazin opened the door and prepared to go and as much as we disliked it, it seemed the only way back to our show. So against Petsy's wishes we walked past her aquarium of fishes and set out for Gawking Peak ready to turn The Gawker into an antique.


Hmmm what will happen as the group goes? Only the cat knows. As this tale was supposed to be small but it just keeps expanding at my hall. So there may be a part or ten depending on how long it takes to get back to our den. Let's hope those glowy eyed mothman rip offs don't attack in mass, as I don't think rhymes will save my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. First one more
      At my shore
      And yeah dumb Merlin is back
      Sending us from our shack

  2. Fleas can be nasty, just ask Patsy!, I don't know what I was thinking there!

  3. ...and two exclamation marks as well!

    1. Yes you were really excited over that one
      Must have been fun

  4. The winter is over, so im not smashing printers anymore

    1. Not over until March 21st
      With it's wintery burst

  5. LMFAO Am I the french lady from Lost? hahahaha What does it mean that Blabber and the cat went after the prize? Will I live?! Do I get my shampoo?

    Sigh...You left us with so many questions! And why doesn't Petsy feed me? Word is she makes some delicious goodies! She still owes me cinnamon raisin french toast :)

    P.S. Keep the vending machine away from me!! I hate those things. God knows what's lurking in that nasty, little pit of doom!

    1. LOL caught on to the french loon comparison there
      She too had lots of hair..haha
      Who knows what it could mean
      Haven't gotten to that scene
      The Gawker might kill us all
      With his killer eyeball
      But you're with the cat
      So you have a good chance of living at my mat..haha

      Questions are supposed to remain
      As this could be a ten part train
      On seven now and still not done
      With my Gawker Island fun..haha
      LOL you're the french loon
      So you are a loner in this cartoon
      Petsy tried to feed you but you ran away
      And now eat grass each day...hahaha

      LOL the only way home will be through a vending machine
      So you will have to face your fears, don't worry it will be clean..hahaha

    2. you eat grass instead of my french toast? oh Jax, what has become of you? That placenta mask must have drained into your brain. haha. And now your name is Blabber? I'd get Pat for that. lol...

    3. @Pat...LOL!!! Wait, I'm with the cat? How did that happen?! So you're just there Miss Priss, Drazin, and Petsy? Now I'm really lost. The similarities to Lost are uncanny. Thanks for making me the french loon! What are you trying to say?!

      Say it isn't so with the vending machine!!! I'll stay in the island and eat grass before I go through that thing! Tell The Others I'll join their little cult in the darma campus. hahaha

    4. @Betsy...He says Blabber with the best intentions. He secretly loves my blabbermouth ways. Besides, I have incriminating messages where he admits that he, too, is a blabbermouth!

      Now as for you denying me my cinnamon raisin french toast... LOL I kid, I kid.

    5. hahaha oh the placenta crack was a good one
      And then try to shift the blame by having her give me a blabber run
      Shame on
      For trying to make such a thing come due

      Yeah you are with the cat
      And even crazy Pat
      Along with the Drazin loon
      Miss Priss, Petsy and an Irish Air, maybe even a raccoon
      Well I want to keep you lost some
      So will keep up the more questions than answers for a while with my little hum
      LOL I liked the french loon though
      So take it as a compliment at my show...hahaha

      haha the vending machine won't come to pass
      The Others are a bit more crass
      Being all floaty glowy eyed freaks and such
      So you might not want to reach out and touch

      LOL see she knows the blabber state
      Comes with no hate
      So Petsy you are on your own
      Not feeding that toast or even picking up a phone
      Leaving her in the woods all by herself to face The Gawker
      Making her go a tad off her rocker..hahaha

    6. Unless you want me to think that it comes with no hate, but you're secretly insulting me, and Betsy knows you secret and she's hinting at the truth!!! (Crossed arms, stink eye, and a disgruntled hmph!)

      But that's ok, b/c I own my yapping and take the Blabber title with stride. Besides, you did make me the french loon. And you are trying to get me that shampoo that I desperately need....

      P.S. I reread it and it makes much more sense now. LOL Ok, so at the end, the cat and I are together. But right now, I'm lost somewhere on the island calling for help...all alone...sitting in sand...:( Got it! lol

    7. Look at Betsy putting doubt in your mind
      She's the one that didn't feed you the toast not my little rhyming behind..hahaha
      Awww throwing a little tantrum too
      That's just what the french loon would do..hahahaha
      Of course then she'd shock you or shoot you
      So I'll take the tantrum that comes due..haha

      You take it with stride all the time
      Which is why it is here in rhyme
      And yes the cat is trying to help
      As over the radio you

      Yeah you're lost out in the woods somewhere
      But you aren't alone is there is someone or something with you at your

    8. @Pat...really? More comparisons to the french loon? I never electructed anyone in my life!!! I never even thought about it?!

      There's someone else with me?! Who?!!!!! I can't stand the suspense any longer...hahaha My luck, it'll be the smoke monster. Sigh... LOL

    9. hahaha I didn't mean you would do that
      But now thanks to my mat
      You have thought about it
      There as at work you sit..haha

      LOL nope old smokey doesn't blow
      In this tale at my show
      At least not yet
      Maybe in part seven he'll become a threat

    10. There I go giving you ideas again!!! LOL Now I'm going to be eaten by the Smoke Monster and turned into John Locke! Omg, you're making me want to watch Lost all over again. hahaha

      That is if I'm still alive by #7...dun, dun, dunnn!

    11. hahaha making myself want to watch Lost too
      But instead I'll just let the writing come due
      You turned into John Locke..LOL
      That idea would rock and shock..haha

      Well by seven some others could be sacrificing you to the likes of Jacob and old Smokey but I don't know for sure on that
      LOL don't want to be a spoiling cat

  6. sending shampoo to you you, to save you, our cat started to scratch last night, so we will be soaping him up tonight, he really had the fleas last year and dont want to go that route i fear.

    1. Yeah that is a pain
      Going down the flea lane
      Bathing them is quite rough too
      Lots of scratches ensue

    2. Ew? A bath with a claw-laden cat.
      Did that before for dirty fur at my mat.
      We always went the flea control drops route
      on the back of their neck so they don't pout.
      Wonder how much of that I will buy this year
      with my growing feline population so near.
      If you are wise
      in it's stock you will buy.

    3. I had to bath them both at once at that other place
      Because Orlin had an accident as we left the rat race
      Cassie did not like it one bit
      And scratched the crap out of me with every hit
      Orlin did not care
      Just sat there as I moved him about giving me a glare..haha
      Yeah I get the flea stuff on the neck too
      Although they try to lick it off or get it into their view

  7. The Nazi of Grammar seems like someone I would take a liking to. :D

    1. haha well he is right below
      So you can get all aglow

    2. maybe you should introduce the two
      annoymouse to the fox, and vise versa, too!

    3. haha well they both like music too
      So a friendship could ensue

    4. well, there you go!
      Friendships are always good, you know!

    5. Sure the frisky bunny would agree
      With you at my sea..haha

  8. Yikes Pat ~

    Looks like spring is coming this week :-)

    1. Spring will maybe come
      But still winter until the 21st to my little rhyming bum..haha

  9. Petsy, huh? Damn, that name sounds familiar...

    1. LOL yeah the cat stole that from somewhere
      I know Orson won't mind me stealing a word from his lair..haha

  10. this was like reading the Bible... and I mean the length :P

    1. LOL says the penguin guy with movie news up the gazoo
      But you do have some pretty pictures to view..haha

    2. Yep, my Bible always has the frescoes of Saint Hot and Saint Sexy so that my faithful believers can relax their worshipping eyes on something during my altar speeches ;)

    3. hahaha or cause them to close their eyes if the saints aren't their cup of tea
      As shirtless guys the cat doesn't need to see...hahaha

    4. I thought you meant it was like the Bible as in Noah and the ark.
      But instead it's just me and my great big animal park.

    5. LOL well yes that could work too
      But with Dez he does have a loose screw..haha

    6. "Dezz has a loose screw"
      one of the best compliments I've ever received :)

    7. haha you need to get out more
      And converse with more than penguins at your shore

  11. Glowing contact lenses at the dollar store?

    They got way too much junk in there to account for.

    I think the strangest item I've seen was a dollar pregnancy test.

    I figure something so cheap would tell me that I'm expecting and need some rest.

    1. LOL yeah God only knows what is in there
      I avoid the dollar store lair
      I wouldn't trust those tests one bit
      As they prob do only have one sign they hit

  12. Pat,

    You got to my blog so soon,
    you must stay awake with the moon;
    as to how you compose,
    well no one quite knows,
    but you're whistling your own special tune.....

    1. Just good timing
      With my rhyming
      As soon as I see
      I come with glee
      And yeah no one knows
      How it is I compose
      Not even me
      Here at my sea

  13. OK..this was hilarious.
    Yes, riding an elephant is a bit gregarious
    but it does seem to fit
    my lifestyle a bit.

    Glad you appreciated the made-to-order food
    not to do that would just be rude.
    But I'm used to special diets
    so I cook in ways you'll like it.

    Now your hint of Gawker Island makes sense
    as your story did commence
    Can't wait to read more
    as the journy to the Peak does soar.

    1. LOL the elephant had to come due
      As it's one not had by you
      Yes, you had the food down
      Not causing Pat or the cat a frown
      Giving us just what we eat
      With your treat
      The peak will come to pass
      But things may not go in favor of my little rhyming ass..haha

    2. The scariest thing
      is that I'm starting to 'get' your brain.
      Must have been that tour long ago
      or reading your books for show.
      maybe it's all the time I spend here
      reading and commenting, I fear.
      If I start to crave chicken nuggets and juice
      I'll really know I have a screw loose.

    3. haha well after all the books, the rhymes and the commenting that comes due
      As you've been here at least or close to a year to view
      Be kind of hard not to get the cat or Pat a bit
      Start eating chicken nuggets then you'll surely be a hit..hahaha

    4. Well, just don't start calling me Patsy. lol
      and thanks for not naming me Wetsy. hahaha.

    5. LOL that won't come due
      Although that Rick Tracker guy did name his gun after you...LOL

    6. Oh gosh. I feel so special
      just think of the potential
      of that weapon!
      The fun is just begun.

    7. haha the uglies will bring on the fun
      And away they'll shoot and run

    8. the uglies...there are plenty of those
      in your books, they always show.
      Can only imagine what will come due
      in this new one written by you.

    9. Yep they do
      And you will surely see a few
      As you go about number four
      Plus of course a few come back for a second tour..haha

    10. I'm reading your book tonight.
      The old pistol named Betsy just came into sight.

    11. hahaha now you know what I meant
      By that Tracker gent

  14. I loved these lines, Pat:
    "The souls of animals seem to have a brighter light and if you amass many in one site, they cause the glowy eyes a fright and they scurry away for the darkness of night."

    And if it is true you are dealing with fleas, my condolences! They'd freak me!

    1. Yeah the animals beat the humans anyday
      Beating back to glowy eyed freaks on display
      And no, no fleas are really here
      At least not yet have them come near..haha

  15. Replies
    1. sometimes you let me without words:)

    2. I make you wordless at my sea
      That causes me such glee

    3. ReaLLY? I dont think you are worry by this (lol)

    4. bah why worry about this and that
      I'm only a cat

    5. sometimes you are a CAT and others are PAT (lol)

    6. Who knows who I will be
      Each day at my sea

    7. All depends sometimes you want be Pat and other you prefer be the cat (lol)

    8. Or maybe Drazin or maybe Gung or Ho
      Or even Tarsier Man at my show..haha

  16. Amazing, man! Don't understand how you come up with these every day. :D

    1. I just go with the flow
      And out they pop at my show
      Don't understand how either though
      I guess only the cat seems to know

  17. I can't believe this happened again. Sorry to hear for your losses my friend. I love how you started at the end, if you'd not down that first I'd have thought you were round the bend.

    1. Oh but is it the end
      For it could go once more around the bend
      But then again who knows
      As a glowy eyed freak you might end up being trying to make us suffer woes...hahaha

  18. Petsy is The Terminator, right? "Come with me if you want to live"...or did I just get confused as per the norm for me?

    Either way, another great tale.

    1. Yep she stole the Terminator line
      Saving us and acting all divine..haha

  19. A rather tiresome situation, I can tell.

    1. Yes and we'll go down the well
      As things go all to hell

  20. I chuckled at a few lines but when I got to:
    "Come with me if you want to live" That did it! I could just 'see' Arnie in drag up there on the elephant saying that.. ruined my thoughts on his macho image ..haha
    Your cat sure do spin a tale or three. I might try that on a certain mini monster tonight when she starts with her 'I wants' ..."Shut up, fleabag" ( I already call her a rat bag and a cow bag, what's one more bag between us!) Hahaha

    1. LOL Arnie if drag would be a weird sight
      I'd have nightmares that night
      The cat spins a tale of three
      Here at bush number three
      LOL go ahead and steal the fleabag line
      It works just fine

  21. Those words did cause excitement, no confusion

    I'll tune in next time, to a possible conclusion.

    1. LOL may be waiting a while for the conclusion to show
      For my blabbermouth continues to flow

  22. I'm so glad you're going to continue this one ;)

    Glowing contact lens at the dollar store cracked me up!

    1. It will continue for a while
      Probably more than that as I go the rhyming mile..haha

  23. I'm going to go to the dollar store and get me a pair of glowing contact lenses. Then I'm going to stare at my dog and say, "Shut up, flea bag!"

    1. hahaha poor dog won't know what is going on
      May go dig up the lawn

  24.'re wonderfully crazy...smiles... my fav. word here was - swashbuckler - never heard it before..

    1. Well there you go
      Now you can be a pirate at your show
      And wonderfully crazy works for me
      As that I am at my sea..haha

  25. wUtZ an gRamar nAsi¿

    1. One that would not like that
      And might squash you flat..haha

  26. It's good to be back at your bay and have time to play. The twister didn't take me to Oz, but Merlin whisked you away to a land stranger than that and fleas instead of witches in hats.

    1. Good to see you back
      Here at my shack
      Suffering the tornado attack
      Damn fleas and Merlin are causing me flack
      But he will not win
      For that would be a sin

  27. the nazi grammar will stammer and that's what's up with that
    placenta shampoo really excites the cat
    friends are good indeed
    merlin has been stockpiling seeds
    drazin poised to attack
    now that's the real face it facts

    1. haha as he goes to stammer
      Drazin will hit him with a hammer
      Bleh that does not excite the cat
      Messed with the ocd of Pat..haha
      Them were some good face it facts
      On the Gawker land acts

  28. Great plotline, I always love the stories that force the two sides to truce it up to sever away some greater nut. Look forward to the second part, hopefully those gawkers will be set free, well at least one of them anyhow.

    1. Yeah it's always fun to force the two sides to work as one
      Bringing in some other nut job under the sun
      The Gawker has control
      Who knows who will get let loose for a stroll..haha

  29. I don't see why Pat hags around with Drazin if he wants to cobber him. sounds like a very dysfunctional relationship ;)

    1. Drazin is like a bad rash
      Just when he's gone, back he comes in a flash
      Dysfunctional indeed
      But so is everything else at my feed

  30. I think you need to start your own comic book series...

    1. I do have something like that sorta coming
      With a theme song some might start humming

  31. one time i spotted a flea bag
    dressed in drag,
    this is not a gag,
    it was smoking a fag
    carrying a hand bag
    nag nag nag.

    your a crazy cat - and i love you for it pat-man :)

    1. Wow that flea must have been a pest
      And an awful bad guest
      You should step on it
      Ending it's nagging fit

  32. doesn't excite the cat at all?
    if so, try hitting head against the wall
    my rhymes get worse with effort and time
    drazin will have something to say about the gawker's plotline

    1. No that placenta shampoo
      Is just nasty to think about or view..haha
      Would hide my head against the wall
      If I ever had to see that at my hall
      And Drazin will surely have his say
      Hopefully causing The Gawker some dismay

    2. They make it in a shampoo?!

    3. That they do
      Which is even more eww

  33. Yikes! Fleas are starting--I am with Brian--sending you flea shampoo as I think about getting some of my own!

    1. haha those fleas are magic
      Their bites are tragic
      They need to die
      Or go into the sun and fry

  34. I like the lost episode in this. I wonder where the grammer nazi will turn up next?. Let's lay a trap, 'i dunr kno what every1 is moaninn about grammer' .

    1. Yep very Lost like today
      Which I tried to do at my bay
      And who know where that Grammar Nazi will lurk
      Sure that last bit will make him beserk..haha

  35. I see a novel novel in the works from the eyes of cat's eyes.

    1. A rhyming novel could be fun
      Could flesh it out and give it a run

  36. I like the silliness but I have to admit my favorite line: The souls of animals seem to have a brighter light and if you amass many in one site, they cause the glowy eyes a fright and they scurry away for the darkness of night. Very true! (Maybe this was a contribution from the Cat.) K.

    1. haha yeah the cat made sure he got that part in
      And it is very true as they help us win

  37. Pat! You are indeed the Master of Rhyme. What more's to be said, except your creation leaves all others behind! I'm wondering how this would play out in video form? Might be pretty darn 'epic' in proportion!

    Definately incredible!

    Roger ☺

    1. Be great to go about it in video form
      But not sure how to go about that at my rhyming dorm
      Incredible too
      Very nice of you

  38. Reading this makes me want to cross the street and visit the zoo. Serious, I live across the zoo... I wouldn't dare pull anyone's leg who is so passionate about fleabags and adds a little T2 in the mix. ;)

    1. haha must be quite the sight
      Each day and night
      Plus hearing all the animals howl
      And do their little growl
      If it is true
      Somehow a little blue guy but not be too truthful in his view

    2. It is true. Ironically my neighbors make more noise than the animals across the street. Sometimes I wish I could put THEM in a cage. You know what I mean?

    3. LOL yep I know what you mean
      It would be quite the scene
      I'd pay to throw them in a cage
      And have them dragged off to some far away zoo in their rage

  39. You have one crazy imagination - I wish I was so blessed...
    ...I'm also starting to run out of printers

    1. LOL crazy is the exact word I'd use
      As I confuse and abuse
      Yeah only 15 days left for the printers to come due
      Then spring has sprung and it will be a new view

  40. Jeez, do you ever get any sleep ?
    That post was a mile long, and you responded to all the comments.
    You are the master rhyming blogger ;-)

    1. LOL I got a whole two hours the other night
      Too much crap in my head as the thoughts took flight
      Master rhyming blogger has a nice ring to it
      That is surely a hit

  41. Yikes... :) cool lines..."The souls of animals seem to have a brighter light and if you amass many in one site, they cause the glowy eyes a fright and they scurry away for the darkness of night."


    1. The animal lines were truly a hit
      Guess they did more than stop the glowy eyed fit..haha

  42. Pat, you have got some crazy imagination!

    1. haha oh you haven't seen nothing yet
      As things get crazier for the pet..haha

  43. you ARE the master rhyming blogger, you always, always slay me, and now i can't wait for the next installment....

    1. The next six will surely come due
      Not sure when but they will be here to view

  44. Replies
    1. Oh he'll live
      But Merlin I don't think he'll ever forgive

  45. Pat, you're a rhyming genius! I always love reading your work! :D

    1. A rhyming genius has a nice ring to it too
      Nice to feel the love as you view

  46. You're blurring the lines between poetry and prose; where will you go next? No one knows!

    Well, maybe you know where you're going. Anyways nice work!

    1. I just lt it unfold
      Maybe we'll search for gold..haha

  47. I'm lost when it comes to Lost. I've seen two or three episodes which my daughter made me watch! I hope this plotline has an ending which doesn't upset too many of its readers as did the show! I hear, in leaving so many loose ends untied.

    1. No chance in hell I'll end like stupid Lost did
      That would make me flip my lid

  48. Just rhyme harder, I'm sure it'll save you from anything.


    1. LOL I don't know how much more harder I can go
      But I'll certainly try to rhyme harder with my flow

  49. I thought I knew what was going on for a minute there. I was sadly mistaken.

    1. Bah never fear
      Many get confused by my little rhyming rear..haha

  50. Wow, you're pretty talented

    1. Glad you think so
      As I rhyme away at my show

  51. creative and whimsical prose in so many ways, enjoyed! ~ Rose

    1. Creative I can be
      As I prose about at my sea

  52. As someone who has always been a fan of your rhymes I am doubly impressed that you can maintain your rhyming scheme in prose. I bow down to your talent.


    Mark Butkus

    1. I can maintain it no matter what
      Guess I just have such a talented little rhyming butt..haha

  53. Oh, Pat, never ever trust those dime store contact lenses or the Nazi of Grammar. What fun!


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