Island of The Gawker Part Two For All To View!

I had no want to climb up to that peak or go through the jungle and cross a creek. But it seemed we would have to do such acts, so we continued to make tracks. The voices in Pat's head had come back and now he thought he was Zeus pretending to throw lightning bolts at any branches that decided to attack. Drazin stayed out in front giving off the odd grunt, while Miss Priss and I stayed in between the two hoping Petsy's tale of an army of glowy eyed freaks was not true. We all slunk down in the grass as a huge sound started to amass.

We peered through the bushes to find, let's call her Irish Air, out in the middle of nowhere. She was sucking back the liquor and beating her drums quicker and quicker. The mountain of empty bottles piled high would be enough to make any normal person die. I guess she could suck it back well and we sat and watched for a spell. Drazin had enough and Pat, still thinking he was Zeus, also wanted to get rough. They were going to make her talk assuming she was somehow part of The Gawker's freaky flock. The pair leaped into the clearing while Miss Priss and I remained peering.

"Drazin wants to know how Drazin gets out of this hell hole. Tell Drazin now!"

"I will smite thee with the power of thunder if you don't talk wench."

She looked over the pair and seemed not to care, taking another swig of her liquor and I think I heard her snicker.

"Bugger off you eejits."

Drazin and Pat did not seem to like that. They circled to either side and Irish Air just smiled wide. She flicked the end off her drum sticks and stopped playing her music mix. They were like mini swords, making Pat and Drazin stop moving towards. Her eyes grew big as she once more too a swig, calling the pair names I care not to repeat. For it seems we stopped her beat and it was the only thing keeping the glowy eyed freaks away. They howled and circled above us having their say.

"Mess with an Angry Lurker and you'll become a Gawker worker."
"The Gawker's right hand Waffle will do things to you that are awful."
"Go near bathtubs and you'll be drowned by Shockgrubz."

"With all this rhyming Drazin is sure you feel right at home fleabag, but Drazin thinks it's time Drazin got out of here."

"What? A god afraid of a few freaks?"

Irish Air sighed and Miss Priss tossed her another bottle as she smiled wide. She then sucked the liquor back and went back on the drumming attack. The poor glowy eyed freaks flew off out of sight. Add another weakness that causes them a fright. Pat still tried to hurl imaginary lightning bolts their way, it was quite the nutty display.

Irish Air screamed as she played not wanting the drumming to fade. It turns out she and her drums had been sucked into this place by some nosey neighbor not liking the drumming coming from her space. She found this huge supply of liquor and heard the glowy eyed freaks bicker. So she played away and has been doing so night and day. Irish Air was not going to let those buggers win as long as she had some gin. She thought we were crazy eejits for going to face The Gawker, that was no shocker. Irish air offered to help should we find a way to stop The Gawker from causing dismay. But she was not about to leave her liquor stash until we had a plan that would not get her turned to ash.

I whacked Pat and he stopped his imaginary fight and off we went as day became night. Drazin let his red eyes glow and he does make a pretty good flashlight just so you know. We followed a path hoping not to suffer any glowy eyed freak wrath, looking back we may have been better off for we heard something that sounded like whooping cough. Pat immediately snapped back to normal wishing for the paranormal, as his OCD took control and he did not want those germs to take a stroll.

It came from all directions as out popped this Besercules nut saying how he had connections. We could join him and his army of apes or be squashed like grapes. Pat gave a sigh of relief no longer having his OCD cause him grief. Drazin smacked Bersercules upside the head and shaked his hand as it turned red.

"That's right. The ape king has powers too. Join or die!"

"Listen you George of the Jungle wannabe. Take your Dr. Fate helmet and shove it up your gazoo because we aren't joining a bunch of damn dirty apes."

Of course normal Pat had to go and antagonize the self proclaimed king of the apes. Why couldn't he have thought he was the inventor of grapes? This was not good, as the apes came out holding sticks of wood. They swung them like a bat and I can tell they wanted to squash us flat. Stupid Merlin was going to pay for this as the apes started to swing, and thankfully, miss.

"These guys must have taken baseball lessons from Michael Jordon."

"Good one fleabag but Drazin is tired of all this monkeying around."

Drazin gave a smirk as he grabbed their stick and threw one to Pat, he grabbed another and the pair beat the apes back, to the delight of the cat. Of course Besercules could not keep his big trap shut and howled out into the night like some nut. Apes twice the size of those we just fought off came out and then Besercules started to cough. Pat curled up his nose and it even curled Drazin's toes. Besercules looked to have been bombarded by, well, poo and a small tarsier quickly came into view. Thankfully it was not that superhero nut or we all would have kicked his butt. He twirled up on the tree branch, making fun of Besercules and his ape ranch.

We had no idea what that tarsier was trying to prove. But before Miss Priss and I could move, we were snatched up by some jungle creature who swung down on a vine grabbing us like it was out of some Tarzan feature. It even got us across the creek and sent a vine to Pat and one to Drazin as he continued with his third person speak.

"Have fun with your apes. Drazin thinks you fit right it."

"Shut up, demon. We need to continue our quest."

Pat, once more thinking he was King Arthur, pushed Drazin across the creek and then he swung behind the third person talking freak. Which one was more of the nut was beyond my little rhyming butt. The tarsier was already on our side and we all smiled wide, as Besercules shook his fist while the apes behind him looked over their wrist.

The tarsier jumped on the shoulder of the jungle creature and it turned out not to be a Tarzan feature. Drazin let his eyes glow and we got a good look. It turns out a woman got us across the nook. Miss Priss seemed proud as she was always surrounded by a male crowd and found this just grand. I just wanted out of this land.

"Well if you guys aren't kept around for your abilities and it surely it isn't for your looks, why do I keep putting up with you."

"Shut up, fleabag."

"I believe because thou art fed."

All hope that wild jungle girl knew the way out quickly ended as she gave us a shout. She did seem delighted to have some company at last but after hearing Drazin I think that faded fast.

"Did you bring the shampoo?"

"It's flea on the knee girl."

"I will smite the flea, point thee out."

"Just what Drazin needs a crazy jungle blabbermouth runt."

Before we could get into anything the tarsier's ears gave a ring. Blabber dashed off into the jungle as we heard some glowy eyed freaks shouting out some weird rumble.With another Drazin mumble we wasted little time following her through the jungle and trying not to stumble. Pat muttered something about the Holy Grail, as the glowy eyed freaks were hot on our trail.


For an island in the middle of nowhere is sure does seem more like a carnival fair. I suppose that is what one gets from so much isolation. Part three will come some cat time same cat station. So until then we'll follow that Blabber lass and I'll keep on rhyming away with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. "We peered through the bushes to find, let's call her Irish Air, out in the middle of nowhere. She was sucking back the liquor and beating her drums quicker and quicker. The mountain of empty bottles piled high would be enough to make any normal person die."

    Gee, I wonder who that's about haha! Seriously though mate, I loved this stuff, especially when Bersecules hit the scene, was awesome.

    1. haha yeah don't think much wondering needs to be had
      Besercules and his apes are now very mad..haha

  2. Did Pat just get done watching the IMMORTALS on dvd before writing this?
    Just joking ... good post.

    1. LOL nope no movie was watched as I wrote this
      Although many popped in but that one is a miss
      For I have yet to see
      It at bush number three

  3. Oh God Pat, I'm laughing so hard I can barely breath. You nailed me perfectly (Jesus Christ, I don't think we need to pretend it's not me do we?)It's dangerous to piss with me while I'm playing and my feckin' neighbors learned that the hard way. Those gobshites won't call the coppers on me again now will they? And that's right, mess with the big Irishman and I'll shove a dozen sticks up yer arse and light them on fire too. Now where's my gin?

    1. LOL light them on fire too
      I'll have to make that come due..hahaha
      Damn neighbors always are such a pain
      Sending you to the crazy island Gawker train
      Glad it was nailed too
      As it was such fun to do

    2. Is Bersercules going to come out and play today? He hasn't posted in a while and I haven't heard from him. I hope he's okay.

    3. Bersecules is sick once more
      Last I heard at his shore

  4. Replies
    1. 'tis true, I've seen her/him saying it at all sites today, including my own :) We are all great, Lurk, great I say :)

    2. Been at my bay today as well. Just saw her/it at Jax's a minute ago. Yes Dez, we are all fabulous aren't we?

    3. Yep, she was at mine too! We should all feel honored.

    4. Yeah a copy and paste
      She/it has such good taste

    5. Is she related to R?,'s his other blog!

    6. LOL wouldn't doubt it at all
      But at least R mixes it up a bit at each hall

    7. People insult R and he just keeps coming back. I think he's having fun with it. I admire his tenacity.

    8. who is this R you're gossiping about, people? :)

    9. hahaha yeah he comes on coming back
      To my and any other a shack

      He's the green R below
      Here in the comments at my show

  5. ha this was fun right from the gun, so this is anne? a dr fate helmet up the gazoo might surely make it hard to go to the loo, clogging up the poo, now flea on the knee girl is an intersting name, enjoy my trip to your rhyming game

    1. Yeah that would surely hurt a bit
      Would not be a hit
      Flea on the knee
      And all kinds of others will be shown at my sea
      Including your Gawker self
      When we make it to the peak's shelf

  6. I also sometimes think I'm King Arthur, and when it is full moon I usually think I'm Merlin. When I get my PMS I think I'm Guinevere :)))

    1. Just take some Midol darling and you'll feel like King Arthur again.

    2. Well at least you have variety in who you think you are
      If Pat thinks he's a female I'll kick him from my bar..haha

      See Anne is always here to help
      So you won't have to yelp

    3. I wonder where does Anne expect me to find Midol in medieval Camelot? Can you recommend me some weeds and herbs, oh wise MorgAnne? :)

    4. Well Merlin could whip something up
      Just be King Arthur and have him place something in your cup

  7. Great story and rhymes man!

  8. Ape king and immortals? Now that's a combination!

    1. Ape King has come to play
      With the so called immortals on display

  9. Sucking back the liquor made me laugh, remind me not to appear in one of your storys, my ego will not take it.

    1. LOL you're ego might get a bit of a dent
      But I'm sure you won't get bent

  10. LMFAO...I haven't laughed that hard in a while. It's funny b/c I can picture Anne saying everything above :) Good thing she'd be on our side if need be, and good thing her drums keep the bad guys at bay! Living there, I wouldn't want to leave my booze either. hahahaha

    Aww, I have my very own tarsier?! I LOVE that!!!!! How do you think of this stuff?! Picturing a tarzan like crazy lady swinging on a vine to save your asses almost made me pee my pants! You're relying on Blabber to get you out of there? Sigh...Clearly you don't know about her very poor sense of direction ;)

    Can't wait to see where this goes!

    1. hahaha glad I could get a good laugh or two
      Makes it all the more worthwhile at my zoo
      Yeah let's hope she stays are on our side and doesn't get Gawked by that big eye
      Of that Gawker guy
      LOL yeah booze would keep one sane there
      Having none and you turn out like Blabber and her crazy hair..haha

      I just mix and match things that I know
      As I let the story flow
      LOL glad it was just almost too
      As that be a little bit eww..haha
      Blabber has a very poor sense of direction as well
      How the heck does she even make it out of bed, do tell?
      Not even I knew where it was going to go
      But things have sure gotten weird as it continues to flow

    2. She has to stay on our side, she's drinking booze just to stay sane for crying out loud. Why would she cohert with the enemy?!

      Hey now, don't be making fun! You're the one that's running around pretending to be Zeus throwing imaginary arrows. Just sayin ;) hahaha

    3. hahaha I think she will stay on our side
      Unless she can find no more booze far and wide
      Then she might get bribed by the Gawker
      And become a glowy eyed

      LOL at least I know which way I'm going
      even with Zeus showing
      But then again I'm following you
      So maybe getting lost will truly come due...haha

    4. I never go anywhere without my GPS. We'll be good. I'm sure I stashed it with me, even to gawker island! hahaha

    5. hahaha that's a good thing to do
      Pat just uses his phone when directions he needs to view
      I might have to work that in
      To help us secure the win..haha

  11. LOL I want to read part III soon! nice story!! ha!

    1. Part three will surely come
      Soon enough from my little rhyming bum

  12. Thank goodnes for the wild jungle girl. Always works a treat.

    1. Yep Blabber sure came through
      Saving us from the scary ape crew

  13. "These guys must have taken baseball lessons from Michael Jordon."

    That was awesome!

  14. I wonder if Bible Man is part of his army of apes

    because if that was true no army could make any escapes

    1. LOL I forget about putting Bibleman in there
      But then that would just be no fair

  15. What an adventure! I can't wait for the next part!

    1. The next part is done
      And will surely be giving a run
      Glad it was fun
      Under my rhyming sun

  16. I do think you've captured Anne perfectly
    at least that's the way it seems to me!
    And Pat seems to be channelling Jack and clan
    trying to do have super hero powers, man!

    1. haha no super hero powers yet
      But they may come just not with the pet
      Who knows
      Yeah Pat is channeling them as it shows..haha

  17. Pat ~ did you see the chicken nugget that looked like George Washington? Sold for $8100 on ebay. haha.

    1. That is just whacko in every way
      And people whine about the economy at play
      I see the worthy cause aspect of it
      But still nuts indeed that such a thing is a hit
      You sure missed the boat with grape face
      Could have been one of those guys that went into outer space..haha

    2. And grape face was so much cuter!
      I could have made a bunch of loot. er.

    3. LOL yeah a ton could have be made
      You should enter to food face trade
      As you find tons
      On your grocery runs

    4. Did you read where that chicken nugget was several years old?
      I'm surprised it hasn't grown some mold! ha.
      I saw George Washington on a banana once.
      It was my first face in my food post.
      I guess I should have put him on ebay
      and brought a million bucks my way!

    5. Yeah I saw that part too
      It must have been frozen and out of view
      Or nasty and stinky it would be
      I wouldn't take that thing for free
      LOL a million bucks would be grand
      You could run your own Faces in Food stand

    6. That is great
      Athough prob not by the time it was shipped to the winners plate

    7. "Plate?" Ugh. Sure hope the winner of the auction didn't pay all that money just to eat the damned thing, haha! Then again, maybe he or she thought it tasted better aged, like a fine wine!

    8. You never know that could be their plan
      Of which I am not a fan
      Prob get food poisoning for sure and their head in the loo
      Would be all that came from old George's view

    9. Yep, sick thought, that's for sure!

  18. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, she's a handful.....

  19. Gosh what adventures I did laugh out loud at this:
    "Bugger off you eejits"
    And .... shove it up your gazoo...
    I don't know where you get all this from but.. what a ride!
    Watching CNN and they're about to show an airline hostess who freaked out just before the plane was about to take off... it would have scared the bejezzus out of me!

    1. LOL it just comes out
      Glad you liked the eejits Anne err umm Irish Air did shout
      hahaha yeah I wouldn't want to go on the plane after that
      I'd get off and drive to my travel destination mat

  20. Lots of characters lots of dues
    Drazin must have his hands full
    Movie background gets me stumped
    Not seen them, not latest ones


    1. Most aren't the latest ones though
      As many of them kinda blow
      And yep lots came due
      For Drazin and the rest of the crew

  21. Wow, how do you come up with this stuff, Pat? And then make it flow like that. :D

    1. The cat just lets the rhymes flow
      And take him where ever they wish to go
      That's all I can say
      As to how I come up with such a display

  22. I went back to read Part One; I can't wait to find out where the story goes next!

    1. Read both you say
      Really sucked you in at my bay
      It goes here, there and everywhere
      As at least 8 parts will come from my lair

  23. I am so sorry, maybe due to my rookie status, I felt like I took a timetravel with Angrylurker, Shockgrubz, Bersecules to somewhere to 15th-16th century , maybe it is the background?
    Anyway good that you put your picture, if I happen to bump into in person, I can say "I speak the no english, understand to like I wish"
    8 parts? I have subscribed by email, maybe it will be easier for me read from that than from this layout.

    1. haha yeah many are some
      That always come
      To visit my little rhyming bum
      And give off a comment hum
      You got three though
      That were used at my show

    2. Sounds interesting. I am intrigued. If any of your future characters say "We are like this only" or "Actually, Basically thank you and come again" - I may be able to crack the country of that character.

    3. Sure one or two you will be able to crack
      As you've been to many a shack
      And many will be played with before I'm through
      Here at my rhyming zoo

  24. Well, well part deux took quite the route, filled with monkeys, apes, and even an island tarsier came into view. From Medieval to Norse from Drunken Lasses to baseball bashes, part two certainly piqued the interest groove. Can't wait to till part three takes the stage

    1. haha things will go more crazy too
      As the part's keep coming due
      For the cat will go all over the place
      To shove that eyeball back in The Gawker's face
      Or Drazin will do that
      As it bugs the ocd of the cat..haha

  25. His OCD took control lol nice I feel that happens to a lot of people.

    1. Yep happens to Pat a lot
      Here at our rhyming plot

  26. One adventure after another at your bay
    one can never know what you or cat will say
    you have your own style and your own wit
    no one like you anywhere, the cat and you fit!

    1. Nope we keep each hopping at our bay
      As we put on a crazy display
      Glad there is no place like it
      For that might cause a fit

  27. Whew Mary is already rhyming like you Pat ~

    I thought this part was really funny ~

    "Listen you George of the Jungle wannabe. Take your Dr. Fate helmet and shove it up your gazoo because we aren't joining a bunch of damn dirty apes." he..he...

    1. Yeah Mary is rhyming up a storm
      And it's becoming the norm
      LOL I stole a few movie references there
      To use for the affair

  28. irish air can drum of ocd over crumbs
    the flea can see what the ape king can be
    hope bersecules is well and dr. fate is on the loo
    i'm not a fan of unfriendly anonymous comments
    that's just between me and you

    1. Yeah unfriendly mooks can take a hike
      Or get ran over by a bike
      I will delete as I see
      Here at bush number three
      Who knows how it will go
      But I'm sure Bersercules will be well enough to show
      Once more at least
      With each ape beast

  29. hilarity at its height :D
    Both gawky parts were awesome :)

    waiting for 3rd one !!
    your rhyming ass can beat zeus or Dr. fate any time.. LOL !!

    1. Glad the gawky parts were great
      And yeah I could kick the ass of Zeus or Dr. Fate


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