Laptops Can Walk. What a Shock!

Did you know laptops can just go poof? Even when they are under your roof. Well thee facts are they can indeed, so take heed.

Pat came home and did the usual brushing thing as the cat let the meows fling and Miss Priss got her fill, at least that's what I hear from the rumor mill. Then he looked and poof the laptop was gone. It seemed to be nowhere to be seen at our lawn.

The cords were still there but the spot on the desk where the laptop sat was bare. Does a laptop really sit? Or just lurk a bit? Hmmm maybe that is for another day like that thing the cat did about what the keys say. Yeah, yeah I'm getting back on point, don't get your nose all out of joint.

First thing Pat did was look around to make sure everything else was found and in it's usual place, with an OCD fit that wasn't hard to trace. There it was all nice and neat. The only thing that was moved was his seat, as it can roll and once in a while Miss Priss and I take it for a stroll.

So gone it was and Pat knew it wasn't a dirty robber just because, hmmm let's say he learned a trick from Jericho and employs it at our show. Plus the thing may be worth ten cents and there are no vents. He looked around and then noticed my face looking a little less profound, like I was hiding something on him. I wish Pat was more dim.

Then like a silly cat I slunk off like a dirty rat. I stopped and stared under the couch for a second or two and that's when the laptop came into view. Pat pushed the couch back and poof there is was back at our rack. It seems some silly cat knocked it on the floor and then proceeded to push it some more. He hid it under the couch to avoid trouble, thinking he may have popped its circuit bubble.

I scurried off as Pat just looked at me. Why didn't he blame Cassie? Why think it was poor little old me? Just because my guilty look he was able to see. Oh I need to get a better poker face or run away at a faster pace. Okay, shut up Pat and all of you. I knocked the laptop on the ground and hid it from view. There you happy now? Why are you scolding me? It still works some how.

No worse for wear and not even a crack or tear. I guess I did not need to hide it after all. Next time I'll try and not make it fall when I am doing whatever it is I do when Pat is not home to view. Or maybe it was my Birthday gift today to Pat. I re-used and could not wrap for I am a cat. Then I made him seek it out and it still worked so he did not pout. Anyway, buckle your laptops down when the cat comes to trespass because you just never know when humpty laptop might take a great fall thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. What a scare, Pat!! Glad you found it and it was just fine...

    1. Yeah it was found
      And thankfully all safe and sound
      Even if it is a piece of junk
      Still wouldn't want it to be in a funk

  2. No sh@t. You're lucky the thing's still working. That's why I glued mine to the table. Well, no, not really. I always kick my cats out of the livingroom. They don't particularly like the door I bought.

    1. PAt, how dares this blue person, visit your blog before he's visited mine? I thought the blue was my ally! Betrayal, I say, betrayal!

    2. hahaha poor kitties getting locked out
      That has to mae them pout and shout
      Gluing it to the table wouldn't be so bad
      If it didn't have to be taken around or to another pad

      I guess blue people just like me more
      See it was all a set up at your shore

    3. Your ally is here Dez, never fear.
      I visited you first
      before I came
      near this Cat
      and his human near.

      I did, really, I went to Dez first!!

    4. Pffft you know you were just drunk
      So you were in a funk
      And hit the wrong blog first
      With your comment burst..haha

    5. I slept for 14 hours, so I was late getting to the penguin man's bay. I'm usually pretty good at getting to everyone in a timely manner, but wooo I needed sleep.

    6. Wow 14 hours straight
      I'm sure now you have plenty of energy at your gate
      Timely or not it doesn't matter either way
      Always fun when you come to play

    7. Annezilla is my true ally and my trusted witch, Annzie please drop a curse or two on the naughty Cat who is stealing my minions! What's next after blue, stealing my maroon or aubergine? I won't allow it, I won't!

    8. LOL I'll steal your yellow sudmarine first
      Then I can quench my thirst
      Annezille can't curse me
      For all those curses rhyme you see
      So since I rhyme all the time
      They just bounce off and I'm still sublime
      Better luck next time to you
      For no curses will do..haha

    9. 'tis probably why you didn't feel any pain when I stuck a pin into the bums of your voodoo doll :( Damn, rhymes, I must brew a spicier magic stew! I'll need the cat's whisker, a bat's wing and a ripe mulberry.

    10. Good luck getting a whisker from the cat
      You will never get that
      So you can't curse Pat
      And that is not nice take a wing from a poor defenseless bat

  3. When a laptop's not in your lap
    They're often just taking a nap
    But those that resist your control
    Are liable to go for a stroll.


    1. Laptops resist control
      I think that is its goal
      Making me hit the key hard before it will work
      The stupid little jerk

  4. You are Aaron Sarokin of blogger dude. How cutely you could make a post about " my Lapps fell under my couch"

    1. Hmmm that works for me
      A compliment indeed at my sea
      I can make a post about anything I'd say
      Or at least have yet to hit a wall "knock on wood" at my bay

  5. How come nobody greeted you HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~~~~~~~~~

    Happy birthday to you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Enjoy your wonderful day Pat ~

    1. happy birthday to the cat, cause he's where its at, happy birthday pat, happy birthday to you....glad you got passed that scare, i might have shat my underwear, wondering where the laptop went, those games the cats play are heaven sent, not...

    2. They were just waiting for you to greet first
      With your Birthday burst
      Pat will enjoy though
      Just as much as any other at his show

      LOL he things they are heaven sent
      Watching as I get bent
      Then trots off thinking it is fun
      That he fooled me a ton

  6. I bet that naughty Jax lass played with it while the Cat was chasing mice and broke it :) You should question the suspect. And I'd check Betsy too, we know she's the queen of the underground world.

    It's Cat's B-day? Oh, my, I gotta set the party, invite the celebs, hire the choir, buy gallons of milk, put sand boxes around the palace for the feline guests... and buy you a mouse for the B-day present ;)
    Which one is it, Pat?

    1. How are you going to blame me?! You're acting like I break things! I've never broken a lap top in my life. Hmph!!

    2. Hmmmm if Jax got a hold of it I think it would need to be repaired so it prob wasn't
      If Betsy did then she would have left plenty of hair from her zoo or different cat fur
      So it had to be the four legged cat
      And not refering to Cassie at my mat

      Wow you go all out for the cat
      Too bad the cat's birthday is still 11 months away from our mat
      For now it is just little old Pat
      And he doesn't need any of that..haha

      Ummmm what do you call spilling stuff over one?
      It would not run
      So technically it broke
      From your coffee poke..LOL

      Sure go right ahead
      Dez will make sure you're fed

    3. You see, Jaxy is acting all defensive and shocked, the first sign of a guilty offender :)

      Yes, I shall feed Grace along with me penguins, if she likes sardines :)

    4. Typically the person pointing fingers is the one who's guilty? Where were you March 12th at 8:17Pm, Dez?? HmmMMmm????

    5. Hmmm I sense a whole Perry Mason or Matlock case coming up here
      To which RDJ is doing the former in a remake I fear
      So Jax can be him
      And Dez can be Matlock on a whim
      Should be a fun case
      I'll even hold it at my place

  7. I wish I could blame my laptop troubles on a cat.

    Happy Birthday(?)

    1. haha he takes the blame rather well
      As he usually does most breaking acts at our cell

  8. Happy Birthdayyyy!!!!

    anddd as for the cat hiding your lap top, I think that's pretty funny! The guilty look on pets is just too cute. My little Pip does the same look every time he does something bad.

    At least you admitted it cat. That's the first step!! :)

    1. Thanks for the wishes
      As you eat your sushi fishes..haa

      LOL he did a good job of hiding it from view
      But his guilty face was sure a clue
      They are always so cute to see
      Until you find out what they did as they flee..haha
      At least they know it's bad
      Still doesn't stop such a fun time from ebeing had
      He'll forget the first step tomorrow
      And be back to causing the laptops of the world sorrow..haha

  9. ...How did you know I was eating sushi as I wrote this??? I knew you were psychic!!! lol Leftover sushi for breakfast. Hmmm maybe I should wait on my coffee... LOL

    P.S. I googled ebeing before I realized that you meant being. LOL!!! I thought it was one of those mystery worlds. When nothing came up, "ewe" was googled. That's a baby lamb for the record. hahahahaha

    1. LOL my psychic powers were at play
      Once more at my bay
      hahaha yes doing to many things at once at your sea
      May once more set your hard drive free
      So waiting should be had
      Just a tad

      LOL the keys on this laptop I have to hit hard or they don't work
      It can be quite the jerk
      But that is a nice little perk
      Leaving me with a smirk
      Mystery worlds like Atlantis or something like that?
      Or did you mean words at my flat?..haha
      More stuff to do with lamb at my sea
      Oh that doesn't cause me glee..hahahaha

  10. And I've seen those furballs eyeing up my ipad several times now, chloe has even jumped up high just to touch get a closer sniff. It's funny how we can tell when our animals are guilty, with the whole head down ears back look, well that's how it is with the mutts, the cats just seem to look scared and run. Glad you found your laptop. I was thinking someone was trying to steal the cat's secrets, thinking in that laptop they were contained, the Jericho trick I do not know, stopped watching that one early on in season one, but my buddy swears by the Jericho fun, always saying I should give it a second chance, but glad to see all your secrets are safe at your show.

    1. LOL those furballs can be quite the pain
      When they want to make you pop a vein
      And cause things to occur
      Running around in a blur
      The cats run here too
      But they give a "who me" look that you just know what came due
      Dogs hang their head in shame
      Knowing their about to get the blame
      Yeah and Jericho was a good one
      Too bad it ended its run

  11. Happy Birthday Pat and the Cat
    Cat be blamed for the laptop scat?
    To be fair do not make a scare
    Cat be ready later for another fare


    1. Oh yes he will be ready
      Keeping me on my toes steady
      As something else will arise
      He needs to disguise

  12. This is why you put your laptop into it's case when you're not using it Pat. Never leave the thing out of it's case silly goose!!

    1. Pat doesn't even have a case for it
      So it is out and ready to take a hit
      I suppose he could stick it in a drawer though
      So it would not be out to sho

    2. Stick it in a drawer (you know depending on how you emphasize the words, that could sound like something else). I'm off to get some sun, may stop into play at your bay later!!

    3. LOL yes that it could
      And sometimes rightfully should..hahaha
      Sun just came out here
      I may have to do the same with my rear
      But will be about
      At my bay as you shout

    4. I smell a sun tanning conspiracy here. If you two are going to the beach to plot against the Dezzdragon, I'm sending my penguins to spy on you. I might even put fish oil in your suntan bottles. Although, the cat might actually like the smell of fish on his tanned rear.

    5. haha the cat just might like that
      Dez is losing all his allies to my mat
      But never fear
      Pat still has a very white rear
      And everything else too
      Might blind your view..haha
      The cat on the other hand I don't know
      He may let his tanned rump show

    6. is it hairy beside being white? Although, knowing the Penguin Man, he might like both LOL :)))) I didn't just say that....

    7. LMAO that is something only few will know
      Bah who cares yeah some hair does grow..hahaha

    8. hahaha okay I will no longer tease
      Just send fleas..haha

  13. Is your birthday Pat, if is Happy Birthday!!

    1. Yes it is indeed
      My birthday here at my feed

    2. Thanks for the wishes
      I hope you have no ummm dirty dishes..haha

  14. Happy birthday Mr. Hatt

    Keep your laptop safe from the cat.

    1. Yes I will keep it in the middle
      So he can no longer fiddle
      And knock it off the desk to the floor
      Hiding it as I come in the door

  15. Happy birthday then :)
    My heart would stop if my laptop was no where in sight, Pat :p

    1. Yeah I was a tad dismayed at such a sight
      But I knew by looking at the cat something wasn't right..haha

  16. What a sneaky cat! Now, I'll worry about my laptop when I'm gone. Hope you have a fabulous Birthday!

    1. haha he's going from sea to sea
      Causing no one glee
      As he hides laptops up a tree
      And leaves you nothing but a flea

  17. Happy Birthday Dr. S!
    Hope your day is the best!

    1. Should pass the test
      Or at least be as good as the rest

  18. Sorry to hear you lost your laptop Pat, at least you got it back buddy, nice rhymes, all of the times.

    1. Yep it was found
      The cat is worse than a hound

  19. the rumor mills says the cat is miffed
    all the laptop did was do a serious shift
    and now the household is on the verge of a rift
    cooler heads will prevail and spirits will get a lift
    it's the man's birthday and that it still works is a gift

    happy birthday, buddy:)

    1. haha yeah he thinks it still works well
      And since it wasn't hurt when it fell
      I guess it will do
      Better than the presents that come due
      In the litter throughout the day
      That he sure meows about before he buries and runs away

  20. Yikes! The laptop had vanished
    which was not so neat.
    From the desk it was banished

    1. Banished by a cat
      Wanting more attention from Pat
      Which he surely got
      As he was chased around our hut

  21. Happy Birthday! That sneaky cat better buy you a new laptop!

    1. If only he wasn't such a free loader at my sea
      I surely would make him pay a fee..haha

  22. Now that is the most clever cat
    knowing he would be in trouble for knocking it off your desk like that
    so away it was scooted under the couch
    thinking out of sight out of mind
    would save his behind.

    Happy Birthday to you, dear Pat
    just got home from the auction and ran to your mat
    to make sure you got a birthday wish
    Hope you liked our costumes of your favorites dish. :)

    1. Yes the cat is very clever to say the least
      The furry little attenion seeking beast
      Was a good thought
      But he still got caught

      Thanks for the wish and the costumes too
      A laugh surely came due
      As the nuggets but on a show
      You could now try to sell them for tons of dough..haha

    2. I'll save the nuggets and when you are a star
      selling your books and your rhyming wide and far
      I'll pull them back out and say
      I knew you way back when at this bay.
      Then maybe on ebay they will go
      and I'll make a million, too, you know!

    3. LOL hmmm that sounds like a good plan indeed
      Let's hope the books sell well at my feed
      Then we can both get rich
      And that surely wouldn't be a glitch
      But if either the cat or Pat acts like a snob
      You have their permission to beat the with an old corn cob..haha

  23. I once almost left one on a train...biggest scare I've ever had as the train pulled off with me franticly thinking of how I would explain it to my boss and hoping it didn't end up in the press...then the relief as I saw my colleague waving it at me...

    1. Wow that was good luck
      Having someone get all the info would suck
      Thank God for colleagues helping out
      Causing you know need to think up an explanation or pout

  24. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Fun has been had
      So it was anything but bad

  25. Oh wow... I never knew cats could be sooo... wow..
    If it's your birthday then yayyy...Happy Birthday!

    1. haha yep cats can be sneaky as can be
      Especially the one at my sea

  26. Happy Birthday!

    Glad the laptop still works.

    1. Glad it works as well
      And no need to buy a new one at my cell

  27. Happy B'day Pat
    Have loads of fun... n may this be the best ever :)
    cat indeed gave a fabulous gift to u :P

    1. LOL yes he didn't break the lap top
      So I guess that made for a goo bday hop

  28. Happy B'day Pat..!!!
    Have a great year ahead and keep up your good work :)
    God bless :)

    1. The year should be interesting to say the least
      And I will remain a rhyming kitty beast

  29. You're old!
    Somebody told?
    But happy indeed
    got what you need? :)

    1. yep got all I need
      Here at my feed
      All I want
      Hmmm some thing still haunt

  30. I hate when I lose things X(

    1. I hate when others lose them for me
      That certainly does cause me glee..haha

  31. Replies
    1. Now everything is possible :)

    2. haha you never know
      Robots could be in them at your show

      Pigs still can't fly
      They will fall and die

  32. Yeah, I'm really bad with losing things... ><

    1. I'm not
      Except when the cat makes the disappear at my plot..haha

  33. I have dropped my laptop more times than Samuel l Jackson dropped the f-bomb. Maybe you are getting some of my bad luck. My old cat (r.i.p) used to push anything off the setee that was in her favourite laying spot. This was basically the entire setee including arm rests. I am due for another one soon , since this one has a huge hole in the side.
    Glad to see you got yours back safe and in one piece, cat attack not withstanding.

    1. haha yeah when they want the room
      Whatever is there they sure bring doom
      Making it their own
      Even knocking down the phone
      Mine still works thankfully
      So no new one will be needed yet at my sea


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