Look At Your List And Shake Your Fist!

The cat was out and about once more when I heard that idiot's voice soar. Drazin? Gung? Ho? The Beyonder? Tarsier Man? Nope! You at the end of your rope? For it was that Riot Man dope. He was whining about everything from bags to soap.

Riot Man here,
All gather near,
And start to cheer,
Or simply peer.

Look at that list.
Now shake your fist.
The price is up,
With a smaller cup.

They look at you,
Think you have no clue.
What you gonna do?
Let the riot ensue.

The litre can shrunk,
By some pencil pushing punk.
The half empty bag,
Ordered by some hag.

The steal of deal,
Ain't real!
One big lie,
To get the buy.

Now you need two,
For what one used to accrue.
Sucking you dry,
Twice with their lie.

Eco-friendly my ass.
Working the gas.
Filling up the trunk,
Because they shrunk.

Strike a match,
Find a spoiled batch.
No longer with shine,
Looking divine.

The color has worn,
Into black and white porn.
Goading an action,
Promising same satisfaction.

Creating the cool.
Paving the drool.
One simple rule,
Bludgeon the fool.

Come second pass,
Herd the mass.
Continue to prune,
Noon to moon.

Create the tell,
Sucking dry the well,
With such hell,
Shrink and sell.

He had riled up all the shoppers and the store even called the coppers. I guess they did not like all the shrinking of food and such and how they charged more or just as much. The nut did have a point and spurted some round about facts as he got each nose out of joint. When I left he was still screaming sass and I just avoided the coppers from seeing my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. They look at you,
    Think you have no clue.
    What you gonna do?
    Let the riot ensue.

    That verse really hit me hard Pat. Awesome rhymes as usual buddy, Pat is certainly no Fuddy Duddy.

    1. Nope no stick in the mud
      That comes down with a thud
      Hopefully didn't hit your to hard
      Wouldn't want you to fall down out in the yard..haha

  2. To rhyme is a crime
    You got out
    Just in time

    You are so much fun Dr. S.!

    1. Yep ran away fast
      From his little blast
      Glad the cat is fun
      As he goes on the rhyming run

  3. Not going to enjoy my winter, its autumn now and way too cold and rainy already.

    1. Going backwards at your shore
      Should be spring that you gave a roar.

  4. Please don't bludgeon anyone's foot. That just wouldn't be nice. At all...

    Some people really do have great messages,but they are lost in their extreme delivery. Ok, so servings have shrunk and prices went up. Do you really think the poor sap getting paid minimum wage to organize the carrots can really do anything for you? No, I don't think so. Go bother the big guy. Find headquarters and protest to the CEO. Sigh...

    1. Go tell that riotman guy
      He is the one upon high
      If he falls it could hurt their foot too
      So the cat will try to stop it from coming due..haha

      Yeah they tend to get caught up in their own ego
      When they let it flow
      As soon as they find people are listening to them a bit
      It's like some fire is lit
      And off they go
      Forgetting what it was they were yapping about in the first place at their show
      Obsessed with the power
      Letting the cheers shower
      From their brainless flock
      But I'm sure that is no shock
      Made me go on a rant once more
      You are good at making me do that at my shore..lol
      The big guy has 50 other big guys surrounding him
      And they may shoot Riot Man on a whim
      So he hides and picks on the carrot guy
      Or the guy/girl who bakes pie
      Or stacks the carts
      Maybe even scouts for Cracks at Walmarts..hahahaha

    2. LOL You love to rant!! Don't blame me ;) I just set the stage for your perfomance!! hahaha

      LMAO The poor wagon cart guy! Imagine, he's just pushing carts minding his own business when some crazy guy approaches him damning him to hell because of the tricky fine print on the back of a coupon!

      If I get ragged on by some rioter because of your overpriced Crack performance, I quit!!!!!!!


    3. LOL yes that I do
      The cat is just inspired by you
      Plus the stage lights you set up are so nice
      The can't will rant twice

      hahahaha oh that be too funny
      As some crazy guy ranted about money
      And prob has happened at walmart somewhere
      No doubt one near your lair..haha

      hahahaha they would rage
      Over any wage
      Because if they do
      You just give a whistle for the Crack nearest you
      And they'll go blind
      From such a behind..haha

  5. ah Pat,hope you have a nice day today dont work so much (lol) xx. gloria

    1. haha I only work half a day today
      So will be just fine at my bay

  6. "Creating the cool.
    Paving the drool.
    One simple rule,
    Bludgeon the fool." - Wow. :D

  7. so nice so you will have more time to. be in your sea....

    1. While I won't be near a computer for a bit
      So it be less time at the sea for a rhyming fit

    2. look...Gloria did an English rhyme! :)
      yay, Gloria!

    3. haha yes she did one
      Such fun

    4. For Pat, with love (lol) :))))

    5. love sent with the rhyme
      could make Pat blush this time!

    6. Prob not though
      But you never know

  8. So glad you avoided those coppers. Lol

    1. Yep had to avoid the fuzz
      They may have called the pound just because..haha

  9. I love me some riots and protests :) I've spent half of my youth protesting and rioting against the government, against NATO, against politicians... and even managed to throw down a dictator in that way :)

    1. forgot to say that Serbia even exports riots and protesters :) It's true, all of the people leading riots in Africa, Asia and around the world are usually educated and trained by Serbian OTPOR, the movement which threw down Slobodan Milosevic last decade :)

    2. Wow Dez you are quite the rebel at your shore
      Sticking it to the man forever more
      Never would have guessed that
      With those penguins blinding the cat
      I guess I better stay one your good side
      Or you may say I lied
      And get a whole group protesting the cat
      We can't have that..haha

      Now I know where to go
      When protesting has to come due at my show
      Maybe if that one percent movement thingy had more Serb's involved with it
      They would have actually won something with their fit

    3. well the Mice Movement did contact me wanting to throw down a certain cat, whose name I cannot reveal due to our contract... :)

    4. A rebel indeed
      with a penguin herd the protest to lead!

    5. Yeah I know there is a certain cat out there
      Who likes to eat mice rare
      Thankfully it isn't me
      I fry them up with glee..haha

      Those things can peck good too
      No wonder wins come due

    6. Yeah, I would certainly surrender
      if they all came at me with their flippers!

    7. Bah the cat would never quit
      He'd just have a rhyming fit

    8. he could always call Rick Tracker
      with his over sized pistol which is no slacker
      love her name, too
      and her six round barrel, to boot! lol....

    9. LOL knew you'd like the name
      As he uses his pistol to mame
      With a full six rounds to an ugly head
      Wanting to make them dead

    10. pistols, frying raw mice... now wonder the mice are rebelling! And I see Betsy is the vice-dictator and adores guns... Strange how raccoons haven't rebelled against you two as well.

    11. LOL all kinds of things we have to get those mice
      I know it doesn't sound nice
      But when they chew the wires
      Or make yucky messes on the care tires
      They need to die
      So let them cry..haha

    12. Pat, the only creatures who chew wires at my place are my two cats.

    13. Yeah sadly mine do to
      They just chew chew chew

  10. I got the cops called on me in a grocery store once. Apparently you're not supposed to "micturate" on the "baked goods". But hey, you gotta go, you gotta go

    1. LOL never heard it said like that before
      But yeah that would be a good thing not to do at the grocery store
      Just plain ewww
      Next time aim for some dairy when you can't make the loo

  11. Avoid the Riot Man
    And so also the coppers
    The Cat's no offense
    Just so no one bothers
    You may have got your wow
    But you're not taking a bow
    We needn't even have to ask
    Just looking forward to your rhyming ass


    1. Sounds good to me
      That my rhyming ass gives glee
      And Riot Man I will avoid all the time
      With his crazy chime

  12. The Mister went to the grocery with me
    for the first time in 2 years, last week.
    We were commenting on the price of things
    and that their size was also shrinking.
    Now he knows why the final bill is so high
    when I bring home food for all my guys!

    1. My favorite brand of boneless buffalo wings has been shrinking, too. It's disgustingly obvious.

    2. haha first time in 2 years
      Wow does he have grocery store fears?..LOL
      Sucks the damn size keeps shrinking
      While the price does anything but sinking
      As it goes up or at best stays the shame
      Which is oh so lame

      And they hope you don't notice or just don't care
      As we all still want to buy them at our lair

    3. I always go while he's at work
      so he never tags along to lurk!
      We've also mentioned the size of fast food stuff
      mainly sandwiches! It's no bluff!
      The Whopper used to be really big
      now it's the same size as anything at their gig.
      Same with a Filet-O-Fish
      you could fit four on a dish!
      But the prices have gone higher
      and they say 'value'..but are liers.

    4. Still love those Filet-O-Fish, though... Very much.

    5. I'm sure I could eat two
      and have room for fries, too.
      They say they are made from cod
      but a guppy could fill the bun.

    6. Sounds great, doll. Wanna have a picnic? I even have a nice place all picked out.

    7. Are you asking me out? lol. OK. Lunch seems harmless enough. Are we having Mickie D's? I take ketchup with my fries. And a diet coke, please. lol....

    8. Ummm... Yeah, I guess I did. And even my budget can swing it!

    9. you guess? Aw...didn't mean to put words in your mouth. I thought it was a deliberate request. hahaha.

    10. Oh, it was! I was just surprised you'd be willing to drive two states away for two guppy sandwiches and some french fries!

    11. Oh what fast food can do
      The cat, for the most part, still thinks fast food is eww

    12. I wanna go too please??? Dont let me down, or forget me I dont know (lol)
      betsy I take diet cola too (lol)

    13. I'm sure Silver can splurge on one more fish sandwich! ha. And Pat would probably take the chicken nuggets!
      With heinz ketchup of course
      while we drink our diet cokes!

    14. haha..Gloria...you and Pat just made our date a double! ha. Maybe we should bring a dessert?

    15. Thanks Betsy I dont know why but Im sure you dont let me down:))))desserts and cokes are nice! (but sometimes I eat the fries of the kids ha)

    16. The fries are my favorite part! ha.

    17. Nuggets would be al I'd eat
      With some ketchup for such a treat
      Sadly the airfare
      To get down there
      Would prob buy me 1000 nuggets at mcdonalds if not more
      Plus no passport to even get to your shore..hahaha

    18. I have a passport, so we'll come your way
      I'll even bring the ketchup! What do you say?

    19. The cat wouldn't mind that
      Even steal money from Pat
      To pay for the fast food too
      Just no tag along kitties from your zoo..haha
      I have to get that damn passport
      As you never know when I may want to skip away for a day from my court

  13. Awesome! One of the best ones because I'm venting and not relenting while paying more and getting sore 'cause I get less when the man regress at the proportion they portion. Hey, I think I;m getting the hang of this!

    1. Yes you sure got the hang of it there
      I guess the regressing brought out the rhyme at my lair
      As you went on a run
      Oh such fun

  14. Riot on and on said Ron and then he was gone before the Recon...

  15. "The color has worn,
    Into black and white porn.
    Goading an action,
    Promising same satisfaction."

    This is sheer brilliance and paints such a strong picture. Viva Riot Man!

    1. Glad it paints a picture that is grand
      As Riot Man makes his stand

  16. Hmmm. Let's see. Orlin rants... he has a character named "Petsy"... he creates his own blog award...

    Looks like someone is trying to fill the void from the lack of new Foxyblog posts.

    I'd sue for damages, but I doubt the courts would let me sue a cat!

    Maybe I should just come out of retirement...

    1. hahaha what?
      I refuse to see the comparision to my little rhyming butt..haha
      But even if you could sue the cat or Pat
      You wouldn't get more then a dollar from my mat
      Even then it's only a loonie
      Maybe a toonie

    2. Oh, don't be silly. I wouldn't sue Pat! I know who really writes this blog, Orlin!

    3. hahahaha shhh blame it all on him
      The cat doesn't want him to make me lose a lim
      As you sue
      And cause legal fees to ensue

  17. Blogger won't let me reply today :(

    At least cracks come in handy. If I want a group to have my back, it would be them! No body would mess with me. I may lose a few friends, but at least i'd be part of one of the most dangerous gangs out there. MS13 or the crips would have nothing on me! I'm thinking people may want to deal with getting jumped over a Walmart crack!

    P.S. I recently met someone from a gang in Howard Beach. Their crew name is "The Oompas". How dumb?!?!!?! hahahahaha

    1. Stupid blogger being a pain
      Not an unusual lane

      LOL see they can be used for multiple purposes becoming a real enterprise
      They can scare off the bad guys
      Then at night
      Show their oh so Crack-y sight..haha
      No one would mess with you for sure with a couple of them by your side
      Although don't stand between them as some are rather wide
      And you may get squashed a bit
      Or stuck in a crack umm pit..hahaha

      LMAO oh that strikes fear
      I'd run as soon as they were near
      Little men from Willy Wonka land
      Might make me buy from their lollipop stand..haha

    2. LOL I have no clue if they have anything to do w/ Oompa Loompas, but their gang is called "The Oopmas". There colors aren't even orange and green. Pshhh!! What a fail crew! (I better watch what I say before that Howard Beach Oopma gang comes to find me!)

      Stuck in a crack pit! hahahaha Please, don't do that to me!!! LOL

    3. LOL yes you better watch your back
      As Oompa Loompas have been known to come to my shack
      So if they are related at all
      They may give their cousins a call
      And send them after you
      And maybe even the cat too..haha

      LOL don't worry about that
      Not even the cat
      Would wish that upon you
      Only those nutjobs that come into his view

  18. Can't remember where, but I saw someone compare a picture of 2 toilet rolls (same brand, same description, price, etc) but the latest batch was slightly smaller.

    1. LOL yep it figures they'd shrink that too
      It is probably thinner and more flimsy as well making it hard to wipe at the loo

  19. ask me to go to the grocery and i might start a riot, i can handle a little bit but not the big one, i end up crying, not just the price but i get lost and turned around and end up on the floor rolling around but a good riot is occassionally nice, just be careful not to set fire to the place...

    1. hahaha geez the grocery store really has power over you
      It makes you turn blue
      A good riot with no burning and beating up off people can work
      Making the people rioting against maybe give them heads a perk

  20. Maybe the Riot Man is trying to start his own grass roots movement--like Occupy Albertsons, which is why he's taken it to the shopping center itself.

    1. haha you never know
      He does have an ego
      So may just be
      Trying to see
      If is movement will spur
      Sadly not this cat and his fur

  21. morning time,
    lunch time,
    dinner time,

    1. You forgot brunch
      After morning and before lunch

  22. It's so hard when you think something will be different than it is ;)

    I have such a hard time going to the store lately. If the weird bag boy isn't trying to follow us EVERYWHERE, then the Zombie Elf is trying to bungie jump from the cart lol

    1. hahaha a bag boy stalker
      Just get the Zombie Elf to give him a shocker
      And let Zombie yank down his pants in the store
      He seems to like doing that at your shore..haha

  23. This is why I order all my groceries online! (And get them delivered in brown cardboard boxes. Not so eco-friendly but do recycle.)

    I wanted to tell you Pat--I did rhyming poem thinking of you (well, others too.)


    1. Don't think we have that around here
      Be way more easy and I could avoid such a cheer
      Will have a look
      At your nook

  24. I think I read these rhymes different than most
    To me the meaning is too much price for the toast
    and things for sale that aren't worth their weight
    and what used to have ten ounces now only has eight.

    I read in this verse that consumers are taken
    and get less and less for a pound of bacon
    and the well is sucked by as one tries to shop
    and the steal of the day is just a flip flop.

    I may have missed meaning in this fine verse
    If I have I'm sorry I might have made you curse
    but poems can be taken every which way I guess
    the reader might be wrong, I will humbly confess.

    Have a good day, Pat.

    1. Wow look at you
      With the rhyme that came due
      Rhyming up a storm
      Way more than the norm
      An yes you are right
      That is what I was going for as I typed it the other night
      Such a friggin plight
      As the prices go up on sight
      And the crap gets smaller
      And not one bit taller

  25. you know, in switzerland they always have to give you the prize for 100 gram of whatever so that you can compare it easily if the prizes went up when they change the package size..otherwise i have a calculator on my iPhone...ha

    1. Here they just sneakily change them on a dime
      And don't care if they commit a crime
      All about the greed
      And a calculator luckily I don't need
      As I do it all in my head
      Which might cause some dread..haha

  26. Yep, riot man is a nut for sure, but being a nut doesn't make his words fall numb, nope, some wisdom in his ranting run, some wisdom i surely wish was not so true, for if it were false, we'd all surely have more to toss about. yet it was nice, can't believe I just said that, but yep, nice indeed to see rhyme time go about on a riot man spree, to this I think even tarsier would agree

    1. haha stupid Tarsier Man would agree they anything
      As long as you give his name a ring
      The nut does have a point or two
      Even if his voice is scary and he has a loose screw
      As things shrink
      Bringing all to the brink

  27. How many times would you have to watch a porn video until it started turning black and white...?

    1. LOL I don't want to put it to the test
      But if you want to be my guest..haha

  28. Your flow is slow and your beard is weird,
    but your mind is kind and your wit's the tits,
    so stroll and roll like Elizabeth Dole
    and write all night for our delight.

    1. Wow look at you rhyming up a storm too
      Here at my zoo
      But my flow will glow
      And no beard will show
      So I guess all is well
      As I ring the rhyming bell

  29. Thought for a minute Tim Horton was going get in here with his 'Roll up the Rrrrrim to win'
    I had to do a double-take and adjust the specs on this:
    For what one used to accrue.
    Sucking you dry,
    At first glance at the 2 lines I thought you'd sworn. (Not that I myself know 'those' swear words, she lied) LOL

    1. LOL oh I'm sure you don't know those swear words one bit
      You just go all bloody hell with your fit..haha
      Nope no roll up the rrrrrim
      Most I've seen anyone win on that thing is a free coffee or something else rather grim

  30. You're right, I should tone it down...but, I just get so mad after I go food shopping lol

    Thanks for another great rhyme Pat, you made this sick girl smile today!

    1. haha I think many do a tad
      At their pad
      Getting all mad
      Instead of glad
      And glad I could make you smile
      Get rid of those nasty germs soon as they are vile..haha

  31. Enjoy your spring.
    Smash an O-ring.

    Sorry, best I could come up with car-related.

    Gas is so freaking expensive.

    Things are Tough All Over, now there's a movie. Cheech and Chong.

    Enjoy your spring. and...
    SING, SING, SING. All that keeps me sane now that the Cadbury Easter Creme eggs are so so so small too.

    1. Still a few days until spring
      But don't worry I have a rhyme for such a thing
      No smashing needs to come due
      Until winter once more comes into view
      Yeah stupid friggin gas
      Need to learn how to sell the kind that comes out my ass..haha
      Yep they are smaller as well
      Things are really going to Hell

  32. "Bludgeon the fool." I learned a new word today lol

    1. Just don't go actually doing the act on any fool
      That wouldn't be cool

  33. I'm sure this has happened with chocolate bars - they seem smaller now I'm older

    1. LOL they are just plain smaller too
      Then they used to be, it's not just your view

  34. Whoa. Talk about good timing. At least he was spewing words and not bullets.

    1. haha that is true
      Not a single bullet came into view

  35. What a fun rhyming post Pat. No rhyming from me, I am too tired.

    I specially like :

    The steal of deal,
    Ain't real!
    One big lie,
    To get the buy.

    Have a good night ~

    1. Yeah I'm half asleep too
      But I can still rhyme at my zoo
      Glad it was fun
      As I went on the rhyming run

  36. I know some shoppers who could rival Riot Man

    but they probably eat from a trash can

    1. Yes and that would be nasty indeed
      And cause me ocd at my feed

  37. I kinda like this one. Very short stanzas.

    1. Once in a while I go short
      Here at my rhyming court

  38. I just watched the Rhyme Time theme for the first time. That was amazing.

    1. That or the watch of the theme at my sea
      And glad it could amaze and not make you want to flee

  39. Sounds like you should take a pill and chill. Very funny theme song btw! But I still wonder why Captain Kirk is sitting on the chair at the top of your blog! lol

    1. LOL popping a pill
      Could lead to a thrill
      Glad you like the theme
      Kirk is just imaginary think of him as a dream

  40. I hate and love cheap stuff, but mostly I've had enough. I want my stuff to last, not cause need for another super fast! :P

    1. yeah that is very true
      They break in two
      And then you need something new
      Because cheap parts come due


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