Once Upon A Time? dVerse Knew I Could Not Pass Up That Chime!

This fairy tale stuff just flows out of me with ease and the cat can do it while he climbs some trees. But once more I will prove myself at the calling of dVerse here at my shelf.

Once upon a time,
When magic was in its prime.
There was a little town,
Who refused to follow the crown.

The Bearded King did not take kindly to such an act,
Finding the town in breach of their royal contract.
He hired Prumpy Witch to curse the land,
Wanting to exact his revenge on this rebel band.

She warned The Bearded King
That by doing such a thing,
If the town every broke free,
He would suffer for all eternity.

The Bearded King did not care,
And so Prumpy Witch sent up a magic flare.
Day went to night over the little town,
As the sky seemed to lower a cloud of fog down.

The fog encompassed the town from end to end.
Magic was also added to the fog's blend,
And it became as tough as stone,
Leaving the town trapped and all alone.

The Bearded King laughed as he got his wish,
Chowing down on a plate of fish.
Prumpy Witch warned him once more,
That not even in death could he escape suffering if even one broke from their shore.

The Bearded King paid and waved her away,
Thinking about the warning she put on display.
He sent his knights to round up a dragon,
And soon after they brought it back in a wagon.

Time passed as the throne was handed from king to king,
Each one learning the secret when receiving their royal ring.
As the tamed dragon remained on guard,
Making sure none so much as sent out a greeting card.

With each generation the town's story seemed to fade,
Before long all but one did not know how to even wield a blade.
They accepted that this was all,
And there was nothing past the fog wall.

That is all be the one,
Lee who did jobs by the ton.
His family had kept the notes from long ago,
And he knew there was more than the fog was willing to show.

He learned all he could,
And one day while chopping wood,
The fog wall seemed to dim,
And there she appeared before him.

The two seemed to be as one,
A spark setting off like the noon day sun.
Lee felt as if he knew her forever,
Then as if at the turn of a lever,

He reached out for her,
But she began to blur,
And fog surrounded his wrist,
Sucking her away into the mist.

Lee ran back to town to report,
What he saw to the court.
But all they did was laugh and send him away,
Not believing anything he had to say.

So he grabbed his sword and went back to the wall,
Not caring if it was fifty feet tall.
He was not going to suffer the blindness of fools,
Or bow down to any rules.

He whacked away at the wall,
Yelling at it and turning as he heard a cat call.
It meowed at him and ran off into the brush,
Lee took off after it in rush.

The cat hopped up on a rock,
Leaving Lee in a state of shock.
For an emblem appeared beneath it,
Exactly like the one on the sword he used to have a fit.

He spied a slot and shoved the sword in,
And the cat even seemed to give a grin.
It ran off as a cavern opened up below.
Lee followed it down sensing that woman's glow.

After a never ending staircase,
There she was once more staring him in the face.
She was entombed in a case of ice,
He figured it be easy enough for his sword to slice.

But a tail swung at him and barely missed his head,
While a voice declared he was dead.
No one would take the dragon's gift.
The maiden was his as long as he never let the fog lift.

Lee could sense her calling out to him,
So he sprang into action jabbing his sword in the dragon's limb.
It roared and breathed fire at his face,
While Lee jumped to another space.

He tried to grab his sword for another attack,
But the dragon turned and knocked him on his back.
It licked its lips as it hovered over Lee,
Gloating and buzzing about like a bee.

Lee reached out and touched the ice,
Finding her worth any price.
As the dragon decided it was time for lunch,
And went to eat Lee but received a punch.

His touch had melted the ice and set the woman free,
And she extended her arm picking up Lee.
The dragon roared once more,
As he sucked the air right down to his core.

He let loose a fire,
That was so dire,
It melted the rock wall,
Lee and the woman both took a fall.

They crawled under the dragon and there was that cat,
It did not seem afriad of the over grown bat.
The cat took off down the tunnel and the pair followed suit,
Avoiding the dragon as he yelled like a brute.

They made it outside and each became blinded by the sun,
But as the dragon came out they figured their troubles had only just begun.
Until the fog began to rise into the sky,
Circling the dragon so he could no longer fly.

It sucked him away and the town was free,
The pair went to thank the kitty,
But it had already left their side,
Unknowning to all it hitched a fog ride.

While Lee and the woman's spark turned to a mezmorizing glow.
It was later learned the cat had to send someone down below.
I guess a long long time ago,
A Bearded King shortchanged some old crow.

Once upon a time two souls met,
Knowing destiny as one was a safe bet.
Beating the odds and the overgrown bat,
They were brought together because of a cat.

And so another tale comes from me here at bush number three. These are always fun to do so I will thank the dVerse crew. The woman was left open to be who ever one deems fit as it seemed to work better than falling into some princess pit. So switch it to lad or substitue in your lass and that is the tale today spun by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Woah, it would make great lyrics for an indie rock song!

    1. Dude, ALL of his posts make good lyrics for indie rock songs.

    2. LOL such fun to see and hear
      Although there would be a few I'd fear
      If they became an indie rock song
      The zombie foot one would just be so wrong..haha

    3. obviously tenment never read your stuffff.....

      my two ¢ is that when he was warned by the witch, i kind of knew something bad was going to happen to the king ;p

      once upon a polar bear

    4. haha yeah it was kind of obvious by me
      But then so is most once upon a time fantasy

  2. hey man, how is there and after to a never ending staircase, ha. i know knew you would love this and you do not disappoint, perhaps the king should have listened to the witches reason, but we are all touched with madness some seasons and of course a cat is the hero of the day, at your bay, but over time i bet it becomes all about the man and lady, our memories get shady, you know...smile.s

    1. LOL it was exaggerated a bit
      Because the staircase was so long to the pit..haha
      Yep the king should have listened indeed
      But did not want to take heed
      So down below is where he is at
      All thanks to a cat
      And yeah as the tale fades in the mind
      They'll forget about the cat's behind

  3. Such an awesome set of lyrics man, despite the length I loved it.

    1. Yeah the cat tends to go on and on
      But it is still fun at his lawn

  4. Oh, I simple loved this. It was lovely.

    1. Glad it was loved twice
      That is just nice..haha

  5. Replies
    1. Fun times
      Back to two words from R but beats mimes..haha

  6. Your rhymes always, always make me grin silly!

    1. haha as I go all willy nilly
      I get you to grin silly
      That is such fun
      To make come done

  7. And, of course, there was a happy ending
    despite a lot of twists and bending
    and it's all because of a cat, of course,
    if it were my story I'd have made it a horse!
    Have a good Sunday, Pat! Be kind to your heroic cat.

    1. A horse couldn't move very fast
      And would not last
      As the dragon could eat him up with ease
      And that just wouldn't please..haha
      The cat is always spoiled at my sea
      For which he takes such glee

  8. A truly epic bit of verse
    Which I have much enjoyed
    But I think I'll keep my comment terse
    So no one gets annoyed.


    1. Bah no one will get annoyed one bit
      If you have a big comment fit
      As the cat can blabber on all day
      And no one seems to run away..haha

  9. I love the story of Lee and the ice maiden,
    Of courage and fighting for your life and kindred
    love. The dragon and bearded king gave him red,
    but in the end it was all glow to dream and sigh ~

    (I think you forgot to link this up at D'verse ~)

    1. The ice maiden that is a good name
      May have to steal that if it reaches fame..haha
      And I was just sleeping and slow
      But have linked up at the dVerse show

  10. You enlist all the elements of fairy tale and produce a smashing tale. There are even elements of Plato's cave here, I think. And even some Alice in Wonderland, with the cat and white rabbit combined. The story works quite well, though your humor seems a bit restrained this time. All I can say further is that dragons better beware these woodcutters with swords! I imagine there's a dragon APB out for such blokes should any future fairy tales be written on dragons and such. BTW people are of diverse minds on dragons, some say they get a raw deal in the fairy tales passed down to us. I've never ridden one but it does seem like it might be fun.

    1. Yeah I took a little of this and that
      And spun the tale at my mat
      Just went with what popped in
      As I searched through my brain bin
      I did keep the humor down a bit
      Not sure why with the fairy tale fit
      But whatever comes comes
      And so my humor today beat soft drums
      Dragons do get the shaft
      In most fairy tale craft
      But never fear
      As I have one coming near
      Where the dragons will be fine
      And oh so divine

  11. nice...nice..nice..i have to say...that cat knows how to weave a good fairy tale...and all while climbing trees..kudos to that cat...he surely get the storyteller hat..smiles

    1. Wow three nices in a row
      That has such a nice flow
      Another nice too
      Whatever will I do
      Glad I get the storyteller hat
      For it looks good on the cat..haha

  12. This is cheating... it was such a sweet story in the beginning.. I thought that the frog would be the hero.. but again you brought 'cat' into it :-/

    1. hahaha well the cat sorta ate the frog
      Plus he is king of the blog..haha

  13. ohhh, I liked this one a lot! Very fun :) Imagine living in a fog?? How depressing! Why would that silly king make such a deal!? Awful!! Thank goodness for the life saving cat, though. Too bad the kitty got sucked into the fog too!

    1. I got the blabber approval today
      That sure make me smile at my bay..haha
      Well if it was all you knew
      Then living in a fog might not be as depressing to you
      The king had an ego
      Thinking he was untouchable at his show
      The cat saved each life
      And never fear there was no strife
      For he can come and go with ease
      Thanks to his magic fleas..haha

    2. Omg with the fleas!!!!!!! I can't!!!! lol

      Ever read The Giver? They developed a town where everything was black and white to avoid prejudice and stereotype. The only problem was, by eliminating the things that made everyone different, you eliminated love. Talk about sappy! hahahahaha You story reminded me of that except yours is much more fun! lol

      Talking about Once Upon a Time. Did you watch it yet?! It's so good!!!

    3. LOL fleas just rhyme so well
      I have to ring that bell..haha

      Never heard of that one
      But there is a movie called Pleasantville that reminds me of such a run
      No lovey dovey in the world for all
      We can't have such a call
      Need the old humpty hump
      Or people would just be nothing but a grump..haha
      The cat always has to be fun
      At least a little as he goes on the rhyming run

      Still watching for the full season to come to pass
      Then it will be watch straight through by my little rhyming ass

    4. Oh and you changed your picture!! I didn't even think it was you at first glance. hahaha Very nice change :)

      I never heard of pleasantville but I'll have to check it out. Right now I'm still on the hunt of Mickey Rourke exclaiming "Strong like bull" in a Russian accent while eating chicken. Something you weren't much of a help with!!! hahahaha

      Ohh, it's amazing!! So good :) Plus, the main character drives a yellow love bug. What's better than that? lol!!

    5. And you got rid of yours
      Here at my shores
      But glad it is a better change
      Here at my range
      Extra points for me?
      How about three?...lol

      Yeah it was a good movie too
      So not a bad one to give a view
      Well I can't watch them all
      Here at my hall
      But if it was Rourke who said it and not the Rocky 4 guy
      Then it had to be the immortals one that he gave the word a cry

      I trust you when it comes to the show
      So I will surely give it a go
      Maybe I'll dwl it and get caught up with ease
      And the love bug surely has to please
      Does it have lashes too
      Or is that just you

    6. Where did it go?! Sigh...

      3 points? I suppose I cld spare 3 after my million and five... LOL!

      I'm watching it right now! Sooo juicy :) You'll love it!! And, no of course it doesn't have lashes! It's not THE love bug or the copy cat at my job! hahahaha

    7. haha just didn't want to upstage my new one
      So it went away to let me have a bit of fun..haha

      Hmph I should take those points back
      As you embelished a bit with that point attack..haha

      I'm sure I will like
      And I think I will take an early hike
      And dwl them all this week
      Then soon after give them a peek

      Maybe you should message the show and tell them about the lashes
      Then they'll make mad dashes
      And oh you a royalty for the idea you gave
      As you gave their love bug the save..haha

    8. Of course, we didn't want you upstaged. That's exactly it! hahaha And I embellished nothing! You should lose points for even accusing me of such a thing...lol!!!

      What is DWL? W/e it is, watch away!! It's so good! Besides for the Nigerian at my job, I have no one else to talk to about it! Can't wait to hear Blabber Mans take on it. hahahaha

    9. hahahaha knew I'd make you day with that one
      That wouldn't be fun as you have a ton
      Need to share a bit here at my lair
      6 and 1/8 compared to a million is fair..hahaha

      I will download it and slap it on a thumb drive then watch it on my dvd player on my big tv
      And not some stupid computer screen that is harder to see.
      Blabber Man will give his ten cents worth with ease
      As you know blabbering about tv/movies sure does please

    10. LMAO I forgot about that 1/8!!!! Could I be any cheaper with the points???? hahahaha What did you get 1/8 of a point for again? hahahahaha

    11. LOL no you are a cheapskate when it comes to points to me
      But greedy when it comes to ones for thee..hahaha
      It was for guessing the right so called bad hair pic wasn't it?
      On the day you had your little hair fit..hahahaha

    12. A cheapskate and greedy? I should take back that 1/8 after that... LOL!

    13. haha no take backs allowed
      That is a rule and I say it proud..haha

  14. That cat!!!
    Great story... you had me searching until the end... and then that cat!!

    Wonderful story as always my fine rhyming friend. :-)

    1. Glad it was grand
      Here in the cat's land
      Searching until the end
      And noticing a common cat trend

  15. My favorite - dragons! One day I'll expand my tattoos to include a dragon. Won't the cat ever pair up with a dog? =)

    1. Dragons are great
      Love using them at my gate
      I have a novel idea for the cat and a dog
      As it would be too long for the blog

  16. The Cat had indeed saved the day
    Fun to let it have its say
    Cleared the way for a good play
    Dragons beware Cat is here to stay


    1. The cat beating the dragons with ease
      Maybe he gave it fleas
      But yeah nothing can top him
      As he rhymes on a whim

  17. This was fantastic! I'm always stunned at how much of a machine you are at rhyming =X truly entertaining read

    1. Glad I can entertain
      And yeah that would be a good way to describe the cat as a machine at going down the rhyming lane

  18. I love happy endings. Way to go, cat!

    1. Have to go all happy
      Even a little sappy...haha

  19. This was a fun one, nice story... but do you have to yell it?... oh, my head....

    1. The cat just wants to make sure all hear
      Those far and near..haha

  20. Kings, Dragons and Hero Cats and destiny. Can't get much better than that, but of course you upped the ante once again at your mat, with rhymes that flow with a fairy tale glow. Quite D'verse indeed, as you plant your once upon a time seed. Great job. Thanks

    1. Yeah hero cats can't be beat
      As they think they are rather neat
      Never letting it go
      That they saved you at your show
      And of course it had to be all in rhyme
      For I am not a stinkin mime..hahaha

  21. What a great adventure Dr. S!

    Yay, Cat!

    1. Glad it was grand
      And I can live up to his brand

  22. Oh that Prumpy witch she really is a... ..(b) witch..
    what with her and dire fire, no wonder all the kingdom was suffering from ire. How very droll, should've become a troll :) Got me nutty as can be, at least as nutty as YOU ..you see ;)

    1. hahaha it's so fun to make you nutty like me
      As I seem to be able to do at my sea
      All for a witch
      That could be a bitch..haha

  23. transporting dragons in wagons??? What scandal is this? We dragons can be transported only by elven magic in golden egg shells covered with jewels (or at least with some sparkle in the time of financial crises).

    Believe or not, Pats, I wanted to ask you today when will you change your profile pic and replace it with this one which is adorkable :) It's a proof me has psychic powers.

    1. Dez is swooning, too?
      I told you it was a good pic of you!

    2. an awesome flow in above lines
      who said it won't chime :P

    3. LOL adorable hmmm you mean the movies right? hahaha
      Yeah it is a much better sight
      Then the dumb work one
      And you have psychic powers too what fun
      The dragon wasn't nice like you
      And had to be tied down until taming came due
      So they dragoned him in a wagon all the way there
      And stuck him in the underground lair

      hahaha all this swoon
      For that Pat loon
      The cat can't have that
      Needs to go scar up poor Pat..haha

      It will always chime
      As away the cat will rhyme

    4. Betsy, we didn't even know there's a real tomcat hiding under that yearbook tie and shirt :))) And now he's even showing biceps :)

      Pat, you naughty Cat, I said adorkable not adorable :P

    5. Oh, now I don't have to click the link here
      to see you in your new picture there
      it will be here 50 times a day
      as you reply at your bay. ha.

      Had to laugh at the DVD's all stacked up.
      Were you doing spring cleaning at your cup?
      Or did you get a new movie and had to move them down
      to fit it in alphabetically so you wouldn't frown?

    6. Oh I read it fast
      Adorkable is a much better word cast
      With all my dvds piled high
      Better biceps then that zebra guy..haha

      Yeah it will be here far and near
      As I rhyme so have no fear
      It was the second one
      As I had to once more do my abc order fun

  24. Pretty good insight!

    You know I would love if a writer talented like you would visit my blog and check things out!

    Let me know,


    1. Thanks for the view at my nook
      I will give yours a look
      Even if you may be a spammer
      That needs a whack with a hammer..haha

  25. Replies
    1. hahaha well it's fun when I do that too
      Here at my rhyming zoo

  26. and so it seemed by this tales end
    that cats DO rule
    my feline friend!

    1. So it would seem
      And nope it wasn't a dream

  27. Replies
    1. If only talent paid the bills
      That would surely bring thrills..haha

  28. I like the new picture
    of a casual guy
    without the neck stricture...
    also known as a 'tie.'

    1. Yeah that thing left me years ago
      Put I still let the thing flow
      If I have to put it back on
      I'll quit my work lawn..haha

  29. The Grammar Nazi did a Google search for "Prumpy" and ended up vomiting again...

    1. LOL its a name
      So I can make any claim..haha

    2. One definition was "pregnant + grumpy." SO glad it's a name!

    3. hahahahaha yes now I am too
      That just would not do

  30. I like that new profile pic!

    1. Geez all like that
      Should have changed it sooner at my mat

  31. Your rhyming skills always amaze me...

  32. thanks for the bedtime story

    1. Hope you sleep well
      And don't dream of hell

  33. Replies
    1. Sure whatever you say
      Here at my bay

    2. I got the exact same comment! Couldn't be spam, though, could it?

    3. haha yeah I just saw it on yours too
      It's a program with all our blog addresses in it and with one click of a button poof! the same message is on all to view

    4. Well, in my case, it certainly picked the right time to show up!

    5. So I could come rant
      At you blog plant?..haha

  34. Replies
    1. haha always up for a rant though
      So it worked out well that the spammer left behind his robot spammy glow

  35. Replies
    1. Like being such fun
      So it just has to be done

  36. The swashbuckle chuckle...

    I envision the poet
    and the pirate
    out of their gourd
    as with a rueful smile
    one discovers
    that the pen
    is mightier than the sword

    as he draws his sword, only to laugh

    1. hahaha now that would be a clever twist
      May have to add that to the list
      For a sequel could come due
      With such a crazy view


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