The Swashbuckle Chuckle Stretches My dVerse Knuckle!

If you remember about a month and a half or so ago. A certain task was asked by Mary at my show. And so I spun the tale and it had a whale. Then Heaven, dVerse and Hank said I should walk the plank. So the journey began for the cat and a tale was spun just like that.

I bet you never knew,
A kangaroo only liked one shoe.
That fountains were magic as well,
Take it away and things go to hell.

No, no words like that are spun,
For those are only used here for the cat's fun.
But many more things arise,
Like a crow with four eyes.

Yeah, it has double the head,
Must cause quite the re-tread.
At least they can chat,
Not needing another at their mat.

Did I mention the clown,
Who seems to forever frown?
He is a captain too,
So walking the plank might come due.

And since the cat can't draw,
Blame the claw on the paw,
Also Pat is even worse,
And would surely make you curse.

But the great Besercules came to the cat's aid,
Drawing and coloring each in their own shade.
Giving the cat's tale life,
With art that would never cause strife.

On with it already you say?
Well okay.
For today at my bay,
Comes the cat's first Children's book out there for display.


Dr. Seuss can once more kiss my caboose,
As the cat let's the rhyming hang loose.
And according to a certain Zombie Elf,
It should fly off the shelf.

Yeah, I know.
I'm plugging away at my show.
But it was called for by you.
And so The Swashbuckle Chuckle has come due.

There were many more behind the scenes as well that helped ring the cat's ego bell. These guys and girls just egged on first after some rhyming burst. Thanks to all of you as well and now I must tell to click the links above and see the early review love. Go ahead and take the lap for the cat is done with this nice crap. I need to go back to being crass and so once more the cat has stretched the skill of his little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Only nice today
      Geez I should show dead mice my way

    2. I am commenting up here to let you know I appreciate the mention...See you~

    3. Glad it was appreciated as you did help give me the push
      That is appreciated by me at my bush

  2. This book is nothing short of amazing!!! It's very original and creative! Not to boosts the cat's ego up anymore, but I loved it! lol The illustrations work perfectly with the story. Bersercules did an amazing job!

    The Zombie Elf seemed to really approve of your story too! Since it's a kids book, that seems to be your top critique ;)

    and LOL at your drawings making people curse. I'm witness to them actually making people do so... hahahaha

    1. Awww the cat just got a big ego boost now from you
      Not sure how much bigger is head can get as it is so big his body isn't even in view..haha
      Glad you enjoyed as well
      As I went to ring the kiddie bell

      Yeah that was the biggest approval of all
      With him and the hippie at Elisa's hall
      For the kiddies have to like it the most
      So that surely pleases the cat host

      LMAO see I do not tell a lie
      I have an art spy
      I can make many curse
      With my drawings of sacks that look perverse..hahaha

    2. @Pat...Soon he's going to fly away if you don't get that head to shrink! Did you try a pin? He needs to be deflated...

      I would hardly call myself a spy! I'm still haunted by that sack that I thought was fairy wings and the paw that was coming out of a cats behind! What would the Cracks think?! Smh... lol

    3. hahaha hmmm that may be an idea for a post or two
      One as he goes on a trip from flying coming due
      And the other on how to pop is ego
      Look you just gave me two posts at my show...haha

      LOL that sack will forever haunt you
      Now everytime you see Santa you will think of the sack that I drew...hahahaha
      The Cracks would think it was quite the sight
      And he should join them each night
      Then with a paw out is behind
      He could slap The Cracks as they when to work and did their ummm cracky grind
      Oh where you made my mind go
      I need to go back to the two headed crow

    4. I have to start charging for all these post ideas!! hahaha Kidding! That should interesting to see where the cat goes on his deflation trip. Maybe he'll end up in NY where I can blow him back up and deflate back to you. Oh that sounds even more fun than the tutu!! hahahaha

      LMAO @ slapping the cracks with the butt paw!! hahaha

    5. LOL you already have over a million points in your vault
      What more do you want? The cat to do a somersault..hahaha
      hahahaha but then you'd be stuck with him for a while
      Listening to him go the rhyming mile
      As you have to be sure you aren't under mind control
      Before you blow him back to my flag pole..haha

    6. LOL Can the cat somersault for me please? Thank you! Good think a French meowing Flappy is guarding my million points because I'm starting to get the feeling that you're trying to steal them back!

    7. Would you be surprised to know he actually can somersault with ease?
      He can jump over your head in a breeze
      I make him do flips and everything else when he chases a string
      Here at my wing
      Bleh gag barf is all I will say
      To that nasty display
      God, tonight she came in wearing sparkly sun glasses too
      It did not fit her one bit between me and you..haha

    8. LMFAO!!! The stunna shades are a reflection of the french purring going on inside her head ;) rRRrrrRRrr hahahaha

    9. LOL you give the most awful images to my mind
      No wonder I'm such a crazy little rhyming behind..hahaha

  3. Wow, Pat! I am greatly impressed that you really did go through with this. (Thanks for the mention.) I followed your links and I see it is reviewed highly on the Kindle. Maybe I will have to 'bite the bullet' and buy it. Did you do the illustrations too? Your post made me smile this morning!!

    1. OOps, read it over again and noticed that you had someone else do the illustrating!!

    2. Yeah I went through in thanks to you
      As you harped on the idea in the comment view
      And so it began at my sea
      As I went all kiddie
      Glad I got a smile too
      As that is always fun to do

  4. Finally the fame and recognition of your rhymes is coming home to roost to give you a boost, excellent work!

    1. Yeah lets hope the cat gets tons of fame
      Then no more playing the 9-5 work game..haha

  5. Saving it for later, first thing to buy when I will get my Kindle :).

    1. The first thing you say
      That makes the cat's day

  6. This book sounds awesome man. Seriously dVerse rhymes buddy!

    1. dVerse rhymes it is indeed
      As per the usual at my feed

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! Do you have an age group you targeted with this?

    1. Truthfully I thought about the age group
      As I went for the rhyming loop
      Prob 3-10 or so
      But what I really tried to do as I gave it a go
      Was make it accessible to all
      As I took into affect parents usually end up reading them at their hall
      And I think it worked pretty well from intial review
      For the grown ups like it and the kiddo's do too

    2. I agree with that explanation
      the little ones will like to listen
      and the older ones will read themselves
      making all happy with your book on their shelves.

    3. Yep best to make all happy
      Except for maybe stupid Flappy

    4. ah Pat you have to remember her (lol)

    5. Just got rid of her an hour or so ago
      Flappy is gone for a while from my show

    6. Flappy was there tonight?
      hahaha, oh that just isn't right.

    7. Yeah stupid flappy was around
      She finally left my work mound

  8. what fun dear Pat! !!
    i dont say nice (lol) but i think really is:);

    1. LOL you can say nice all you want
      I will just taunt
      But fun works too
      Here at my zoo

  9. This is a really fun book
    I hope people take a look
    and get it for their kid
    to flip their rhyming lid.

    Nice illustrations, true.
    Besercules did a great job, too!

    1. Even Betsy likes it at her age
      See it can be all the rage
      Never meant that in a bad way
      Or to cause dismay..hahahahaha

    2. "At her age???" Lawsie, Lawsie, Lawsie, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes!!!

    3. hahahaha just pointing out the age gap
      She never minded before when I let such a thing flap

    4., it's not a secret
      I'm probably older than your parents
      I'll just keep drinking from that fountain of youth
      and enjoy the kiddie books written by you!
      Besides, I have to live forever to take care of my boys
      even if they do make a ton of noise.

    5. LOL well you are a year or so older than one
      The other stopped aging as he is in the closet so yeah older by a ton..hahaha
      haha just don't end up on Gawker island from one of your fountain trips
      Or you'll be riding an elephant with some monkey all around doing flips..haha

    6. Oh an elephant ride sounds great
      I perch up high to survey my freight
      Then I can help Marmy with his view
      on the rooftop as he looks over the zoo.
      But at least give me a saddle as I ride up there
      so I don't have to hang on by the elephants hair.
      And I'm used to boys hopping around
      so a monkey can be there acting like a clown.

    7. haha a saddle might be more than I can spare
      So you might have to make due with the hair
      At least if you need a shower
      He can up his trunk and let loose his water power..haha

    8. the only thing worse than a bareback elephant ride
      would be the shower from his trunk to bring in the tide.
      Maybe I could use one of his ears for an umbrella
      now that would be nice of the great big fella.

    9. hahaha yeah it would make me cringe
      To get a trunk water binge
      So grab an ear
      And cover up if his trunk comes to the rear

    10. yeah..that in the mouth would be worse than ant spray
      I'd probably gag, cry and whimper for days.

    11. hahaha least your tongue wouldn't go numb
      And you wouldn't drool when you hum..haha

    12. I think I'd rather have a numb tongue
      than swallow water that's been in an elephant's trunk.
      Yes, I'm quite sure of that
      and I declare it a Face It Fact.
      I'll save the water for you.
      No, it's's the least I can do!

    13. Yes Pat would agree with you
      Put that cat after getting over such a scary view
      Would drink it with ease
      Of course he also sends fleas to knees..haha

  10. Oh great! Our children are doomed! lol just kidding! And now to click the link.

    1. LOL the cat brings forth doom and gloom
      But the rhymes are in full bloom

    2. Dan just stole the words from my mouth :)

    3. Did he reach in and grab them too?
      That would just be umm eww

    4. Well R took the words out of my mouth. He's just so eloquent.

    5. LOL wow you must not have had a drink today
      As two whole word would be all you had to say...hahahahaha

  11. Dr Seuss aint got nothing on your wicked rhymes!

    1. Glad you think so
      For I'm going to bury him with all the books I have planned at my show..hahaha

  12. love the rhymes, Pat, but trust me, cat, you need to work on that cover art :) Give it to some primary school kids, they will do a better job :PPP

    1. Simple sometimes works best Dez though
      As that's all Seuss let show
      Two year olds can draw better than me
      That is just a fact at my sea..haha
      But with the rhymes I will always get the love
      As it fits me like a glove

  13. Yep, the Zombie Elf has me read it to him every night now. ;)

    I'm so excited about this one :) Congrats with the launch. I'm tweeting this ;)

    1. haha I'll try to get some more done
      So you don't have to keep reading the same one..haha
      Must know it by heart now though
      There at your show

  14. Both enjoying a friendly banter
    Action right on the front cover
    One Shoe 'roo and Capt Frown Clown
    For a children's book as no other
    On the Amazon's was rightly featured
    With rave reviews generously offered
    Congrats! Pat and the Cat
    You rightly have it made!
    One thing though spied as stated
    The pricing as yet to be decided
    Be alerted if you will
    An Order will be sealed


    1. Glad you like
      As you were part of the cause for me taking the hike
      Egging me on at my sea
      A time or three
      The pricing is there though
      Hmmm maybe it isn't showing at your show
      Stupid amazon being a pain
      Making one pop a vein

  15. I thought this might be what Bersercules was doing when he said he had a "side job" he was working on. Congrats to the cat and I'll be buying mine from Kindle in no little time.

    And I like your new avi, you look so relaxed without the tie. It suits you.

    1. haha yeah I figured you had an idea as you know
      There is one somewhere close by on the go...haha
      Yeah so much better I will say
      Beats the dumb work display
      Should have done it way sooner at my sea
      But I guess it took a nudge before the other one left bush number three

    2. Anne, Betsy and moi have addressed Cat's new groove in his Sunday's post :) We were quite naughty :)

    3. I never expected anything less
      I will confess..haha

    4. I'm pretty sure that new photo was my idea
      but I won't press the issue or bill ya.
      Were we naughty? I tried to behave.
      Really I tried but you didn't shave
      so that blew the behaving a wee bit
      as least I didn't throw a fit.

    5. On second thought, the photo on your book site was my idea, too!
      Maybe I will bill you!

    6. hahaha I never shave
      On weekends at my cave
      Unless I were to go out and about
      But now after Blabber's shout
      I don't even do that any more
      So no shaving weekends at my shore..haha

      Hmmm the cat was playing with a penny today
      Do you want to see if I can find it and send it your way?

    7. maybe it will help you get a date
      the whiskers could be irresistible at any rate.
      A Canadian penny? Now what would I do with that?
      The cashier would hand it back and that is that.
      Or did you want me to think of it as a souvenir
      before your book fame broke through and you were an unknown dear?

    8. I contributed to a man's scruffiness? 1, 500,000 pts. All locked away... :) Job well done! hahaha I'm telling you, the scruff makes the ladies swoon!

    9. Pffft I don't need help getting a date
      I need help finding one who doesn't belong stuffed behind some cray loony tunes gate..hahaha
      hahaha well it could be worth something if fame were to come
      But don't worry I'd still be the same little rhyming bum
      Just no more 9-5 crap
      Or working and lurking lap..haha

      Look at you awarding points to you
      I think there is a clause in there that prevents that from coming due...LOL
      I trust you and will keep it when I go out
      But I'm sure the crazies will once more be about..haha

  16. dude that is awesome as a childs book i bet would be great from you, even if it includes a one shoe roo, actually i think that is cool too, cant wait for the chance to make my childrens imagination dance...

    1. I never realized until now
      Not sure how
      How a one shoe roo
      Can so easily rhyme with poo...hahaha
      Hopefully as the rhymes prance
      Their imaginations will dance

  17. Sounds interesting and drawing is pretty cute too. I bought the book. Will try to write review soon. My kids

    1. Thanks a ton
      Hopefully your kids like the rhyming run
      All have so far
      That got back to my bar

  18. i dislike clowns and santas. found them freaky always :p
    almost like a crow with four eyes.

    1. hahaha well the clown is a bad guy
      So maybe the roo will make him fry..haha

  19. Funny book.. i guess kids will like it :)

    1. Hopefully kids get a thrill
      As I stretch my skill

  20. Congratulations! Best of luck, Pat =)

    1. Hopefully I get a little luck
      Not the kind where I get run over by a truck..haha

    2. A flat Pat we cannot accept;
      It would fill our life with much regret.
      You are so skinny as it is,
      any flatter would be bad for biz

    3. haha unless I just bounced off the truck
      And just yelled at the drunk ummm duck

  21. I view the sample on the book, I had a nice look

    It's a shame I don't have a real e-reader you see

    but soon I might have a droid tablet for me

    1. Yeah many don't have one
      But don't worry as I have a few more tricks that will soon come done

  22. Cool book! But why is cat only wearing one shoe, and no pants? That's just obscene! LOL!

    1. LOL donkey kong did it first though
      All he has is a tie to show

  23. woohooo.. that's awesome pat...on my way to check it out...

    1. Yeah it is grand
      Adding another thing the cat has done at his land

  24. This book is really good. I've read it a few times.

    1. There you go
      Good always comes from my show

  25. Replies
    1. Always will be here
      As I rhyming daily I fear

  26. Pleeeeaseeeee...make that dastardly clown walk the plank.... I do NOT like clowns... (pretty please) Hehe

    1. I have a sister that's afraid of clowns, like you!
      there's one of those phobia names for it, too!
      We had 2 serious faced ones framed on our wall
      when we shared a room as kids that we recall
      guess she really hated them there
      as they still spook her arm hairs.
      Mimes, too.
      'cause they're just eww.

    2. hahaha you never know
      He could walk the plank at the end of the kiddie show

      LOL oh yes mimes are just eww
      That I will agree with you
      I will step on their feet
      And steal their invisible treat..haha
      The cat doesn't like those guys
      Clowns are just whackos in disguise

    3. Will you leave the poor mimes alone! They don't deserve to be stepped on!!! If you didn't see them, you wouldn't even know they were there... hahahaha

    4. hahahahaha that is true
      Maybe I need something to block them from view

  27. Wow Pat! Congratulations to you in every way!

  28. Congratulations, Pat! That's awesome!!

  29. Ha ha ha- nice. If your children's books are as colourful and witty as this- thn I'm going to have to get them. Oh hold on...I need some kids first.....where's my wife?...damn...see .... You made me feel sexy now as well

    1. hahahahaha I hope she doesn't blame me
      When kiddies start popping out at your sea

  30. Pat, one feels bad you're not being paid to write such creative prose. Surprised that News Corps have not yet bought your blog from you and turned it into a subscription service.

    1. If only I was being paid
      Then the 9-5 might fade
      That would be so grand
      Just working in rhyme time land

  31. Replies
    1. Yeah who knew
      I bet you never had a clue

    2. loved the illustrations
      you should be commended! :)

    3. Who him
      Pffft he seems so dim..haha

  32. I'm so proud of you and your book!!!

    You're rhymes should be world famous.

    1. Lets hope that comes to pass
      Then the cat will never let anyone here the end of it with his little rhyming ass..haha

  33. This seems a natural fit for your show
    Oh, the places you will go
    (sorry, I had to call in the Doctor
    since he's neither nemesis nor proctor)
    I hope no one else already made this terrible joke
    If so, well, they can choke.

    I'm sure it'll be a smashing success.

    1. haha think you are the first
      With such a burst
      Making them choke is not nice though
      A hairball could flow..haha
      Lets hope so
      Then I can quit the 9-5 show..haha

  34. See, I always knew you had it in you to write a children's book.

    Thanks for the mentioned but it was more like planting the idea or seed...and you nurtured and took it on. I have to click and see but I am very happy that it all came together...I did noticed it early on that you updated the header topics and your icon pic ~

    ~Off to check it out ~

    1. Oh if you only knew
      For this is just one in view
      I'm on number ten now
      And none have a cow..haha

      You planted the seed well
      And yeah I'm happy you and the others rang the bell
      For it is nice to have done
      At least one got given a run

  35. Hi Patt! So many Congrat-ulations! Wonderful! It sounds like a lot of fun. K.

    1. It was a fun time
      To do up a kiddie book rhyme

  36. Congratulations on your book! :)

    1. With another congrats
      The cat can go eat some rats..hahaha

  37. Ey the first day of spring was today enough with smashing your printer to bits lol

    1. Nope first full day of spring is tomorrow I say
      So the printer will be smash one final day..haha

  38. Awesome, Pat! I wish you the best with the book!

    1. We shall see
      What comes before me
      Either way it will be fun
      As I go on the kiddie run

  39. Well CRAP Sir Pat!
    You beat me to the mat
    with a brand new book out to share!
    I know I've been bad
    The old real world's been sad
    But please know that I really do care
    To send some more
    Pics of fleas to your door
    but Bossman has not been well
    I'm filling his shoes
    suffering real estate blues
    with appraisals and houses to sell!
    Send me your links and I'll do more than share
    To make up for my lack of time
    We'll push this book out, no need to pout
    And make it number one in the line!

    1. Yeah I figured as much
      When you were out of touch
      From your blog lair
      Where you let down your hair
      And said it in verse there
      So I was well aware
      Hope all is gettig better at your sea
      And bleh all those real estate deals would make me flee..haha

  40. Never a dull moment upon my visits to you, i must say I have much of good rhyme in my time here. Always appreciate the words! ~ Rose

    1. Try not to be dull at my see
      And cause glee
      Glad I am able to
      As many come to view

  41. a tall tail indeedy ;) youe energy alone gives me hope pat :)

    1. My energy comes
      As I beat the rhyming drums
      Not sure from where
      But I continue on at my lair

  42. This is thrilling! I see rhyme in a new way
    A wonderful display
    I am blessed to have read this today!
    Wonderful :)

    1. I made you blessed by coming to my bay
      Now that surely is better than causing dismay

  43. Replies
    1. Which is just sublime
      As I continue to rhyme

  44. wow, awesome Pat :) love it!

  45. I have an image of a kangaroo with a shoe on it's tail lol
    Great poem

    1. haha nope not on his tail
      But that could have worked too as he set sail

  46. Lots of fun
    in the rhymes of this one


    r.m. @

    1. Lots of fun is tried to be had
      All the time here by the cat and that Pat lad

  47. Congrats on the online book , I went over to check it out.
    Wish you much success.

    1. We shall see what is to come
      For my little rhyming bum

  48. yay for you, oh rhyming master!
    i'm sure it will be just the opposite of disaster!
    (as you can see, i'm not so great with the rhymes, but congrats!)

    1. haha hey as long as it is the opposite that works for me
      And would surely fill me with glee

  49. Have you written a children's book yet? I just that swashbuckle and chuckle rhyme.

    1. Hmmm did I confuse you
      For that is the book right there that came due

  50. That's awesome, Pat! Congratulations!

  51. Yep first kiddie book at my sea
    Hopefully many more will come from bush #3

  52. I'm new here. You sent me a request to follow you on twitter & then a request to come visit & you said I wouldn't be sorry. Well, I'm not! What a very interesting blog you have. I'm your latest follower. Very nice to meet you. I must come back to browse some more. Have a nice evening. I enjoyed your Post very much.

    1. Thanks for the look
      Here at my nook
      Will be over to see
      The blog of thee

  53. Grand job with the Kangaroo with one shoe, going on the swashbuckle chuckle like only a Kanga can do. Well, I'm sure the cat could too, but I guess tonights for the Roo, nice of the cat do give him his due. Congrats on the book.

    1. The cat didn't like the shoe
      Plus it rhymed better with kangaroo
      And so the tale came due
      And not a word came about poo..haha

  54. Pat, you have one of the most fertile, imaginative, inexhaustible fountains of that mind of yours...and what better way to use that than with children...I appreciate you more and more.

    1. Wow my mind thanks you
      As tons exists up there it is true
      Appreciated more and more
      That is nice to hear at my shore

  55. Replies
    1. The cat does too
      But the cat is better with what comes due

  56. Replies
    1. Thanks for the congrats
      To Pat and the cats

  57. Clown... kangaroo... pirate... what?

  58. Here's to your resonating rhymes and successful future times.
    Congrats on the book Pat. Very well deserved. Is it available in the UK?

    1. Yeah lets hope for such times
      With all the rhymes
      Can be picked up there too
      At least the digitial copy that comes due

  59. It is your blog :) The illustrations look great!

    1. haha that it is
      I rhyme here like it's my biz

  60. Congratulations on the new arrival - you are indeed the new Cat in the Hatt! I'm sure Mr. Seuss would be willing to kiss any part of your poetic train, for your poetic genius is very much in the same literary vein.

    1. Sounds good to me
      Let's hope I can get somewhere close to the fame of his tree
      We shall see what comes to pass
      For my little rhyming ass

  61. BIG congrats... looks like it's all be said above

    1. Yes much as been said
      But it didn't, too much, go to my head

  62. Congratulations on your book! And your rhyme time is exceptional. So my question is how can you follow so many blogs? Clue me in, new at this.

    1. New to the scene
      Well you have to be a bit of a machine
      But follow away
      All those you like on display
      And hit them up when you have chance
      Many will also come give you a glance

  63. The roo took my shoe
    and left behind poo
    so what can I do
    'cept congratulate you.

    Bravo, Pat *hug*

    1. haha the roo and the poo
      That should be book number two...haha

  64. Excellent Pat! Your intro to your book has that whimsical quality that will make the book very appealing. Congratulations and good luck. I have a grandchild who may perhaps be interested in hearing about this... ;)

    1. Thanks for the look
      At the new children's book
      Comes out in print form soon too
      For all to view
      And let's hope it sells a ton
      As I go on the rhyming run

  65. Arghhhh that be a pirate tune , well you said swashbuckle, luving the surreal picture yey painted arghhh

    1. haha you sure went all pirate at my sea
      Causes the cat glee

  66. Pat~ (and Cat)...congratulations on your new book....I know it WILL fly off the shelf.

    Love your rhyming (usually....) and it's certainly something I can't do. Bravo to you.

    Lady Nyo

    1. Thanks for the congrats at my sea
      Let's hope the flying comes to be


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