Tablet Time Giveaway Once More With LeapPad or Cash At My Shore!

The cat is once more doing the giveaway thing letting this new one fling. As you never know it could be won at your show. Plus hey it's free and pretty damn easy, not to mention I get to be a cheat with the old meet and greet.

So here it is for all of you, at least those of the red, white and blue. Yeah, I know those stinkin' people down below always get to enter the contest flow. But at least up here when we win money it's tax free. So no tax man can take half which causes me such glee. I just had to rub that in today at my bin. Now on with the rules and I won't rhyme these facts so I don't confuse any umm delightful fools.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize Details:

LeapPad Option

  • LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet
  • LeapPad Green Case
  • Headphones
  • AC Adapter
  • Duracell Battery Recharger with 4 AA Batteries
  • $20 LeapFrog App Center Download Card
  • Any 3 LeapPad Explorer Games
- Total RV: $280 -

Cash Option
  • Entrants intending to select the cash option MUST have an active PayPal account.
  • $250 will be remitted to the winner as a gift via PayPal.
ENDS March 30, 2012, at 11:59 PM EST

There you go, nice and easy to win at your show. Isn't the cat nice for bringing this to you and not chasing mice? Need me to say it twice? Pffft no dice. What? You still need a rhyming fix from my little rhyming butt? Well take a look above and some may just feel the love. For at the request of many that come to my sea and thanks to the name from The Grammar Nazi.

Now give the Who's Who At Bush #3 a pass and if you win you can thank my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. dude sweet give away, i entered today

    1. There you go
      With a rhyme as well you let show

  2. oh heck yeah who's first
    with that little burst
    got the first chance
    to do the pad dance...

    1. Been a while
      Since you turned the dial
      And were first
      With your burst
      Hope the dance was fun
      As you gave it a run

  3. Can you win the green if you're of the green(Irish).....

    1. Nope only a US thing I fear
      I know can annoy ones rear

  4. I don't pay
    with the Pal
    as I always
    fear a hacker
    will crack the code
    and take that
    which is dear and
    near to my heart
    my money, my cash, my stuff.

    1. Well a hacker got mine once
      So you sure are not being a dunce
      But anything you use online can be hacked
      And easily attacked
      If the right person decides wtf
      And wants to push their luck

    2. Serbia is the only country in the world which doesn't have Pay Pall :( I can't even count how many business offers and marketing offers I've missed at HOLLYWOOD SPY thanks to that ;((((((

    3. Why the heck haven't they jumped on it?
      That sounds like a stupid rule made up by a twit
      You could prob get a ton more
      With all the traffic at your shore

    4. apparently our constitution has something in it which doesn't allow things like Pay Pall to work here :( Our government has made a deal with them this winter, but nothing has happened after that. Even African countries have it, but we don't. Thanks to that I can only accept bank wire payments and not many people work that way ;( Since they can't pay me through Pay Pall sometimes they give the money to a charity of my choice in exchange for a text link at my place.

    5. Pfft if those stupid scam artists can use paypal and such
      I think not letting you guys use it is a bit much
      But then politics move so damn slow
      You'll be lucky if anything happens on it by 2020 at your show

    6. That's not right Dez. You are getting the short end of the stick with the system you have. You should be getting paid just like anyone else does for those links.

    7. Yep in this case the cat agrees with you and the penguin man
      Of such crap he is surely not a fan

  5. 250$ sounds a lot more appealing to me :)

    1. Yeah because then you can get what you want
      As you go to your favorite shopping haunt

  6. OMG... 6580 entries..!!! It seems like i am not the only one who would love to have stuffs for free ;)

    1. haha nope you aren't the only one
      As there seems to be a ton

  7. I don't have a pay pal account! I don't trust it. "It" meaning paypal and not you, of course! But those are some awesome prizes :)

    1. Trust me
      I only have it because I need something at my sea
      I don't trust it one friggin bit
      For my credit card already took the hit
      Some dirty rotten sob
      Got it and charged $4000 to is with glee
      Of course it went away
      Still a pain in the ass to do though at my bay

    2. Oh and I knew you meant not me
      For the cat and maybe even Pat are very trustworthy

    3. Are you serious?! See, I knew PayPal couldn't be trusted!!! My g/f deposits her check through her iphone. She takes a picture of it and BOOM it's deposited. I won't even log into my bank account on my phone. Who needs that hassle of dealing w/ a 4k spending spree of ur cash? lol!!!

      Last year someone got my credit card info and bought $5 worth of KFC in the Domincan Republic. Clearly that raised a red flag and chase called me to authorize the transaction. I told them I was a vegetarian, why would I buy chicken!? LOL!!

      and the cat is trustworthy? Psh... :P

    4. Yeah, some sob stole it and bought $4000 of google adwords with it
      The dumb credit card company didn't even call me one bit
      Now all stupid Paypal has is my old credit card number there
      So if someone tries to steal that it won't work so I don't care
      Stupid IT guy at work tried to say it prob got stolen at the gas station or walmart or some crap like that
      But if that were the case they would have bought something other than adwords when they stole from Pat
      I can see it now
      Credit Card theives at walmart, they steal them and go straight to their computers buying adwords and making everyone have a cow
      Pffft right
      And technically it's credit though we use at each site
      So it isn't our cash
      Still we can use it to flash..haha

      I DO NOTHING on my phone with stuff like that
      That is way way way easy to hack at any mat
      Even I could prob get into those
      Not that I'd want to and make anyone suffer such woes
      I don't even log into my bank account on my computer at home
      I only do that with the extra security at my work dome

      LOL well maybe you magically appeared there and had a change of heart
      Wanting some chicken from the KFC cart
      Once you use it once anywhere on the internet it can be found
      If someone so wants to track it down like a blood hound

      Pffft you know it is true
      That's why he is your fav in the twitter view..hahaha

    5. Omg..what did I start?! LOL!!!!

      Ok, don't yell...I use my debit card when I buy things online. So it is my cash :( I know, It's bad!

      Google awards points??!! Legit?! Well, at least that's better than Dominican KFC. hahahaha

      Do you you "blink" on your card? I have it on 3 of my credit cards. Word is there is a phone app now that can read the "blink" on your card as you walk by. Then, poof, the stanger has all of your info!

    6. LOL you are always good at starting rants at my sea
      Just bringing them out of me

      I won't yell
      As I wouldn't want the Tab Nazi to hear me and think what the hell..LOL
      But yeah that is bad
      More than a tad
      They get your debit card and it is all over
      They'll steal everything from your account and be off like rover
      It is way way way more crap to deal with if they take your actual money then credit card crap
      So very very very bad thing to use with the online buying lap..haha

      Yeah google adwords are those adds you see on the right side of google when you do searches for anything
      When you click those google gives one's account a ring
      And depending upon the ad they can take a couple bucks for every click
      Or a few cents, which is why it was stolen by the prick

      We don't have "blink" up here
      Only little chip things on our credit card gear
      My one whole card has it
      So we can't swipe it we have to stick it in the bottom of the machine and wait a bit
      Can't use our debit cards online either that I'm aware of
      I guess Canadians just don't feel the online shopping love..haha
      I have no doubt that app is out there
      The easier it is for you at your lair
      The easier it is for some tech guy to come up with something to steal
      And then go off and play let's make a deal

    7. Oh. You have scan the card? You have a credit card with a bar code? Hmmm, that's interesting! I wonder if that's the same as "blink". I'm not sure.

      Ok, fine, I'll try not to use my debit card online no more. lol My credit cards always maxed, that's the problem!!!! Ok, maybe the real problem is that I should stop shopping. But, that's just a maybe...

      That's 2 rants in a row from you. :D

    8. Yeah some little chip on it you have to scan now up here
      A small sqaure bar code thingy on the front not the rear
      I think it is similar to the blink
      Except the blink makes a fast connection link

      LOL score one for the cat
      Changing your shopping habits at your
      Well just take what you were going to spend on the debit card and add that to the credit first
      Then you'll have enough room to pay for such a burst
      That might be a good thing to try too
      But then you only live once so some shopping has to come due
      Just I guess line needs to be drawn in the sand
      Before you hit maxed out land..hahahaha

      2 in one day
      You got me on a roll at my bay

    9. geesh Pat, we're going to name you Blabber Man.
      I know you'll be a fan.
      Then Blabber and Blabber Man
      can chat and rant all the can.

    10. "Blabber Man?" Oh, gosh... Are we going to need another superhero costume?

    11. LOL get me going and I can Blabber too
      As you can see clearly in your view...haha

      God no
      No spandex at my show

    12. No? Too bad. I was picturing something incorporating that zebra thing...

    13. LOL hmmmmm just maybe
      I will let that come about at me sea

    14. let it come out?
      Oh dear and Oh gosh.
      Things need to stay IN the zebra thong
      coming out is just all wrong.
      Besides...that would make you the hero of what?
      wait, wait...don't answer that.

    15. LOL oh you almost opened a can of worms there
      But you retracted the affair
      So the cat will listen and keep away from that
      Thank God as he really doesn't need to see that on Pat..hahaha

    16. oh
      dear...I'm just laughing away
      not knowing what to say.
      yes, orlin...make pat behave
      or cassie will have to come and save the day

    17. ....Blabber Man stumbled across yesterday. Just sayin...


    18. LOL Orlin and Pat behave
      Hmmm the situation might get grave
      Cassie will have to take charge
      Here at our barge

      hahahaha and what Blabber woman showed it to him yesterday?
      Stumbling upon it first at her bay

  8. Paypal account? I dont have one. And I even have a extra tablet at home(hubby picked up some during 99$ sale on HP tablets). the deal is sweet.

    1. Well then you are all set
      So not need to fret

  9. Best of luck to everybody in this. As you already know unfortunately I don't own a PayPal account or else I'd be on the Face It Facts! :(

    1. haha yeah many don't bother with the pay pal crap
      And I can see why they don't take the lap

  10. Good luck to whoever wins :-)

    1. They need luck indeed
      With all the entries I see on my feed

  11. how many entries Pat is amazing:))

    1. Yeah there is a ton
      That wants to enter the fun

  12. No Pay Pal at my place either, Pat; but congratulations to the one who wins.

    1. Yeah whoever wins will have fun
      And have some money under there sun

  13. Well, how very fun!
    My boys had Leappad stuff when they were young.

    1. You know I like cheat
      LOL such a fun feat

    2. also loving the Who's Who
      that lists out the whole crew!
      You need to put your photo there
      the one on your book site, if you dare.
      just crop your handsome little face
      and stick it in that space! :)
      Orlin is a big handsome cat
      and Cassie is just beautiful at your mat.

    3. I suppose I can stick my mug up there
      Even if it's already on the contact at my lair
      And sure Cassie likes that
      Orlin thinks he is any way as he runs around our mat..haha

    4. don't use the blue shirt one
      the other one needs to be sung! :)

      I love how Cassie even looks like a girl..she's got a feminine face
      with every bit of fur in place. :)

    5. The other one is under the contact above
      So it does get the love
      Maybe I can scrouge up another one somewhere
      Have to see if there is any on this computer at my lair

      Yeah she is prissy as can be
      Not a hair can be out of place or she starts licking away with her OCD

    6. just point your camera toward your face
      it's as easy as catching nine cats at my place
      well, it's much easier than that.
      as I'm having trouble, that's a fact.

      So the one photo is getting the love?
      are the girls swooning like doves?
      told you it was good
      listen to me you should.

    7. haha I have trouble just catching two
      As I try to get them to go to that other place when the time comes due
      So nine must be quite fun
      Especially since they are outside and can run

      It worked well enough indeed
      At the other feed
      Still crazy's always come my way
      So I hide like a hermit in my bay..hahaha

  14. Awesome giveaway, thank you!

  15. Just a quick hello, happy St. you day, and have a great weekend. We'll re-connect shortly. Hmm, a battery recharger with the LeapPad option? I'll be back when I have more time to review the details.


    1. hahaha happy St. you day
      Oh that sure got a laugh at my bay
      Enjoy your time away
      As you travel and play

  16. The Cat one upping Robbie Raisin yet again, actually giving something away again. Raisin, is not going to be pleased. The who's who is pretty cool, I was actually wondering with all your new followers I was guessing a lot must have been trying to figure out who was who, this should help them all, that's for sure, and it immortalizes me and the others in the crew too. Maybe I'll even get someone to track me down and ask me to sign some random reference material- wouldn't that be something lol

    1. LOL nope Raisin is going to be ticked off
      And he may have to come back to scoff
      I figured it was time
      As a new character seems to come up every so often as I rhyme
      LMAO you'll have to let me know
      If you get imortalized because of my show

  17. to win would be glee
    i want things, you see
    it's difficult to just be
    everything charges me a fee

    1. Yeah every little thing
      Gives a little ding
      And charges you a fee
      Nothing much is ever free

  18. Gosh, entered but it got too much to 'like' everything and 'follow' everyone. Never quite understand these competitions anyway lol

    1. lol yeah there is a ton to like
      As you take the entry hike

    2. I didn't know we didn't get taxed on winnings in Canada. Obviously I have won anything. :P

    3. Yeah when we win
      We don't get taxed on it at our bin
      I know
      As I've been down that road at my show

  19. Replies
    1. LOVED the Who's Who entries, BUT...

      Where's Robbie Raisin?

    2. Annnnnnd... What about a "Dishonorable Mention" for a certain Peacock???

    3. Hmmm I forgot all about him
      As he was recently just made up on a whim
      I'll have to stick the peacock in there too
      I knew I missed a few
      Named it and bringing them about
      Good thing you're here to give a shout..haha

  20. ha...already got a pad..what i don't have is a cat...smiles

    1. hahaha sorry can't win one of those
      I know that just causing you such woes

  21. Nice give away...but so many details I'm lazy to do...Happy St. Patrick to you ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. Yeah I'd be kind of lazy too
      To make it all come due
      LOL happy me day
      Yippee I like such a display

  22. 39,070 entries? You've got to be kidding. You sure know how to throw a give-away!

    1. LOL I am just part of it
      I am way to lazy to run it one little bit..haha

  23. Little rhyming butt?
    That's quite impressive; a feline art.
    Sure beats my dumb mutt
    who can only musically fart.

    1. hahaha well that is a talent too
      Maybe the mutt's very own blog can come due
      Where his farting can amuse
      And maybe even abuse

  24. Only a US thing? Oh well, good luck to everyone that entered!

    1. Yeah just for those down below
      Sadly neglecting every other show

  25. Yay! At first I was like "what? No rhymes today?" But then the comments section saved the day! Oh, And btw, I mentioned your blog in my last post. Check it out! :D

    1. Oh there is always plenty of rhyme
      And thanks a ton for the chime

  26. Replies
    1. Not many people seem too
      Have paypal to get their due

  27. LeapPad? Isn't that that kid's learning toy thing?


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