Things Have Gotten Wack At My Shack!

The cat has gotten something on his tongue and now my words are starting to sound like I am popping a lung. But it just may be fun. So let's see what comes from this tongue wagging thing under my rhyming sun.

Bang! Here comes the slang.
It's about to be sang.
Is there a pig in your pocket?
Or is that a fin and a locket?

There are no aarqeunaamaaeis of the cat.
Maybe an aberzombie doesn't like that.
Abra-kebabra we were so close,
Before something absoludacris made us lose our house.

Sorry, I have nada lotta for you today.
Maybe if spoke in nanologicaltancature at my bay.
Hate working in a table stable,
I fear a tajmahtiolet is nothing but a fable.

I may cause xanthopulous as I hiss.
You think I'm taking the piss?
Least it isn't the same old xingxong,
Of some idiopath and their song.

That ignobubble has to pop,
Get to macca and I might call a cop.
That magafalator connected well,
It's so kablamo it's swell.

Don't start kahoogaing here,
Or become a palooka and fall on your rear.
Passportism isn't very rare,
So don't get all vaclempt looking at your lair.

Have you ever been viagravated?
Were they so rainbowarise you were elated?
Unless they weren't rawt at all,
And bounced down the ugly tree like a ball.

Don't you think you're being a little ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic today?
You really are so safisterated at your bay.
Those Sanies are out and about,
They make me want to throw my junt and shout.

All jazzed up and nowhere to go?
Jaysus jumppin' on a pogo stic, that was a nutty show.
Don't start facetiating me,
Go fake and bake with glee.

Fandabbydozie, is all I can say,
To using deeznuts over and over causing dismay.
Go destinkify for you smell,
I know my obstropulous nature causes you hell.

But I'm still off the chain,
Even if office ass causes you pain.
May also be a lint-picker,
Least I'm not a qwerty keyboard licker.

So time to go lizarding at midnight,
It's so zemanakal whether dark or light.
But avoid that heffler of yours,
And now get to steppin' back to your shores.

Fun and confusing all at once you say? Yeah, that is typical of my bay. But it was fun to let the slang hang out and give it a shout. Some are just plain weird though and that makes them all the better for my rhyming show. So there are some slang facts class and peace out from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Don't pop a lung ...cuz that wouldn't be fun!

    1. Well you'd still have one
      So it could be fun

  2. I love some of the words you use, I couldn't sound so intelligent if I stayed off the booze, when it comes to me taking on Pat I lose while Pat's on his cruise.

    1. On a cruise I might sink
      That would bring me to the brink
      So I think Pat and especially the cat
      Will probably forgo that..haha

  3. Can't deny that I don't feel alone. This kind of sounds like my English. Thanks Pat.

    1. Glad I could make you feel not alone
      While others may surely groan
      At my use of such words
      I'll just chase down some birds

  4. Great but I have a mild migraine but something to gain!

    1. That can't be a thrill
      Maybe you should pop a pill
      Then the migraine will be gone
      And you have gained something at your lawn

  5. Urban dictionary is suddenly busy.

    1. haha they should pay me a fee
      For sending all to there to see

  6. Replies
    1. Got a great today
      Here at my bay
      I guess ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic was quite the display
      For R when he had his say

    2. you is ever so great, Pat, you is for sure :)

    3. Me glad you think so
      Me like to hear such a flow

  7. I'm totally ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic today. Gonna actually use this word from now. Let's make people concious of their ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasiticness!

    1. Use it whenever you please
      To sent your mind at ease
      Becoming so ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic each day
      At such a money grubbing display

  8. "popping a lung"
    for a second my eyes saw "pooping a lung" and I couldn't grasp it, and thought you would have to explain to me how does one poop a lung, and that would be just a nightmare, although I know you would enjoy it, and I'm just happy it is "popping" although I don't know what it means either. Have you been smoking a lot, Cat? :)

    1. There was no mention of the loo
      And look what you do
      Bring it about
      In your comment
      Not sure if one could poop a lung
      Then their bell would surely be rung
      But a popping could come due
      If lots and lots of coughing were to ensue

    2. Pat, I don't know what's wrong with our Dezzy. He needs our help, really. He always wants to use the word poop. I mean , shore and lair I get.... but poop?

    3. Yeah it has to be those penguins he hangs around with so much
      With reality they have caused him to lose touch

    4. 'tis this cat to be blamed! I've never used the word until I started hanging around his feline tail :)

    5. Hmmm I hope you never got to close to my tail
      You may find what you speak of drop like hail..haha

  9. >ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic
    You make my day xD

    1. Geez I can make a day too
      What next shall I do?

  10. Are you sure this is slang? Where I come from slang usually refers to smaller, easier to understand words! I don't like these words at all. They make me twitch!!! lol Except for wacked. I use that one often. LOL And I liked Jayus Jumping on a pogo stick. I may need to work that into my everyday vocabulary. :)

    1. hahaha there is no rule on slang
      I wanted to make a head or two bang
      And once more a twitch
      From my rhyming itch
      Oh that is grand
      Love when that happens thanks to my land..haha

      LOL that one is a good one
      Although people may look at you strange if you let that one run
      Then again you are used to that
      So go ahead and use it at your work mat..hahaha

      You're just mad I didn't work mushy pussy in
      Or the other one that is not so grand at my bin..hahaha

    2. There certainly are slang rules!!! Hmmm, if I knew them all I would list them out for you. hahaha LMAO Mushy is not threatened by you. Apparently his rhymes are superior. Not only that, but he knows all about the slang rules!!!!! LOL!!!

    3. LOL too bad Mushy can't even rhyme is own name
      So his rhyming is oh so tame
      There are rules to using it too
      I feel another post from you
      hahaha don't ever say that cat doesn't give ideas back
      To your blog shack
      My slang is Canadian though
      So our rules are different then down below
      So again what Mushy knows is not right
      The cat wins this fight

    4. Mushy DOES rhyme his own name. Sounds like you're a jealous cat... LOL!!!

    5. LOL oh yes very jealous at my sea
      I'm so jealous I'm going to go into the mushy tushy of my bushy...hahahahaha

  11. Aberzombie. I love that word. I immediately think of preppy zombies in overpriced, douchey sweaters.

    Also, as much as I'd like a spring fling, I also enjoy my testicles and not being shanked, so for the sake of my wife, I'm going to have to turn down your last bit of advice.

    1. LMAO well maybe I should amend that
      To unmarried or involved people follow the advice of the cat
      For yes it could end bad
      More than a tad
      If someone were to follow the cat
      On what he says at his mat
      But then again one would have to be crazy to listen to a cat
      Keep that under your hat

  12. Always good to hear you're not a qwerty keyboard licker, for if you were, you'd be a whole lot thicker. :p

    1. Yes I was glad to find out I was not one too
      As beside getting fat that would just be ewww

  13. Replies
    1. haha so I like the long words at my sea
      Don't they just fill you with glee

  14. Fess up, Pat, you've been talking to my teenage boys while they've been playing Dead Island, haven't you?

    I'm with ABFTS - Aberzombie = golden!

    1. hahaha I haven't had chance to play that one yet
      But if they ever played Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 might be a safe bet
      As I was there taking down the zombie threat
      When the cat didn't know he was a rhyming pet..haha
      Yeah it is a good word
      Not to use it would have been absurd

  15. ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic is quite the word! too bad it won't fit on a scrabble board or I'd score over a million points.

    1. LOL you that would be quite the one to use
      You would win and confuse...haha

  16. Phew.... so, after all that I'm feeling pretty discombobulated, just sayin ;)

    1. I made you discombobulated hahaha that is such fun
      Glad this one was spun

  17. My brain is broken enough from lack of sleep. I don't need anymore from big words. :(

    1. LOL sorry about that
      Weren't you supposed to be taking a nap at your mat?..haha

  18. my bay fun confuse
    nicely writeen

  19. Haha, hanging slang like a big gold chain, wangling, dangling around the feline's frame--whiskers probably get in the way, probably cause a bit of dismay, but slang is fun and words are cool, and I bet if you tried, they'd even make some dogs drool.

    1. Hmmm I suppose they could
      And as well they should
      Making the mutts drool
      Because of this rhyming fool
      And beat you by a second or two
      At your place as I came for an unrelenting unsomething un this and un that view..hahaha

  20. sorry,sorry I dont understand almost nothing and have a headache:(
    you beat me:(

    1. Yippee I win at my sea
      That causes me such glee..haha

    2. Ha!and I think you write to your readers lol

    3. I write to all
      That come to my hall
      And if I can win
      It isn't a sin..haha

    4. Yes but your readers are the persons Reading you:))))

    5. Well they must like too
      Because they keep coming back to my zoo..haha

  21. I think absoludacris was my favorite slang
    I'm going to start saying that with a bang
    beats bloddy wanker for sure
    or screaming a blue murder.
    I can think of a lot of times
    when I could give the absoludacris chime!
    Between this and your books
    a whole new language occurs!

    1. haha see helping you learn cat language from me
      As I rhyme and write away at bush number three
      Bloody wanker still takes the cake for the cat
      Be so funny to have you burst that out at someone at your mat..haha

    2. I would be sure to get the looks
      hope it doesn't happen at the auction nook
      might loose my job
      or get a warning not to talk like a slob.

    3. hahaha well if germy mouth credit card guy comes once more
      I'd say he deserves such an encore

    4. true, true
      maybe I'll just whisper it to you know who.

    5. Then you can just say to pay the banker
      And they'll know nothing about the bloody wanker..haha

  22. your big, made-up sounding words don't faze me, I'm a chem major

    1. haha strat
      I'll have to be a small word using cat

  23. I may have been kahoogaing throughout your post, I'm afraid. So many tricky words. :P

    1. Hope it wasn't a kahoogaing so grand
      That is scared you away from my land..haha

  24. Okay, so now I'm viagravated! Great words. Now if I only knew what they meant...

    1. Hmmm if only you knew what that meant
      You may take it back or get bent..hahaha

  25. I think I got viagravated
    reading the words of aggravation,
    no it was more like deeznuts or nutty

    Thanks for the giggles Pat.

    1. hahaha the nuts are around more ways than one
      With this bit of fun
      A little nutty
      And maybe even smutty..haha

  26. When I repeat some of your gems, I believe my street cred will definitely increase. I am starting with QWERTY though; that'll be plus in geek circles.

    1. haha there you go
      Glad I could make your street cred glow
      And give the geeks a smile
      As you go down the slang mile

  27. my head is just not reading some of these words!
    ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic !

    1. Oh the dread
      Pop a pill and clear your head..haha

  28. The hour is late, and my eyes can't quite make out some of the words. Did you really write all that?

    1. Yep as usual it all came out of me
      Here at my rhyming sea
      As I am just crazy
      And can make your eyes go hazy..haha

  29. Replies
    1. That is a good thing to do
      At least for a few

  30. I know how the pokemon I dragged in to caves as a kid felt when they were attacked by zubats' confusion repeatedly

    1. LOL poor pokemon going through Mt. Moon
      At least now you know thanks to this loon

  31. ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic? Really? Hilarious :)

    1. Say that three times fast
      And your skills are vast

  32. Ooh I've just noticed your picture at the top. Really funny. Love it.

    1. First time you saw the header one
      haha that has been here for a while under my sun


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