This dVerse Has Been Found To Go Round and Round!

I have the dreaded song stuck in my head thanks to passing a kid singing it out loud, oh the dread. You know the damn bus and that round and round fuss. I'd like to kill the thing so I could get rid of its not so dVerse ring. What the hell else are wheels supposed to do? Go up and down and bi-lateral too? I guess the cat will just go with it for this dVerse fit. Or take out my anger with some Beer Guys maybe winning a headless prize.

Like I'm being chased by a hound,
As I hum this round and round.
But I will end my pain,
As I find another round and round lane.

Some weasel and monkey,
Go around something funky.
Money makes the world go round,
At least by those thinking they are profound.

Could hop a horse,
And go round and round a course.
Being all nice and merry,
Maybe even pluck a berry.

They are round too,
And will roll until you chew.
Or the dreaded ferris wheel,
Could fall out for real.

Maybe get picked up by a UFO,
That would sure be a bad way to go.
Be like a washer and dryer in one,
Ever try stuffing a human into one and making it run?

Pat, says it is fun,
But he didn't quite get it done.
Instead had to spin a top,
Or a quarter until it went plop.

Would say loonie,
But then I'd neglect the toonie.
There is also the clock,
That is such a shock.

At least with a hickory dickory mouse,
That needs to leave my house.
For it will make my belly round,
As I chow it down making a crunching sound.

Of course all wheels do to,
I guess a dumptruck is too big to view.
Or it could hold too much ground.
So stuck with the bus being found.

Need to get away from that,
To free the mind of the cat.
As around that goes,
Curling up my toes.

A moat goes around,
And trout my be found.
Plus keep the bad guys out,
Making them pout.

Some germs fly about too,
They are just eww.
A stench lingers,
Can also twirl your fingers.

And do a little ditty,
Acting crazy and not witty.
Of course there are political debates,
And the same yearly dates.

Plus months and all that crap,
Also the seasons take a lap.
Smashing a printer once more,
When winter brings an encore.

But let's not go there,
As that is over at my lair.
Pringle cans do too,
Even when filled with cat poo.

No longer is the song found,
As I blocked out the sound.
So I will get profound,
And just say to remember what goes around comes around.

Aren't you glad you hanged around? Like a hound. Or maybe a silly goose wanting to be a moose. Or that duck who swears all the time with his what the puck. Either way what's found was lost and at a nice cost. For the song is gone and I can resume rhyming at my lawn. Plus passing some gas and that too goes around inside my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Nice song, I'm glad I hanged around!

    1. Hang loose
      And watch out for a deadly noose
      Or moose
      Or maybe even a psycho goose

  2. What the puck, I loved this muck! Dammit I'm not getting any better!

    1. hahhaha well at least you try
      And rhyme back to this guy
      Err umm cat
      At our mat

    2. Dammit man you're Irish, you should dream in verse!! Do I need to send you a copy of Yeats (which you feckin well should have on your bookshelf as he's a feckin' Dubliner).

    3. Hmmm I think you should listen to her
      While the cat sits here and gives a purr

  3. Woah, I just want to pick up my guitar and sing it out loud accompanied by some four almighty chords of the universe! :D

    1. Some POWER BEAT would be better xD

    2. I think that some power beats would be better.

    3. You'll have to record that
      It will be showed off by the cat..haha

      Whatever works for you
      The cat will play whatever comes due

  4. Patt is the cat talking about the 80's Metal band Ratt?

    1. The cat would think they are food
      So he may act rather rude..haha

  5. getting a new car this week, i got satelite radio for three months and this is def a spoiling, but my internal juke box its oiling, as i flip and flip lyrics building on my lip, and ones i have not heard in a while that make you smile but stuck in the head oh yeah its a full on orchestra pit that just wont quit

    1. Yeah my satellite radio just expired in my new one
      Not that I used it a ton
      But it was a nice perk
      As there are many that make one smirk
      That they haven't thought of for a while
      As they travel down each mile
      Just not that bus one
      For that thing has already given my brain a run

  6. Now I want blueberries...LOL Yes, berrys are round and they do go round and round in your mouth. hahahaha

    Wow, that is a catchy tune. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. All through the town!!!! If my landlord heard me singing that at 7:30am you're in trouble, cat!!!

    1. Jax,

      That is exactly what is stuck in MY head right now!! "The wheels on the bus go round and round"


    2. hahaha see I don't even have to eat them to know
      That round and round they go..haha
      Of course that may be an easy thing to guess
      That I will confess

      LMAO after the moth toilet incident I don't think he'll mind
      Oh the things you do thanks to the cat's rhyming behind..hahaha
      That damn song has to go
      I'm starting to once more feel it's flow
      Just such a pain to my head
      Causing me oh so much dread

      hahahaha at least I made others suffer as well
      To join me in my hell..haha

    3. @L...hahahaha Sorry, I had to virtually sing the song to annoy the cat ;) didn't mean to make you go down w/ the ship. LOL

      @Pat...You're such a good guesser!! Blueberries are so yummy when they are sweet. Round or not, they are always welcome in my fridge. lol

      LMAO He hears EVERYTHING. I mean, I hear the man sneeze so he had to have heard my wheels on the bus solo. hahaha And the moth in the toilet incident? I have no idea what you're talking about. Nope, not a clue ;) HAHAHA That moth tried to EAT me!! I had to fight for my life... lol

    4. You are helping out and making others feel my pain
      Such a good minion at my lane..haha

      Bleh berries and Pat don't get along
      Of course that is the same old song
      With most food though
      So I'm sure you are used to that daily flow..haha

      LOL thankfully my walls aren't that thin
      Thin enough at my bin
      But not that bad
      Although I'm sure with your wheels on the bus solo a fun time was had
      You at least gave him something to do today
      As he sings that song over and over again to everyones dismay..haha

      hahahaha attack of the killer moth
      Or wasn't it at first the mouth of a goth?
      Had you all flustered you had to use the can
      To trap the eater of man
      Maybe it was really a mothman in disguise
      So killing it with your bleached loo would be wise..hahaha

    5. LMAO I didn't purposely put it in the toilet bowl. The silly thing flew in there giving me the competitve advantage. A few squirks of bleach, a mist of hairspray, and a quick flush did the trick! Buh byeee to the killer moth. Or mouth... LOL!!

    6. LOL I guess it chose a bad escape plan
      Of maybe of bleach it was a fan
      You used hairspray on it too?
      hahahaha you truly drowned it in the loo
      I hope no killer mouth's come near you ever
      Having bleach or hairspray on ones tongue and then given a swirly in the loo is surely not a good endeavour..hahaha

    7. Go over to Brians place, he's got a better song "Signs, signs everywhere signs, blocking out the scenery changing my mind..."

    8. I have been to his lair already
      For the cat hops around steady..haha

    9. LOL I was sitting at lunch when I exclaimed that someone got a song stuck in my head. They asked when it was. They let me get to "The wheels on the.." when I got an interruption of "Ohh, hell nah!!!" hahahahaha

    10. LMAO if I would have been drinking anything I would have spit it all over the screen just there..hahahaha
      The world over fears that song I guess it isn't rare

  7. Why do that in the Pringle can, eew

    1. It is a good way to clean it
      And plus it covers the smell of the shit..haha

    2. we scoop it that way too
      thanks to you!

    3. haha glad I could help your sea
      As it does make it way more easy

  8. which song was it, Cat? :)

    "Maybe even pluck a berry."
    oh, Cat, you always have some sex talk in your cassa :)

    1. That dumb bus one
      Round and round they run
      You just always have your mind in the gutter
      Filled with some clutter..haha

      nice one once more
      That's twice today at my shore

  9. Replies
    1. WOW lots to say
      The scared guy/girl/it at my bay

  10. did you get to the part where the wipers go swish
    or the horn goes beep as you finished your dish
    what about the baby going waa waa
    and the adults saying shh shh back?
    If you do the motions
    that would really cause commotion
    especially if you were at work
    while you blog lurk.

    1. No I ran away before I heard that part
      The kid really took the song to heart
      Getting it stuck in my head half the day
      That I even had to use it at my bay
      Oh the dismay
      I was humming it at work, unknowing to me as well, but what the hey..haha

  11. Amazing rhymes as per usual. Love it Pat.

  12. Um Im pretty sure kids songs dont have eating mice or putting people in washing machines in them...... but they should!!

    1. hahaha the washing machine incident was all Pat
      As he stuffed his brother in and tried to turn it on once before, how about that?...haha

  13. I'm glad to see I'm not alone
    as the song in my head makes me moan.
    I don't want to sign about a bus all day long
    Because doing so just makes me feel so wrong!

    1. Especially if that bus doesn't want to go away
      And none even are needed at your bay
      People may think you are crazy too
      But then again that doesn't matter at my zoo..haha

  14. Replies
    1. Well if you know sign language that can count too
      Then you get double the song at your to hear and view

  15. Picked up by an UFO is pure luck
    Thank your lucky stars what the puck
    The Cat's daring call
    Smash a printer in the Fall
    Pringles and blueberries up in the lark


    1. That is luck you can keep
      Don't need to be picked up by any alien creep
      The smash the printer in the fall
      Hmmm maybe that may come to my hall

  16. What goes around comes around and around and around!
    That is my lame attempt today at being profound!

    1. Hey it works for me
      As around and around and around things go at my sea

  17. Did winter come back! Smash those printers! Smash!!

    1. Well it is freezing here once more
      So I guess winter could have came back to my shore

  18. Those silly ducks and their what the pucks...

    1. Yes they can't even swear right
      Must be such a plight

  19. We never sang the round and round song on the bus

    the bad driver always treated us with such mistrusts

    1. Bad drivers are a pain
      They belong on some train
      Then again they'd still prob go off the tracks
      Running into plenty of shacks

  20. Now, I've got it stuck in my head!

    1. hahaha I get to cause you dread too
      Such fun to do

  21. I hate it when a song gets stuck on my head as well. Especially when its meaningless (not to mention annoying).

    1. haha and yes this one is very very annoying indeed
      Making my friggin brain bleed..haha

  22. The Spawn and I play a game where we try to put a horrible annoying song in each others head just to drive each other crazy. I'd use this one, but it would stick in my head too. I cleanse my brain with Kashmir. I'm off to listen to some Zep, because this song is killing brain cells while we speak.

    1. That sounds like a fun game
      Even though it may lead to brain cell mame
      Especially with songs like this one
      Although to get rid of them Zep will do for a run

  23. My son tried to go round and round in a dryer. I kicked him out of there real fast! (Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. I really appreciate it!)

    1. haha no problem any time you want to hear it
      Come on over and I'll have a wheels on the bus fit..haha

  24. My pet peeve is row, row, row your boat... Shudders... LOL

    1. hahahaha I only like that one
      Because a great episode of stargate gave it a run
      Other than that
      Yes it is annoying to Pat and the cat

  25. getting picked up by a ufo would surely blow
    it would be an all-time low
    not profound, i expect the inside would be pho
    let's toss the ufo and the political debates in the toilet, bro
    removing the cat from the mind might make it grow
    or maybe no
    this is for sure: when i sit in the dryer it moves slow

    1. hahaha yeah I suppose the dryer
      Wouldn't be quite the same flyer
      Should a grown person sit in it
      And I'm with you on the ufo and politcal debate bit
      Chuck em in the loo
      And flush them down out of view

  26. Pringle cans full of poo? You dirty boy.

    1. haha hey it is cat poo
      It works well for cleaning their loo

  27. Any song with the word round is stuck in my head!
    It's playing over and over because of what you said!
    All your rhyming and rounding and rounding again,
    Has spun me right round for a terrific spin!

    And merry go round n round, as it usually does,
    With that, I say what a wonderful post this was!
    And linking to my blog in a most clever way!
    Much thanks to you, you are kind at this bay!

    1. hahaha the can would say sorry to you
      But sadly it wouldn't be true
      He thinks it is quite fun
      To have the round and round songs spun
      In anothers head
      After it already caused him dread
      Yep I link in a clever way
      Many a time at my bay

  28. May get picked up by a UFO :) I run a program on my computer that helps scientists scan the skies for aliens

    1. Yeah I remember you saying that on your blog
      Helping the scientists through the fog
      I hope only nice ones find you
      The probe ones would just be eww

  29. hey...getting picked up by a UFO sounds pretty cool...just hope they have a fitting helmet for the cat..

    1. If they don't probe me it will be grand
      Otherwise they better stay far far away from my land

  30. Being picked up by a UFO? NOT a fun time. I've been there. Not a fan of the probes. They're good cooks, tho. aliens.


    1. You've be probed?
      And prob disrobed?
      ummm ouch is all I can say
      Those aliens need to go away

  31. My comment didn't go through and it was a rhyme and everything... You would have loved it.
    I want to go on a UFO for a bit.
    I just love that crazy cat.

    1. Damn that sucks
      Dirty rotten blogger ummm ducks
      Would have loved to see the rhyme
      From your comment chime
      Good luck with the UFO
      How it goes let me know

  32. Replies
    1. Hopefully not to much
      And just a touch
      Wouldn't want you to fall apart
      And blame my rhyming cart..haha

  33. it's always worth hanging around...especially in spring

    1. Yep just hand around
      And never know what can be found

  34. Winter's returned around here, too. It's bright and sunny outside but freezing as well. :P

    1. Yeah it sucks big time
      But oh well before long summer and too hot will be given a chime

  35. I'll remember this method the next time I get some annoying song stuck in my head. Thanks for helping!

    1. Yes just rhyme away
      About random crap and you'll have no more song in your head on display

  36. Oh the twisted permutations of your mind, this one feels like I should demand recompense for the viral infection of THAT song. Now I'll have to employ all my tricks to get it gone! Darn that boy and that cat. I loved the bit about the UFO and washing machines though; maybe that's my consolation prize.

    1. hahaha my mind if quite messed up and twisted I will say
      But I have fun letting it out on display
      Good luck employing your tricks
      sorry for the song licks
      At least I gave you a consolation prize
      So I am sorta umm wise

  37. "At least by those thinking they are profound." I'll confess to being one of those. :)

    1. Nothing wrong with such an act
      As long as one can consider another fact

  38. You know I can only post at night when I get home,
    the office computer doesn't allow me to post my comments :-(
    Anyway, I just wanted to say, I enjoyed your rhyming fun around
    and even though it feels like winter blue, they say its bright and warmer wonder we get with all the around and around weather conditions ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. Sucks indeed
      That you can't comment at your work feed
      I would go crazy if such were the case
      At my work place
      And yeah the weather sure is going round and round
      First hot then cold then hot then cold is found

  39. Maybe get picked up by a UFO,
    That would sure be a bad way to go.
    Be like a washer and dryer in one,
    Ever try stuffing a human into one and making it run?...........

    fun write :)

    1. haha yeah that was the funniest part
      And Pat did take the washer part to heart..haha

  40. I always enjoying hanging out here
    there's always a smile, and that, I hold dear.

    1. Glad a smile can be found
      Every time you come around

  41. I LOVE this "Smashing a printer once more,
    When winter brings an encore."

    Winter is my thing, I'm not so sure I'm ready for Spring. ;)

    1. Look at you rhyme too
      Here at my zoo
      I'd rather have spring
      Winter has that crappy snow it lets fling

  42. I hate having something stuck in my head. Unless it's my brain. I like it there...

    1. Yes that is a good thing to remain stuck
      Unless one would be dumb as ummm a duck

  43. Pat, I imagine you speaking every sentence all day and night in rhyme. How else could you attain such skill?

    1. Sometimes I dream in rhyme
      Maybe that is what makes them so sublime

  44. Hell, even his life is a rhyme. Putting all the cats on mats, each one with a hat. His apples with bottles of snapples (ok that is cheating). He doesn't rhyme he lives within one.

    1. I live within one you say
      Hmmm that could explain all the rhyme coming from my bay

  45. plopping a coin in your metre is always great value pat!
    doing hard time aint nothing when you got da ryhme! ;)

    1. Nope hard time can pass
      Just like gas
      When you rhyme
      All about your crime

  46. Haha. I like that you worked in another chance to mention your smashing a printer suggestion. I enjoy working through problems in rhyme too, just like you. :)

    1. Yep working through them in rhyme is grand
      As we each do it at our land
      And the smashing the printer came about
      So I had to give it another shout..haha

  47. haha, love how this piece has a variety of verse, changing tone or so that's how I heard it moving from the first half to the last, fun words each their own. Really some great lines in here too, the moat/trout for whatever reason I find profound- go figure right? But as for the idea of songs getting stuck in your head, that happens to me all the time, and yeah, it's hard to get them out. My niece comes over everyday from 8 to 3 and watching kiddie shows is not glee for the song that sneaks in your brain- oh the pain some days. Right now I've had Rumor has it stuck in my head since yesterday, at least it's a decent song, most times it doesn't work out that way, ala the songs they sing on kiddie shows.

    1. Oh yes the songs they sing on those damn shows
      Go right up ones nose
      And get stuck in there head
      Bringing them such dread
      Been there at my lair
      And not a fun affair
      But I suppose some are okay
      But not over and over and over again in any way..haha

  48. So I guess the keyword is round. But, tell me, what's over at your lair... smashing a printer or winter? ;)
    P.S. I just bought this special edition of Plains Trains and Automobiles, and it's called the "Those aren't Pillows!" edition hahaha

    1. LMAO no those certainly weren't pillows indeed
      Such fun they used that in the title for all to read
      Well both are still here
      One will last all year
      I just won't say it
      For the poor printers will take a big hit


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