Want A Treat? Maybe Not After Seeing These Feet!

So you must all blame Betsy for this little bit of bliss, as today it is feet galore at my shore. Or it was tried at least on each furry beast. But sadly they ran away or put on another display. So we shall see what comes of the feet at bush number three.

Neat Feet

What will occur,
Certainly not a purr,
When feet of a cat,
Get primped at our mat?

Will they look pretty,
To go out on the city?
Or will they look yuck,
Making them go what the duck.

I think you have your answer from the cat.
For he was so embarrassed at our mat.
That he went and got the tp,
Then wouldn't even look at me.

He had to cover himself from head to toe,
So no one could see each toe glow.
I guess the hot pink did not do,
Maybe I should have went with blue.

Miss Priss did not like her job at all,
She went and had a hairball.
At least she did it in the grass,
It was quite the mass.

Then she wiped her paws on the bed,
Until they were no longer pretty red.
I guess maybe for her too,
I should have tried blue.

And then there was Pat,
Who was pinned down by the cat.
But it seems his feet were already done,
As he gave numbers a run.

Pat needs to count at work,
And I guess this is a perk.
Must be stinky though,
When he takes off the shoes and socks letting his feet show.

Would that be a no no to do at work?
Sure gives the cat a smirk.
And so alas there is only one,
That we had left to give run.

That is right.
The cat gives you a fright.
With the return of zombie feet.
Now do you want that treat?

I'm sure it would be yum,
And nasty as you stare and the some.
No? You don't want a treat?
How about some pretty zombie feet?

And so you have now been treated to the feet,
Thanks to Betsy's feet meet and greet.
But there is one fast cure all,
That I will give you free of charge at my hall.

Go and get a pair of these,
And your feet won't freeze.
Also they will always look grand,
As you walk about the land.

Did you like all the feet?
Weren't they neat?
Those zombie feet really should impress each lass,
Unlike the feet of Pat, Miss Priss or my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. What is it with cats and toilet paper? I remember my family rented a video camera just to record our kitten playing with some back in like 1990, seemed like the funniest thing in the world.

    1. hahaha I have no idea what is so much fun about tearing up and eating toilet paper
      But they make it out to be such a caper
      And sure have fun doing it
      The poor toilet paper though takes a hit..haha

  2. These photos with cats are awesome but the feet photos not so much, I quite like the shoe feet though!

    1. hahaha you don't like zombie feet?
      I bet they look worse in the heat

  3. Those zombie feet were quite a shock and could do with the use of a sock or two!

    1. LOL I think each foot would need a pair
      Should have put up a warning for all to beware

  4. Fantastic job with this post about feet!
    I wonder if those toenails get caught on the sheet?

    Time for the cat to stand proud and tall!
    For today you go up on the Wall!

    Please share a link within your next post!
    And show your readers that I'm a gracious host!

    1. Yeah I bet they do
      As they are just eww
      The cat is on the wall
      This such be fun at your hall
      As the cat is king
      And will surely give it a ring

  5. Replies
    1. I'm sure R is referring to the post-it toes. lol.

    2. Scary feet?
      That mean you don't want a treat?..haha

      Yeah those post it toes are scary too
      It means Pat can't count very high without his toes in view..haha

    3. at least he didn't say nice feet or great feet :)

    4. That is true
      Cause that be just ewww

  6. Omg, ew!!!!!! I don't know how you controlled your gag reflex long enough to paint those bad boys. Bleh, gag, barf!!!

    You wrapped up in toilet paper is adorable! You need to get use to the nail polish for your glamover, cat!! Ok...I'll put the tutu down. :(

    and very clever Pat. A post it pedicure??? At least post its don't chip! hahaha

    1. LMAO I was too busy laughing as I thought about the response I'd get from putting them up
      Making a few spit their coffee back into their cup
      To even let it affect my gag reflex you see
      Plus I don't have to see them in real life so all is well at bush number three..haha

      hahahaha the cat would use the whole roll
      If you took a stroll
      And tried to put a tutu on him
      He might even give your hair a trim
      So best be avoided I'd say
      As there would be plenty of tp to clean up should such a sight ever go on display..hahahaha

      hahahaha no but they lose their stickiness after a while
      Maybe Pat has started a new style
      One can write whatever they want on their toes as a reminder too
      It could be quite the hit giving all a clue..haha

  7. I almost choked on my coffee looking at those gruesome toes!

    1. hahahahaha oh that is fun to hear
      But I'm glad no real choking came near

  8. Ug...that middle pic should cure anyone with a foot fetish Pat! Now, this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home... oh, you know the rest. Have a good Monday.

    1. LOL see Pat is giving you the cure all
      For anyone with a foot fetsih at their hall
      The little piggies aren't so little with zombie feet though
      Even with their pretty rainbow glow..haha

  9. I love toilette paper cat!! when esperanza was little made the same Lol!!

    the others pics you know uhg!!

    1. are reallu your feet with the numbers papers??!nice feet. lol!

    2. hahaha yeah he sure has fun with that tp
      Spreading it about and eating it at my sea
      LOL you knew the other feet were coming back
      As I warned all at my shack

      LOL yep I walk around with numbered papers all day
      I need to count at my work bay..haha

    3. nice feet :) I put Esperanza feet are so cute cause I never paint my nails toes:)

    4. Never ever
      Sure that is also quite the endevour

    5. Pat I wa sure you want to put the zombie feet but the pedicure is curious lol!
      Really I never think in my feet to paint nails (lol) and when you live in country side don paint! only wash Ha !

    6. Yeah I'd never paint my either just because that isn't really something for Pat
      For it isn't very ummm manly at my mat..haha

  10. I swear I will come over there and spank your bum raw if you post those horrid claws of feet again! I really didn't need to see that on Monday :)

    1. LMAO awww someone seems to be a tad upset
      The zombie feet can make him fret
      While I guess compared to penguin feet they are such a step up
      That they cause poor penguin man quite the hiccup

    2. I'll tie him down and you spank him Dez!

    3. Getting kinky now at my bay
      I may have to run away

    4. we penguins raise our kids on our feet, how can you compare them to these zombie feet? Anne, tell him, he can't speak about penguin feet like that!

    5. Calling out to poor Anne
      To your number one fan
      You think Irish Air can help you
      Pffft she can't stop the rhyming crew

  11. Oh now this was fun!
    cats and tp on the run
    our cats used to do that, too
    none left to keep in the loo!

    A post-it pedi...how very clever
    at least you tried at this endeavor

    and zombie toes, well what can I say?
    The colors of the rainbow didn't lessen the dismay.
    You forgot the exfoliation
    and moisterization
    on that foot
    so put it in a boot.

    1. I will even lend him a boot, just put in it the damned foot! :)

    2. I don't know
      with the the colors of the rainbow
      zombie might want flip flops
      thinking his toes are tops!

    3. Yeah him and tp go hand and hand
      As he spreads it about my land
      Cassie is too prissy for that
      So she leaves it be at our mat

      hahaha best Pat could do
      As he had no clue

      hahaha the zombie feet no one would touch
      So they couldn't do anything else very much
      Plus no idea what any of that stuff is
      So rainbow it was for such a biz
      Need one big ass boot though
      To get those things not to show..haha

      LMAO zombie feet like to breathe all day
      So a boot would cause them dismay

      Flip flops might do too
      Maybe they would be less eww

    4. yeah, they want to breathe
      so that fungus doesn't breed.

    5. hahaha all that fungus might get spread around though
      If it is allowed to show

    6. those toes are going to fall off soon
      if he doesn't find a cure, that loon.

    7. Maybe the gunk is holding them on
      So he can't cure them at his lawn

    8. if the nails fell off
      nobody would scoff
      and improvement it would be
      for all to see.
      might even fit into some shoes
      and end everyone's blues!

    9. I suppose that is true
      Get them out of their view
      But then the feet would rot off
      And the owner may scoff

    10. it is beyond me how the two of you can eat anything today after this fungus talks of yours :) But then again, the Cat licks his own bum after pooping and Betsy has seen lots of nasty things as the queen of the underground world ....

    11. Oh that is so true. Nothing surprises or bothers me anymore. In fact, I ate lunch while commenting. lol.

    12. hahaha yeah doesn't bother me
      I can eat just fine at my sea
      Not that I eat much anyway
      But still can eat no matter the display

  12. Nothing a pair of good zombie feet to ruin your breakfast. Imagine those things clawing you in bed while you're trying to sleep. Shudder.

    1. Bleh that would just be nasty all over
      I'd rather get in bed with a butt sniffing rover..haha

  13. The cat! The cat! And definitely not the zombie feet. :D

    1. LOL zombie feet pale in front of the cat
      As do most things at my mat

  14. Pat! There is just too much EW in this post to be allowed. You're going to have to sit in the corner. And while you're there, cut those toenails. :p

    I'm w/kitty. Unroll the toilet paper over those monsters. ;p

    1. hahahaha the corner is too small
      Plus bush number three only has a round hall
      Toilet paper would do the trick
      As zombie feet do look rather sick

  15. I may not have spit out my coffee, but I certainly just spilled it all over my desk. Sigh...Can I blame the zombie feet for my clumsyness?

    He wouldn't touch my hair after you told him all the stuff I put in it. Besides, the shine is blinding! I may have to pick the tutu back up...lol

    The post it note pedi was very clever. You should patent that and send the idea off the Sally Hansen. With all the sticker manicures they've been selling, I don't see why they can't add that to the list. lol

    1. LMAO the zombie feet just have you all flustered today
      So yes you can blame them for your dismay
      I hope you didn't kill another computer this time
      You, coffee and computers never end things all sublime..haha

      True be would prob sniff and run away
      Very scared of the display
      But if it shined making a reflection on the all white wall
      He would hop after the reflection having a ball..haha
      The tutu would get eaten too
      Much like the tp from the loo..haha

      Hmmm a royality for me
      That would surely cause glee
      Notes on your toes
      So you no longer have forgetful woes
      All pretty and neat
      Giving you reminder feet..LOL

    2. Why Not? I know quite a few people could use some post its on their toes! They'll never have to forget anything again. It'll be there all nice and neat ready to be read :)

      And the computer lived! I didn't think the mouse was going to make it, but it was quickly recessitated. No CPR was needed. Just a little bath. hahaha

    3. hahaha I bet some people though would forget they even had them on their toes
      And still suffer memory woes..hahahaha
      As I know a few like that
      They really can irk the cat
      So there is another business to our long line
      We can get the Cracks to show them off all divine..hahaha

      hahaha as much as you may want to electronics don't need a bath
      Or to suffer your coffee wrath...LOL
      Glad the poor thing survived this time
      Sure the Japanese wouldn't have found getting a new one sublime..haha

    4. No the Japanese may not have liked that all that much. They all know that I am spaz though. I spill coffee like nobodies business. The weird thing, I never spill tea! Like, never...hahahahahaha

    5. Tea soothes you
      And coffee makes you hyper and french moo
      At least you keep the coffee businesses happy though
      Having to go get another at your show..haha

  16. i threw up a bit in my mouth the further south it went in this post, oh my to the gracious host i hope she has mercy and gives that guy the pedicure, he needs a cure...

    1. Sorry. Gracious host won't touch those feet
      just looking at them gives me the creeps.
      But maybe he the giveaway could win
      and then he could give his own nails a trim!

    2. LOL maybe your twin will answer the call
      And track down zombie foot's hall
      Giving him what he needs
      So his nasty feet no longer bleeds

    3. Oh she beat me to it
      Guess they cause her too much of a fit..haha

    4. haha..oh, you know you wouldn't touch them either
      even with surgical gloves on like a doctor
      I am will to provide the products, though
      to make his skin and nails glow.

      Looks like Pat has flat feet
      I know..not a single detail slips by me.

    5. hahahaha no way would I even let those feet touch my floor
      I'd kick them out the door..haha
      Flat feet I guess so
      Are feet supposed to be round or something with a big bow..haha

    6. yes, don't bother doing google searches
      it just means you don't have arches.
      or did that confuse you more
      at your shore?

      Looks like some are getting flustered
      you must think you're keen as mustard
      writing such a clever post
      so you could join the party host. :)

    7. haha some are getting a little flustered indeed
      But it just makes it all the more fun at my feed
      The cat can always pull something clever
      And I guess I get your foot endeavor

    8. did you catch that Rick phrase?
      I used just then at your bay? ha.

    9. The keen as mustard one?
      Flibo I missed it the first time you gave it a run..haha

  17. Those zombie
    feet gave me
    the creeps
    all painted
    red and green and pink.

    But what will
    Pat do
    when he needs
    to go to
    the loo?

    1. hahaha but the colors oh so bright
      Are supposed to curb such a fright
      I guess they did not work
      But still leave me with a smirk
      Pat will have to use cat chewed tp at his zoo
      Let's hope a finger doesn't go through..haha

    2. Oh God, are trying to make me sick up Pat? My cat puts her head through the handles on plastic grocery bags then races through the house like Superman. Every time I come home from the grocers, she waits until the bags are empty and then picks the one she likes and off she goes. I have no idea what her criteria is for picking the right bag.

    3. hahaha that is hilarious always funny to see what they will do
      Each having little quirks they let come due
      He also mulls over the rolls as well
      Picking the best one that he made fell
      I guess the bags and tp rolls just smell nice
      Maybe as they were chewed on by mice

    4. haha Anne, love that story about your super man cat
      That is so cute. She might get airborne if enough air gets in that thing! lol.

    5. cat doesn't go to the loo, Annzie, he does the business in the hall and collects it later on in Pringle cans.

    6. in the hall?
      Oh that would make Pat bawl!

    7. Yes he isn't like a few of those others ones from that other place
      He does his duty in the correct space

  18. zombie feet with give me nightmares for days

    I'm sure the owner of those feet isn't in many ballets

    1. hahaha that owner won't be dancing up a storm
      That surely is the norm

  19. Oh those zombie toes are gross! (as in groes) to rhymn with toes LOL

    If I ever get zombie feet like that Pat and the Cats have my permission to shoot me! :)

    1. hahaha the cat will just shoot of your toes
      So you suffer no toes that are to steal your word groes

  20. Those... toenails? Is it even possible?

    1. LOL that is what happens when you don't wash your feet
      They grow as large as a seat
      From all the nasty crap
      In between the toes gap

  21. I hope those weren't your toes
    Or you would have some woes
    Please tell me it isn't so
    That would be so gross

    ...and I like the cat wrapped in the tp!

    1. haha nope they were never ever my toes, ever!
      My ocd could not handle such an endeavor
      I would cut my feet off
      Or drown those things in some trough
      The cat likes to be wrapped in tp
      As he does it to himself plenty a time at my sea

  22. those toe nails are disgusting, Pat !
    the shoes, freaky :p

    cat's cute :)

    1. hahaha at least the cat is cute
      The toe nails have to belong to some brute

  23. Hey cat,
    I've got a deal for you.
    Ditch pat and come on over to my place. Think about it. I'll give you grade A cat food and red snapper every Tuesdays.

    p.s: I live in the tropics where its always sunny. Not to mention the amount of hot pussy cats everywhere!

    1. Hmmm no snow?
      The cat may just have to go
      He could roam outside and play in the wild
      Wrestling with some lion child
      Chasing tarsiers about as well
      And the food sounds swell

    2. so you would come? Wow, I feel so sorry for pat.
      Well maybe, you guys could drop by for a visit.
      How about that?

    3. haha the cat would visit with ease
      Whenever you please
      Although customs can be a drag
      Pat will have to hide me in his carry on bag..haha

  24. Funny funny and scary post. Loved your mummified by toiler paper Miss Prisy.
    Cute, not talking about those zombie shoes and feet.....I am not going to sleep tonite, unless someone finds a drug to make me unsee what I saw

    1. hahaha all mummified and hiding his toes
      As the color cuased him such woes
      LOL not talking about those feet
      Weren't they neat?
      Just images they are that of a troll
      And everything will come under control..haha

  25. This toenails. Tasty!

    1. Have a good snack
      They may give you a heart attack

  26. The painted nails on the zombie feet made me laugh, even the undead have a fashion sense. I used to have a inside grass for my old cat, she still managed to throw up though all the time, just to keep me busy.

    1. haha even zombies do need some fashion love
      Fits them just like a glove
      Yeah mine has a hairball every now and then
      All around my den

  27. Too funny! I'm enjoying all of Betsy's entries. Yuck! on a couple of the pictures though. :)

    1. LOL yes yuck indeed
      But they were too fun not to pass up at my feed

  28. OMG. Those zombie feet are disgusting. No wonder cat needed toilet paper - he had to stop the vomit!

    1. hahaha one had to in the grass
      And the other had to as he took a tp pass

  29. oh, that toenail pic was just lovely

    1. Glad you like it
      You're the first one for which it was a hit..haha

  30. Those are some classy toenails lol

    1. LOL they are sure classy
      And make many a tad sassy

  31. Hahahaa! I'd not like the zombie feet returned in any other way! Good going taking one for the team on the post-it stencil numbers, there.

    1. haha yeah they made the epic return at my sea
      Just for Betsy
      I bet she feels so special now
      And so the cat will take a bow
      I don't mind taking one for a the deam
      Letting my post it feet gleam..haha

  32. PAT! I am laughing out loud (and throwing up in my mouth a little over that ONE GNARLY photo!!!! GAH!)

    1. LOL I hope you don't to both at once though
      That wouldn't be quite the show..hahaha
      Glad it was fun
      As it just had to be done

  33. Replies
    1. Just looking at that is ouch indeed
      Bet they could plant their own garden with their fungus seed

  34. I enjoyed this Pat...except for that zombie feet...and wearing that pair of shoes is so funny ~

    Thanks for the smiles (except for the cold weather today) ~

    1. Yeah the cold weather is back
      Here to on the attack
      Zombie feet are scary too
      So I won't fault you from not liking them as much as the shoe..haha

  35. Replies
    1. Oh what the zombie feet can do
      To all who come to view

  36. Feet, feet and more feet. My dogs would surely love this treat. But, I think even they would pass over those zombie feet, even when covered in colorful hues. Great cat pics. i wasn't sure what priss was doing until you told, at first I thought that was one of those indoor grass things that cats like to eat, to help them when their tummy's ache, but perhaps it still is, but if that's the case, the cat better watch how deep he shoves his face, otherwise a hairball he may accidentally eat- yuck.

    1. Your dogs like to chow down on feet
      Hmmm that is quite the way to meet and greet
      Might rather have a nose up my rear
      Then get my feet eaten causing me fear..haha
      Miss Priss was chowing down in all actuality though
      I just made fun of her at my show
      The cat doesn't eat the grass as much either at our sea
      For he makes a huge mess out of it with such glee

  37. What a good sport Pat Hatt is!

    1. Pat Hatt and the cat will try anything once at bush number three
      Which you can plainly see..haha

  38. That is nasty! Nasty, nasty, nasty! I may never recover . . .

    1. hahahahaha don't hold it in
      Let out what you are really feeling at my bin

  39. Except for the laces, that last pair looks real
    The zombie feet just don't appeal.


    1. LOL if they did appeal I'd be worried so that is good
      Those last ones I walks around in them if I could..haha

  40. Thanks for the nightmare wish with those "feet" Pat. I may have to sleep with the light on tonight.

    1. hahaha I think you can hear them coming though
      Plus in the dark they prob glow..haha

  41. Oh, my heck! Some of those pictures were awesome. Some were just . . . *gag*

    1. haha well I have to give a mixture of both at bush number three
      Going from one extreme to the other for all to see

  42. those are some fugly toe nails :X but i'd love some of those foot shoes lol!

    1. Yeah the foot shoes would be fun
      To wear and go for a run


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