Whoopdi Friggin Doo Has Not Got A Clue!

Robbie Raisin here and I was once again going to spread cheer. I was going to upstage the cat here at his own mat and give an even better giveaway than him. To prove to you all I will lose life and limb just to appease the audience of my show. But some dirty person stole the prize Whoopdi Friggin Doo was going to use to give off such a glow. Thankfully I have hired the services of Tarsier Man for Robbie Raisin is a big fan. He will save the day and track down the prize to put on display.

Tarsier Man and The Prize
Both these fools are so unwise
And as usual it is told by the cat
Here at my mat.

Tarsier Man searched for a clue,
After his payment came due.
A fool and his money soon parted,
Oops I farted.

Where was I?
Oh yes that Tarsier Man guy.
He searched and searched and come up dry,
Thinking this theft was a lie.

He declared Robbie Raisin a liar,
And set off to put out a cigarette fire.
Stating it was bad for the guy's lungs to smoke,
But he made the guy choke.

For he shoved the cigarette down his yap,
When he tried to grab it from the chap.
He used the Heimlich on guy from behind,
And Tarsier Man got him out of his bind.

Stating he told him cigarettes can kill,
And strutted off getting quite the thrill.
He bent down to throw the cigarette in the trash,
When he saw an eyelash.

Tarsier Man declared he was back on the case,
As this could only come from a thief's face.
He popped his eyes from his head,
And sent them around staring at all causing them dread.

There he spotted the missing lash girl,
And he encompassed her in a whirl.
His body finally caught up,
And his eyes popped back in without a hiccup.

It was The Scribe who had stolen the prize,
Decked out in a clever disguise.
Thinking she could get the money in USD,
If the prize no one was able to see.

Tarsier Man's eye popping left her a tad disgusted,
But she knew she was busted.
Tarsier Man took The Scribe back to Elisa's sea
Before collecting the other half of his fee.

He even got the above new book,
For his trouble of bringing The Scribe back to her nook.
Robbie Raisin danced around,
Glad that his prize was found.

Tarsier Man once more heard the call,
And set off for another hall.
That raisin nut you can see below.
But shhh I'm going to cut him short at my show.

Robbie Raisin is back with the prize and as you can see below I don't tell lies. Win either one of these below just sign in and go go go. Now on to the zombie foot dilemma once more.......

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oops he's been cut off at my shore. But as you can see you now have another shot thanks to Elisa and her blog tree to win some more and so I had to share at my shore. Even if the Tarsier Man nut came back on the so called saving attack. All to promote her new book which you can see above and at her nook. So the theft tale has come to pass and that is all today from those nuts and my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Nice of you help promote her book =)

  2. tarsier man is awesome, wish i could pop an eye to solve the cases, maybe get in some speeding car chases

    1. Pop an eye?
      Hmm that might make some old person die
      Seeing such a thing come due
      Would turn them good and blue
      Keep the eyes in your head
      So no one ends up dead...hahaha

  3. The Scribe had lashes stolen too? I had no idea!! I love how Tarsier Man is slowly becoming a superhero and not a villain. He's too cute of a mushkina to anything bad! I can't wait until I get my very own!!

    and congrats to Elisa and her new book. I can't wait to check it out!

    1. Yeah her fae ones got stolen or lost as she tried to steal
      Robbie Raisin's new deal
      He's still a very incompetent superhero to say the least
      And the cat will always see him as a bug eyed beast
      Lord Google has forsaken me today
      Mushkina??? is lost on me at my bay
      Good luck smuggling one into the country too
      But if anyone can do it I'm sure it will be the super secret veggie spy you...hahahahahaha

    2. Don't call Tarsier Man incompetent. Besides Sam Winchester and Iron Man, I'd pick him to save my life anyday! Psh, cute little thing!!

      Mushkina? I may have made that word up... hahahahaha I do use it though. So, does that make it real? No, it means poor baby in Sicilian dialect. lol Google failed again! I may switch to Bing now...

      Omg, that veggie mission was a nightmare!!! I still have all these veggies that are going to go bad if I don't cook them. Looks like I know what I'll be doing during my spring break. hahaha But what is ocra?!

    3. LOL well when you call him for the save
      At least you'll see something cute before the creepy crawly that is after you sends you to your grave..haha
      Or he does by mistake
      And pretends the save was real and your death was fake
      I'd take Dean over Sam
      Sam could go all souless and turn you to toejam..haha
      But Buffy can save me anyday
      With Mr. Pointy on display..hahaha

      Well if you use it eventually it will be real
      Like Strat one day could be the real deal..haha
      Poor baby it means though
      I guess that works for Tarsier's show
      And yes Google wouldn't tell me
      Time to switch to another at our sea..haha

      hahaha veggie cooking all spring break
      That sure beats all those going swimming to the lake
      Right? hahahaha
      All those veggies must be quite the sight
      Especailly havng them crowded around
      And ocra still looks nasty and the name doesn't even have a nice sound

    4. That's assuming that Tarsier man doesn't save me. I have faith in him!! And I'd pick Sam over Dean anyday! hahaha What is a Mr. Pointy?!

      What lake?! I don't think I've ever seen a lake. Ok, I lied. My aunt lives on Swan Lake upstate...but other than that, I've never seen one! Besides, why would someone swim in that!! A lake is a giant toilet bowl for the fishies. Bleh! And I'm giving the Ocra to Peaches. I just can't bring myself to eat them after reading about the Ocra Slime! haha

    5. hahaha you can have a little faith in him
      But he is still very dim
      And you'll prob at best lose a limb
      Or worse yet he'd give you hair a trim..hahaha
      Pffft Sam is too whiny all the time
      Dean would just shoot the big scary mime..haha

      Just lakes abound
      Up here all around
      At least I think
      And many do jump in and sink
      Just what they do
      Swimming with the fishies poo
      Nasty to me as well
      But many don't find that a hard sell
      And jump on in
      They even swim in a river where human stuff gets dumped into the bin..hahaha
      Ewww that Orca Digestive Slime
      Does not sound sublime
      Peaches likes to be adventurous anyway
      So I'm sure she'll enough the slimey thoughts at her bay..haha

    6. Sam does not whine too much! Hmph! Fine...you can get resuced by Dean and I'll get saved by Sam and Tarsier Man. :)

      And LOL @ Peaches!! hahahaha She likes Ocra soup!!!! hahahaha I think that Ocra should go swimming in a lake... bleh, gag, barf!

    7. hahaha I think Sam might kill Tarsier Man
      As he and Dean would not be a fan
      Oh yeah and Mr. Pointy is Buffy's stake
      Forget to answer that before the whole fish poo lake..haha

      LOL she can have all the Ocra soup she can eat
      For not many would consider that a treat
      And yeah I agree
      Chuck the Ocra into the sea

    8. I have no idea what you're talking about. All I know if that you want a Buffy and a Mr. Pointy with a stick to come and save your ass.


    9. LOL Buffy The Vampire Slayer with her vampire slaying pointy stick
      Geez you are out of the loop on that flick
      Which is good because it was utter crap
      But the show was a great lap

  4. You're a good double act, very nicely done...

    1. I can pull of a double act
      Maybe a triple and that's a fact..haha

  5. Replies
    1. A step up from great today
      Isn't that nice at my bay

  6. That books sounds interesting. And this deal Kindle fire and 250, pretty sweet.

    1. Glad interesting it was at my sea
      And hopefully you got some glee

  7. Awesome stuff Pat, and it's great for you to help promote her book. Here's wishing it does well.

    1. Great is just the cat's fate
      Hmmm that size of an ego might bring hate..haha

  8. awwww... i loved the tarsier man :) :)
    and yeah... its really sweet of you to promote the book. Keep up the good work :)
    BTW.. nice profile picture ;)

    1. Tarsier Man will be glad to hear that
      As he goes around for the save at each mat
      Pat is being sweet you say
      That word keeps coming back at my bay
      Glad you like the pic too
      Would have changed it long ago if I only knew..haha

  9. you have a temporary loss of memory when you fart? That deserves a clinical investigation :)
    Seems like a nice book, love the cover!

    1. Those vets are too germy and shove their things up the cat's gazoo
      So no clinical investigation will come due..haha
      Knew the cover would be liked by you
      For now you have a rival dragon in your view

    2. pffft, a rival... nobody can outmatch my glittery moss green scales with a dash of gemlike lime green around me tail and my cute rainbow breathing nose :)

    3. I don't know
      I here there is one that has rainbow eyebrows and has music notes come out it's nose when it gives a blow
      That may match you
      It is also very blue

    4. the one that owns like half of Indonesia? :) I've already tried to destroy him by sending plump African American female agents at him :)

    5. And since you said try
      I'm assuming he didn't die

    6. well, we wouldn't want him totally erased, we just wanted to assimilate him and penguinize him :)

    7. Going all x-men once more
      You know that didn't end well for the phalanx when it tried to assimilate everything on earth's shore

  10. Congrrats to Elisa...that is so fun
    her book looks great. I'm sure it's well done!

    1. You wishing rats on here too
      With the double R in view..LOL
      I couldn't resist that one
      Had to be done

    2. not rats
      silly cat
      that's a rah-rah
      shish koom bah

    3. Rah rah and a bah bah
      Are you sheep going la la
      Lots of noise coming from you
      I think you need a break from your zoo..hahaha

    4. a vacation would be nice
      wouldn't have to ask me twice!

      I'm still trying to picture Dez's rainbow breathing nose
      and wondering where he got one of those.

    5. haha I have to agree
      But things are as hectic at my sea
      hahahaha I wouldn't even want to picture such a thing
      Might make your eyes sting

    6. pop an eye
      or a stinging one by and by
      or rainbow eye brows
      how about on a cow?
      things are weirder than normal here today
      what's with all the eye references at your bay?

    7. hahaha I guess the eye popping of Tarsier Man
      Made everyone a fan
      As the want to pop an eye
      Or give it a try

    8. I think I'd rather not try
      to pop my eye
      sounds kind of gross
      and a shiver rose
      up my back
      to think of that.

    9. haha wouldn't it be fun
      For them to pop out a go for a run
      Flying eyes
      Could win the nobel prize

  11. You know, shoving a smoker's cigarette down his throat until he chokes on it seems like fair treatment to me. Here, let me deliver the nicotine straight to your lungs!

    1. hahaha well I guess he is saving him the trouble of a perlonged death from smoking
      Or maybe he was just trying to scare him by have him start choking

  12. Tarsier Man seems to create problems, only to solve them and look like a hero! Love that.

    1. haha what a better way to save the day
      Then to create a problem yourself and know how to solve it right away

  13. Her book looks adorable and you know I'm a sucker for dragons! Love your new profile picture, Pat!

    1. haha dragons can't be beat
      And are really neat
      You like the pic too
      Really should have changed it long ago I guess it's true

  14. Replies
    1. Two nices at once at my sea
      And geez I should have changed the pic long ago of me

  15. Dragon books are always worth a look

    especially if you have a nook

    1. Yes there you go
      As many do have one at their show

  16. very nice of you to share the piece of good news...and yes, good book giveaway ~

    happy spring day (and week) ~

    (my blogger link isn't working :-()

    1. You went to spam too
      I just today blogger doesn't like you

  17. Wow! Those are some pretty big prizes there! But that looks like the cutest book. And hey, glad TM's doing the good work~ :D

    1. Tarsier Man thinks he's doing good work
      As he comes here to lurk
      The bug eyed creep
      And yeah the prizes should make the winner leap

  18. Replies
    1. Really nice once more
      Becoming too common at my shore
      I need the zombie feet
      To make everything mean and neat..haha

    2. well is cool or other you want sorry:(

    3. haha nice works well
      I was just making fun as usual with my retort as I rang the comment bell..haha

    4. Glad you know
      Just Pat's normal picking ass flow..haha

  19. I love the part about the Scribe LOL! You are so nice to do this. Thank you so much. I just posted my blog about you

    1. hahaha glad it was enjoyed and anytime
      As long as the cat gets to rhyme..haha
      Will be over to see
      At your blog tree

  20. You're unbelievable!
    Such a talented and nice person. Your posts are addicting...

    1. Talented and nice
      With a little bit of spice..haha
      Addicting too
      Next I'll make all turn blue..haha

  21. Well, well I had a feeling we'd be hearing from that runt of a prune, with all the prizes, there were no surprises. But a treat we did get, as we do anytime the tarsier man's tales are sung here at bush number three, where again a prize is being given away for free. Too bad no tarsier photos today, as they are eerie to see but pretty swell as well anytime a tarsier pic shows at your bay, but until he's caught in the act, I guess globland will have to simply scroll back to see, tarsier in his tree

    1. Yeah I didn't shove one in
      As I figured there was enough stuff in this post at my bin
      Tarsier is in the who's who though
      So he is still easy enough to find at my show
      The stupid prune had to come and shout
      For the cat made him pout

  22. As always, enjoyed the post
    So I raise my glass, here's a toast:
    "To the rhyming blog that makes my day,

    1. Just don't spill your drink
      Be careful and raise it over the sink..haha

  23. Your posts are still mad
    But at least they're not sad
    And anyone who includes bottom burps
    Can't be all bad
    (not to mention helping young kids, promoting other writer's books, and writing one of your own! When do you sleep??)

    1. haha they are included more often then not
      For some reason here at my plot
      I slept a whole two hours last night
      I guess time is tight..haha

  24. This was a wonderful poem
    that made me right at home,
    while visiting for the first time.


    1. Glad you felt at home
      Here at my rhyming dome
      And did not see any scary gnome at my bay
      Just the bush on display

  25. Wow, I wish I could rhyme. I never realy got into the rhymes.

    1. haha you can at least use rhyme
      And rhyme it with time

  26. That's awesome that you have a book coming out tomorrow! Super squeee on that!

    1. Yep indeed
      Will be up bright and early on my feed

  27. Great poem!

    I love the cover for the book. Though anything with dragons gets my attention. :)

    1. Yeah dragons seem to get the attention of most
      Including your host

  28. That has to be the most awesome promo I've seen in the blogosphere. And, yes, very nice profile picture!

    1. The cat can promo and rhyme away
      Just another talent he put on display
      And Pat showing off once more too
      With the profile pic that came due..haha

  29. Love that dragon and little girl pic. I don't know who I'm more worried for, lol.

    1. The dragon would be my bet
      That little girl looks scary and might capture him in a net

  30. Very nice of Tarsier man and you to help out....and nice avatar change...I read the new items up in your header...and whoowhoo for another book coming out soon ~

    Spring...spring.... Happy day ~

    1. Yep it will be coming soon
      A kiddie book from the rhyming loon
      The bug eyed creep can be nice
      Least he leaves me to chase down some mice

  31. Is it weird that the part where you fart is my favourite bit?

    1. hahaha well maybe a bit
      But farting is usually a hit

  32. Whoopdi Friggin: Scooby's estranged brother.
    And you thought Scrappy was obnoxious.

    1. haha isn't there a whole bunch more doo's too
      I remember a whole slew

  33. It's stories like this that want me to have Tarsier Man on speed dial.

    1. hahaha only if you want one foot in the grave
      Before he came for the save..haha

  34. tag team poetry ...just the tonic for a slow monday

  35. Yeah, I'd be sick, too, if I saw Tarsier Man's eyeball popping move!

    1. hahaha that's how be beats the bad guys
      He makes them so sick they bring back up their umm fries

  36. Nice promo. The zombies are a plus. And, nice new pic. :o)

  37. Tarsier man should do more eye popping, that is his super power. The criminals will all freak, or give him a squeeze.And he normally has to pay for that down a back alley.
    Squeezes are non refundable, you cannot return a squeeze, you can only compliment it with another one.
    I have no idea what i am talking about.

    1. haha he could be there main squeeze
      What a sleaze
      Hope he gets fleas
      On his knees
      Now look what you started here
      With your comment cheer..haha

  38. "Oops I farted" Now that line sounds like something my boys would say. And then they would crack up at their high level of sophistication. ;)

    1. hahaha I can very much relate
      Guess that is just a male trait

  39. that cigarette move stole the show
    many like the eye popper though
    congrats on the book
    the big prizes gave me a shook
    that's not a perfect rhyme
    but it's better than ending with lime

    1. Yeah it let it win
      Thiking what he did wasn't a sin
      The popping though
      Was nasty as his eyes went to and fro
      Bah perfect it doesn't have to be
      You can just leave that to me..haha

  40. every time that 'Oops' came.. it was a blast :P
    loved n enjoyed.. Tarsier Man is awesome as ever !!!
    loved the title of the book :)
    And, nice new dp :)

    1. Glad all was fun
      With the oops run..haha
      You like the pic too
      I really should have way sooner changed the view..haha

  41. Replies
    1. That sea dragon thing
      You want to eat it's wing?

  42. All to promote her new book.... You're a good man, Pat. Now, where is my hanky? ;) But um... what happened to the suit?

    1. I suppose sometimes that I can be
      The suit would out the window at my sea
      Filled me with such glee
      I wish I could forever get rid of thee
      But sadly
      I still have to go to my work tree


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