A Batrachophagous Visitor At My Sea Who's Out Of His Tree!

The cat got a visit from a nut who liked to fill his gut. I figured this would do for B for the old A to Z. So Mr. Batrachophagous it is today and what is that you may ask in dismay? While let's see if you can guess the facts by the end without going around the Google or any other search engine bend.

Batrachophagous is a guy,
Or woman whose food doesn't fly.
It can be found on the lawn,
At night or dawn.

If you hunt beyond,
It can 9/10 be found in a pond.
Or maybe a lake,
Unless its cold enough for a snowflake.

They love to chow down,
On this which has worn a crown.
It at least tried to wear one,
But it could not be done.

For in its current state,
It could not be its fate.
For its head is too small,
Since it shrunk at its hall.

You're thinking what the hell?
Could be under my rhyming spell.
Did you catch that?
Aren't I a sneaky cat?

If it passed you by,
Let's give it another try.
For batrachophagous also like the feet,
Considering them a tasty treat.

I guess they can't stop,
For it gives them some extra hop.
Supposedly it's good too,
Helping them not croak at their zoo.

Or maybe the rabbits felt abused,
And changed a letter leaving hunters confused.
So now they chase after this creature,
Making it the prize dinner feature.

There are many kinds,
Kids like to chase their behinds,
And keep them as pets too,
Even in the bathtub for view.

Which can only mean,
That when a batrachophagous person comes on scene,
They like to eat,
What as a tasty treat?

Have you guessed it yet? Aren't I just a pain in the rump pet? It was such a big word and sounds so absurd that I had to give it a go and let a rhyme flow. Now if you are stuck and thinking what the umm fluck, I guess you can cheat and see what it is a Mr. Batrachophagous likes to cough frog cough eat. Or you could just give me some sass as that to is enjoyed by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I love the sound of Batrachophagous but at the same time when he's around me I am so hiding my food around him though and that is that despite this rhyming show.

    1. haha no need to hide
      For with his food stride
      He is only after a frog
      So unless you eat those at your blog
      Your food should be safe from him
      Unless he wants something else on a whim

  2. French people make soup with his legs. Whoever we saw people with huge disproportionate head we called them frog man, now we what to call them. Frog chasing bunnies? Weird

    1. Frog chasing bunnies is a mouth full too
      Frog man is a better one to have come due
      Although a Batrachophagous will eat them up
      For they like to eat frogs with their morning coffee cup

  3. Okay Pat, it's a bit early for me and someone just forced me to get on my knees...I mean...sign in. What ever Mr Bee does is his biz as long as he's not doing it with Bey cos then Jay-z might just say Jeez, and knock him off his knees!

    1. haha hmm you made my mind go to the gutter
      And it stayed there to putter
      But I suppose that is not a bad thing
      As it is there more times than not at my wing..haha

  4. Too tired to think of the answer, what is it? D:

    1. I forgive you with all your sleep deprieved stuff
      what? Cough frog cough wasn't enough?

    2. poor DWei.
      here..I'll share my coffee.

    3. haha he needs it
      He barely sleeps one bit

  5. An absolute giveaway
    Much to my utter dismay
    'cough frog cough'yes!
    Their legs are the quests
    The penchant for them
    Make chickens old fashioned!


    1. Well it is early for all
      I didn't want them get squirrely at my hall
      So I gave a big hint at the end
      Not to drive them around the bend

  6. I will think about it, but first help me in pronouncing this name! :)

    1. haha type it into lord google and you will find
      The name used by my little rhyming behind

  7. El Froggo, eh?
    Very clever! I like it. Poor froggy never became a prince, though, did he?

    1. Nope poor froggy was a snack
      For Batrachophagous guy went on a snack attack

  8. hope this was not an ode to My Imperial Naughtiness!

    1. Unless you are really a frog
      Hiding behind penguins at your blog
      Then it was not about you
      Although if you are a frog this guy wants to make you stew

  9. It's too early to think! I'll come back after coffee. Smiles!

    1. LOL you need that coffee to guess right
      I suppose it isn't such a bad plight

  10. At first I was thinking rabbit, but thankfully that's not it, because I hate those little button-nosed bastards. They're taking over my neighborhood.

    Also, I find it kinda funny that people still can't get it. Hint: the answer has shown up in the comments about 20 times now...

    1. hahaha yeah I found that rather amusing too
      After at the end I even gave the answer to view
      I guess that line
      Is just to divine
      So they can't see
      Frog is what is supposed to come to be

  11. Replies
    1. I got a great for a frog
      Will remember that for my blog

  12. Knew what it was as soon as you said 'crown'
    pretty obvious what this was all about.
    We had one that grew from a tadpole
    really grew to be a huge soul
    never put him in the bath tub, though.
    my mother would have screamed blue murder.

    1. haha yeah wasn't all that hard today
      As I didn't want to cause too much dismay
      I even gave it away
      Guess I had an off day at my bay
      hahaha the bath tub would have be grand
      You really like that saying from book number four land..haha

    2. haha..yes, it's stuck in my head
      did you make that one up for find it already said?

    3. Nope it is a real one
      Which makes it all the more fun

    4. what about 'hairy eyeball'
      was that new at your brain stall?
      or do the Brits really say that
      at least I know they don't say strat.

    5. LOL nope hairy eyeball is true too
      Nothing for him was made up at my zoo
      Besides the uglies I guess
      That was me I will confess
      Nope Strat is Mason and that is it
      While I guess now that it is an actual device many more may use it a bit

  13. I had a few frogs through the years. My favorite are pacman frogs!!! So cute :)

    "Croak" gave it away. Clearly your cough, frog, cough was just a subtle hint. LOL

    1. Yeah we had tons through the years as well
      One even had only one leg at our cell
      As there are ponds galore
      Around my shore
      So they I had to explore
      Back when germs weren't part of my lore..haha

      hahaha it was subtle wasn't it?
      I mean that line really made it hard to see a bit
      I wouldn't want people to choke
      Not being able to figure out the croak..haha

    2. Believe it or not, I would try frog if it came from a reputable place. Does that make the cat wrinkle his nose??? LOL!!!

    3. I think frog legs are over rated. Try alligator instead, it's delicious when prepared in the Southern US.

    4. LOL it makes me wrinkle my nose a bit
      But in actuality the cat maybe just might try it
      For it is something he could chew
      Still it would probably be ewww..haha

      Alligator instead
      Now you are just messing with my head

    5. Thanks Anne!! I'll try that too! Just because I don't really eat meat doesn't mean that I can't eat amphibian or reptile!

    6. So neither of those are meat?
      I think you maybe sorta umm cheat.

    7. That's not cheating!!! Don't be a hater, cat!

    8. LOL meat is meat
      So yes you are a cheat
      But you get no hate
      As cheating is just your fate

  14. This made my morning. Now, I'll see frogs in my daydreams all day long. Lol

    1. LOL there is one for F at your sea
      You can dream of frogs thanks to me..haha

  15. Senor Froggo sitting on the loggo in the boggo below the smoggo in the foggo is his name.

    1. I guess that would work
      For made up words give me a smirk
      But about about the poggo
      His name-o was troggo

  16. I'm too tired to think of why people didn't see the answer. Lazy perhaps. Frog it is, you said it yourself... in the post and in the comments. I normally offer a rhyme in my response but like I said.... too tired!

    So are you saying that rabbits eat frogs? I never knew that!

    1. LOL saying the rabbits get a reprieve from their lucky feet
      Because it is frogs everyone wants to eat
      Yeah I'm half asleep as well
      Here at my cell
      But I can still rhyme
      To not to would be a crime

  17. Hysterical!! I read it and was thinking...okay...I think I know the answer and then actually read the answer in your rhyme at the end. Good one, Pat!!

    1. haha well glad you guessed it with each clue
      And just used the answer to prove you were right at my zoo

  18. Hmmm . . . what eats a frog. Or is the frog that's doing the eating?

    1. Batrachophagous is a person who likes to eat frog
      They chow down and are quite the hog

  19. frogs dont taste bad, their legs i have had, with a little crisp all the way to the hip...taste like chicken and just as finger licking...

    1. Just you've had squirrel and now frog your way
      That must have been quite the display
      Would cause me dismay
      No finger licking would come to my bay

    2. I won't taste squirrel or frog
      that is just wrong
      Was at a Chinese buffet one time
      and they had a big bin of legs there, oh my.
      just looked so weird
      all laying there
      feet still attached
      my hunger left fast

    3. LOL yes mine would leave very fast
      Not that it is vast
      But seeing that would just be yuck
      I'll remain with that which goes cluck
      I guess you and your twin do not share such taste
      As the feet he surely wouldn't waste

    4. they always say things taste like chicken
      so why not just have the original finger lickin?
      yes, he's more adventurous than me
      or maybe I'm just too prissy.

    5. LOL yes why not indeed
      If would be so much better at my feed
      No hippity hoppity legs at my sea
      Causing me little glee
      You too prissy you say
      Hmmm that might be the day

  20. Replies
    1. Don't like frog feet?
      Brian says they taste neat

  21. That word sure is a mouthful!
    great post!

    1. Yep can't say that three times fast
      For it is too vast

  22. my cousin used to have a frog as a pet, it grew to be pretty big too... but one day it escaped never to be seen again

    1. The poor frog was free
      And hopped off with glee

  23. The answer came in the form of a song. I say FR...I say FR..... FROG....FROG... silly song we used to sing when kids. Before your time my dear. Don't you hate that when people say "before your time." Like we all have claim to a certain little period of time. Loved the poem.

    1. Hmm yes that was before my time
      But then saying that isn't a crime
      For then an old joke can come due
      And I can make quite a few..haha

  24. Okay,I'm a little stumped. Could it be a bacteria in the esophogus?

    1. LOL stumped and Frog is right there
      Plus you have a tad pole at your lair
      Geez all those animals have your eyes a bit hazy
      As they drive you crazy..hahaha

  25. The inner workings of the mind of the Cat are a mystery to me and shall ever be. Who but you would choose a word such as this for the letter B? And I'm serious, how in the hell did you come up with this word Pat? It's so obscure and while eating frog legs isn't unusual they are out of season right now!!

    1. shall we dissect the feline brain and see what's going on in there, Annzie? :)

    2. I've got a hacksaw that I think will remove his cranium luv. Then we'll poke around a bit and find the hamster that's running on the wheel in there.

    3. LOL poor hamster, imagine living in the cat's brain turning wheels forever :)
      But you know what I've always thought? Pat is actually not a cat but a mere-cat rhyming his little bum from a hole in Sahara.

    4. LOL I have no idea where I saw that word
      I just remembered it from somewhere and knew it sounded absurd
      And so I used it at my sea
      You will never figure out the brain of me
      Out of season you say
      When is the best time to eat them at ones bay?

      Good luck with that
      You will never catch the cat

      Just make sure you sterilize it well first
      For with one quick burst
      The cat will kick it at Dez's head
      And cut him open causing him dread

      The cat has nothing to do with Timon and that Lion King
      Although he does sit like a mere cat sometimes at his wing
      Still not a mere cat
      The Sahara is too big of a litterbox for the cat to be that

  26. Okay, this was really fun. I was guessing all sorts of things that had nothing to do with a frog.

    1. haha glad it was fun
      I'm sure from it many a thing can be spun

  27. I had no idea it was a frog. Another fine post on your blog!

    1. No idea at all
      Well glad you still liked it at my hall

  28. Bachtracouphagus
    whose real name was Gus
    didn't know A-Z
    would become history
    and part of it
    would include Gus.

    ;-) That was fun, I love a good limmerick!

    A-Z 2012 (#49) - Bloggit Write A-Z 2012 - Poetry
    A-Z 2012 (#861) - Bloggit Write A-Z 2012 - Haiku

    1. Glad it was fun
      With the big B word I spun
      As the cat makes history
      With the A to Z

  29. Yay! I guessed this right away. Maybe I am not a complete dunce after all!

    1. haha well guessing the rhyme over the are below
      Is much better at my show..haha

  30. Nope, didn't catch that one! Batrachophagous . . . should have guessed when you said "hop".

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

    1. But than lots of things hop
      So I guess it is okay if the idea didn't plop

  31. Oh this was fun, a word I never heard spun. Quite the feat. The temptation though was too close, with my addictions to reference books and all, but the first I grabbed didn't have this word alive. So read I did and could not tell, I was thinking Easter Bunny but then that didn't make any sense, although i'm sure the cat would like to dine on him come Easter morn, but as to yet I've yet to find out what this bacto creep does eat, but going off the old cliche, I'll guess it tastes like chicken- that usually works for taste related queries. I'm heading on over to google now, lot easier than getting up and grabbing the ones I have that I know that type of word would be in. Can't wait to see what's in store for C.

    1. haha I actually found a word you did not know
      Oh score a big point for my show
      Even making you look it up
      Sorry for the word hiccup..haha
      Nope the Easter Bunny paid his dues
      And he got run over giving him the blues
      But more will come on that Sunday
      When Easter comes to my bay..haha

  32. Yummmy. A brace of Batrachophagous slow cooked in a stew is great.

    1. I'll take your word for that
      As doesn't sound all that tasty to the cat

  33. I don't consume the flesh of frog

    not even in the city of Prague

    1. Maybe if you were hungry enough
      You may try and find it not so tough

  34. Batrachophagous is a new word for me... but being a veggie I'd never eat them... well never say never... if it came down to starvation or the frog then I guess the frog would be soup.

    1. Yeah if it come down to me or the frog
      I too would chow down like a dog
      Oh that is a bad analogy there
      A thought the cat can't bear

  35. I enjoy reading all the comments...

    froggy my feet,
    i won't eat
    i like chicken legs,
    spicy chinese sauce ~

    Have fun with the challenge ~

    1. Yep chicken works for me as well
      I do not cause frogs Hell
      Fun will be had
      As always by this rhyming lad
      Err umm cat
      At our mat

  36. I know ! I know! I know!
    It's a "Hellifino!"

    1. That was a bit of cheat
      But it had a good rhyming beat

  37. Replies
    1. The cat can at least send fleas
      I hear they land on your knees..haha

  38. get my griddle
    a gastronomic riddle
    but like a bump on a log
    I never guessed frog

    good one!

    1. Never guessed that it was a frog
      I suppose as long as you didn't guess dog
      We are alright
      At least on this night

  39. Replies
    1. Look what a rhyme can do
      I never had a clue

  40. I just signed on to the A-Z challenge, nearly at the last minute, but I'm trying to visit every blog at least once.

    1. Good luck with that
      Quite a feet visiting every single mat

  41. I'm really new to your blog, but it's really impressive that you do this. I mean, every single post? Wow.

    1. Yep every single day
      Here at my bay
      Whether it's A to Z
      Or my just acting crazy..haha

  42. Your mind works in mysteriously creative ways.
    I'm proud to say I guessed it but wasn't sure.


    1. Yes it is even mysterious to me most times
      But it does pump out the rhymes
      Glad you guessed it at me sea
      And it caused a little glee

  43. Thanks for visiting Dogs Rule Cats Drool blog during A to Z.

    1. No problem it was fun
      But dogs still drool a ton

  44. i dont mind frogs..think they're adorable as long as they dont jump onto me.
    i particularly love them after a downpour, when by the pond, they form an orchestra of bad music.
    i find them soothing :)

    1. True they do put on quite the show
      After the downpour is through with it's flow
      Usually it is grand too
      Except if one wants sleep to come due

  45. Okay I guessed that you blogged about a frog. Am I right? This was most enjoyable read!!

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. Yep you were right
      The frogs have such a plight
      With a guy wanted to eat them up
      While he drinks coffee from his cup


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