Do You Approve That This dVerse Is In The Groove?

Time for I at my mat and INTERPRETATION will try not to fall flat. The cat was looking at how things need to do this and that before they can get up to bat. Even then they can be squashed flat by some dirty rotten rat. For fifty need to approve whatever thinking they are clever before it is done. Oh, what fun! So what happens to the interpretation if you remove the approve?

Shocking! Things get done.
Isn't that fun.
When there is no approve,
We can actually move.

No need to pay a fee,
To the first of fifty.
Just to get some stamp,
By some mean old tramp.

The ape behind the desk,
Won't look at you all grotesque.
When you actually ask,
Him to do a task.

For it won't need to go through,
Fifty people to come due.
Yet could this be done,
For such things as a gun?

Bigfoot shooting himself in the feet,
Might not be neat.
Shouldn't he be called Bigfeet?
As he has two to place on the concrete.

So yeah the bigger crap,
Approve might need to take a lap.
But for some at work,
Not me as I can lurk.

They have to ask to go to the loo,
Meaning the need approve to poo.
Yeah I know one who does indeed,
At lunch there must be a stampede.

Soon you'll need to have someone approve your face,
Making sure everything is in place.
Next it will be your brain,
As they test each vein.

Poking holes in your head,
Making sure you aren't part of the living dead.
Then comes the strange,
To your fuly approved range.

Need an approve to where a shoe,
Some only old and some only new.
Approve to enjoy fall,
Or to give a phone call.

Then if worse comes to worse,
Approval to curse.
Imagine that process,
That be quite the mess.

Almost as bad as approval to humpty hump.
I'm sure that one would hit a speed bump.
Give them an inch they take a limb,
Hoping one will remain dim.

So hop on one foot all day,
Go to the loo an extra time at your bay.
Spin around and flash the moon.
Just make sure there is no peeping loon.

Stick it to the approve a bit,
Let the approve take a hit,
Saving fifty from a hand cramp,
And letting them shove their approve stamp.

Now wasn't that approve dVerse? I'm sure Bigfoot might have given me a curse. Maybe he now has only one foot to spare and truly lives up to his name at his lair. So the approval lap has come to pass and no one needed to approve it for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Great rhymes buddy, Pat is no fuddy duddy.

  2. Approve your face?!?!?!?! Talk about STRESS!!! What exactly do you do if ain't approved??? Get banned to the island of unapproved faces? Sigh...

    But I agree with approving before wearing a shoe! Yesterday a coworker was wearing all black and then tan, brown shoes. Like why?!? It CLASHES!! Even I know that much and I'm awful when it comes to style. Sigh...So now I just need 49 more people to make that going into effect???

    1. LMAO oh that is good
      After the gawker island do posts on that island I should..hahaha
      Yeah bad grammar there
      But I don't care
      Unapproved faces got me going
      That island must be quite the horror showing....hahaha

      hahahahaha I will not comment on that
      As only one pair of shoes is own by Pat
      So saying anything would get me in trouble
      And so I'll move on hoping the number will double
      And I'll only need 48 more
      Before it goes into effect at my shore..haha

    2. LOL!!! My grammar is perfect :) The island of unapproved mean!!! Now I know why Gloria sometimes hates the cat!! hahaha

      Double??? I say it should quadruple!! Maybe you should join the sneaker game :) hahaha

    3. haha mine wasn't so good is what I meant
      So now now don't get bent..hahaha
      You came up with the island of unapproved faces
      So when they start going places
      It is all your fault
      They get locked in an island vault
      LMAO Gloria hates me oh dear
      That ruffles the fur on my little rhyming rear..hahaha

      hahaha the sneaker game
      Might bring my feet fame
      But then none of that is done around here
      So I will just show off my one whole pair no matter what I wear I fear..hahaha

    4. LMAO, Ok, I'll unbend myself. Don't blame me for your insane thoughts!!! It's not my imagination that created a place of unapproved places! I feel like I'm standing up for the mis fit toys right now...hahaha

    5. LOL no your imagination just played off the cats and came up with your own rift on it
      So it is still on you a bit
      Maybe Rudolph will help you out
      And Frosty if you give him a shout...haha

  3. This is wonderful rhyming bling, makes me want to shake my thing!

    1. hahaha good luck with that
      No need to send pictures to the cat..hahaha

  4. shooting big foot in the feet, not so big now i repeat shooting big foot in the feet, not so big now is he, and i hate beaur-o-cracy high and mighty getting all gassy assy (they cancelled degrassi?) on having to approve, every triplicate move, some as simple as taking a poo...

    1. I know, I know...don't say it, cat. lol.

    2. If only things were simple
      Instead of like 50 ways to pop a pimple
      Things would go much better in most cases
      And no one would have such unhappy faces
      But oh no
      50 forms have to show

      LOL no need to say it
      I think it is engrained in his brain with each comment fit..haha

  5. Replies
    1. Epic today
      Can't get much better at my bay

    2. oh now your head will swell
      how big I cannot tell!

    3. Oh yes R
      Will send by ego far..haha

    4. yes, you leave him speechless
      well, almost
      and then you go and boast!

    5. Maybe he figures too many words would make me over the moon
      And I'm already an egotistical loon..haha

  6. Yep, the world is wrapped up in a bunch of red tape
    a million forms even for your big foot ape
    certainly slows things down
    and makes people frown
    especially when the ones holding the keys
    have brain freeze
    and work as slow as molasses
    on giving out the passes.

    A 10 page form allowing you to say strat?
    vein popping would come to your mat! ha.

    1. Yeah the brain freeze
      Surely does not please
      As they take their time
      Unless you commit a crime
      And grease their palm a bit
      Then they'll get right on it
      If they made up such 10 page strat
      They would get a pringle can full of stuff from the other end of the cat..haha

    2. would be fun to have cans with you
      just to hand out to the deserving few
      like giving them a reward
      for creating boredom and dischord.

    3. hahaha then they open them for a snack
      And their nose is under attack
      Their hand turns brown
      And they annoying people frown

    4. well, it would serve them right
      for causing the red tape strife
      and paper work galore
      sending it up shore.
      And how is it being back to work?
      I guess you're bored since you're here to lurk.
      Probably nice to sleep in your own bed last night
      with only two cats in sight.

    5. Work was good today
      Worked two whole hours at my bay
      As Flappy's crew canceled and I got to go home
      Away from my work dome..haha
      Yeah always nice to be in my own bed
      And not having more than two cats jumping about my head..haha

    6. wow did you luck out
      bet you gave a little shout!
      So flappy's yap wouldn't work
      and she had to cancel and made you smirk.
      Maybe she ate too much at easter
      or sat on the bunny
      oh, that woudn't be funny.

    7. LOL she sat on the bunny and it would be dead
      Flatter than when Fox ran over its head
      It was her sister tonight though
      As Flappy was off at some trade show

  7. Points well made here
    words without fear.

    1. Yeah the cat has no fear
      And will say what ever he wants far and near

  8. In England it's called 'Elf and safety' which is seen as being the work of jobsworths. Your line about humpy dumpty made me laugh as i can imagine some watch tapping Napolean banging on the car window..or if your classy bedroom door telling me i need a licence or im doing it wrong. Every job i started we had to do a health and safety course, which consisted of a bored person waving an arm in the direction of the photocopier and telling me not to pour coffee in it.
    Great, funny poem, did you need approval to write it though?.

    1. LOL yeah such stick up their butt rule follower tapping on the window
      Would surely be funny yet not if it were to actual go
      And such a thing was passed somewhere
      Allowing them to come right to your lair
      That is sad indeed
      Oh photocopier + coffee means take heed
      Hmmm commen sense
      I guess some are just dense
      And nope I approve myself
      Works much better at my shelf

  9. Very funny....rhyming ass....funny, funny, funny.


  10. Nice picture of Brian but scared to look closely, did you approve?

    1. No I did not approve one bit
      I hear he had to go through the ass gas poo and loo councils to show it

  11. rats are always dirty, we hates them, and we despises them :) Why aren't you hunting them, Cat?

    1. I thought you were all pro life
      Yet you let the poor rats cause you strife
      Shame on you
      But they are so germy the cat can only eat one or two

    2. Dez you could cook Rat Stew
      and get rid of a few.
      Tell the penguins it's a new dish
      and swear that it's fish.

    3. I'm pro animals and nature, not pro unnatural beasts and monstrous rodents :)
      I will have to take the recipe from you, Betsy, I bet you've already tried it, with a pinch of paprika and smidgen of curry?

    4. monstrous rodents? You'd have to include cute little prarie dogs and beavers! lol.

      I'll look through my cookbooks for Rat Stew and let you know. :)

    5. Geez you just take the claw
      And eat them raw
      No muss no fuss
      No time to cuss
      And that is all you need to do
      Screw all this rat stew
      The beavers as well
      Oh Canadians will damn you to hell..haha

    6. yep, raw is best if you're a cat
      just rip of the fur and have a snack!

    7. Easy as can be
      The cat is not fussy

    8. I've got a picture of me holding a 700 gram Long Evans rat. I used them to study sex and aggression when I was an undergraduate. One day I may post that pic as the rats never received cruel treatment. They lived long lives having sex and fighting over females, just like they do in the wild.

    9. Well Dez might not like that
      His partner having fun with a rat
      Your alliance may fall
      And down comes the wall
      But nice to see pics though
      Would make for a fun post at your show

    10. yes, Dezz might not like that, don't you ever post the pic, Annzie, I'm still recovering from the pic of Pat's toenails!

    11. LOL I guess the toenails will have to return one day
      To cause you more dismay

    12. you are pure ebil, pure ebil I say!

    13. Can't even spell right
      I guess pure ebil is my site

    14. me can spell all right, but me nose is filled wiB pollen and thus my nasal talk :)

    15. A nasal can talk
      That must leave some with quite the shock

  12. Oh no, you reminded me of the days of when I was a receptionist and had to ask permission to go pee. It was terrible!!

    1. there are some professions in which people have to wear diapers for adults because they don't have the time or permission to go to the bathroom :(

    2. Yeah that would suck
      Just to make a buck
      Have to ask permission to pee
      Would not cause glee

      I thought that was just a myth that they did that?
      That is also very very ewww to the cat
      Sitting in your own crap all day
      Just for some work bay
      That is nasty as umm duck

    3. it's true, doctors, surgeons especially, do it sometimes and I heard that some nasty supermarkets make their cashiers wear diapers :(

    4. I don't believe that, no way. I can see some third world sweat shop but surgeons? hubby works at a hospital...I'll ask him to find out!

    5. well some surgeries last for hours and the main guy can't go to the loo lest the patient dies :(

    6. yeah, I get your point but just assumed they had assistants that could take over for a minute or two. Who knows! Next suregery, as him! ha.

    7. LOL oh that is nasty in every way
      But I suppose if one has a person on a tray
      And is cutting him open from head to toe
      They will have to forgo when they need to umm well go

    8. Dez is right. Some surgeries can take up to 12 hours and once you're in the OR and scrubbed up, you can't leave it and come back in. By the time the doc went to the loo, showered, changed, and rescrubbed, the patient would be dead. But cashiers, that's just cruel.

    9. Wow that I never knew
      That is still just eww
      That must get kind of smelly in the OR as well
      Well at least they could save on knocking you out and just use the smell..hahaha

    10. now aren't you a little inventor, Cat? Using your diappers odours instead of anaesthesia, you might even need an amnesia after that to forget it all :)

    11. LOL well if the smell is strong enough
      It could kill a few brain cells so forgetting won't be too tough

  13. totally groovy :D
    The ape behind the desk is definitely one of its kind... and things needs no approval :)

    1. Yeah the ape
      Thinks he has a cape
      And likes his control
      Telling you to take a stroll
      No approval at all
      Works for my hall

  14. bigfoot,bigfeet one cool call. Yep approving is a big mess and I dont understand the need.
    And I prefer the approver to go under this scrutiny to get to the that job. If the right person is appointed as Approver, maybe the loo breaks and ignore calls and disapproval of potential and right ones maybe avoided.
    This whole rhyme can be printed as a big poster and put on every government office in India. Because that is how things work. For a single signature the approver may take years with all those personal calls, loo breaks, lunchtime, naptime and all crap. Too many monkeys behind the desk, the only shortcut is to throw some bananas to the monkey under the desk (bribe)

    1. Yep that is the only way around it
      Bribe them and you're a hit
      You will get right through
      And be approved on cue
      It seems to be the case everywhere
      That all this approval crap bothers each work lair
      And everything else for that matter
      As the wallets of some just get fatter

  15. ha...just wait...the day will come when you have to get every single ones of your rhymes the cat give her some extra milk to keep her in a good mood..smiles

    1. Pfft that would not be my cup of tea
      Then I will move from bush number three
      They will not go approving me
      For I will send them away with a magic flea

  16. Love the bigfoot, ur, bigfeet. Loo, huh? Are you a Brit?

    1. LOL nope I just got loo stuck in my mind
      And I always use it now for my rhyming behind
      Bigfeet it should be
      As he has two to see

  17. Funny poem and oh so true!
    My boss, I deplore
    she is a dictatorial whore
    sets her watch when I go to the loo,
    measures output and checks; no1 or no2
    I gave her the 2 fingered salute
    And maybe now I'll get the boot
    either that or they'll medically retire me,
    either wai, I'm free and oh so happeeeeeeee

    1. LOL sounds like quite the pain
      There at your work lane
      I would surely want to get fired
      For that crap would grow tired
      And counting minutes in the loo
      That is just an awful thing to do

  18. Approve has a lot to do with convention and snobs
    Your pant's color doesn't agree with your shoes
    So also your tie to your pants and your shirt
    Heck with convention just do what you care to choose


    1. That works for me
      Screw the convention with glee
      And go with what one wants to do
      That is what should be true

  19. I'm Mama Zen, and I approve this message!

    1. An official approval for me
      That is so nice to see

  20. Cool lines...
    Stick it to the approve a bit,
    Let the approve take a hit,
    Saving fifty from a hand cramp,
    And letting them shove their approve stamp.........


    1. And shove they will
      I hope it gives them a thrill

  21. I always wondered if Bigfoot is real

    and I bet the yeti has a pet seal

    1. And the lochness monster has a goat
      That lives on his private boat

  22. I hope there never comes a time when they tell us we have to ask for permission to breathe or.... we're all done for ;)

    1. Yeah then were are screwed
      And that would just be rude

  23. I approve!

    Though as your post shows, approval shouldn't matter so much in a lot of circumstances.

    1. Nope it should not matter much at all
      Besides the odd thing at some hall

  24. Replies
    1. Anyway is your blog,your cat etc. Etc. Etc.

    2. You don't think?
      Oh dear that must bring you to the brink
      Are you okay dear?
      Dear you may be confused I fear..haha

    3. Dear you made a mess
      Oh dear you must clean that up now and confess
      Come on dear
      Have no fear

  25. Reminds me of the Beatles' "Tax Man". So much truth in these rhyming lines.

    1. I guess a little bit of truth
      Can come from my rhyming booth

  26. I love that poo and loo rhyme! and yes, I always focus on the dirtiest parts of your rhymes! I like a good rhyme about poo!

    1. Always with the poo
      I just have it there for you
      And for Brian of course
      As he uses it without remorse..haha

  27. Bigfeet-wow, what a goof.
    That is such a rush.
    So, instead of one tooth...
    How 'bout a TEETHbrush?

    1. I never thought of that one
      Hmmm should give it a run
      As it isn't for just one tooth
      That may have to show up at my booth

  28. I'm sure there's a crowd if you have to ask to go to the loo!

    1. Don't bet on it
      As there are many a work places that have a fit

  29. you make a good point about he just has one normal sized one

    1. haha yeah I suppose one could be normal size
      Although I think that to is nothing but a disguise

  30. Pat, bigfeet- that is classic. I like the twist on the approval gist, very neat to this drum you've beat. and you know what, here you go again and bring up some old thing, now I've got the humpty dance on the brain and that big old hat from that video, cat. lol Ha, right now as I'm writing this my orange cat chloe, thinks she's being all secretive, creeping behind the drapes, and now I see she's settled in, as her bunny shape loaf of bread sitting is causing a mishape to the drapes- funny, she must be spying on what they cat has said lol

    1. LOL see she is psychic or just in tune with the cat
      To do such things at your mat
      Bigfeet just popped in as I went along
      Bigfoot is just so wrong
      I have to bring up this and that as well
      It is fun to make such things jump into your brain at your cell

  31. Replies
    1. Yep whenever anything goes bad
      It was bigfoot who did it to each lass or lad

  32. RYN: These angels and fairies are embossed figures in the center of glass squares that show their shadows on the walls as the sunlight comes through the windows. They are all good :)

    1. Well that is good to know
      I wouldn't want them tracking me down at my show
      And causing me strife
      I'd have to tell them to get a life

  33. Replies
    1. hahahaha that would just be scary
      Plus the cat is too hairy

  34. Your comments post are just as fun
    as your rhyming post Pat ~
    I say approving takes a lot of paperwork,
    not fun at all, but its life ~

    Thanks for visiting my blogs ~
    Hopefully tomorrow is a warmer day ~
    Have a good night ~

    1. Yeah the comments can be quite grand
      Here at my land
      As each come to show
      They have some rhyming flow
      Or I can make fun
      And give another rhyming run
      Let's hope it is warm indeed
      As no more snow I need

  35. I'm still laughing at Bigfoot. I'll have nightmares tonight.

    1. hahaha once more helping your dreams out
      With my rhyming shout

  36. True, I never thought about Bigfoot's name. His parents should've asked for your approval before the naming. What were they thinking?


    1. Yeah that approval should have come
      I wonder if they were Bigfeet or just Bigfoot too sounding kind of dumb

  37. I'll have to consult with my son on why Bigfoot isn't called Bigfeet. He's the expert on that, you know. LOL!

    1. LOL tell me if he has a good answer for it
      For the cat things bigfeet should be the correct name hit

  38. I'm against approval of all sorts. But wouldn't it have been nice if Britney Spears had to have approval before she mated?

    1. LMAO yes that would surely be nice indeed
      But then the poor mindless crowd would have nothing to read

    2. eh hem! She can hear you. She's right above me as I type!!!

    3. LOL I knew you'd like that
      But a woman who would go bald for the hell of it is still very scary to the cat...haha

    4. Britney's parents should've had an official approval before they had mated in the first place, dahling.

    5. Yep that I agree with too
      But some people just have no clue

  39. In some cases, the need to approve means someone gets to have a job. I think.

    1. Hmmm I suppose that is a way to look at it too
      I guess it does keep one employed and makes money come due

  40. Big could he miss! lol

    Big hoot more like - always lovin your work Sir Pat ;)

    1. haha yeah pretty hard to miss
      Glad you like my rhyming bliss

  41. i like this ->

    The ape behind the desk,
    Won't look at you all grotesque.
    When you actually ask,
    Him to do a task.

    cuz so many people a) judge someone by how they look, and might be afraid of someone like that b) are afraid to ask questions in the first place

    messy little girl

    1. Yeah that is very true
      All are so concerned with their view

  42. When I was the head of a nonprofit organization everything had to be filed with the IRS, the SOS, or the office of BS. Grant applications were the worst, and some, like federal grants, had character limits and margin requirements! I don't miss those days at all. Now that I'm my own boss I have a lax dress code, unlimited bathroom pass, and do silly things in the middle of the day simply because I can.

    1. You are making the cat jealous today
      I wish I had such a work bay
      But oh no
      Have to go to the stupid 9 to 5 show..haha

  43. For what it's worth, I approve!

    1. Another approval for me
      Just causes such glee

  44. Always like your playful rhymes
    Like words that dance in mimes
    I don't know what 50 need to approve
    But sir, you've got your groove

    1. Don't bring up the mimes
      They lead to scary times

  45. Another cornucopia of rhyming creativity. Brilliant!

  46. What can I say
    You found your groove
    Keep rhyming away
    We all approve!

    1. Glad tons of approval comes to my pad
      That works for this lad
      Err umm cat
      At my mat


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