Easter Came And It Was Just The Same!

So after the murderous Easter Bunny that Grammar Nazi ran down was squashed flat here in rhyme time town. I figured the least I could do was search out a new one so all the kiddies would still have their Easter fun. As you can tell it worked out just fine too for Easter came due. Of course the cat had to thin the herd as there were a few that were absurd.

Of course the cat tried to get another cat to do it but he took a fit. Not that I can blame him because those ears do make him look rather dim.

Then came the mutt but he did not like having the suit cover his butt. Plus I guess he could not lift his leg and go and a yellow suit is a big no no.

This guy was nice and cheery although I guess some thought it was rather eerie. For the PTA whack jobs kicked up a fuss over his paws saying they looked like other things and broke the nudity laws.

These guys really weren't helpful one bit. One had no brains and the others ass was missing quite a bit. I could have stuck them together but then they would have melted in the weather.

I think enough is said from the pic alone. This bunny had such an evil tone. That Grammar Nazi  needs to find him and run him down. For he now sports the evil crown.
This one was more than willing to help but after every hop he gave a yelp. The stupid bunny kept falling to pieces at my feet. So he took a back seat.

These ones were just so shy. Okay, that's a lie. They just liked to pig out on all the candy and figured being the Easter Bunny would come in handy. So they hopped to it ready for the task but I was not about to ask.

Rambo bunny wanted too much money. He was a gun for hire and if anyone got in his way he would surely fire. He might scare the kiddies a bit too. Plus not even Bigfoot needs that big of a shoe. He has to have those custom made to make him hop and wanted more money to drop.

This bunny heard of what happened to the last and took off really fast. I hear he is being chased for stealing that too. A jailbird Easter Bunny just would not do.

But when all was said and done the cat found an Easter Bunny for everyone. He was up to the task and even donned a mask. That's right Tarsier Man came through with the save and brought Easter to your cave. Just remember to check each egg though for I don't trust bug eyed monkeys that throw poo just so you know. If your house burned down too from some saving that came due. Then you now know why and can make Tarsier Man fry. He could have ticked off a whole mass and if he ended up shot that would delight my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. That cat pretending to be an Easter bunny is hilarious Pat, I'm glad you found your right Easter bunny in the end buddy, have a Happy Easter mate.

    1. Yep it was found in the end
      Although he is around the bend
      And will probably ruin the day
      Burning down the houses at each and every bay

  2. hehehe... I loved the cat who is trying to be a Easter bunny ^_^
    Happy Easter..!!!

    1. i am glad T man saved the day, some of those bunnies are scary like that long toothed one, like he having some santa claws fun, but on the easter bunny run, with a gun to get back for biting his bum...yep, yep...come and get some, my boys are all hopped up on sweets, so today they will be freaks, but first church, so dont mean to leave you in a lurch but peace. we outta here...

    2. Cats as an Easter bunny don't seem to go over well
      From that look one can tell..haha

      Yeah bunnies of all kinds
      Even some without behinds
      As I'm sure many will be today
      As they get eaten at each bay
      Have a fun filled hyper day at your shore
      Sure it will be and so much more

  3. Have a great Easter!!!!

    I cracked up at the chocolate bunny cartoon. That's hysterical!!! Tarsier man would make a GREAT easter bunny. :)

    1. Those bug eyes might scare all though
      Still he'd make sure the eggs did show
      Unlike the ones with no brains or buns
      He must have had some awful umm runs

      But anyway have a great day
      As you visit family at another bay
      And eat up a storm
      Which is of course the norm

  4. What's up with that evil one?
    Talk about destroying fun
    All he needs is a butcher knife
    That poor kid was scarred for life.

    1. Testing out for a horror flick
      Or he is just a umm dick
      From crazy town
      That needs to be run down

  5. Here comes the Easter Bunny, Hurrah!!

    Or, we eat them up yum. :D

    1. Yeah think many woul rather eat them up fast
      Making them a thing of the past

  6. An Easter bunny that looks ok
    Would have to be looking nice
    Kids like with them to play
    Tarsier man appears the choice


    1. Yeah Tarsier would surely play
      And maybe cause dismay

  7. Hehe... happy Easter!

  8. OK, so here I was, feeling all reverent and devotional about Easter ... when I stumbled on this blog. And you cracked me up!

    Still rejoicing over Easter's glorious true purpose, but thankful for the hilarity too. Isn't life marvelously multifaceted?

    Happy A to Z!

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    1. hahaha glad it was fun
      As I gave the easter run
      And will come for a look
      At your nook

  9. Replies
    1. Hope you have a happy one too
      And it is fun for you

  10. He..he..Happy Easter to the rhyming cat and Pat ~

    1. Happy Easter to your shore as well
      From the cats and Pat at this cel

  11. Happy Easter my dear!!lol

    (some of your bunnies look little angry Lol)

    1. LOL happy easter to you
      And yeah such anger many have for all to view

    2. anyway I love the cat bunny, and my kids now say someones kill the Easter bunny Dis you know something? anyway they have 17 so is not so terrible(lol) but the amazing is I give eggs to them and were happy LOL

    3. LOL Fox killed the Easter bunny
      Making it get rather umm runny
      Seems to be getting around
      I guess maybe the easter bunny will have to be a hound

  12. Nice cat bunny lol happy easter

  13. It was Tarsier Man?
    I was expecting to go to Drazin land
    with glowy red eyes instead of those big saucers
    although he might have been bossier.

    Hope you're having a fun day
    I'm sure you gave your chocolate away
    not that it was any kind of sacrifice
    like you were being overly nice.

    Home from church
    and fixing lunch
    but had to stop and read this one
    to see who took the place of the dead bun.

    1. hope you gave a prayer for the poor Bunnzie in the church, Betsy :)

    2. haha I knew you'd figured it was third person man
      But he was not a fan
      Of helping out at all
      So Tarsier Man answered the call
      Day is just fine
      No chocolate all in a line
      As the bunny knows that
      And just leaves pringles for Pat
      Hope lunch was good
      Down in your hood

      Pffft don't pray for the bunny at all
      He tried to murder all at my hall

    3. Yeah, Dez,
      no prayers were said
      for the dead easter bunny
      as he was not funny
      got what was coming to him
      from the irish mafia. ha.

    4. haha see Dez it is only you
      Who feels for the evil bunny that came due
      I guess your true colors show
      With your oh so evil flow

    5. yep, with Betsy as the queen of underground, and the cat who just likes hiding his poop underground, I'm the only one who fights for poor little animals and baby bunnies ....

    6. While it takes work to bury that stuff
      The cat must rest after such a huff and puff
      So you can pick up the cause
      Just watch for the claws

    7. didn't I already cover your claws in sticky stinky cheese?

    8. Bah I had a mutt come along and lick that off
      They sniff bums so with the cheese they didn't scoff

  14. Penguins would be the best replacement for the Easter Bunny, they don't eat chocolate and are very resourceful.

    1. haha yeah a resource I would not want
      Such so called eggs would haunt

    2. yeah, have you seen a penguin egg
      those things are as big as a keg!
      If the penguin took the job of easter bunny
      it would be kind of funny
      one chocolate egg would last until Halloween
      it would just be obscene!

    3. hahaha well it would give the basket business a boost
      As all would need huge ones at their roost
      Just to fit a single egg in it
      Would be overkill just a bit

    4. wouldn't even need the basket at all
      just roll the thing up the hall
      have it land in the yard
      and hope it doesn't break to shards.
      But if it broke
      could be a joke
      since people like their chocolate in chunks and chips
      still tastes the same when it meets their lips!

    5. Very true
      Unless it broke into a rather umm crappy view
      Then a big bird once could think
      Went over head bringing them to the brink
      You would have to get the word out
      So all would know what it was all about

    6. lol...kind of like "don't eat yellow snow"?

      "chocolate under birds overhead
      may cause your tummy dread"


    7. Yeah that would be a good warning sign
      And should make sure no one decides to dine

    8. penguins don't carry eggs in baskets like naive little bunnies, they carry them on their feet :) and protect it from cold under their bums :)

    9. And if they don't wipe
      The egg make have a gripe

    10. well, that's how we make chocolate eggs :)

    11. Blah nasty in every way
      Keep those at your own bay

  15. The cat did great collecting photos, even if he thinks that third one is a guy. These are fun. Happy Easter, Pat, to you and the cat.


    1. haha well it could be a guy
      Although that is prob a lie

  16. Happy easter! I have eaten my chocolate already

  17. These pics are too funny!

    Happy Easter!

    1. Yep too funny
      Not to pass up taking a dig at the bunny

  18. Da daaaaaaaa...LOVE that Tarsier man...Those pics are hilarious. The one with the baby is downright scary, no wonder its crying! Nasty wolf man!
    Thanks for the Easter Bunny chuckles

    1. Yeah must have been a zombie bunny or something like that
      Even scary to the cat

  19. OMG. That evil bunny is awful! Who the heck would do that to a poor child? (Maybe I should go find bunny ears for my dog...)

    1. haha you dog would prob eat the ears at some point
      As they would put his nose out of joint

  20. You should sent Tarsier on mission to tase all those grammar nazis. You even dress up any doggie as bunny too, but no bunny will lay colorful eggs. That butt hurt bunny- from laying eggs or did someone bit off her butt?

    1. Tarsier Man would have his hands full with such a task
      But thankfully he draws power from his mask
      I think someone bit it off
      Maybe you should ask the bunny to cough

  21. Happy easter Patt

    And a nice holiday to the cat

  22. Found an awful cute little bunny mask
    Stuck on the front, oh not the rear
    Went up to Mrs. Penwasser to ask
    "Kiss the bunny between the ears."
    Hope you had a great Easter!

    1. LOL and how did that go?
      Do I really want to know..hahaha

  23. Well, gosh, Pat, I thought sure, since you are talking about all varieties of bunnies, that i would find a picture of a Playboy bunny on your site.

    Hope you had a Happy Easter!

    1. LOL I forgot all about those
      That would have tickled my toes
      It should have been done
      I'll remember that next your for my Easter fun

  24. Happy Easter, Pat! So glad to see the return of Tarsier Man - can he take care of that evil bunny for us??

    1. I'm sure he could scare it away
      As he goes all bug eyed at my bay

  25. Happy Easter Pat, Cat, Cassie and the rest of the crew…

    Tarsier man haha That was great. As for the pics, Numbers one, two and seven are just too cute, the motorcycle bunny is pretty funny but the satanic bunny is hilarious, that poor kid, he'll forever be scarred..

    1. Yep forever scarred from such an act
      And that is a fact
      Guess Tarsier Man will cheer him up
      Unless his eyes pop out from a hiccup

  26. No Easter is complete without a bunny armed with a full auto.

    Wait, I shouldn't have said that. My status as normal citizen is now in jeopardy.

    I hope you had a nice holiday weekend Pat.

    1. LOL yes you better watch your back
      For the scary cia guys might attack
      Hope yours was good as well
      Mine was swell

  27. Aww, cmon man! bunnies are supposed to be cute! that 5th picture was just plain nasty!

    Also pat, I thought I should let you know that I just HAVE to play that song in your sidebar, every time I visit your blog. I think its due to cats's backing vocals. Its just so mesmerizing!

    1. There is always an odd ball
      Even in the easter bunny hall
      hahaha the cat is glad he has you sucked in
      With the theme song at his bin
      Glad you liked Tarsier too
      As I see you gave him a view

    2. Wow, how did you know that it was my youtube account? haha, thats some good detective work there!

    3. LOL I just added two plus two
      And I figured it was you

  28. Replies
    1. Cat rabbit is scary
      They also can be more hairy

  29. the evil fangs and the chewed off ass made the laughter come hard and fast. awesome stuff:) hope you had a great easter.

    1. Yeah it was fun to do
      That is true
      Mine was well
      Hopefully the same was at your cell

  30. happy easter ,Pat.
    that first pic is just soo cute !

    1. The cat does not look happy though
      But then that you know

  31. I liked the rabbit cartoon. Glad to see Tarsier man stepped up to the plate and made Easter a success.
    Interesting to see all the different versions of rabbits, the vampire rabbit looks like something from a nightmare, what posesses someone to think that would be something children would want to cuddle lol?.

    1. LOL I do not know
      Maybe he wanted his ame to grow
      So he tried to make nice with the kids
      But they obviously just flipped their lids

  32. I'm getting tired of seeing that scary rabit

    1. That scary rabbit is all around
      I guess he does not want easter to be found

  33. Fun post. Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

  34. So what's your favorite Easter movie?

    1. Well since they always play Willy Wonka, not sure it be Easter though
      But you that is the favorite one at my show


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