For The Last Letter Dip We Go Out With A Little Zip!

So the cat figured he would spare you all a zipper post, which you might have thought would come from this host. But we don't need Pat and the zebra back or anything like that at my shack. For it could give some a heart attack if it began neighing after a whack. Time to move on and go all Zip A Dee Doo Dah at my lawn.

If you start singing this,
It is now considered bliss.
Much like good morning good morning,
So there is your warning.

But go ahead
And let it out of your head.
For it's such fun words,
And attracts blue birds.

Wonderful feeling,
Leaving you reeling.
At your bay,
As you hum it all day.

Although you can't view,
The movie where it came due.
For it is racist they say,
And it causes dismay.

Probably more huff,
Some group starts to puff.
As worse comes about,
In today's movie shout.

But I do not know,
So I may eat crow.
Which is quite yummy,
To the cat's tummy.

The blue bird flew away,
After I tried to play.
He didn't like my style,
Finding it vile.

But what can I say,
Other then what the hey.
And maybe one more,
Little encore.

So ends my rhyme,
And this chime.
So go sing away,
And have a nice day.


Now the cat too will have that in his head all damn day. Need to listen to my theme song up top for display. then that will be gone and a new one will dawn. Either way you may feel like a pawn since I made a tune get stuck in your head with each Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah that I said. But I'm delighted if I caused you to shout some sass and that is all the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah's today out of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Can a cat unzip a zip?? I wonder.
    Ah, I was busy this past 2 weeks and really missed your blog posts. Its good to be back!

    1. I can attest to a cat being able to unzip a zip
      He can yank it down and thinks he is quite hip
      Life does get in the way
      But always nice to have you at my bay

  2. I really want to know what movie this is from Pat, even if it is racist and dismay inducing. Awesome rhymes as usual buddy.

    1. It is from Song of the South
      Which has had no dvd growth
      Because it is racist I guess
      Never watched it I will confess
      But Disney won't put it on dvd
      Because they are afriad racism is what all will see

  3. Happy Happy Day

    Look at the rhyming crew
    with the pringle cans ~
    Have to rush to the office now ~

    1. Hope you make it on time
      With a Zip A Dee Doo Dah oh so sublime
      Although I'd keep that on the down low
      As people might think you just you know..haha

  4. Great letter, nice rhymes!

  5. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
    Loved your rhyme time theme song and Pringles can tower. Empty pringles can? thank you. Video is cool too.
    Am I a bad person, I am waiting for Anne and Penguin man to pull your leg.

    1. Yeah they were all empty indeed
      For the theme on my feed
      Anne and Penguin Man can pull my leg all they want
      But they no better than to do that at my haunt
      For they would get a face full of gas
      Or maybe something else from my little rhyming ass

  6. You have me singing now too, Pat! I have enjoyed your A - Z, and I wonder what tomorrow will bring since the letters of the alphabet will no longer sing!

    1. Got you singing too
      haha fun to do
      Tomorrow more nonsense will come
      From my little rhyming bum

  7. The cat is not the only one who'll have that song in his head all day! Epic as always and well done on the challenge!

    1. An Epic you say
      Dez might not like you stealing his word at my bay
      But yeah it was fun
      And have fun giving that song a run

  8. Song of the South
    yes, I know what that's about
    I hear it's probably one of the best ever disney movies
    but some might not think it's groovy
    since it's about a happy relationship between master and slave
    and nobody wants to glorify that way to behave.
    But some slaves loved their life
    and even after being freed stayed with no strife.
    Too bad we can't see it for how it was meant
    and not be so PC that we get all bent.

    1. getting all bent? Oh, Petsy, you are being naughty today just like that cat....

    2. Yeah that is why it has never come out on DVD
      For way to many are PC
      Even if all is fake
      They still want to drown it in a lake
      Never knew it was considered one of the best
      Wish the PC nutcases would stop being a pest

      LOL or maybe penguin man just has his mind in the gutter
      With the rest of his clutter

    3. Looks like Dez is in a mood
      or should I say in "the" mood.
      Leaving notes on all the comments
      making sure that we all notice.

    4. and why does he say we are the naughty ones?
      I think it's him that is, a ton!

    5. The alliance just loves trashing the place with comments when Pat is not here, as my people say - when the cat is not in the house, the mice lead the party :)

    6. haha you give him lots to read when he lurks
      at work.
      He's thinking right now, "I wonder what Dez is saying on my blog!
      He's such a comment hog!"

    7. In the mood
      Might be crude
      If it were to show
      While he gave it a go
      But we won't go there
      Such a bad affair

      He is the naughty one
      Or just disturbed by a ton

      The alliance or you?
      For I see one and not two
      The Irish must have called your partner back
      Or she's digging the cat poo out of her garden at your shack

      Yep lots indeed
      Here at my feed
      The blog hog
      Maybe I need a guard dog..haha

    8. I'm on duty now, and Annzie will be later this week when I will be gone missing...

    9. Oh you're running away from globland are you?
      The cat too much for you to handle at your zoo? haha

    10. I've sent you a message on Twitter, but the cat obviously doesn't do Twitter, which is strange, having in mind how much cats love twitty birds...

    11. I don't think he's really leaving, Cat.
      I think he's going undercover. lol...

    12. I do Twitter here and there
      Each day I look at my lair
      But it won't let me message you back
      As it says you aren't following my shack
      So it is your fault
      I can't respond at the twitter vault

      Better watch your zoo
      He may come after you
      Keep a pringle can of poo
      In your view

    13. Twitter must be crazy then, me is following you from the start, how else would me spy on your nasty business at the global level?

    14. Yeah Twitter unfollows people all the time
      All by itself thinking it's oh so sublime

  9. Please don't eat a crow!! For the love of God, put the crow down!!!! LOL

    You tricked me! I thought for sure your pet Zebra would be up here for all to see!! lol Guess the cat put a quick stop to that...

    1. I believe cat is zebra's pet, not the other way around :)

    2. LOL I knew many were expecting the Zebra or Zombie feet
      So I had to be tricky and defeat
      Such a notion
      Even if they would cause a commotion

      You are going to deprieve the cat of a crow?
      You don't even likes birds one bit at your show
      Wouldn't it make you feel safer if one less was around?
      And in the cat's tummy it could go round and round..haha

      Pfft your belief is wrong
      I control the thong

    3. the zebra is now your pet?
      haha...oh Dez will comment on that, I bet.

    4. LOL I didn't think of Zombie feet. That one slipped my mind. hahaha

      And, why would someone eat a crow?! Those nasty things can't be healthy!!!!

    5. no, Petsy, cat is zebra's pet, she likes to pet him and take him out for a walk :)

    6. The cat ripped off the zebra's hair
      Now his head is bare

      hahaha how could you forget those feet?
      Do you need a not so refreshing repeat?
      Well it is good for a cat's digestive system I suppose
      So let them go ahead and eat crows
      People eat rats and squirrels and frogs too
      And that is all just ewww

      The zebra sticks to me like glue
      And I trot about for all to view

  10. so you first unzip and then you dip? You are so very naughty these days, cat, I tell you that!

    1. Well you can't zip and dip
      So you have to unzip for such a trip

    2. yes, we do love us such trips, somebody should organize them on a weekly basis!

    3. I prefer mine daily though
      Or at least every second day at my show

    4. I stand corrected, we shall adopt your plan on this!

    5. You actually agree with me?
      Hmmm that is a rarity

  11. ear worm....ack, thanks for having my back, now i will sing all day, maybe i should sing your way, blue birds flying round my head. makes me want to jump out of bed, i cant remember a thing you said, their singing is so loud, like a rumbling cloud, have a great day sir, be back to morrow to hear more wor-ds

    1. Well if you sing my way
      With the bluebirds on display
      The cat will chow them down
      And you will no longer frown
      For they won't sing loud
      And oh so proud

  12. Great! Now I'll be singing that dang song in my head all day long.

    1. hahaha that is for the bad dreams at your sea
      And it causes me such glee

  13. Excellent last letter - love it. Can't believe you still have so much rhyming energy after this long month. And also can't believe you post every day! That's one thing I've learnt - def not blogging every day!! But will try and blog more regularly as it's fun :) Thanks for all your comments - really appreciate it.

    1. I rhyme each and every day
      Here at my bay
      The energy is still here
      Coming out my rhyming rear
      It is lots of fun
      But time it takes a ton

  14. Yeah Pat, thanks for making that tune stick in our minds--forever. I can remember as a child whistling that tune all the time; the parents were ready to send me to Siberia.

    1. LOL well at least you know it by heart
      So can sing each and every part
      Have fun with it in your head today
      I love doing such things at my bay

  15. Dang it, now I'll be singing that song all day! I forgot that movie got banned - it makes me want to see if I can find it somewhere...

    1. The song is on youtube that I know
      And hahaha sing away while you zumba at your show

  16. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah deck
    Now you're done with Z
    Wonder what comes next
    Would be nice to see


    1. A litte of this and a little of that
      Will come next from the cat

  17. Speaking of zips, most dont know why YKK is on their zipper

    Its the initials of a comapny with orders large as the big dipper

    1. I figured it had to be a company logo of some sort
      And I'm sure they have orders piled high at their court

  18. You know, I don't even know where that song comes from, but now it's stuck in my head, so thanks for that. Also, if it's racist at all, it's probably my neighbor's doing. He's big on the racism.

    Also, re: today's comment, we aren't stopping reading/commenting entirely, just cutting down on the blog roll as a whole. We'll still be around for our good blog friends, the Rhyming Cat most definitely included. Where else would we get inspiration for our terrible rap battles? Quick, what rhymes with 'stupid honkey'?

    1. haha it comes from a Disney movie of long ago
      And your neighbor could be a racist descendent of the guy in the show
      The rhyming cat is included you say
      Works for me at my bay
      And for stupid honkey
      That would be cupid donkey
      Oh now there is an image to be had
      Stuck in the brain of this lad

  19. Replies
    1. haha see where it lead
      Causing you dread..haha

  20. This rolled off my tongue really nicely as I sang it to myself. This could be a really catchy song.

    1. hahaha you make me feel so old
      This is a song I riveted on although I'm not sure it went gold

  21. Great expression and love the song from the old Disney movie even if that film is how politically incorrect.

    Congrats and completing the challenge!

    1. Yeah those damn PC people need to take a hike
      Of a short pier and drown in an overflowing dyke

  22. I don't know, old fashion cartoon racism doesn't seem as bad as some of the racist stuff now a days!

    Great rhyming as always!

    1. Yeah that is really dumb
      They have shows where n-word this and n-word that comes out their bum
      But this is racism they say?
      Riiight! Prob because it has Disney's name on it for display

  23. Yep, zip a dee do dah's will stay in the head, as do most catchy tunes. I remember all those Uncle Remus stories from when I was a kid. Never heard it was considered racist, but I guess, there's a lot of anal folk out there, who will criticize anything, for the longest time it was the racists ones and now I guess it's once again returned to the atheists and their attempts to dismantle any trace of religion. But, I won't think about any of that, for zip a dee doo dah is not a sad tune, it's one to lift your mood.

    1. Yeah they just make a mountain out of a mole hill
      Trying to pass some dumb bill
      Or do this or that
      Making them as bright as a gnat
      Who friggin cares what they say
      I hope I cause them dismay
      As zip a dee doo dah is fun
      And will be run

  24. Sorry I was AWOL
    the last few days didn't feel so well
    But now I'm smiling once again
    Because of your irreverent pen
    And I'll be back to read that ink
    For I have saved you as a link.

    1. Yeah sick is ick
      Gives me a nervous tick
      One must rest
      To feel their best
      So never fear
      Come when you can to my little rhyming rear

  25. Used to listen to that "record album" when I was a kid.
    Yes, then it turned out to be racist,
    And got rid of it we did.

    You really do make me laugh. Great job with the A to Z!

    1. Got rid of it jut like that
      Geez the PC really ruined the fun at your mat
      Glad I can get a laugh or two
      As that is always fun to do

  26. I had no idea that was racist :X Yes it is quite easy to get stuck in my head lol. It seemed so happy and innocent but racist? wouldn't have thought.

    1. Yeah I had no idea either until I looked it up
      And found out that little hiccup
      Just some PC nut
      Talking out their butt

  27. Nice this was cool almost like a song :)

    1. Considering I ripped one off
      I song it was with a slight rhyming cough

  28. Thanks a lot for getting that stuck in my head! Zippity doo da friggin doo!

    1. Any time
      I'll give you a chime
      To get it stuck in your head
      I like to cause dread

  29. This is better than the song that was playing in my head all day: Video Killed the Radio Star.

    Don't ask! :D

    1. LOL yes it is way better than that one
      I don't want to give that a run

  30. Thanks a lot Pat - now I'm stuck with that!
    I always look forward to your posts - you are quite the gracious host.
    Congrats on making it through - and congrats to the cat for making it too :)

    1. There was never any doubt
      We would not finish the a to z shout
      As the cat blabs each day
      And you're welcome for the song now on display..hahaha

  31. Sorry I didn't make it in today Pat. Hubby's been in a bad way and I was able to get him in on short notice to his neurosurgeon this morning. They're redoing the MRI's on his cervical spine on Wednesday and have ordered some more electrical conduction tests because something changed in the last two weeks. I'll be doing the Challenge post and will be manning the page all day so we can all have fun with this thing.

    I don't really care if I lose, as long as we have fun it'll be good for me.

    1. Life always comes first
      Look after hubby and forget any comment burst
      Fun can be had when there is time
      I will always be here to rhyme
      And yeah win or lose it will be fun
      As you give it a run
      Either way more men and women will show
      I am sure in the future as you give them a go..haha

  32. OK, you did it on purpose, didn't you?
    Hi-Five..... We all did it. A big Z finish. I guess that is why we accomplish because it feels so good when it's over.

    1. Yeah it does feel good to have it done
      But I go daily with my fun
      So not quite the same appeal
      Still a big deal
      And yep did it on purpose at my sea
      Causes such glee..haha

  33. The song won't leave my head. Good thing I like it.

    Congratulations on surviving, and doing a great job with, the challenge. I liked the fun directions you took with all the letters.


    1. haha one that doesn't complain
      About the song at my lane
      And yep it was fun
      Glad you liked the A to Z run

  34. MY, OH MY, WHAT A WONDERFUL D-...Oh... I guess it's bliss then.

  35. What Nathan said. Those were the exact lines that went in my head.

    1. You are in sync
      Does that bring you to the brink?

  36. congrats on finishing the A to Z :)

    that song is so cute ;D

    it's amazing how you can rhyme everything! ;D I once tried it-took me hours to create two lines ;D

    1. haha in hours I could come up with a ton
      To give a run
      They just pop out
      As I give them a shout

  37. i cant help but do the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
    Zip-A-Dee-Ay! when i read this.
    congrats, Pat.

    1. Yep got it in your head too
      haha so fun to do

  38. Thanks for putting the zip in my doo-dah! Sorry we didn't meet until "Y," but you are one heck of a rhyming guy! Julie

    1. Never fear
      A rhyme still comes each day from my little rhyming rear

  39. I love a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-Ay moment every now and then. 'Oh my darling what a wonderful day!' I don't remember where I first heard those words but I like them. Now excuse me while I go and sing away!

    1. haha yeah I don't remember when I first heard them either at my hall
      But I think many can give them a call


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