Gung And Ho Take a Stroll Letting Their Thoughts Roll!

So once more Gung, who is a rather large fellow and smells like dung, and Ho, who is his mini me and has one big toe, walked by the cat, as I was out doing this and that. They saw me and began to talk in rhyme, still discussing their nonsense having a grand old time.

"Ho, you know what is good about that Drazin guy? You know the one who thinks he is from upon high."

"What would that be, Gung? That he somehow just popped a lung?"

"That would be grand too, Ho. But it hasn't happened as far as I know. What is so grand about him, is even though he is dim, you never have to worry about him talking about others. Not kings, presidents, mothers or brothers."

"Why would you say that? He does talk about that cat."

"Ignore the cat and maybe the odd rat. For Drazin is an egotist, Ho. Meaning he is too busy talking about himself to let anything on others flow."

"Wow, Gung. That is a good point. You know what recently got my nose out of joint?"

"What's that, Ho? All of this stupid snow?"

"Nope, it isn't that or that staring cat. Who for some reason is making us rhyme. That should be a crime. Anyway, I went to the bookstore and couldn't find the self help section the other day. I asked where was the self help display. And that bitch told me it would defeat the purpose of self help if she were to help. After that I made her yelp."

"Ho, you didn't do that?"

"Yeah, I rubbed up against her leg like a cat. Before I could do my dog impression she ran away. So I self helped myself to some of the books on display."

"You're just lucky she didn't call a cop."

"But she did and they almost caught me until they had to stop. As those guys have to obey the law and they had to stop as a deer crossing sign they saw."

"I'll ignore your bad grammer, Ho. For I get what you mean with your flow. How do they get the deer to cross at only those signs anyway? Is there some magic thing in them that brings them that way to play?"

"I never thought about that, Gung. Maybe they spray them with deer dung? It works for other animals right? Dogs like to eat it day or night. But the funny part was that is was a turtle that was crossing the street and it had no shell looking rather beat."

"Ho, would that mean the turtle was homeless or naked without its shell? Either way that surely must be some kind of hell."

"Maybe he was half and half or something. Either way it wasn't as bad as that fly that kept buzzing. I finally caught it and ripped off its wings before it got away."

"Well Ho, you know what you did that day?"

"What did I do, Gung?"

"With the wings that you flung. You turned the fly into a walk. Get it? For now all it can do is walk and has no wings for it to buzz about and squawk."

"The is a good one, Gung. Almost made me throw up a lung. Oh wait! I think I heard that at some other date. Could someone really do that? As wouldn't they be dead before coughing it up on the doormat? Meaning they couldn't cough it up to begin with what so ever."

"Ho, now you are being kind of clever. I suppose that could be the case. So that expression just got put in its place."

Would you two shut the hell up already! You are so nuts with the crap you keep saying steady I wish Drazin was here. Maybe he would stuff Ho up Gung's rear. Then the cat would give a cheer.

"Gung, could I really fit up your rear? I think that cat is just trying to cause us fear."

"Ho, you are correct. You couldn't fit even if I stood erect. But I think we better go before that cat tries something and maybe bites off your other big toe. He must not appreciate our rhymes. Let's go visit some mimes."

"Gung, if a mime gets arrested does he have the right to remain silent? Even if the police get violent."

The two continued to flap and run their yap, as they left my view, which was far past due. I hope they run into Drazin or that Tarsier Man nut. Then maybe one of them will break them out of their rut. Either way that was all the sass I could stand as I went past. Next time I'll walk fast or just stay sprawled outside in the grass and roll around wiggling my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Great post with nice rhymes!

  2. Gung is the given name, Ho is the surname, haven't you heard of that!

    Pat Hatt, my blog has a new address and it is on my profile. Muchas gracias amigo :)

    1. Pffft they got split in two
      And will come see the new you

  3. Gung and Ho are a deadly duo haha, awesome rhymes Pat.

    1. Gung and Ho talk to much
      The cat thinks they are insane by more than a touch

  4. That was a fun walk, listening in on conversations and speculations. Shows what can happen when you amble mindlessly about.

    1. Yep just mindlessly taking a stroll
      Can make one lose control

  5. ha a mime always has the right to remain silent, and get stuck in a fox, of the tricky fox lives in a hole, but the smart one not the one of sir ho, for surely you'd lots of KY and pushing and pulling enough to make you cry

    1. Well that pushing and pulling would be mean
      If the crying came on scene
      Then the mime and the fox would die
      And all others could cry

  6. Mimes should be met with violence at all times.

    1. I fully agree
      Yet others might not at my sea

  7. As unsual reliable rhymes by Put.

    (As usual reliable comments by R.)


    1. By put?
      I think you went kaput
      But beats R
      By far..hahaha

    2. Put
      oh...that did it...
      really LMAO big time on that one!
      too, too funny

    3. hahaha slip of the finger for him
      As he tried to type Pat on a whime

  8. Gung and Ho can have their fun
    They appear non-threatening,none
    Tussles with Drazin and Tasier man
    Hopefully they needn't confront
    A nice fun walk you brought us
    We'll join in anytime with no fuss!


    1. Yeah hopefully they avoid those two
      Or bad things could come due
      But other than that
      All they really do is annoy the cat

  9. Rubbed up against her leg, about to do dog impression ?!?!. LOLed at self help comment.
    On more serious note, how many really find salvation by taking the lord as savior or reading the self help books, as far as I had noticed, they become much more repellent and spew more hatred and more judgmental and more condescending with holier than you attitude. I think I prefer pre-salvation-seeker version.
    Maybe next time you should send the self-helpers and the salvation-seekers than Drazin and Tarsier, and save the world from these pests.

    1. hahaha that is very true
      A lot of them I can't even stand in my view
      As they go right to town
      Thinking they have the self help crown
      And Drazin should attack the nut jobs one day
      Hmmm may have to do that at my bay

    2. I found a ton of great advice in self help books after the hand I was dealt and, as you know, I find comfort in prayer....I don't think I'm a pest, am I? =)

    3. LOL no you don't go and preach it in ones face
      Just let it help you at your place
      Big difference there
      As the others say you have to believe because it is oh so rare

    4. =) Dang, I was gonna get all preachy and stuff over

    5. LOL the Drazin would have to come out and play
      He does not leave one having a nice day..haha

  10. I like this line best: if a mime gets arrested does he have the right to remain silent?

    Have a good Sunday to the rhyming crew ~

    Cheers and flying kisses ~

    1. Kisses can fly
      How high?
      That was not known
      I guess the cat spends too much time alone

  11. I'm with Mcap I really liked the dog impression bit

    women always react to it in such a fit

    1. LOL can't really blame them for that
      Unless it was a real dog or cat

  12. methinks me is not liking this Gung and this Ho, although the second one might sound surprising coming from moi :)))

    1. LOL yes it does sound a little surprising indeed
      Especially with everything that comes from your feed

    2. have you noticed how Google's AdSense keeps putting adds for Nudist beaches in Greece and Crete at my site. I've no idea why :)

    3. haha no I have not noticed that
      Surely would have made fun of you at your mat
      No idea why
      Hmmm I'm sure you can find one if you give it a try..haha

  13. LOL I couldn't help but giggle every time I read "HO". The NYer came out in me every time I read that word. hahahahahaha Ok, I'm done now and back to normal.

    Leave the poor mimes alone!!!!! They did NOTHING to you!!!!! They just sit there and don't say a word. Poor little guys getting blasted by the cat all the time :P

    1. hahahahaha the NYer came out
      With my Ho shout
      That is something to keep in mind
      Stored in the brain of my little behind

      The mimes just have it coming
      Their isn't even any humming
      They just make dumb faces that annoy the cat
      So they deserve to get blasted at my mat

    2. LOL You named the poor guy Ho. That wasn't very nice!! hahahaha

      The poor mimes do not have it coming! They didn't ask to be that way. It isn't their fault. Sigh...

    3. LOL - Jax, I thought the same thing - great minds!

    4. LOL Well Gung and Ho together are Gung Ho
      See it just has such a nice flow..haha
      The poor mimes chose to mime
      And to do so is a crime
      So the cat will attack
      And give them flack..haha

      Don't agree
      That isn't allowed at my sea..haha
      Oh wait you have a mind the same as hers you say?
      Hmmmm that might cause dismay..haha

    5. I don't agree.
      I think mimes are creepy.
      The glass wall gig
      will cause a whoopdi frig...
      that one is so stale
      they should go to jail.

    6. The poor mimes don't stand a chance w/ you two...

      and Elsie...I love the way we think :)

    7. hahaha Petsy agrees with me
      That is a rarity
      See even with all at her zoo
      The mimes are scary to view
      So the cat wins
      And the mime sins

      Nyers thinking alike
      Go figure while I take a hike

  14. A man named Gung, who feels put upon
    That he has a famous brother named Don.

    1. He does have one by that name?
      Hmmm must not have much fame

    2. Tis a Hawaiian lad who sings "Tiny Bubbles."
      With the greatest of ease-no troubles.

    3. Ahhhh got you now at my sea
      As Tiny Bubbles has been heard by me

  15. take the wings off of a fly and he's just a walk.
    If you changed the color of an orange
    the name would seem a little strange.
    I tried to come up with another
    but my brain is mush like butter.

    1. haha yeah that would work too
      Not a bad one found by you
      It's a sunday after all
      So brains are allowed to be mush at each hall

  16. I met some girls dressed as Mimes last night who obviously had no idea what a mime was given the noise they generated.

    1. Hmmm maybe they were mimes in training
      Or mimes stop miming when it is raining

  17. Gosh your cats do lead such interesting lives... :)

    1. Yes the cats do seem to get around
      Who knows where next they will be found

  18. Replies
    1. Happy Sunday night
      Glad they weren't a fright

  19. I have to admit, I kinda like Gung and Ho..crazy beasts that they are! I hope we'll see them again!

    1. I'm sure Gung and Ho will come back once more
      As they always seem to bother me at my shore

  20. Cracked me up with Gung and Ho out for a stroll just bantering forth and back with odd comments that do sidetrack and funny jokes that give the ribs a tickling poke. Fun post. Thanks

    1. Yep just a randon walk
      As the two nitwits talk
      And out comes stuff that is rather fun
      And just had to be done

  21. Lol probably a good thing he cant fit in your rear

    1. Yes a good thing indeed
      If so chairs should take heed..haha

  22. Gung and Ho. What a pair! But what's up with picking on mimes? Was that really necessary? LOL.

    1. LOL yes it was needed at my sea
      For mimes are just plain scary

  23. Yes, I have heard the joke about the fly without wings. My seven-year-old shared that with me when he was younger :-)

    1. LOL yeah none there are mine
      Gung and Ho still thought they were divine

  24. Gung Ho..
    words in itself r so enthusiastic and then the Pat cat's rhymes :D
    Awesome combination !!

    1. Yep they were quite the pair
      Here at my lair

  25. I'm still laughing in response to that bit about the self-help book section. Very good! Those books do tend to be tricky to find but I've always resisted asking for help with that one.

    Another well done, silly post.


    1. LOL yeah trying to find them can be rough
      But asking might get you the response tough

  26. Replies
    1. Fun as always at me sea
      As what comes from me


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