I Spin The Table For Today It's All About The Label!

I figured it was time to pull a movie/episode title thing with all the labels I gave a ring. So L if for the LABELS of my blog, in case you are lost in the fog. I went down the list that nice, considerate (rolls eyes) blogger saves for us and don't worry, only a few cuss. Not that any mind with the daily send off for my behind. Now let's see what can be done, as the labels are spun.

Longer than a Twitter tweet,
But Flappy has me beat.
Thankfully with Kelly Brook,
There is an Increase at my nook.

The Zebra Thong might come into play,
Maybe the Wallpaper might fray.
That was some Fake News,
No real Sweet Lust to give you the blues.

Thank your Lucky Charms,
As some Jiggle Jugs might break your arms.
Or Zombies will just have a treat,
Hint! Fruit Loops they do not eat.

Although they can have the Postage Machine,
It makes Error 503 seem serene.
You want some Canadian/American Humor?
Well Whoopdi Friggin' Doo, go shag a baby boomer.

Watch out for Ass Bites though.
Some funky Anagram may flow.
Leaving you a Twisted T,
As you listen to the Rhyme Time Theme at my sea.

The Density of Water escapes me,
Right! It equals Boss Hogg above the knee.
Was that a Slamdunk?
Or do my Rhyme Sayings leave you in a funk?

Did I screw up your Robot Car?
Could always go to a Dogs bar.
But watch of for the Germs.
And remember those Fart Rules worms.

Insults seem to be coming.
Like Asteriods they are humming.
It's the End of The World for all.
What To Do at your hall?

Avoid Toxic States,
Snatch some Squirrels with your mates,
Then go to a Funny Named Town,
And grab a Catwoman gown.

Slap some Bumper Stickers on your rump,
Give off Cat Meows as you jump,
Hail the mighty Zeus,
Watch Drazin ride a moose.

Avoid thin walls best you can,
And join up with that Stretch Armstrong man.
Yap about some Episode Titles of some show,
Then find Saints Row.

Congrats! You slipped past the Cages,
And all the Illegal stages.
While the Bugs watched the world end,
You now can log onto Blogger and hit send.

Look at that? You now have a plan from the cat, with plenty of facts on how to survive world ending acts. Not where I planned to go, as I wanted to hog all those tips at my show. But I guess I can share for I have plenty of other plans at my lair. So the labels have come to pass and now I go off with no labels attached to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Awesome rhymes Pat, great labelling rhymes, is there anything you can't rhyme about?

    1. haha nope
      I can rhyme about this, that or a rotten rope

  2. I'm with Waffles, great bloody stuff as usual.....

    1. Great bloody stuff
      Bloody well said enough..haha

    2. every body
      is saying bloody.
      makes me miss reading your book
      here at my nook!

    3. haha still haven't started five
      And only half way through the once over at my hive
      Life is just getting in the way
      Here at my bay
      Bloody hell
      I need to win the lottery and just write at my cell..haha

  3. Hey! Label is my word too. Great post.

  4. LOL I giggled at the memory of Jiggle Jugs! The poor guy just wanted to be your friend!! Sigh...

    and, please people, don't put bumper stickers on your rear end. It's unnecessary!!!! The cat has some awful ideas. lol

    1. The poor guy's leg outweighed me
      And he wanted to preach causing me to flee
      So I had to run really fast
      Making that awful memory a thing of the past
      My only walmart mishap up here
      No more has come to my little rhyming rear..haha

      LMAO but it would be fun
      Could make all run
      As you walk out into the sun
      And they try and get the clever pun..haha
      You say awful ideas are had my the cat?
      Pffffft yours are too crazy to even repeat at my mat. lol

      Don't egg her on
      Go out in work on those gardens in your lawn
      The cat left some fertilizer for you to use too
      Don't ever say the cat never did anything for you..haha

    2. LOL I told you, stay away from Walmart. The shoppers there are CRAZY. How's that for a label??? LOL!!!! Need I show you the cracks again?

      I refuse to believe that there are people in the world that would resort to labeling their behind. Your such a silly cat sometimes! Then again, there are girls walking around with things like "JUICY" and "BEBE" transcribed across their ass. Sigh...

      and don't be mean to Anne just b/c she clearly sided with the right person ;)

    3. LOL yes but Walmarts up here aren't that scary though
      Maybe he came from your NY show
      That is why there was only one scary guy
      He was an american, it figures, sigh..hahaha

      Hmmmm you might want to look once more
      As there are tramp stamps galore
      Right above the behind
      That say plenty of things to those with a dirty mind
      And yeah the juicy ones too
      Think they look at them in the mirror when they go to the loo???..lmao

      The cat isn't mean
      He was quite clean
      Just left her some fertilizer for that garden out back
      When he snuck down and visited her shack..hahaha

  5. I never heard of Kelly Brook but I see she does great photos and poses

    She seems as sweet as roses

    1. Yes that she does
      And I like to look just because

    2. Same here, Adam. The only Kelly I know is Kelly LeBrock, but she''s my ex now.

    3. Well give her pic a look
      And then you can thank my noo

  6. Well Whoopdi Friggin' Doo
    you're covered in poo.
    You're rhyming ass
    is full of sass
    and your demise
    will come to pass.

    The Irish/Serbian Gossip Alliance sends it's regards!!

    1. Annzie, did you hear that the cat sent me a Pringles can filled with his poo for my B-day yesterday? It's an intergalactic scandal. Vaporise him immediately!

    2. See all like the whoopdi friggin doo
      Has a nice ring to it too
      The cat has a poo shield all ready for any strat
      So the only demise will come when the cat squashes your alliance flat
      Just wait until you see what I have coming to pass
      In a post the will come soon from my little rhyming ass..LOL

      Dez you know it was the best gift ever
      As you like your poop endeavor.

    3. Dez, was it really your birthday yesterday
      well, happy, happy, happy day! :)

    4. it was and thanks :) The cat didn't tell you because he didn't want you to have fun at our party :(

    5. there was a party? and I wasn't invited?
      I even looked on your blog and couldn't find it!
      aww...you didn't want the goddess there?
      too much royalty in one room?

    6. Dez never announced it
      Not one bit
      I guess he thought all were suppose to be mind readers or something like that
      Plus he prob didn't want to share the pringle can present given to him by the cat

    7. well, if it was just for you and Dez
      I guess that's all that needs to be said.
      Don't need to know any more
      but Anne might throw a fit galore!

    8. Pffft the cat can't afford to go over there
      And would never leave his lair
      For that alliance is already over
      The cat just sent over a butt sniffing rover

    9. You bad cat
      why did you do that.
      Pringles and
      your jingles
      filled with poo
      from your own loo
      just don't do
      for a birthday.

    10. But it was a gift
      So one shouldn't rift
      It was wrapped all nice and neat
      And it could have been a pringle treat
      Might not have been poo
      That could be true

    11. What's wrong with you people? You're always talking about poo. We need to add a bit of variation to the mix: crap, defecation, discharge, dung, excrement, excretion, fecal matter, feces, feculence, flux, manure, number two, shit, stool, waste. Amen.

    12. LMAO don't blame me
      It is always brought up by those two at my sea
      And Brian too
      But he just does it once for view
      These two like their poo
      Sad but true
      You forgot strat
      But that is a made up word in the book of Pat..haha

    13. "poo" is the term we polite people use, Pat, stop this Blue person from saying these nasty words above... or wash his mouth with some soap :)

  7. Well, woopdi friggin doo... that is YOUR buzzword. Definitely. This is pure genius and you can whip out one each day. Well, woopdi friggin doo.You begin my day.

    1. Yes that is my buzzword I go to each time
      I need a fun little chime
      I whip it out every day
      Oh that sounded so dirty I must say..hahaha

  8. Ditto on what Waffles said. I'd love to follow you around at work and see if you rhyme during your day too. :D

    1. haha nope I can turn it off
      So my rhymes don't make others scoff
      Like a light switch for me
      Can rhyme or not rhyme at my sea

  9. Wow, your labels are so much more interesting than mine.
    Let's see...within reach I have to chime...
    "Hypoallergenic, with convenient flip-top cap"
    "Removes tough spots and film" and all that crap,
    and "store this product in a cool place"
    with "not intended to use around eyes or on the face"
    lol...well, that last one I made up
    so I could rhyme better than a pup.

    1. LOL you mean you made that last one up
      I thought you were talking about your hiccup
      With the ant spray
      And the numb tongue on display
      Either way
      It would surely apply to that day..hahaha
      And yes would not want you as bad as a pup
      You'd surely need more coffee then in your cup

    2. haha...no, that simply would have said
      "shut your mouth while spraying!"
      "do not inhale"
      "accidental numb tongue will prevail!"

    3. haha all wise words too
      A lot can be learned from the mistakes at your zoo
      And a lot of fun can be had as well
      For that can will always bring that back up ringing the numb tongue bell..haha

    4. yes, feel free to use
      and abuse!
      I have to admit,
      although it made me throw a fit,
      that it is quite funny
      that my tongue went numby.

    5. LOL yeah everything is more funny when done
      And as long as one can have fun
      But at the time maybe not so much
      Especially when it is numb to the touch

  10. it's beyond me how you had the strength to push so many capital letters into those rhymes :) Your fingers must hurt now :)

    1. The capitals were for each label word
      Just so one would not get confused like a bird
      I was trying to help
      And my little finger does hurt, ummm yelp!

    2. Me would feel bad for you if I could. But I can't. You sent my love a can of Pringles filled with poo for his birthday. This isn't over cat, not by a long shot.

    3. LOL I never said it had poo in it for sure though
      He never opened it so we will never know

    4. yep, I've never opened it, me is not stupid, I gave it to the gypsies who will throw a curse on him when they discover the surprise.

    5. Pfft they'll like the surprise
      As they will find the cat wise
      They could use it for their magic spell
      The next time they want to send someone to hell

  11. Logging into Blogger and hitting send isn't as easy sometimes as it used to be. LOL.

    Sometimes labels are just fables in short form.
    And we all begin to question what is the norm.

    1. That it is not
      Sometimes it takes a whole lot
      Others it works just fine
      Blogger is truly not divine
      Yeah that is very true
      We just have to see what happens when they come into view

  12. how many stickers would it take to ....um, i better stop before you think i am talking about you or you, and then you'd boo hoo and might wear the zebra thong, and break into song and that would be the end of the world or maybe just this comment...smiles.

    1. hahaha the cat would never boo hoo
      Although a zebra dancing and singing coming into view
      Would scare me quite a bit
      And would not be a hit
      As the world surely would end
      And many I would offend..haha

    2. yeah, the only thing worse than a zebra thong
      is if it was accompanied by a song.

    3. LMAO I will agree
      As that would make all flee

    4. yes, I'm laughing at just the thought
      to do it I'm sure you can't be bought!
      The combination I'm talking about
      but neither would you do on any account!

    5. what? what? Betsy, you saw Pat's zebra thongs? I'm all ears, share the gossip, sister :)

    6. Hmmm for the right amount of dough
      I can be bought with most anything at my show
      Somethings just take way more than other things
      Like Zebra thing dancing in my wings..haha

      Gossip isn't to be had
      For all already saw it on this lad

    7. Thong, not thongs. Dez. you can only wear one. lol.
      And yes, I've seen but so has the whole blogging company.
      Pat got it for Christmas and on his blog did model it.
      Sorry you missed that one
      but no dancing or singing came due.

    8. haha I'm not so sure about that
      I'm sure two could be worn at ones mat
      Maybe not the right way
      But still they could be put on display..haha

    9. I missed Pat wearing a thong???? I will shoot meself right know and cry me to sleep if the bullet doesn't do the job.... Would he show it to me? It was my B-day two days ago, me deserves it ;)

    10. Pfft one time only deal
      On this blog reel
      Will never come due was more
      At least not for display at my shore..haha

    11. but me wants it, me needs it :)

    12. me out of luck
      me already dropped that puck

  13. No I won't give you blues
    but instead you a coffee from timmy's
    with a bagel and cream to boot
    as you ryhme and blow us all away ~

    Happy Friday Pat ~

    1. Never tried any of those
      But surely wouldn't bring the cat woes
      As he'll eat anything and more
      At his shore..haha

  14. Lots of labels and things I didnt know. I need to get to know those, thank you Patt, you always make me learn something.

    1. Rhyming and teaching at my sea
      That is something I never expected to occur at bush number three
      Glad I can help too
      Bringing things that are new

  15. I think your blog is the most epic thing I've ever seen...


    1. Epic thing you have ever seen
      While the surely lights up my screen

  16. This tops my Friday: to be included in a Pat Rhyme a sentence behind what may be the greatest tv portrayal of a Southern politician in history, yes Boss Hog.

    Ha, enjoy your weekend Pat.

    1. LOL oh yeah you can't top Boss Hogg
      And Rosco with that dog..haha
      Tops your Friay already
      I hope the rest of your day doesn't decline steady..haha

  17. I'm going to go wash my brain in bleach now. Those were some unpleasant images.... ._.

    1. LMAO the bleach is bad for you
      Avoid it and just scrub with lysol as you'll still have 0.01% of your view

  18. Replies
    1. Great one at my sea
      Doubled at bush number three

  19. >You now can log onto Blogger and hit send.

    This is one of those sentences that every blogger should have written on his head xD

    Thanks, Pat!

    1. hahaha yeah that they should have it there
      Maybe even backwards so they can read if in the mirror at their lair

  20. Hopefully world ending tactics won't be needed in my lifetime. =D

    1. Yeah I hope for the same
      As none of that would be tame

  21. Whoopdi friggin doo.. you have an increase at your nook. Lucky old YOU!

    1. Stealing my phrase too
      Well a whoopdi friggin doo to you..haha

  22. Cool plan, love the referencing. From zeus to twisted t, and all the other views to see, saving the world for endgame shame. L is for labels, yes it is, had figured it would be, after all you did the litter one yesterday, with that 12 cat feed. nice job. Thanks

    1. Yeah the litter one was all done
      And didn't want to give actual litter a run
      So out this came
      And tomorrow you can surely guess what will come from the M game..haha

  23. the Zebra Thong keeps playing in my mind !

    1. LOL yeah that will never go away
      Since it was here on display

  24. That's me sorted for the apocalypse.

  25. Zombies don't like Froot Loops? No way!

    1. Zombies like fruit loops inside someone
      Then they'll eat a ton..haha

  26. you had me at "Kelly Brook" =)


    1. haha I figured that
      As saw her first at your mat

  27. Nice little recap... I like how our blogger labels tells a story of all our posts. I know how you feel though, I have hundreds and hundreds of labels that pop up when I try to categorize my posts -_-

    1. Yeah they keep popping up and won't let you use the one you want sometimes
      Such blogger crimes
      Although quite the story can be told
      From all the labels in ones fold

  28. I noticed R's comments are getting longer and longer - wow hehehe - Just teasing R

    So, yeah, um, you couldn't think of anything else for "L"...anything else at all???? Really??? Just saying... LOL

    1. LOL yeah they are getting so long
      Something must be wrong..haha

      What else could there be for L?
      I had nothing else to ring the L bell
      I wonder what that L person would use
      All these L's just confuse

    2. ha ha ha!! You're lucky Dezzie inspired me to change my name from an initial to Elsie - his penguins may get you still....

    3. Wow shows what I know
      I didn't even see you change your name until you told me in the comments below..haha

  29. "Zebra thong"...I have to wipe that image out of my brain!

    1. LOL that image will always be there
      Although it is quite the scare..haha

  30. I'm still thinking of the zebra thong too!
    What can I say but hooray for you? ;)

    1. LOL think away
      As it will prob never again go on display..haha

  31. You're always screwing up my robot car. And I thought zombies liked fruit loops. Do they like zebra thongs?

    1. Hmmmm they may just like a zebra thong
      But for a reason that is just oh so wrong

  32. I cant get the image of the zebra thong out of my head. And am I to assume this thong was on a cat since the cat was admiring it?

    1. LOL no sadly it was on Pat
      Was shown a while back at our mat..haha

  33. That Zebra thong was such a hit
    that all the grassland knew it.
    But, lions weren't impressed by it.
    They'd rather eat than screw it.

    1. LOL oh that would hurt
      The zebra better not flirt
      Or snip snip goes Pat
      Like the cat..haha

  34. Pat Hatt
    rhymed his cat
    made it wear a zebra thong
    and that
    is where it's at
    to make a short story long

    1. LOL actually Pat wore the zebra thong
      But either way is oh so wrong

  35. I'll join the Armstrong man if he doesn't mind i'm his fan or steal my van.

    1. Don't steal your own van
      That might earn you a ban


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