A Little Light Play Today At My Bay!

So for N the cat had these in his head causing him dread and they had to come out, needing a nursery rhyme shout. Now here we go on a rhyming run with a nursery rhyme tale or two being spun.

Corny Thorny went to the store,
Corny Thorny got stuck in the door.
Round and Round he went,
Finally landing on the cement.
When the car came Corny Thorny was no more.

Large Lanky Lass was in a mess,
Trying to straighten her dress.
Short Fat Lad,
Thought it was rad
Considering it third base progress.

Maroon Balloon needed air,
Snarky Shark wanted hair,
With one blow
Hair started to grow
Now they are quite the pair.

Flippery Flappery Flappers
Like to run their yappers.
Peppy Popping Pippers
Like to run with clippers.
Give the two some wrappers,
You get Flippery Popping Flappers.

Over there lies a pond, big, bright and blue.
The chicks all float two by two.
The fish all jump howling at the moon.
It's just another day at the mating saloon.

Striped circles cross eyes,
Square stripes tell lies.
Round sails sort both,
But with a single oath.
Striped squares and circled stripes turn wise.

Lucky Little Lemur stood ontop a steamer
Reaching for the sky,
His course was set until he became wet,
Finally learning he couldn't fly.

A blabber, a gawker and an ass,
All meet at an impasse.
The blabber squawks,
The gawker finds a fox,
Who's chasing hawks,
With no socks,
And what of the ass?
The chaos was caused by his gas.

Suck it once more mother goose, you have nothing on my rhyming caboose. For I can thrill while you have people falling down a hill. But I will give you no more sass as you already know such a thing about my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Awesome rhymes as per usual Pat, I love your take on nursery rhyming, it seems to suit your skills as well.

    1. Nursery rhyming to the extreme
      As the rhyming is still in full steam

  2. I like your nursery rhymes better than the Goose's.

    1. That works for me
      Although the poor goose my not have so much glee

  3. Poor Mother Goose
    I saw her going for a noose
    She can't stand to lose
    To your rhyming caboose.

    And don't even get me started
    On the great Dr. Suess
    He's going to see Dr. Phil.

    1. haha Dr. Phil
      Oh that isn't a thrill
      Well both stink
      On being dead and the other a fink

  4. Poor Corny Thorny and Lucky Little Lemur were not so lucky. They gotta eat their Lucky Charms for breakfast and then all is possible.

    1. Yeah those lucky charms do it every time
      You'd think more would know about such a chime

  5. Great limericks for the few openers
    Those rhymes following a good display
    Nursery rhyming is serious business
    And this is light play did you say?


    1. Glad it was quite the display
      As I did my light play
      For this was an easy day
      Here at my bay

  6. Brilliant, the Goose can go interfere with a Moose!

    1. I hope the moose doesn't eat her up
      That would be quite the hiccup

  7. My favorite flIppery,flabbery,flappers one. Good one as usual

    1. Say that three time fast
      It is quite the f cast

  8. LMAO Um, I'm not sure if this is something I would read to my little cheese, but entertaining none the less. I can't imagine having to explain an ass with gas that caused a blabber and a gawker to go crazy. hahahaha Adult Nursery Rhymes. hahahaha At least you got me to laugh in morning :)

    P.S. How did a balloon blow hair on top of a sharks head? Just curious! lol

    1. LMAO oh having to explain such a thing
      Would surely be quite the ring
      Maybe you can change ass to stinky bum
      And then use the nursery rhymes I hum
      But yeah more for adults at my sea
      Glad I can bring glee
      Hopefully with no Japanese around though
      As they already think you're crazy enough at your work show..haha

      It was full of placenta as it blew the air out
      And with it's magic powers and air type shout
      Poof he now had hair
      And swam around with such flair
      That work for you?
      I swear it is true..haha

    2. LOL I don't believe your placenta story. Would you lie to me????? Hmmm...hahahaha

      and no, I commented on your page instead of going to work. So the Japanese didn't hear me laugh, but I was 10 minutes. See what that cat does?! lol

    3. LMAO you? never
      You would spot my lying endeavor
      Unless I'm too clever
      But never ever..haha

      You were 10 minutes I take it late
      hahahaha I love getting blamed for your fate

    4. hahahaha Why do I feel like you're lying about lying??? hahahaha

      and of course it's everyone else's fault except for mine. Isn't that you how said women do things??? LOL

    5. hahaha geez I can't win when I lie
      I can win when I'm a truthful guy
      And now you won't let me live that down
      LOL fine you win take the crown...LMAO

  9. why is it i find it hard to believe i could read these nursery rhymes to my boys without commiting crimes, now where did that fox go, sorry for getting distracted at your show, funny for sure whst i find at your shore, and i will come back tomorrow for more...

    1. LOL yeah that would prob be a tough one to swallow
      So your gut I would follow
      A little distraction doesn't bother me
      As I always go off on a tangent at any sea
      And yeah you always come back
      On a gawer attack to my shack..haha

  10. Replies
    1. An excellent and a bravo
      That works don't you know

    2. traditional R comment xDDD

    3. Tradition can't be broke
      R might choke

    4. I think you should do a rhyme just for R. Just to see what his comment is! It would be a short rhyme too.

    5. LOL ummm the whole post would say
      On display

      Nice pass
      From my little rhyming ass

      What fun

  11. you just can't let got of that fantasy of me on the cement and you in a car, now can you, Cat?

    1. Well it would be a good sight
      And the alliance would be crushed that night
      In more ways than one
      If the cat could only get the damn car to run

    2. We have no choice but to get you first now cat. Do you like the taste of anti-freeze?

    3. Pffft penguin man waddles about to much
      The cat you could not touch
      He'd be way way out of view
      Before you two had a clue

  12. The cat, he wrote a rhyme
    although it was no crime
    the stuffy poets were green with envy
    and themselves did they pity
    they locked him in a box
    and secured a ton of locks.

    But with his smarts he did break free
    he didn't even need a key
    And now he taunts them all the more
    with stories and crazy rhymes galore.


    1. what? What? Petsy, the cat doesn't need a key to your chambers? You leave them open for him? Pray, do tell us more, me is all ear :)

    2. That sounds swell
      As you ring the story bell
      And even better because it is true
      I guess you saw it in the brain trip that came due
      Such a cheater spouting out the secrets of the cat
      But works for me at my mat

      Dez seems to be all ear
      That might look strange I fear
      No eyes or nose
      I wonder if he has any toes

    3. Just an ear
      not even a pair
      hope it has toes
      or flopping along it goes.

    4. an Elven ear, mind you, counts as two human ones!

    5. LOL a flopping Elven ear
      That would surely strike panic and fear

    6. Elven ears are not floppy, silly, but pointed, so that they could poke you in the bum with them :)

    7. So it doesn't flop?
      then without feet, does it hop?
      or maybe just roll?
      sounds like it belongs on a troll.

    8. Poke me in the bum
      Well then I'll give a hum
      And a bush
      And the ear will be full of poo from my tush

      I guess it could roll
      Maybe limp a bit as it takes a stroll
      Poor old ear
      If only feet were near

    9. oh dear and think of the blisters on the lobe
      from limping along the open road
      wishing that it had a shoe
      as it stumbles along saying boo-hoo.

    10. Cat, you have a bush on your tush? Pray do tell us more, I'm strangely amused :)

    11. LOL it wil have to get a shoe custom made
      So it's hearing will not fade
      As the ear trots along
      Like a ding dong

      I meant push for that one
      It was upside down as I gave it a run

  13. All the mad characters and sounds in this scene. Flap, flop, pop, fart. LOL! :D

    1. haha quite the flip flop pop
      Here at my shop
      And a fart too
      Maybe one needs to use the loo..haha

  14. Mother Goose can suck it. She's got nothing on this. Nor do we, come to think of it, since our post today was devoted to rhyming. We'll just leave that to you, k? Because this is sheer brilliance the likes of which neither of us can touch:

    Flippery Flappery Flappers
    Like to run their yappers.
    Peppy Popping Pippers
    Like to run with clippers.
    Give the two some wrappers,
    You get Flippery Popping Flappers.

    1. Well at least you admit
      That your rhyming fit
      Could not touch the cat
      He will not knock you off the wall for that
      At least to hard
      You'll land in a cushy yard..haha

  15. Mother Goose is over-rated

    her rhymes are deflated

    1. Glad you agree
      With the opinion of bush number three

  16. Whoopdi freakin doo.... I hope one knows that one must never, ever, never chase hawks without wearing socks. In the social world of hawks it is a big, no no. ,.... LOLOL You've got me a crazy assed as you are !~!

    1. LMAO using my saying and being crazy at my sea
      Yep you have surely become almost as crazy as me...haha
      Take a bow
      You will survive some how..haha

  17. Replies
    1. Glad it was fun
      As the nursery rhymes were spun

  18. I specially like Flippery Flappery Flappers
    Mother Goose would be flipping and flying
    at your chaos rhyming ass :-)

    1. Yes she would try and bite me
      That would not cause glee
      Then I would run her down
      And make her frown

  19. As I lay in pain upon my couch
    I laughed so hard, I cried out "ouch"
    For when you dissed Ms. Mother Goose
    I had to let the giggles loose!

    1. Sorry to ake your migraine worse
      But ouch beats a curse
      Unless you were being nice
      And didn't want to say your spice..haha

    2. I try not to use bad words at your shore
      and being polite, going against my NY core.
      I don't want you coming round my place with soap
      to wash my mouth out, I'd feel like a dope

    3. LOL being polite just for me
      Even when I'm not at my sea
      Oh how nice of you
      So no soap will come due
      Well maybe I'd just throw it at your fake eye
      Since it is fake no one will cry..haha

    4. Is that a challenge to show my true pupil?
      To shed my fear of stalkers' scruple?

    5. Lambast away
      have fun at his bay
      for cat can
      take a joke
      and fun he likes to poke.

    6. A challenge from the cat
      After tomorrow you may want to do just that
      As like Betsy, Anne and Dez at my sea
      You might get a poked fun of by the kitty..LOL
      Shed your fear though
      As stalkers come and go
      Had one at my sea
      And Drazin made her flee..haha

      Yeah go ahead and have you say
      That cat can take and return it at his bay

  20. Considered it third base, made me laugh out loud.
    A new variation of the old nursery rhymes, which were pretty grim to begin with.

    1. hahaha yeah many are very grim
      When you think about them for more than a whim
      But I guess that is how it goes
      As something in there has to cause woes

  21. So much going on at your bay
    What else can I say?

  22. This one was very Dr. Seuss cat. It took me back to the days when I read him over and over to my daughter. My brain was spinning at the end of this one.

    1. The cat can top Dr. Seuss
      With his rhyming caboose
      And even mimic him too
      Sorry for the brain spin given to you
      Or umm not
      Did it hurt a lot?.hahahaha

  23. I really enjoyed this one but it did race around in my head lol
    Nice to read and i am now following love it if you would come to visit me at www.jollyjillys.blogspot.com

    1. Race around your head
      Oh the dread
      And the cat will come and sea
      Your blog tree

  24. Oh my God, did the cat just eat mother goose? Very fun nursery time, can't believe old flappy even infiltrated the nursery rhyme time game, even in an abstract way. Definitely got some good laughs with the post that's brought to us by the letter n.

    1. Yeah I even gave old Flappy a sort shout out with that one
      As I went on the nursery run
      Did you see that feather sticking out of my mouth?
      Oops now she is kind heading south..haha

  25. Your rhymes always have the most vivid visuals. Square stripes and striped circles are in my head now!

    1. hahaha I hope they don't stay there
      That might not be a fun affair

  26. The Golden Eagle stole my comment LOL! That's exactly what I wanted to write :0) Vivid visuals--the mark of an excellent writer :)

    1. haha comment stealers are all around
      Even at my ground
      Excellent you say
      The cat likes hearing that at his bay

  27. Thats extreem rhyming!

    Experience spring, have a fling? Dang, being in a relationship is wrecking my spring!!

    1. Well at least you have summer, winter and fall
      So skip the spring fling call

  28. Your nursery rhymes aren't just for tots
    Seems many readers love your plots
    Keep writing these enjoyable scenes
    But stay away from pork and beans!

    1. Oh that will surely come to pass
      As I don't want to toot out my little rhyming ass

  29. LOL, Pat you're a hoot! And thanks for commenting on my poem this week, above and beyond the call.

    1. haha fun to be a hoot
      Beats being a brute
      And no problem at all
      Fun to visit your hall

  30. That's quite a rhyme (and a tongue twister) . Mother Goose would be proud of you!

    1. Mother goose would be proud
      Might be jealous too since I draw a crowd

  31. Pat trumps Mother Goose indeed. I am no poet, but I think you include some (ok lots) of alliterations.

    1. haha just a few
      Had to put some in there so no one would get blue

  32. LOL. Awesome nursery rhymr tongue twisters. I can't believe you told mother goose to suck it though. Did she slap you yet? :P

    1. She tried to bite my feet
      Thinking my tail was also a tasty treat


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