Once More Here We Go With My Favorite Type Of Flow!

So today is M at my bay. Does anyone even want to pretend they could not see what was coming today? I guess to those who have not been around long they may not have guessed I would go all MOVIE today at my lawn. But for the rest you surely know I can pass the movie test.

This was not a boating accident under the sun.
For there can be only one.
So let's go 88 miles per hour and see some serious shit.
For the same albino jackrabbit sob that did Hunsacker did it.

Do you feel lucky punk?
As we go about the movie funk.
For Rambo had a thing for a Beverly Hills Cop,
Those Aliens and Tootsie made him stop.

The Librarian fought some Mighty Ducks,
At Wayne's World over some hockey pucks.
12 Monkeys got in the way.
Eating American Pie all day.

Making Mad Max well mad,
Becoming a Lethal Weapon and hurting them bad.
Wait! Wouldn't that be Altered States?
Either way you Must Love Dogs to get dates.

Which can lead to a Due Date,
Or give you a Misery type fate.
In which case Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot,
May be needed to take down that Raging Bull brute.

Unless you're too busy Romancing the Stone.
I so hope Mr. Destiny did that alone.
If it was Saw,
The Shaggy Dog might not shake your paw.

Or you could be shunned by a Hudson Hawk.
Hiding Out from some strangers gawk.
That Hobo With A Shotgun is scary.
Juwanna Man isn't really that hairy.

A Lottery Ticket would be nice,
That Major League win would get me lots of mice.
Until the Men in Black came after me.
But the Bad Boys would make them flee.

Nancy Drew, can that come due?
Do you have a Clue?
Nothing to Lose by asking Passenger 57,
Unless there is a Short Circuit and you go to heaven.

Johny Five would still be alive,
While through a Sister Act Simone took a nose dive.
I guess the Police Academy needs to shape up,
My Fellow Americans do you like coffee in your cup?

Are you trying to Mimic me?
Better luck being a Mannequin at your sea.
And eww don't Lean On Me,
Kiss The Girls and leave me be.

Howard The Duck said so,
Feel the Heat and go.
Or I'll Grease up your hair,
Making you and Flubber the perfect pair.

Could bring about the Dawn of the Dead,
Now City Slickers don't worry your pretty little head.
And have some Breakdown,
For Braveheart will save your town.

I know Blabber that is a Big no no,
But After the Sunset it can show.
Even if you still want it to Die Hard,
On some Galaxy Quest across the yard.

But give it to Good Luck Chuck,
With a Good Night and Good Luck.
Should go off without a Hitch,
I Love Trouble and have scratched my movie itch.

Those just flow out with ease. I could do so many one would wish for fleas on their knees just to shut me up at my bay and make me move on from such a display. I'll give movie sass to one and all so suck it up buttercup at my hall. Now don't get bent or call Harvey Dent. I do not want any two faced sass and that's all the movie out of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. These are awesome rhymes Pat, I'm in pretty huge awe of how many films you know. I know I know half of these references, maybe less, this is awesome.

    1. Yep tons of movies come from me
      As I have many in my head to let loose at my sea

  2. Movies come
    and movies go
    put the cat
    can always flow.
    From here
    to there
    from anywhere
    from A-Z
    he goes
    a hippity-hop
    a be-bop bop
    and crap
    I've lost the rhyme.

    1. you didn't lose it, dahling, it slipped on a poop the cat left in the hall while you were lurking around his house on a mission for the Alliance.

    2. LOL well it was stil good none the less
      And I will confess
      There is no poo in the hall
      Like your little buddy gave a call
      It is just a hairball
      I hope you didn't fall

      Lurking around my house you say
      I hope she left in dismay..haha

    3. I ran away in horror as you were dancing around wearing only that leopard thong. I do have pictures though and I'm selling them on EBay right now. The money raised will go into funding the Alliance in it's next effort to pooify you.

    4. The leopard and the zebra have to be worn equally at my sea
      If not they will fight and not let each other be
      You better send a cut my way too
      Or I will sue!

    5. Annzie, was the thong stuffed from up front?
      The cat did brag about having a hairy white bum, but never said anything about his leopard print hidden apparatus :)

    6. Too much information for her to share
      And she should not have been creeping about my lair..haha

    7. It's all in the photo's and under lock and key Dez. You can sue, but it won't do any good because while you were asleep, I gassed you and you signed a waiver form giving me unlimited rights to the "creative property"

    8. Yes but you just admitted to using a substance on me
      So that waiver won't stand up in court and I still win at me sea!

  3. Don't get me started about Howard The Duck!
    To funny. A co-worker brought up that damn movie today, and wouldn't shut up about it.
    Good post

    1. Howard the duck
      What a cluster umm cluck
      That movie was pretty bad
      More than a tad..haha

  4. I miss Johnny five

    I hope theres nothing wrong with his disk drive

    1. There will be a remake soon
      Thanks to some stupid ass loon

  5. Rhyming about movie titles
    reminding me of some with sub-titles
    making my eyes pinched following
    conversations, interrupting flow
    while dipping into popcorn and pop ~

    Happy Saturday Pat ~

    1. There you go
      And best of all my show
      Is free
      And doesn't make you flee
      At least usually
      Unless there is a killer bee

  6. Replies
    1. I got love from you
      Awww how nice dear for you to do

    2. A thanks as well
      Aren't you being nice today at my cell

    3. what you want to " sell"?? (say)

    4. Cell is different than sell
      Confusing I can tell

    5. I know silly only tell you cause rhytm ha!

    6. haha that works too
      At my zoo

  7. oh, Cat, if RAMBO is a synonym for a movie to you than you probably think BUFFY is an Emmy worthy show and DARK KNIGHT an Oscar worthy film :)
    Just teasing you, off course, you know you're my fave cat for some teasing...

    1. LOL Buffy is an Emmy worthy show
      I mean with Mr. Pointy and Once More With Feeling all aglow
      How can you disagree
      Plus she surely works for me
      Dark Knight oscar worthy film though
      Ummm maybe when compared to that Batman & Robin show
      But then not much isn't oscar worthy compared to that
      Even Critters 4 can trumph that bat
      And tease away
      The cat can take anything at his bay
      Besides on Tuesday you, Anne and Betsy will get your fill
      When I give you a nice little retort at my hill
      But shhhh not supposed to tell
      You may damn me to hell..hahaha

    2. ah, the Unholy Prada Wearing Pope is already throwing an anathema on you :)

    3. He wants to banish me
      Pffft let him try and do such a thing at my sea

    4. being banished by the ebil Pope could actually be a good thing, Pat, we could start our own religion far away from his exorcism, you know how it went last time he tried to exorcise the devil out of you :)

    5. The last time he failed with all his might
      He could not get any devil out of sight
      Maybe because he is a nut and I'm just a cat
      But being far away would work for Pat

    6. I can't wait for Tuesday then. A public flogging is always good for business.

      @Dez the last time he exorcised the cat all the demons ran into some little piggies and they threw themselves of the edge of a cliff. Now the cat has the death of a whole herd of sweet little piggies on his evil head.

    7. Shhh don't tell the minion that
      She might get mad at the cat
      And yes Tuesday should be fun
      I just have to get part of it done..haha

    8. You just said it in your rhyme cat. What happened did you slip on some poo and bump your head and forget?

    9. flogging is good for business LOL :))) Annzie, you utter looney :)

    10. I guess it has just been one of those days here at my sea
      Wish it would soon flee

      Yeah utter looney indeed
      I will agree with that at my feed

    11. It is good for business. Both the blog kind and the other kind. People love a good flogging!

    12. Well that will come due
      I promise you

  8. I didn't see Hunger Games on your list
    I'd guess the actors would be royally pissed
    though they are laughing on their way to the bank
    so many rabid movie fans they have to thank.

    1. i even dropped you a movie ref today at my place, so ha in your face, ok so you got a hundred more or so, i like a few or some movies bad enough to be called a bum...

    2. Bah that movie can stay off the list at my sea
      As can many
      For the new ones tend to suck a ton
      Even if some old ones I gave a run
      Tend to suck too
      They are better than most new ones out there to view

    3. ONE whole movie reference at your place
      Wow you are sure dropping them at a steady pace
      Now do one with 50 in it
      And you'll be quite the hit
      To the cat at least
      With a movie feast..haha

  9. very cool... i recognized quite some of them though most def. not all as for some movies i only know the german title...ha...and smiling at mary's hunger games comment which at the moment is my daughter's no. 1 movie..

    1. Yeah I suppose the german title would confuse
      As they use it in the news
      And Hunger games as well
      Geez all is going to hell..haha

  10. I recognised some of the titles, I guess.... was never really into movies.

    1. To each their own
      As I have many movies and can go at them alone

  11. LMAO Aww I eeped at the Rdow movies!!! Woohoo!!! I thought that Due Date was great!!!

    Fleas on knees?? For the love of god!!! What did I do now?! lol And suck it up buttercup??? Hmph!

    1. P.S. Braveheart? Braveheart?!?!?!?! Ug. Down with the Wallace's. All of them!!! hahahahaha

    2. LOL getting more eeps at my sea
      That surely works for me
      Hope you didn't get too scratchy on your knees
      That would not please
      Due Date was fun
      But not as good as Midnight Run
      LOL did I steal that phrase from you?
      Hmmm what is a cat to do

      LMAO I had to stick that in there
      As I know it's a favorite at your lair
      Until the hanging part
      Then that just breaks your little heart..hahaha

    3. I actually had to look up 'eep' in the urban dictionary. lol. My first reaction was that someone vomitted. Now I know better. hahahaha.

    4. LMAO I knew what it was from the get go
      But I can't blame you for needing to know
      As the eep scares me
      I try to avoid them at my sea..haha

    5. Eep is in the Urban Dictionary? Oh my!! Excuse me while I look up the real meaning. Hopefully it isn't a lying cat...hahahaha

    6. LOL no no there is no lying cat meaning to it
      That would cause me a fit
      And yep eep is there
      As I also just had a look at my lair

    7. Urban dictionary hit it right on the head!! But why do they specify "girl"? I've heard of some men that have involuntarily eeped! LMAO

    8. LOL shhhhhh you don't need to spread that around
      It is such an awful sound..hahaha

    9. haha...look what I made you two do!
      Look up an urban word, too!
      I still say that it's more like a squeal or squeak
      do you really say it ending with a P?

    10. LMAO I'll let her take that one
      As eeping and Pat just is not done..haha

  12. Now that was some darn good Dirty Dancing!
    You went all Foot Loose
    on your movie caboose!

    1. My movie caboose
      Beats any moose
      The could not handle me
      And that is one way to make them flea
      Although the cat going foot loose at his sea
      Might back many flee..haha

    2. what? What? Betsy, you and Pat did some dirty dancing? Pray do tell us more, me is all ear!

    3. Geez your mind is always in the gutter when here
      That might strike fear..haha

    4. what did I say now? It's possible you were dirty from packing all the poop and she did some rumba when she saw you ... nothing naughty :)

    5. you don't do rumba? Maybe some pasadople? :)

    6. The cat will leave you two on your own
      You may need to be alone

    7. The Latin countries have the most sensual dances. If I could do one well I'd do it even with the cat.

    8. LMAO oh that would be a sight
      I think the cat would take flight..haha

    9. I'm sure you would cat and then you'd slip on the poo I put behind you as a trap.

    10. imagine the cat in tights and with his love carpet sticking out of his unbuttoned shirt dancing tango like Patrick Swayze, Annzie :)))

    11. I soo hope the poo
      Never came from you
      As that just be ewww
      And not a nice view..hahaha

      Hmmmm yeah if the cat could do that
      He'd have his own act at some circus mat

    12. oh, I might rumba...just never had the urge when looking at the cat.

      love carpet? Now that made me laugh out loud.

    13. LOL the cat doesn't do it for you?
      Pffft stinkin humans haven't got a clue..haha

    14. Love carpet made me gag Betsy. I almost threw up in my mouth just a wee bit on that one.

    15. oh, ladies, didn't ya know that love carpet is the thing northern from the southern treasure trail? :)))

    16. Gagging at my see
      Keep it away from me and my ocd

    17. don't tell me you mowed the lawn, Pat, I couldn't bare it :)))

    18. I never mow a lawn
      I hope you meant the kind with grass you see that grows from the sun at dawn..haha

    19. knowing me, I probably didn't have that in mind LOL

    20. figured as much from my behind
      Such a dirty mind

  13. How many titles should I need to recognize to call myself a movie buff or a winner?

    1. Hmmm maybe 75% of them would do
      That came into your view

    2. Cool then, drum roll please. :)

    3. haha I'll have to get Anne for the drum roll
      But I can give you a tail wag as I stroll..haha

    4. I'll give you a drum roll cat. A double stroke roll on your head is what you'll get from me.

    5. Pfft you will have to catch the cat
      And so there will be none of that

  14. nice :)


    1. LOL I was wondering that too
      It could be true

    2. they could get together and be Frizzle
      or Rizzle

    3. And listen to their Sizzle
      In some drizzle

  15. Wow, let me s'plain - no, there is too much. Let me sum up. That was inconceivable, I don't think your rhyme means what you think it means. but at least you didn't need a holocaust cloak to do it!

    1. hahaha going all Princess Bride
      Very much enjoyed that movie and your comment you let glide

  16. remember this sucker is electrical
    see you at the rhythmic ceremonial ritual
    another summer i saw commando about 50 times
    the same guys die over and over without any lines
    breakfast club was required viewing where i was from
    if i watch it now it would have to be with rum
    i just saw up in the air last night instead of opening a book i should have read
    nothing is better that doc brown slapping a mind reader on the kid's head

    1. LOL 50 times wow
      That might make me have a cow
      The breakfast club too
      I can see why rum is needed by you
      And yeah nothing beats doc brown
      With the mind reader thing that looks like some weird crown

  17. You better check yourself
    Before you wreck yourself
    Cause I come real stealth.....


    1. Going all Ice Cube on me
      Today at my sea..haha

    2. What's Ice Cube? Is that a movie?

    3. Ice Cube is the actual rapper guy
      You didn't know that? Sigh

    4. I did know that, I was just giving you a freebie cat. To give you a false sense of superiority before I mow you down.

    5. me thought Cat was into McHammer not Ice Cube!

    6. Well you can't touch this
      So he does cause bliss
      But the ninja rap is the best
      So vanilla ice for the test..LMAO

    7. Don't mention Vanilla Ice ever, ever, ever. That was some messed up white dude.

    8. but he was tasty, though, like any other vanilla treat :)))
      I personally preferred Snow the Informer to MC Hammer :)))

    9. LOL but he had the ninja rap
      That surely makes him quite the chap

      MC Hammer
      Was also quite the jammer
      Pfft can keep his flow

    10. wasn't Snow Canadian? I could swear A licky Boom Boom Down came from your end of the world :)

    11. Yeah he was a canadian I hate to admit
      With his little fit

  18. So many movies, so little time.

    1. Yeah don't have the time to watch as many any more
      Always on the go at my shore

  19. Howard the Duck! You are truly talented to weave that into today's post.

    1. Well you know it rhymes with a bad word
      So I can use that to flip the bird..haha

  20. What's up for "N," Orlin? "Narcissist?"

    (I know, I know, I come back after all this time and slam you. What, did you think I would have mellowed, cat?)

    1. The cat is that each and every day
      Thinking he is above all at his bay
      And such a mean Fox finally showing his face
      And trying to get the better of me at my place..haha

    2. Slam away Fox, this cat has it coming. While you were away he's failed to show Betsy the respect due a goddess.

    3. Shameful. She's not only a goddess, she's a doll. Pat shows the proper respect, but Orlin? Cat has no manners.

    4. Now don't get him on this too
      The cat has enough with you two at his zoo
      Now Grammar Nazi is back as well
      This could quickly go to hell
      But the cat can take you all
      I may need another minion or two though at my hall..haha

      Cat does what he likes Fox
      In any comment box
      Orson has you in your place too
      As I have Pat at my zoo

    5. I thought my ears were burning
      as I was looking after kittens
      Aw, and fox was nice to me
      isn't he so sweet?

    6. Told you he'd say goddess too
      But then doll came after words for a view..haha

    7. See Betsy, it's a unanimous decision except for the cat and he doesn't count. Not even on his own blog does he count.

    8. Pfft or I count
      And no of you do no matter then amount
      Like that version much better at my sea
      And so it will be

  21. Okay, now that's a fun assortment of characters all in one poem!

  22. I never liked that titel, Pat. It should've been Must Love Cats. Anyway, Mr Destiny... saw that one a month ago... again. I'm not sure if I would've returned those cars, but I sure didn't love that Trouble. I still don't know why they'd call me an illegal alien. A xenomorph.

    1. haha aww are you trying to suck up to the cat?
      Well I guess it worked at my mat
      Yeah Mr. Destiny isn't a bad one
      Taking Care of Business should also be given a run
      The Principal too
      In case you haven't given either a view
      And if you are a xenomorph I pity you
      For a bald headed woman will kill you when you come into view..haha

    2. Here's the non-sucking-up Blue Man. - Don't you even remember I have two cats of my own (Mongo, who thinks he's Batman, and Pebbles, who thinks she's an opera singer)?

      P.S. You're the best.

    3. Yes I rememer that
      And with your P.S. how re you not sucking up to the cat?..haha

  23. P.S. No, I can't say I was surprised. Rub it in! Rub it in!

    1. You weren't surprised at my sea
      See! Once more I was correct and that causes me glee

    2. Enjoy it the feeling cat. It won't last long. Check under the bed before you go to sleep tonight. The Alliance has paid you a visit. If you don't see anything, that's confirmation that we've hidden it well. But know that it's there cat, it's there under your bed watching you, waiting for you to go to sleep.

    3. Pat, what does this Blue guy wants you to rub on him? I'm strangely amused :)

    4. Well I slept and woke up all the same
      A bit of back pain are you to blame?..lol

      No actual rubbing will come due
      That he saves all for you..haha

    5. hope I don't get all blue after this rubbing business :)

    6. Well that is for you to know
      And not to show..haha

    7. That Little Spy once told me he was a creature of the night and that he was good at something in the middle of the night. He never actually spelled it out but it seems to me rubbing stuff on people might have been part of the story.

    8. I think the rest of the story you can keep
      We don't want to bring people here that just want to peep

  24. Wicked fun. Might I dare say, this may be your best movie run yet. Very cool the way everything tied in together, so for that I won't believe it all just kinda flowed, this had to have taken some time to think through, if not and it did just run, well, Cat, then i do by decree, that for this upcoming election, my vote goes to thee. Great job. Thanks

    1. haha best yet
      Could be from this pet
      Either way
      It all just flowed out as I started at my bay
      So the cat gets to be president too
      Oh that has a nice ring to it at my zoo

  25. epic movie rhyme...great choice for M

    1. As it will always be
      For M = movie at my sea

  26. Some good movies in that little lot. Go ahead punk, make my Supper! LOL

    1. LOL pffft get your own bloody meal
      Or go play deal or no deal...haha

  27. I'm very late
    I had a date
    Took a Nissan trip
    I'm not a drip
    But I'm a square
    So put it there.

    You broke the bank today with the comments. He he

    1. Late isn't a bad fate
      As things to do at your gate
      And quite the bank
      If only that filled a gas tank..haha

  28. oh Mannequin. i watched it again after so many years.
    it's seems tacky now, but i love it all the same.

    1. Yeah a bit tacky now
      But I still like it too some how

  29. I really appreciate your inclusion of a childhood idol: Nancy Drew. Nicely played.


    1. She was an idol you say
      While I'll have to remember that at my bay

  30. Replies
    1. Clever seems to come
      From my little rhyming bum

  31. Hobo with a Shotgun was AWESOME! Loved The Plague.

    1. Yeah Hobo wasn't bad at all
      When I gave it a run at my hall

  32. So much skills that thrill

    1. Skills that thrill
      Just come and go at my hill

  33. You got half of Hollywood in here Patt, the rhyming cat knows it's movies which tell more than we know.Great poem as always. I wish i could do this in rhyme, but my time is not fine.
    See i did it, and proved im no idjit.
    Please shoot the hooter of my computer since its meter is no clearer.

    1. Yep knows the movies well
      Too much sometimes I will tell
      And that you did
      Flipped your rhyming lid
      Don't shoot it though
      Might blow off your toe


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