The Power Is Back At My Bay Causing Me Or You Dismay!

For the P post the cat won't be petty and forget all of you. How could I ever forget the cat's crew? Especially when you are once more stuck in my damn head causing the cat dread. That's right the cat is once more suffering from that psychic plight. So for P I guess psychic will have to do. Although don't say I never warned you. For the cat is so psychic he can read your mind. You call it being telepathic all you want but it's psychic to my little rhyming behind. See it has started already your brain waves are once again coming to be steady.

"A rhyming cat, I'd rather have a dog."

Damn blog stalker I hope you get gawked by The Gawker.

"I hope the Japanese don't see me coming in late. That was close I like being short. Now no drinking as I read the cat's page."

Wow, you even blabber on in your brain. You do realize the cat can only take so much clutter as he boards the psychic train?
"Is he talking about me? Is it Pat talking or the cat. Wait! Why are my thoughts on the screen. How is he doing this? Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I have a virus in my brain."

She has a lot more to say, but Blabber can't suck all the time away at my bay.

"Bloody wanker isn't giving me any time today."

Settle down you still have the rhyming comment crown.

"Sigh! I keep coming back for the zebra and never get it."

Hmmmm creeper alert at my sea. I will wish a flee on your knee.

"I wonder how I can work gas and ass into my comment this time. Maybe he won't notice if I hit reply instead of scrolling down."

Sadly we all notice that and now you can see we do right on the screen at my mat. Actually your twin makes the biggest fuss over it. But you are still quite the hit.

"First, I have to be first, waiting. Come on already, I have to be first!"

Hank are you waiting to be first once more here at my shore? Could be Brian too or the Fox but then he likes to make first through fourth come due.

"I need a snarky comment to come back at this cat with."

"Why is it he's always picking on me?"

"Bloody hell he's making me rhyme each and every time."

"I hope he doesn't hurt a poor mime."

"Won't you come live with me cute cat."

Bah! Brain is starting to overload once more as they signals keep coming in at my shore. Go away and come back never again at my bay. You cause too much dismay and you don't even rhyme what you say. Besides the bloody hell person one and we all know who gave that run.

"Drazin knew Drazin should have made this fleabag into slippers. He's off his rocker."

"Look at this eejit. He better bugger off and stay out of my head and keep his rhyming arse out of my garden."

"I know I have that reference book around here somewhere. It has to be behind the big thick ones and under the ancient looking ones."

"I knew my penguins would come through and fill his head with poo."

"I already spotted ten mistakes so far. Orson, stop bothering me. You aren't allowed to post because they could see Jesus in you fur."

Hmm Fox you forgot to show that one when you gave the whole face thing a run. Some Irish Air seems to have it out for the cat. I'll have to scratch up her door mat. Strat! Here we go once more at my shore.

"This is great!"
"Nice post"
"Followed, follow back"

Hmm well that was an easy one for the cat it seems robot wannabes brain waves fall pretty flat. But some make up for it with ease and they rant on and on and on about whatever they please.

"Google says this isn't possible. This is just like his one horse town and time change. I'm not falling for it. I wish my thoughts would stop appearing on screen. It makes me look like such a blabbermouth. Did I just think that?"

"All the cats out there do run together some. Maybe I can seem like less of a crazy cat lady if I pretend they are the same one. Pat, stop typing what I am saying. Don't make me come for another brain tour."

"Maybe ass and ca ca this time. If I throw in a poo it might seem a bit much. I guess gas and ass always seem to work."

"Do people really think with such bad grammar?"

"I found the cause of it. Oh wait! This cure is in a 100 year old reference book. It might be a tad out of date.

"Pat you eejit, bugger off and get out of my head."

"May I'll finally get to see that zebra thong."

"This is such an awesome act and that's a face it fact."

Make it stop! I need to call a psychic cop. This damn A to Z. I curse thee. Go away, go away, go away. Hmmm that might have just worked as there is no more dismay.

"Diese reimen cat ist ein solches blast"

"Regardez cette stupide cat"

"Questa รจ una crazy ass feline"

I guess those wires had to get unstuck first. Hearing thoughts is the worst. Never wish for such a power as the thoughts continue to shower. Not to say it wasn't fun repeating all of you as you came into my mind's view. But now my psychic power has once more come to pass and I still don't care if you say it's being telepahtic as I'm a psychic little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Yeah you're definitely psychic Pat, awesome rhymes mate, especially the Spanish part, your work truly is art.

    1. LOL not sure about that
      But in tune with nature is the cat..haha

  2. I know some of those and even seen some without clothes!

    1. ohhh. You are a badass Irish man.

    2. A peeping tom are you?
      Well I hope you got a good view

      Don't egg him on
      He may come peep at your lawn

  3. Read my mind? " ." What am I thinking? :)

    1. This guy is crazy
      Was I right? The power is getting kind of hazy

  4. Full of dread, in my head.
    That darn cat and the things people said!
    I think I will go back to bed.
    My brain has burst, my head has bled!

    A psychic cat? So much power!
    In all our heads, the darkest hour!
    That darn cat making my thoughts seem sour.
    My brain opens up like a flower!

    1. Well at least
      If after your feast
      Or beer and steak
      In which you like to partake
      If your head goes boom
      You won't have any more gloom
      As there will be nothing there to read
      For me to show on my feed..haha

    2. Steak and beer brings much cheer
      whether it is there or over here!
      My head still remains intact,
      not yet bested by the rhyming cat!

      Your rhymes boggle the mind, I admit!
      I'm a tough guy and can handle it.
      But for others, not so much!
      Leaving mindless comments and such!

    3. Not yet bested by the cat
      Hmm I'll have to gather up some strat
      And live it all in a row
      And then with let it flow
      You'll slip
      Break a hip
      And off goes the head
      Oh the dread
      Much better than mindless comments to
      From the likes of cough R cough a few..haha

  5. Hey, your blog is hard for some people. Too many cryptic messages and seasoned lot with sarcasm and riddles, already I am scared, now you are throwing in "psychic" too?
    And rant about one line comments like "This is great!", "Nice post", "Followed, follow back", "nice","Awesome" I totally agree and understand the pain and is totally valid and when the blogger is like you, who is original, creative, interactive and appreciative, these one liners - total insult.
    But I see some of those one-line-commenter guilty ones ranting about the same in their blog. It makes me laugh :)

    1. LOL oh I have to keep you on your toes
      Even if I cause many woes
      It wasn't so much a rant as an observation
      As there are a few in my estimation
      That just come and post the same old comment below
      Thinking one doesn't know
      And yeah funny when they rant about it themselves
      At their own blog shelves
      Serves them right
      For a one line sound bite

  6. Replies
    1. But the cat eats them up
      Fueling my psychic powers more than any pup

  7. pat with psychic powers..
    gos knows what miracles he'll create :P

  8. the psychic cat!! ha,ha, that id sooo cute cat!lol

    1. if cat's cute, than I taste like caramel and lollipops... which I actually do.... sometimes...

    2. but if you eat only daisies and lily of the valley, I guess you would taste sweet, now wouldn't you Dez? :)

    3. haha cute and psychic at my sea
      Oh dear now you increased the ego of me

      You actually let people taste you?
      Germs ewwwwww

      You want to taste him too?
      Or just all those kitties at your zoo

    4. there's nothing better in life then when you let people taste you, you know :))) But you are snip snip, you wouldn't know... :P

      Petsy, you got that right! Sometimes me eats lilacs too.... so you can choose my aroma...

    5. Only I think is funny and cute the psychic cat LOL

      and please tell to waffles you dont talk spanish dear, you speak in french (lol) and german:)
      spanish is so different

    6. Oh there is just some things the cat does not want to know
      Especially what one does down below..haha

      A psychic cat is quite fun
      And while Pat does have german and french in him under his sun
      So I guess he can get away with that
      The spanish I'll leave to your mat

    7. Ha! Im sure you can speak any languaje you want LOL

    8. With the help of google I may be able too
      Other wise haven't got a clue..haha

  9. haha...yes...Jax and the Gawk
    and even the Fox.
    Waffles says Spanish,
    but I see some German language.
    Natasha, too
    doing a shout-out for you.
    Was that Fred I see
    with the dictionary?
    And Annie...
    she'll take you out at the knees.
    And don't forget Dez
    I'm sure his grammar gives Fox dread.

    1. what is wrong with me grammar, methinks me is killing it with me flawless grammar knowledge, pronouns especially!

    2. killing it...why yes, you are killing it! :) haha.

    3. LOL yes they are all there
      And there was some German at my lair
      As well as spanish too
      I used google to translate what came due
      So if what you see in your view
      Is not right
      Google is at fault this night
      Or um day
      And yeah Dez just causes all dismay

      Me knows you are
      But the fox and the blue guy might not think such a thing unless they are drunk at some bar

      LOL killed it he did
      Right off the grid

    4. YIPPEE...
      just sent you something at the factinary.

    5. what? What? Petsy, you send him things secretly? Pray do tell us more, me is strangely amused!

    6. it's a secret Dez, dear.
      Not allowed to tell you, I fear.

      So what did you eat today?
      Violets or petunias as your bay?

    7. nope, I've found me some fresh spring pansies :) and some violets... hope the cat didn't pee pee on them....

    8. Dez is out of the loop
      Eating flowers that grow in poop
      That is just so gross to the cat
      Even though he will eat them too at his mat

  10. You know, like I always say, "Better a psychic cat than a psychotic dog." :)

    1. That works for me
      I'll remember that one with glee

  11. my penguins never disappoint, except on Sundays ...
    And you don't have psychic visions, Cat, you just ate the rotten fish Annzie left you last night in revenge! Long live the Alliance!

    1. I thought it smelled kind of funny
      And my poo was kind of runny
      Who knew what rotten fish could do
      Maybe next time I'll have two

    2. you will need waterproof Pringles can then for you collectors hobby ;)

    3. Or I'll just throw it out real fast
      So then I don't care if it will last

    4. may the penguins eat all of my breakfast, If I know how we ended up talking about liquid poo!

    5. yeah lets get off that
      As it is not wanted by you, me or Pat..haha

  12. Ok, this made me CRACK in my cubicle. You really did get into my head, didn't you?? Poor guy...are you alright?? hahahahaha

    Out of all those things, I'm impressed that my mime protest had an effect on you. Leave the mimes alone!!!!!! hahaha

    P.S. Are you sure you changed your clocks? I still may have to side w/ google.

    1. You showed your crack in your cubicle you say?
      Did you take pictures for display?..LMAO
      You know Pat and the Cracks are looking
      And you can do so much more than just booking...hahahahaha
      Yeah everything is fine
      As you never crossed the line
      Just blabbered away
      As you do each and every day
      I think I'm immune to it now
      And can even keep up some how..haha

      hahahaha yes the mimes will be left be
      At least for the moment by me
      Although I still want to cause them woes
      And step on their toes

      Google is a liar
      It must expire
      For we changed just as you
      It is very very true

    2. I clearly forgot the "up". LMAO

      Talking about mimes, the other day I met my dad for dinner. A few drinks in he starts screaming "If a cop pulls over a mime, do they still have the right to remain silent?" He kept repeating it and laughing. For the love of God...hahahahahahahaha

      Google never lies.

    3. hahaha you should not forget such a word
      As you know my brain clearly goes first to the absurd..hahaha

      hahahahaha I heard that one a while ago
      I wonder if they do though
      Maybe they could speak
      Or are just up the creek

      Pffft right
      I may have to do a post on such a thing some night

  13. I have to say, I am glad that you chose not to pick on me today
    I enjoy reading the posts, and I enjoy making a comment
    but when it comes down to it, I am just not a rhyming varmant.
    I enjoy poetry and all the humor you bring,
    but for me to keep a rhyme scheme is tiring.

    1. hahaha glad you enjoy at my bay
      And no picking was on display
      But it could come
      Some day as I give a hum

  14. With your incredible rhyming powers, anyone who dares troll you, will regret it. :D

    Here's another "Awesome!" for you, Pat. :)

    1. Yes the trolls will get their due
      When I see them in my view

  15. Things people said,
    Will probably be floating in my head.

    1. Hope they don't cause dread
      After they were read

  16. OMG well if you are a crazy cat don't be surprised if you attract crazy commenters. You know the phrase ... takes one to know one ... yikes, and here I am ... oh no ... I'm done for ...

    1. haha I would rather have crazy any day
      So bring them on at my bay
      And as you say
      You too are here on display..haha

  17. if they want the zebra, give them the horoscope for a libra
    if they think that's picking on them, it's better than a jar of phlem
    i'm trying to activate your ocd, so no need for the gawker to bend me over his knee
    robot brainwaves are better than what i got sometimes
    gas and ass will always be classic, timeless rhymes

    1. haha Brian will be glad you agree
      As he likes using gas and ass at my sea
      Still funny having him bend you over his knee
      That too would be a sight to see

  18. Those are probably why I wouldn't want to read people's minds. Probably don't want to know what they really think of me.

    1. I'd like it if I could turn it off and on with ease
      But other than that it would not please

  19. haha, i totally screwed up. i meant to say i'm NOT trying to activate your ocd. especially on a post like this i wouldn't try and provoke you:)

    1. hahaha I was going to say something to
      Until I saw reply number two
      Almost provoked the cat
      Good cover at my mat..haha

  20. The cat proves seer, hearer, and doer all

    Gave fortunes of both the big and the small,

    For even I was to have morn fortold,

    At my bay, Pat did court hold!

    1. haha but don't believe a word
      Even if it sounds absurd
      For Pat is ful of strat
      As is the cat

  21. '' Hearing thoughts is the worst''.
    yup sometime is good to be in dark. hypocrisy live us alive if we start hearing people's thinking the flood of hate and conspiracies don't let us live.

    1. Very true
      Sometimes you just do not want to or need to know what is in another brain view

  22. Replies
    1. Try listening to all those
      Then you will get some brain woes

  23. I am truly frightened now. I had no idea the cat was psychic. So...who wants to see the zebra? Will you be having a guest zebra for your "Z" post?

    1. haha no Z is for something else at my sea
      For the zebra will hopefully never again come for into view on me..haha

  24. Non-psychic state of mind = another reason I'm glad I'm not a vampire.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

    1. Yeah being a vampire would suck
      I know that was as too easy but what the duck

  25. Nobody can read my mind with Magneto's Helmet Power

    Even that Prof. X would cower

    1. But then out from the paw
      Comes the claw
      And off the helmet will go
      Falling on your toe

  26. haha, i'm glad i avoided a brawl
    with the cat around the order can be tall
    next to him i am quite measly
    good cover doesn't usually come so easily

    1. All are measly when compared to the cat
      Even poor old Pat
      So never fear
      And just steer clear of his rhyming rear..haha

  27. Aw man, you had me with the first line! I guess our psychic connection is that strong. So, where's the dog??

    1. Pfft no mutts are here to sniff butts
      Stop thinking such things or I'll drive you nuts..haha

    2. LOL, Pat, the only thing I could think off as a reply to this was dirty....

    3. LMAO well that doesn't bother me
      It can be fun to put your mind in the gutter and go dirty

    4. Whew!! See, your blog is healing me already =)

    5. A healing blog
      hahaha who knew it could unclog

  28. Ditto to all!
    Enjoy the months before fall!

  29. Great post!
    What a boast!
    As sure as the eye can see.
    Awesome job.
    Rosie's a slob.
    <> Can't do any better, you see.

    1. Used see twice
      That is cheating but still nice
      Rosie is a slob
      Even with that corn on the cob

  30. Those one-liner robots. They could drive me batty ;)

    1. Yeah thye think no one notices their act
      They have no tact

  31. Psychic connections you have, I am amazed
    Your comments at my blog, even more amazing ~

    And have to be careful of those bloggers,
    who just wants numbers or more followers

    And I am struggling with rhyming today,
    Have been trying to composed one at your bay ~

    Well now I am done ~

    Good night Pat ~

    1. Geez I'm really trail blazing
      If I am double amazing
      Propping the ego up of the cat
      Today at his mat
      And yeah the numbers bloggers suck
      And can go kiss a duck
      Rhymed a bit
      And that is enough of a hit

  32. Psychic cat make this whole thing kind of psycho. Or maybe it's schizo. I'm confused!

    1. Confused you can be easily
      At bush number three..haha

  33. Rhyming comment crown! I dont think i'll ever be able to achieve that lol

    1. You never know you just might
      Some day or night

  34. Yeah the hearing thoughts thing must suck, just like mel gibson in what women want, hearing all their thoughts, but your powers are much more cruel, having to listen to the brains of dogs, tarsiers, zombie feet and everyone else trapped within. I never thought I'd see a letter that sort of stumped the cat, especially not p, but I think you recovered incredible, for the flaw never did show. Hey, where did that come from, you must be in my head and controlling my fingers to type these rhyming compliments, but just bad enough to throw the rest of globland off your scent.

    woah, what happened there ? Anyhow hey, people may say what they might about psychic cats and the like, but I for one believe. lol

    Fun rant today. thanks

    1. hahahaha P did not stump the cat
      He just wanted to be psychic at his mat
      Or let it come out in full force
      With no remorse
      And control you all
      Even with your comment call
      And make you rant about all the characters at my sea
      That come and cause me no glee
      Controlling fingers too
      Damn I am good it is true
      Believe you must
      In that you can trust

  35. I still think it would be awesome to be able to hear people's thoughts.

    1. Yes it would be fun for a while
      But then grow quite vile

  36. Sorry I missed out on all of the fun today Cat, but I was busy in the yard and way behind with the house. I'll be in to play on Thursday. I'm off to get a few hours shut eye.

    1. Life comes first
      And you gave a burst
      Even if no fun for you was had
      Plenty was had at your expense from this lad..hahaha

  37. I always liked the word psychic for some reason... Probably influenced by Pokemon, the psychic types were always my favorite, lol.

    1. Yeah Mewtwo was always the best for me
      So I can understand psychic at my sea

  38. A psychic Cat can be something
    Come with wonders and surprises
    Sorry didn't encroach last 2 postings
    Had minor setbacks but no excuses
    Will make up, to be #1 is fun
    But will have to make a run
    Not in German,Spanish or French
    But just the normal ones
    So not to miss the rhyme and rhythm
    Of Cat's awaited presence


    1. Bah come when you can to me sea
      No need to be sorry
      And I'm sure first you will be
      Sooner or later which will cause glee
      And in english is all you need
      The rest will just confuse me at my feed

  39. It is brain manipulation! I'm reporting you to the FCC, the Adverse Experimentation Board, the AMI, and the police! You are going up on charges, and then to prison, and then to a mental institution for the rest of your twisted little life! But first and foremost, you are fired! Do you hear me? FIRED!

    Now who said that?

    1. hahaha you think I'd be at a loss?
      For it was said by future Marty's boss
      In BTTF 2
      As he come him and needles then came into view


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