Tarsier Man And Umm Drazin For The Save. I'm Going To Go Hide In My Cave!

After the whole eyes popping out, going in Drazin's mouth and making him shout. I hear the so called god has it in for Tarsier Man. Of either the cat is not a fan. But I guess they had quite the scuffle and kind of had a reshuffle. So for T it is Tarsier Man obviously at my sea.

Once more told by the cat,
Giving space for this two loons at my mat.

It seems when Tarsier Man's eye went pop,
Causing Drazin's mouth to drop.
He saw Drazin's slippers below,
As his eyes ran to and fro.

Once back in his head,
He knew Drazin caused kitties dread.
This guy had to be stopped,
Tarsier Man was some glad his eyes popped.

Drazin was busy arguing over a price,
Demanding that they charged him twice.
Tarsier Man watched from behind an aisle,
Thinking how Drazin's third person talk was vile.

Drazin noticed him in the mirror above,
And no longer cared about his overcharged baseball glove.
Tarsier Man made his eyes go pop,
And out they came with a plop.

He loved his power,
For it made the people around him cower.
Most just thought it was gross,
But that's something Tarsier Man seemed unable to diagnose.

His body felt a shock,
And began to rock.
Drazin's laugh became a roar,
As it echoed throughout the store.

He had caught Tarsier Man's eyes,
Thinking he won a prize.
As he held his glove closed,
Tarsier Man simply posed.

He began to sing his theme song,
And told Drazin he did not belong.
He would have to give up his evil ways,
Or he'd make sure Drazin pays.

Tarsier Man's eyeless body ran at Drazin,
Who looked at this thing with the mind of a raisin.
Drazin simply stepped aside,
And Tarsier Man lost his stride.

He ran into the counter and did a flip,
Upon doing so he hit the register with his hip.
The thing twirled around,
And Drazin's eyes bulged as the true price was found.

The shop keeper had been fleecing one and all,
Charging extra at his hall.
Drazin flung Tarsier Man's eyes from his glove,
Filled with pure hate and not love.

The shop keeper had almost fled,
When the eyes whacked him in back his head.
He fell to the ground,
And Drazin stood over him all profound.

Tarsier Man recalled his eyes,
And fixed up his bark suit disguise.
He saw Drazin pick the guy up by his shirt,
And sounded his theme song alert.

He hopped off the counter onto Drazin's back,
Going on the Tarsier Man attack.
Drazin flung the shop keeper aside,
And gave Tarsier Man quite the ride.

He then flipped him over onto the floor,
And turned his attention to the shop keeper once more.
Tarsier sprung to his knees,
Ripping at Drazin's cat fur slippers like they had fleas.

Before Drazin could move his slippers were gone,
And his glowing eyes began to dawn.
Tarsier Man cheered and ran away,
Once more letting his theme song play.

Drazin grabbed the shop keeper,
Wanting to end that Tarsier Man creeper.
And took his frustration out on him,
Let's just say the shop keeper's outlook was grim.

Drazin grabbed his glove and his owed money,
Heading outside where it was sunny.
His feet were bare once more,
I'm sure he'll be heading to my shore.

But not before he tracks down Tarsier Man,
Proving he's just some flash in the pan.
As Drazin knew he stopped the crime,
And pretty soon he'd make Tarsier Man's eyes pop one final time.

So there we go, another tale of both those clowns at my show. I hate that Tarsier Man even more now. For unless Drazin wants slippers made from a cow, he will come after us once more and I'm sure out the third person ranting will pour. But he will never get the cat or Cass, as he has nothing on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Tarsier Man shouldn't
    make you frown
    for Drazin he hates
    and can hardly wait
    to make him cat bait.

    1. Both are just as bad
      Yet they think they are rad
      They deserve one another I say
      Maybe now they'll stay away

    2. They'll be back at your bay one day cat. They make good fodder for verse.

    3. haha I already have like five posts with them in it
      So you I say they will be back for a bit..haha

  2. Duke Drazin is the main man in my opinion haha, awesome rhymes mate, Tarsier Man's time is up very soon.

    1. Tarsier Man will get his soon
      That stinkin eye popping loon

  3. Look at you, just giving everyone those damn fleas!! Will you keep them to yourself!!!! Even to Drazins poor slippers?? Do you think they enjoy living on Drazin's feet??? Sigh... lol

    I so love that Tarsier man is a good guy now!!! I want one all to myself!! :)

    1. He can't help himself Jax, he's ebil, it's what he does. When he's not licking his arse, he's spreading fleas.

    2. and other bacteria, fungus and diseases, I hear....

    3. Hmm...Can I hide behind the alliance? I don't want any fleas, bacteria, fungus, OR diseases!!!!!!

    4. sure you can, Jaxy, the Alliance is immune to Cat's attacks and his nasty microscopic pets :)

    5. We offer you political asylum Jax and freedom from the filth associated with this cat.

    6. Pffft no minion of mine is allowed to hide with those stinkin alliance bums
      Unless you indeed to sabotage her drums
      Then I will let you go
      Other than that you remain at the cat's show
      Or I'll get the blue guy to stop you two
      For going with the alliance is not something you want to do
      Then the fleas on your knees will come
      And I'll even send some to your bum
      And pffft germs with my ocd
      That is just an alliance fallacy

      And by political asylum she means the rubber room
      They will torture you and cause doom
      Stinking your hands in a vending machine
      The alliance are really really mean..hahahaha

    7. Annzie does it sound creepy to you when the cat says hahahaha at the end of his comments, or is it just me?

    8. LOL the evil Austin Powers wannabe laugh or that of Dr. Frankenstien
      I would take the later any day as the first just isn't fine.

    9. but we love Dr Ebil and his Mini Me and his non=existent love for his son, and his hairless cat!

    10. Well you can love him all you like
      He shows up, along with some scary hairless feline and I'll make him take a hike

    11. His hahahaha is definetly more of a MWAhahahaha. But, no worries Cat, I got your back ;)

      Excuse me Anne, I'm just gonna squeeze in b/w you and Dez before he flings those fleas!!

    12. The haha is creepy. I've never said anything because I thought he had tourettes syndrome.

    13. Yeah I know what happens when you have my back
      It means I have to attack
      While you hide behind me
      Of course with Anne you can attack with glee..haha
      I can do a MWAhahahaha if you want
      But I figure that is too much of a taunt..lol

      The fleas go for alliance members first
      They quench their blood thirst
      So as long as you don't join you will be fine
      But if you join they will find your knees divine

      Well I am crazy at my sea
      So the hahahaha's just have to be there for all to see

  4. We're they both shopping in India? Only there you may need to pay thrice the amount for looking different. Eyeless, raisin brained, that's almost everyone. Awesome rhyme as usual Pat.

    1. its got to hurt to have your eyes pop out, bark suit or not, if it hits the sidewalk its hot, (theme song alert) drazin might be turning a new leaf i say, saving lives at your bay...

    2. haha you never know
      They could be in India on the go
      The place was never named one bit
      With my fit
      Eyes go pop
      As they shop..haha

      Yes that is must
      Having no eyes to trust
      And then falling head over heels on you ass
      Drazin is still going to be crass

  5. uh! the Drazier eyes are scared!
    enjoy the spring
    and take a plin. ha!

    1. Drazin likes to be scary to all
      Even though he is just some nut case at my hall

  6. I wonder what these two do to your stats, because I don't like them at all, Pat :)
    Now, since the spring is here, tell me where can I find me a fling? I desperately need one, or two, even three me wouldn't mind!

    1. You and I raise the cats stats more than anyone else Dez. People come to his bay just to see the next installment of "The Alliance vs the Arse Licking Cat."

      Come to Ireland and you'll be flung darling. Flung right and proper.

    2. LOL well not so sure on Drazin at my sea
      But Tarsier man brings plenty to me
      They liked his theme so much
      That many seem to keep in touch
      And as for a fling
      Hmmm don't you have penguins for such a thing?..hahaha

      Pfffft they come to watch you two get beat
      As that is always a treat
      Ireland and he'll get flung?
      While with a married person he might also get hung

    3. joking aside, I really did hear from other people that they come to read our comments. Some people that I don't even know otherwise. We really do bring crowds to his show.
      I'm reserving me a ticket to Dublin ASAP!

      I like the word "hung" only with a qualifying adjective in front of it

    4. hahaha so I have stalkers and gawkers that come to see our banter here
      Hmmm should I be delighted or fear?
      Talking behind my back once more
      That will just not do at my shore
      Damn alliance needs to die
      The cat will make it fry

      What you don't like the noose?
      I hear it is a hit with the long necked goose

    5. it's true, Pat, no joke. It's the same at my place. Even though my posts are published in full length in the opening page, I do have up to 500 openings of the comments section each day at my bay. People love to read stupid things I say in comments and they like to follow the war between the Alliance and the cat.

    6. haha I guess we seem to be able to amuse
      As we abuse
      Works for me though
      As it brings more to my show
      Maybe I can catch up to those gamers soon
      Then I just need to catch a certain penguin loon

    7. People now comment on our comments on my page too cat. Our battle is becoming the stuff of legend. Most people seem to be picking Dez and I as their favorites. And it wouldn't be me giving Dez the fling you silly cat.

      Dez is my number one referring URL so people are going back and forth between our pages to read the epic tale. Strangely I don't get as many from you.

    8. LOL the cat has put a block
      I crushed your link with a big rock
      So no one can find their way around
      I don't won't anyone going to your mound
      Can't let them join up with your two loons
      Can get tricky under full moons
      So I am just saving them from joining the wrong side
      Not that a million could turn the tide
      For the cat will always win
      No matter the blog bin..haha

    9. ah, feline illusions, such a sad thing, Annzie, I tell you...

    10. Bah your hopes are just a mirage it that
      You will be squashed by the cat

  7. Replies
    1. epic is Cat's fave word :) especially when he hears it at my bay :)

    2. R is copying the cat who is copying you Dez. Where will this madness end?

    3. Epic he/she says at my sea
      Yep causes glee

      Oh yes you say it 50,000 times
      With some of your chimes

      The madness will never end
      For it is an epic trend

    4. madness of epic proportions!

    5. And epic retort
      Even if epically short

    6. Cat the epic cancels out the short, leaving null. Which sort of goes along with the content of R's comments.

    7. I am one of those who enjoys the banter
      or saga of the alliance versus the cat ~

    8. R can cancel out short
      Hmmm what a sport

      So you are egging them on
      No wonder they keep coming back to my lawn..haha

    9. yep, Heaven is our aerial commander, she cover air, Petsy cover undeground, and we cover the surface, while the penguins cover water. You cannot escape, Cat. Especially since we have the Blue one to cover.... well, I'm not sure.... the world of colours? :)

    10. Pfft the blue one is on my side
      He's just taking you for a ride

    11. I've just noticed I'd said "she cover, Petsy cover..." go ahead, Cat, make a joke about my speed typing :)

    12. LOL well I'm used to you using me
      So I figured you meant to use she

  8. How many eyes must be popped before justice is served?

    I loved the thought of Tarsier Man running at Duke, and Duke just sidestepping so he can fall. Seems like such an obvious but brilliant way to fight an eyeless person, doesn't it?

    1. LOL I guess the popping eyes have it
      With this fit
      hahahaha yeah those eyeless people are just so easy to beat
      They aren't very quick on their feet

  9. Duke Drazin and the Tasier Man
    Can be very formidable as a team
    If they decide they can combine
    No clowning but can make others scream


    1. You never know
      One day at my show
      They may come as one
      That would be kinda fun

  10. Replies
    1. Well movies I like a lot
      So that is just hot to trot

  11. More fun than watching American Gladiators was back in the day...

    1. haha that sounds good to me
      Hopefully a former American Gladiator does not see

  12. I don't know these people but I must say, you rhyme very well.

    1. Always rhyme well
      Here at my cell

    2. anthony doesn't know them...now isn't he lucky? lol.

    3. LOL lucky might be the correct word
      As the pair are absurd

    4. yes, they made my brain cells loose
      and I couldn't use my muse!

    5. haha poor you
      Drazin made you lose a screw

    6. LOL...well, I have an extra good excuse
      as it isn't just this posts, you goose
      I've endured him in novels, too
      it's double d drazin for me, it's true!

    7. LOL but in novels he's just mean
      A whole different scene
      Still a bunch more with him to come
      When I get back to it with my little writing bum

  13. I am pleased to say I have absolutely no idea who either of these dastardly dudes are but the eye popping this is gross! Where on earth do you get your ideas from ...no, wait ... don't tell me ... some things best left unsaid!

    1. LOL the ideas just pop in
      But there is no eye popping at my bin..haha

  14. Wow. Way to go. Like Claire above, I have no idea how you do this.

    1. haha each and every day
      It just pops out of my brain and shows up at my bay

  15. PS, Cat, where's our Undergoddess Petsy today? Did you chase her away with your fungus talk?

    1. haha...I'm hear
      never fear.
      Read the post this morning
      but thought my comments boring
      so was waiting for a muse
      so I could appropriately abuse.

    2. Pfft that would never scare here away
      I have tried she just won't leave my bay..LOL

      Awww your muse it broke
      Well I just made the Written Mitten choke
      So if you want to borrow mine
      For a few minutes that would be fine

    3. me was afraid cat left you a Pringles surprise in your fridge and you fainted and the mice took you away through their hole and then you met a rabbit in a hat and a Cheshire cat.... and then the Pat of Hearts came yelling and you lost your scarlet shoes....
      But I see you are OK.

    4. She has her own pringle can surprises at her sea
      From each and every kitty
      So there is no need for me to give them to her
      She has plenty of those and fur

    5. the Pat of Hearts rescued me
      oh I'm sure that fills him with glee.
      No, with me you are stuck
      especially if you make me laugh with words like Kerpluck.

      Written Mitten?
      haha...is that some kind of kitten?

      Yeah, have my own Pringles cans
      although Charcoal still prefers the lily plant.
      Can't believe it's still alive
      with what it's given to drink...oh my!

    6. Petsy arrived
      and it's going on five.
      To be carried by a mouse
      out of your house
      and into the
      gloom of
      a sunny day
      would keep you away
      from cat and his bay.

      Do you still have your ruby red Prada slippers Petsy or did the cat steal them to wear on his fungus feet?

    7. haha...oh, I still have them. He could never fit his big feline feet into my dainy slippers! Good thing, too, that fungus foot would surely ruin the silk lining!

    8. Rescued you
      From the scary pengiun man at your zoo?..lol
      Well the weird words will keep coming
      As long as the rhymes keep strumming
      That is a future post
      With the Written Mitten bugging your host..haha
      The lily plany still
      I guess gives Charcoal a thrill..haha

      Pfft you can never scare her from the cat's bay
      With nothing you say
      Even if you rhyme away
      For I can just cause dismay
      You could beat a mime though
      Just so you know

      Pfft no feet like that
      On the cat
      But I can round them up once more
      Here at my shore
      If you want
      Me to taunt

  16. This may be inappropriate of me to confess, but I'm developing a crush on Drazin.


  17. What a fight, drazin is quite a fright

    1. Drazin is a fright
      I guess he is a nice sight

  18. Truly a case of who becomes, the lesser of two evils fun, I like them both, but Drazin's a classic and Tarsier is just spastic, but he sure does have a pretty theme song, and I do love the tarsier pick, from that post way back when, but Drazin does the self-referential bit to annoying fun, so I guess this kind of puts me back in the wrestling mindset, kind of where you like both wrestlers but then they have a spat and certainly to sell more tickets they must clash, so who to watch, who to root for….perfect example was Mick Foley vs. Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell, UT won, but Mick Foley's legend there began. Ok, off topic, I do know, but I'm tangential and this I know. So, great Drazin and Tarsier scuffle report the cat here sent.

    1. Yeah Foley went off the cage with a tooth up his nose
      And needed to be cleaned off with a hose
      That was a good match
      Best of the hell in the cell batch
      Lesser of two evils I suppose
      Not sure which way on goes

  19. Tarsier Man doing the pop out the eyeball trick again? Yeah, I'd go hide in my cave too. That's not a pretty sight!

    1. Yeah nasty sight
      Causes me a big fright
      Day or night
      Such a plight

  20. I hate to say it, maybe I'm a sucker for the bad boys but I like Tarsier too. I just keep feeling like he's going to surprise us.

    While I'm confessing, I also enjoy Anne's, Dez's and your banter. It always makes me laugh =)

    1. You're a sucker
      Do they make your ummm butt pucker?..LMAO
      Could not resist that
      The alliance are good to laugh at
      That they can do
      It is true

    2. Butt pucker????

      Why did I come back to read this so early in the morning LMAO while puckering!

    3. LMAO damn I am good
      Remember that I should
      Got a butt pucker in there
      And it happened at your lair..haha

  21. "Going in Drazen's mouth"?
    How uncouth!
    Especially when you look north or south
    There's a bathroom, forsooth!

    1. A new word for me
      Here at my sea
      Forsooth sounds better than indeed
      Will have to use it at my feed

  22. Whether green or blue
    They splatter equal goo
    You're not the only one
    For eyeball poppin' fun

    1. I guess many like the popping fun
      That he gives a run
      Eyes popping by the ton
      I hope it is never done

  23. See, Dez is spending too much time here,
    he only likes my poems if they rhyme,
    which I can't do all the time ~

    Happy Monday to you ~

    1. I'm sure you can do it all the time
      Way more than some stinkin mime

  24. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Drazie is very hot??? :D

    1. Hmmmmm I hope it is just you
      As for the cat that is just ewww..haha

  25. glad to see tarsier man back

    he makes me quack

    1. He makes you quack?
      Hmmm something wrong with such an attack

  26. Darn it, I liked Tarzier Man, I thought he was the good guy. Drazin's eyes are scary but, if he's the good guy, I'll rootin tootin hoot for him instead!

    1. LOL well I think they both flip flop
      Each bad and good in their own way and it will never stop

  27. Cats, cats...

    Pat is full of cat


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