This May Surely Make You Yell As I Ring The Yowza Bell!

Today for the Y I figured I would be a noisy guy err umm cat and that is simply that. As the cat meows all the time at his bay wanting Pat to give me attention in each and every way. Even if I go to the loo but that you already knew. So time to make you all Yowza away with these ummm oh so nice things on display.

Yowza! Another reason hitchhikers should never be picked up as this one can squash your car like it was a paper cup. No need to murder you with a gun. It can just step on you and you're done.

Now isn't that shiny. I hear you getting whiny. Saying give me one and letting your mouth run. If you have 1.7 million dollars it is all yours. Yowza! That must take you to the moon's shores.

Umm maybe he's going all zombie or practicing such a display. Everything sure is open wide for all to see today. Yowza! Those eyes may just pop out and he could make Tarsier Man pout.

Yowza! Look at the trap on that chap. He could swallow the cat whole but that would not be a good goal. For the cat would claw through before he made the cat into poo.

From zombie foot to zombie teeth now! Better off kissing a cow. As a disgusting Yowza that will insight. For those things are just a very very nasty fright.
Does its face look like anything to you? I will give you a clue. It rhymes with gas and you non-rhymers can't take a pass. Imagine having that face for life. You get a Yowza or ten to cause you strife.
And for the win here is his twin. Look at the honker on him. If it holds his brains he surely isn't dim. Unless it is full of snot or air. You would cry Yowza if he started brown nosing at your lair.
Here is something to give to your wife the one you want to stay with for life. As 1.25 million bucks will surely seal the deal or she'll just say get real. Then take off with the ring and live somewhere where it is always spring. Yowza! You've just be had and are now broke and oh so sad.

I'd never neglect the ladies at my sea. For this is something I'm sure will give them glee. I can hear you all Yowza from across the land. Aren't they just so grand?

And for the guys here you go. A loud window cracking voice show. She has to be the biggest turn on you have ever seen. So Yowza away and if you get all hot and bothered drink from your canteen.

So the fat lady has sung and maybe even popped a lung. I guess that is my cue to run and let you all enjoy the fun. As you take another pass and Yowza away at the thoughtfulness of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I feel so sorry for that ass faced ape.
    Lord help us if he ever escapes.
    That excitable fellow might need to close his eyes.
    Or wake up with a big surprise, no lies.

    I wonder how many words today
    Will the legendary R put down at your bay.

    1. Two it was
      and two
      it will be.
      But epic ones

    2. epic indeed, I wonder if he stole the word from me, does he lurk at my bay too?

    3. I've tried to get R to come to my bay, but he finds me repellent.

    4. Yeah that ape
      Better not ecape
      Or he would get made fun of
      And feel no love
      Who knows with R
      Six words is his record so far

      Two epic words you say
      Maybe we should take bets on it each day

      He prob stole the word from you
      As he has lurked at your bay a time or two

      R doesn't like the Irish I guess
      You need to strap him down and make him confess

    5. I think his confession would be short. Three words "You repel me"

    6. Or repel me
      Might be all he would tell thee

  2. Yowza! did it again!
    It's no restrain
    It's a bargain
    It takes some pain
    But not as much strain
    As opening wide the lane
    To allow food in
    Numero Uno once again!


    1. You really like being number one
      As you have done it a ton
      And yeah lots of strain
      And maybe some eye pain
      Today at my sea
      Not causing much glee

  3. Bring back the feet
    I can't take the teeth
    or that guy
    with the buggy eyes
    but worse of all
    is those men
    and their balls
    on display at
    your filthy bay.

    1. me actually liked that display :) It was the only thing worth seeing at cat's bay in months.... :)

    2. He's become quite dull of late hasn't he? But I think he's still sleeping or getting in a really good arse licking. Let's take over his page while he's gone.

    3. yes, let's mess with this black thing he calls a page while he is sleeping thanks to the tranquillizers we put in his milk last evening.
      Did you know that his borefest will continue, since he has 47 posts already written and scheduled for the upcoming days? No wonder he has nothing amusing to write when he writes so much... He's never heard of quality over quantity, dahling...

    4. The layout is hideous isn't it? No sense of style whatsoever. I think he keeps it dark to hide his poo. Hoping one of us will step in it so he can follow us home and peep like a tomcat.

      I know he's got 47 more of these dreadfully boring posts for us to slog through. How will we manage it? We're saints for coming here and entertaining his followers for no gain of our own.

    5. Geez trying to pick on the cat
      While he will squash the alliance flat
      They layout is just fine by me
      So poo in your shoe if it doesn't cause glee
      Unless you want it all rainbow colors and such
      I could tweak it a touch
      And make you go blind
      Or just show a pic of my little behind
      And yep 47 more all done
      As the cat can do a ton
      The penguin man is just mad he has to do one everyday
      To keep up with the cat's display
      For he doesn't want to be beat
      By a feline who uses zombie feet

    6. We were covering
      your bay
      while you slept
      half a day.
      And no thanks
      we get
      from you
      silly nitwit.

    7. He is ever so ungrateful, Annzie, he is...
      "Or just show a pic of my little behind"
      you keep saying it and never actually do it.... chicken....

    8. Covering my bay
      You want to be a minion too and rhyme away? LOL
      You may need to cover as the cat goes down below
      But his face will still show
      And ungrateful I will still be
      As that is the way at bush number three..haha

      If I did it would drive so many away
      They would not have a nice day
      So the cat will reframe
      And remain a bit more tame

    9. You're going "down below"? Do tell....

    10. As in across the border
      Mind out of the gutter and in order..haha

    11. and by border he means that Viking's lass' panties :)

    12. Ummm no way
      I'd get lost somewhere as I'd lose the light of day

  4. Yikes at those pictures Pat ~
    Except the ring I will take ~

    1. haha yeah that would be nice
      Could fetch a hefty price

  5. oh my she has big lungs, and if you wear the man thong, you better be hung, but the helmet kinda is wrong, zombie teeth ack, kiss that, oh you can kiss my, ass-uming he did not brush too much rush these days you know...

    1. LMAO that man thong still scares me
      But it made Yowza come out at my sea
      So it had to be used at my bay
      And yeah no brushing would make for quite the ass kissing display

  6. Yikes those teeth creep me out
    the guy so unlucky should not shout
    he should always keep his mouth shut
    his breath worse than that of a mutt.

    1. haha I agree with you
      He doesn't have a clue
      It is sad but true
      How creepy he is in that view

  7. When elephants get so big,
    I suddenly feel like a twig.
    Kind of cool with the apes,
    Especially when they climb some ropes.
    (last bit didn't rhyme properly, alas)

    1. Hey it was close
      That works at my house
      The apes may look cool
      But they would get made fun of by all including this fool..haha

  8. they sure are super grand, where can I kidnap them?

    And I believe the first pic shows Millie, the elephant, my neighbour. such a nice lady, although I bit difficult when she pops over for a morning tea and you bring out your best delicate china :( I hear she has a secret fling with Richard, the timid crocoNile from our street.

    1. Darling that's not Millie, that's a picture of cats mum. I knew he'd gotten those hips of his from somewhere and the junk in his trunk came from her too.

    2. cat has a trunk? Pray do tell us more, me is strangely amused...

    3. Hasn't he tole you that he keeps boobs and other such stored in his bum? Oooh the size of his trunk must be huge, like a black hole.

    4. guess he has to use XXL Pringles cans....

    5. You have a neighbor named millie
      And she is an elephant filly
      Wow her house must be quite frilly
      Made for Free Willy

      Yep everything is there
      It is easier to remain aware
      When it is up you bum
      As you just give a hum
      And out it pops
      It never stops

    6. you hum while you boom from the bum? Oh, Lord, the things we'll discover here... all of utter cosmic importance ;)

    7. The safety of the free world hinges on this cats ability to shove things up his bum. We're all in much worse trouble than I thought. Excuse me while I go kill myself.

    8. LOL huming and bumming is a pass time for the cat
      You should give it a go at your mat

      Now now don't do that
      You have to be ended by the cat
      I suppose in a way I would win
      But don't do it because it would ruin all the trouble I went to to spike your gin

  9. Replies
    1. It's the cats mum R. This is the kind of rage she goes into when she finds his poo laying around her house. Who can blame her?

    2. I guess that Viking woman is getting that big ring from cat. sorry couldn't resist. ;)

    3. yep, you can see the love for cat in that Viking queen's eyes... it's a true romance. We shall have little horned kittens running around here in a few months....

    4. We'll have to drown them at birth and spare the world from his hideous spawn.

    5. A double E from R today
      With epic on display

      At least the cat popped out easy as can be
      For that crack is bigger than all of bush number three

      She has a lot of lovin in her
      Can really ruffle the cat's fur

      The horned kitties will use them quite well
      I think jabbing the alliance with them would be swell

      Their horns will make them float as well
      So you can't send them to Hell

    6. The fires of hell
      will lick
      at their tails
      and devour them whole
      like nast
      viking moles
      with holes (I know this makes no sense at all)

    7. Viking moles have holes?
      I guess they have lofty goals
      Can you see right through
      Or do their insides block the view

  10. Yowza! :D

    P.S. - you could have done without the teeth photo. *eww*

    1. He does this to torture us Enigmatic. It's a wonder any of us keep coming back. I come just to taunt him. What about you?

    2. I thank God, Annzie, he didn't put the teeth as the first pic, it would've ended up in our blogrolls....

    3. haha the teeth had to be done
      As it was just too much fun

      A torture session has to come due
      That much is true
      But all keep coming back
      As you are addicited to my shack
      At least I didn't say arse licking crack
      That might have caused flack

      I thought of you when I did that
      So I did not put it first at my mat
      As you already had zombie feet
      So I gave you an elephant for a treat

    4. Dez that is such a good point.
      24 hours of that on my sidebar would be more than Yowza. It would be "Ugh, how could ya!"

    5. He's got the idea now Petsy and he'll use it to cause us trauma and to keep people away from out bays. He can't stand the thought of our having blogger success.

    6. I think he uses some kind of powers to control our minds through that sidebar link. It makes us come over and read. We're addicted...and not because we want to be. We have no choice!

    7. haha..see? It's true! We're like robots coming here and making his head swell! lol....

    8. speak in your own name, Petsy, I come here only because he threatens he will publish the naughty video of me and Chris Evans, that he stole from my cellphone... if I don't come every day and bring the audience with me....

    9. @Dez
      It is you and Anne, he is manipulating you and used you guys as bait to bring in more traffic, who put picture of cute kitten spawns with horns flying around with arrowed tail?

    10. it's true, his litter box had no visitors whatsoever, before we arrived here!

    11. My mind control works rather well
      I can put all through hell
      And you keep coming back for more
      Here at my shore
      It has always been that way
      Even before Penguin Man came to my bay
      But there is surely more with him here
      And of course Irish Air trying to come and strike fear
      Which the cats like to see
      Causes such glee
      And if you want a nasty picture to show up in your side bar
      I'll use it first the next time for all of those near and far
      And that video is saved in 10 different spots
      With ten different tots
      So even if you lock the cat away
      It will still see the light of day

    12. We do drive up the value of the real estate here Cat. This place wouldn't be worth the poo in your Pringle cans without us.

    13. I agree you sure help bring people to my sea
      Oh wait! It is just you two over and over coming back to me
      I think inflation as set in
      What a sin

  11. My eyes! My eyes! My eyes!
    Yowza or yahoo. All I could do is scream F1! And send SOS messages.

    1. hahaha you had a yowza and a yahoo shout
      Well at least I didn't make you pout

  12. Replies
    1. Crazy always comes due at my sea
      As it jut causes such glee

  13. I only love the elephant the others are horrible!!but you really enjoy it!!!

    1. oh yes it is really enjoyed by me
      Creeping out others at my sea

    2. you love the people said Yeekk! Aghhh!

      you are cute:))

    3. hahaha yep an oh dear too
      As they are afraid to view

  14. Are those Japanese blokes children's entertainers?

    1. children?
      Who would let their kids watch that? haha.

    2. I think it was some kids show wannabe thing
      Where they jumped into some ring

      People who aren't too bright
      Which there are many around to cause a fright

  15. I have to say "Ewww!" was coming out
    much more than a "Yowza" shout
    Except the car and the ring was more like a "Oooo!"
    the men in the weird thong strap was just "Ick", too.

    1. LMAO wow you were quite noisey today
      Here at my bay
      Creating your own band
      There in your land
      As you hit each pitch strand
      Isn't that just grand

  16. really, Pat. those eyes and teeth - they might make an appearance in my dreams tonight!
    and that second monkey... never seen that kind before, also very disturbing.

    1. I hope it is a good dream
      In which the teeth really gleam
      And not a nightmare
      Thanks to my lair

  17. LOL Does it surprise you that I find both of those monkeys real cute???? hahahaha

    The guy with the bug eyes reminds me of the video where a guy tries to become a super saiyan. He gets up and starts screaming at the top of his lungs for about 3 minutes straight until his dad comes in a says "Stfu!!! What is wrong w/ you?!" Is it a scene from there???? lol

    1. LOL no I excepted you to saw they were cute
      As you like that bug eyed tarsier brute..haha

      Never saw that video before
      So I am unaware at my shore
      I take it the guy didn't make super saiyan one two or three?
      Maybe it was four and he turned into a butt faced monkey..haha


      Enjoy :)

    3. LMAO he sounded so very serious too
      I'm surprised he didn't pop a vein or something with that scream that came due.hahaha
      If he actually truly believes that
      He's loonie tunes and so much more at his mat..hahahahaha
      But just in case
      I say no glow and always his zombie face
      And since when does going super sayan mean you have to take off your shirt?
      I guess he just wanted to flirt..hahaha

  18. those are some ugly monkeys

    they look worse than junkies

    1. Well at least they are better off
      As junkies get a very bad cough

  19. Hide behind your opera program and take a swig from your canteen. I love it. I don't drink but people are often giving me canteens that I re-gift to others. I do like re-gifting, it's so American.Yowza, Yowza, Yowza. I did like the monkey that looked by Jimmy Durante (the Schnozolla). Nickey, Nickey, Nickey noo

    1. Re-gifting is so american you say?
      Yeah haven't seen that done much up my way
      Yowza you said a lot
      I guess the pictures were oh so hot

  20. Great Y post Pat. I've been so busy, missed you and the cat!

  21. I'm going to have nightmares about those pictures. Thanks for that. lol

    1. Well dreams is your topic of choice over at your sea
      So you are just being helped out by me...haha

  22. Replies
    1. But in order for it to be over
      That fat lady had to sing like rover

  23. WOWZA on your YOWZA! A fascinating array of photos with witty, rhythmic commentary! Robyn sent me over, and I'm glad she did! Julie

    1. Wowza is fun too
      But already used W for whoopdi friggin doo
      Glad you found it fun
      And liked the rhyming run

  24. Replies
    1. What you couldn't kiss that?
      Just close your eyes and thing of a rat

  25. Seeing those teeth makes me want to brush mine 10X a day.

    1. At least I keep the dentist away
      For you at your bay

  26. Replies
    1. LOL words are for birds
      At least the cat didn't show turds

  27. OMGoodness, I'm really laughing out loud here. Oh yuck on those teeth!
    Yowza.... the naked guys and that guys face...Oh my goodness...LOL

    1. Yeah very very nasty but oh so fun
      And sounds like I gave you a thrill with my yowza run

  28. Replies
    1. haha yep freaky
      And those guys are a bit umm cheeky

  29. Yowza indeed. A lot of disturbing images here at your feed. I feel bad for that one guy though, as it looks as if his eyes are going to pop right out. Yowza, yowza yowza

    1. haha seems you like the yowza call
      As you say it a ton and have a ball

  30. Gah. I was going to post more than one word, but all I can do is cringe.

    1. haha don't worry about that
      As many seem to be cringing at my mat

  31. Oh god.. could've lived without seeing the 2nd to last image..

    1. That I think is the case
      With everyone who saw it today at my place..haha

  32. Sorry I had to skip some pics 'cause with my weak stomach I'd be in a fix!

    1. haha that is alright
      Wouldn't want you to stay up all night

  33. Replies
    1. I hope it didn't fully work
      But if it did that is a perk

  34. Replies
    1. One more to go
      Then back to the norm at my show

  35. oh heck...i would rather load that elephant into my car than those two guys with their strange costumes...ha

    1. LMAO I would have to agree
      Those two would scare me

  36. I was about to have breakfast.... Emphasis on was.

    1. hahaha see the cat is just saving you on food
      That isn't so rude

    2. So I ordered a DVD instead....

    3. LOL sounds like what I would do
      Here at my zoo

  37. Proboscis monkeys are hilarious.
    Those noses, what a hooter.
    Those muscle men of the year will certainly be a fan service for your female viewers, it puts me to shame, id hate to fight one.

    1. Yeah they could surely hold their own
      Making one groan
      Just by looking at each one
      Causing me to want to run

  38. There are a couple photos here I wish I had found!!! Those teeth!!! Dear god! And that is the perfect fat lady... is she wearing garbage can lids as a bra?

    1. LMAO well they would surely work as a lid
      And needs them to keep those things hid


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