Time To Solvent All Your Issues Even If It May Eat Through Tissues!

I bet many thought something like X could stump the cat? At least those not familiar with my mat. When will you learn that I can always make one feel the rhyming burn? No matter the letter or thing the rhymes will fling. So Xylol takes the cake. Warning! Never use it in things that you bake.

Need to clean some parts,
With stuff not found in Walmarts?
Even works on tools,
That is metal you fools.

Did I stutter?
Keep your mind out of the gutter.
Yes, Brian I know that is hard to do,
But I'll pretend to believe in you.

Derived from coke ovens,
By the dozens.
Now Betsy don't go cook up a storm,
With these ovens rocks are the norm.

It's clear and colorless too,
So it'd be kind of hard to view.
There is a molar mass,
Damn! I better stop for that Jax lass.

Or she might think she has some disease,
And start to wheeze.
Or it might go to his head,
And Fred might drop dead.

What Xylol can do,
Is really mess with the comment crew.
Of course Fox would read,
All the directions and take heed.

Probably picking out a mistake or two,
In the grammar that came due.
At least he would know,
That in that air at each show.

It can be smelled at 0.08 to 3.7 parts per million.
Heck, let's make it a billion.
It does ring the harmful bell,
So don't go drinking any at your well.

Then you may become invisible at your shore,
And be lost forever more.
No beards or hair or mohawks or numb tongues to see,
But that damn penguin would still be free.

Flapping all about,
With his magic rainbow fart shout.
Thanks to the Irish raising his ego,
Should have made him a crow.

I believe Xylol has gone to my head,
I better pop a pill before I'm dead.
Or its flashpoint came due,
And makes the cat flash all of you.

Of course that wouldn't be so bad,
Better than that Pat lad.
So Xylol the weird and wacky has come to pass,
And I'll raise my tail for all of you as I walk away with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. It is official. If Seinfield is funny show about nothing yours is funny blog just about anything. Don't send that fox guy nowhere near my blog. You gonna flash, thats the XXX I was expecting for X today. ;)

    1. LOL that is a good way to put it indeed
      As anything goes at my feed
      From zombie foot to zebra thong
      To others things that anywhere else would be just wrong
      hahaha no flash from me
      It would be too pretty
      Some would die
      Or stalkers would haunt the poor cat and I'd have to move to a new sky

  2. Wow, the cat rhyming about Xylol is the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Maybe you could rhyme about other pills now such as tramadol or Xanax or would that not be squeaky clean? I've never had Xylol before but something makes me think it would lead to some weird and wacky replies, even R would feel like he was high through the skies.

    I love R by the way, I don't think Anne and some others are particularly fair on him to be honest haha.

    1. You dare to slander the Alliance! We are fair and just and kind. No were not, we're evil.

      And who's this Anne of whom you speak?

    2. "I've never had Xylol before.."

      Waffles! Don't ingest it. It would be worse than having a numb tongue I am sure!

    3. methinks this Waffles is ready to take some Xylol, what do you think, Annzie? Petsy?

    4. Yes do not take that
      You will be dead and flat
      For that will rot your insides and melt them too
      Making a gooey mess of you
      So avoid you should
      Better off eating some wood

      See Waffles knows
      How it goes
      And the alliance is crap
      That will take a dirt nap

      Yep would put numb tongue to shame
      As it is not very tame

      Just don't blame me
      If he takes it at his sea
      For that is just nasty
      And quite crazy

    5. I sure do love the alliance.
      R is a kitchen appliance.
      You've got me with brainwashing.
      Either that or I'm boozing and sloshing.

    6. there, Waffles, you've just saved yourself from the punishment :)

    7. Pffft the alliance can have you too
      I've got the blue guy and blabber in my crew
      That is all I need
      So the alliance should take heed

    8. ah, yes, the blue one is all dangerous growing vicious tulips in his garden and such things...

    9. And he is on my side
      Taking you alliance cronies for a ride

    10. not sure it's good having a moody blue grumpster in your row, cat...

    11. Well it beats R
      So that is going far..hahaha

    12. I love Anne, but damn, she is strong, and you are like one man army with blue ninjas(?!) and blabber- really?
      Maybe if you that Irish men are better than boobies, I can think about sharing my thinking cap. What do you say?

    13. the blue one is all dangerous growing vicious tulips in his garden.... I heard that.

    14. I want the boobies though
      So I will make sure they win at her show
      Besides I have blabber and the blue guy
      So we will make all in the alliance cry

      Actually you read that
      But that is all semantics at my mat

    15. what kind of ninja are you, Blue, if you can't distinguish reading from seeing? Or is that Annzie already confusing your senses with that potion she put in your cappuccino last night?

    16. Poisoning the poor Blue Guy
      Oh now that is surely going to make the alliance die

  3. Oh, I had to google that!!!! Molar mass???? What does that even mean?! Oh you confused me more than ever this morning. hahahaha I know that cat will love that...lol

    1. JAxy has a disease? Pray do tell us more, did the cat infest you with something, darling? The alliance can cure you but we must destroy the infestant first!

    2. Why don't we just destroy the cat?

    3. Good luck with that
      He'll just keep coming back
      You'll have to make him use all nine lives
      Until then we'll just let out a bunch of sighs.

      He must be sleeping in today
      as the insults fly at his bay! ha.

    4. I did slip him a sleeping pill in his tuna, so that I could put pepper on his toilet paper :)

    5. hahahaha oh you had to use lord google once more
      Thanks to my shore
      And confused as well
      That is just swell
      That cat's day has been made
      And it shall not fade
      Might even be nice to a mime
      One whole time..haha
      But confusing americans isn't that hard to do
      LMAO did I just stereotype you?
      At least it wasn't as a woman like at your place
      So remember to use that poker face..haha

      Where did you get disease from?
      But yeah she has some
      For she has oompa loompa syndrome I hear
      That has to strike fear

      Because you simply cannot do such a thing
      As my rhymes will always fling

      The cat will always come back
      On the attack
      I can't be stopped one time
      For that would be a crime

      Well at least I got a good rest
      So I guess sleeping pills work best

    6. Pat, my blue ninjas are ready to be deployed. Just say when.

    7. You have ninjas too?
      Oh when they strike the penguin man won't have a clue

    8. blue ninjas? Isn't that bad for camouflage?

    9. The blue ninjas are so good
      They have magic powers that make them match in with grass and wood

    10. maybe in the forest of hallucinatory shrooms :)

    11. Well they will shove them down the alliance's throat
      And that will surely rock the boat

    12. My Lord,do I really have to explain it. They're blue, like me, but they're wearing state of the art BLACK ninja outfits. HELLOOOOOO. Someone's been sniffing tulips.

    13. hahaha and that someone would be an elf that is all ear
      He can't take it that we can afford to give our minions state of the art gear
      While all the alliance has is poop
      For their crazy troop

    14. yes, but black won't help you at my bay, since the alliance's castle is all surrounded by green moss and grass and tulips.... and an occasional green crocoNile in Annzie's fave moat.

    15. The suit can change colors too
      So green will not help you view

  4. Xylol sounds too good to be true. Smile!

    1. LOL if you try it let me know
      Scares me at my show

  5. Xylol and Cats- do they mix well?? Not sure. But the cat could surely rhyme!!

    I'm about a half a day behind in posting--so check out my W if you can. No rhyming there--as tat is your flare!!

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. No they do not mix well
      That I will tell
      But rhymes do come
      From my little rhyming bum

  6. Replies
    1. Two words today
      I guess R used his/her quota yesterday

    2. So this is the famous R I keep hearing about. A concise commentator.

    3. One word
      Aren't you a turd..haha

      Yes this is the famous R
      Won't he go far

    4. I'm still puzzled with how he visits everybody else in our circle, except moi :)

    5. I saw R there before
      At your shore

  7. xylol or xenon, these parts per million, help you get your thrill on, and beware the xanax it will knock you on your ass, twas a gas cat...no need to believe, my existence is a reprieve from steve...he being the creator of our universe, dont curse, just as him and in a burst its yours at your shore

    1. They surely gave a thrill
      Here at my rhyming hill
      I will beware of that
      Don't want to be an ass falling cat
      That would not do
      And you added gas too
      That I somehow knew
      Would come due
      Creator him?
      Things may turn out grim

  8. Who would have thought the X would be a paint thinner
    but your post is a winner!
    And just think...Monday we've done the whole thing
    then we can go back to our regular flings
    like Gawk Mountain and What I Did Wednesday
    just the regular routines at our bays.
    Who would have thought X would be contrails and solvent
    But we had to shake it up a bit!

    1. Yeah almost there
      With the A to Z affair
      Not that I really care
      For I do what I want at my lair
      And then just make it work
      With a little smirk
      But it will be better when we can just do this or that
      At our mat
      And not try to make it mix
      With the A to Z fix
      And sure shook X up
      Didn't even need a pup

  9. To be flashed
    by the cat
    would be hard
    to bear
    and I'd rather
    put solvent
    in my hair.

    1. And he thinks he is Jonathan Rhys Meyers of Canada. ;)

    2. he is more of a Jonathan Rhys Davis :)

    3. LOL okay go put solvent in your hair
      If not a flash may not be so rare
      For it could show up every day
      Right at the top of my bay

      Bah the cat is not him
      His live is too grim

      At least he did two good Indiana Jones movies and Sliders as well
      So that isn't such a tough sell

    4. and LOTR, and LOTR! He was Gimly :)
      I liked him in DUNGEON SIEGE, but most people hate that one.
      SLIDERS was my fave show when I was a teen!

    5. Oh yes can't forget LOTR as well
      I thought dungeon seige wasn't a bad one either as I watched it at my cell
      Worth the 5 bucks I paid for it
      Yep and Sliders was such a hit
      Although when they killed him off it was dumb
      And the ending with the cliffhanger was also very very glum
      Stupid writing crew and stupid fox bickering back and forth with one another all day
      Screwed over the show and the fans in a big way

    6. I've never seen the end of SLIDERS. What happened? They didn't return home? Did Kari Wuhrer stay with them till the end? I loved her soooo....

    7. Oh it got all fecked up after the professor died. Then came Maggie, who I liked but liked Wade too, but it came down to her or Wade and the Kuri was a back stabbing bitch and got Wade kicked off the show, that is why I don't like her, even if she apolized later, still a bitch move. So at the end of three Wade was captured by tht kromaggs and the only originals left were Remi and Q-ball. Then at the end of season four Jerry tried to get more credits within the show and so they kicked him off, all that was left was Remi. Wade's voice came back in season five and she died! Quinn never came back as he merged with another quinn and got stuck inside him unable to seperate. They were going to bring Wade and Quinn both back but the people at Fox didn't like them so they wouldn't approve it. So as a big screw you to the people at Fox they ended the series on a cliffhanger. Remi jumped through by himself to go back home and stop the kromaggs, leaving Maggie and the two other cronies behind and that was that.
      Very stupid ending and messed up big time so says the cat.

    8. I hated Wade, can't stand the actress, but I loved Quinn and his brother. Remi was the black guy, yes? The boring one?
      My fave episode was the one inspired by THE ISLAND OF DR MOREAU. Loved that one!

    9. Hated Wade geesh she was an original one
      I admit Maggie was more fun
      Still the originals are the best
      Better than the rest
      Yeah Remi was the black guy
      The not so comic relief but he did try
      That one wasn't a bad one
      Although later on they went waaaay to far with their movie fun
      Copying every B movie in the book
      Even Tremors at their nook

  10. Flashed by a cat! Our chicken pecked our cat in the nose yesterday...poor kitty...she was minding her own business...

    1. A chicken beating up a cat
      We can't have that

  11. Man, you should be receiving regular checks from bing and google Pat--you make us readers work.

    Have a good weekend.

    1. I wish I recieved such cash
      Then I'd throw a bash
      All dedicated to me
      And maybe the odd flea..LOL

  12. Wow. All I can say is ... Wow! I'm putting you in my Favs so I can come back and read you from A to Z. Sorry I didn't discover you sooner.

    1. No, Jess...run! Run far, far away!

    2. Run, Jess, run like the wind!

    3. I'm a fave you say
      Oh that is a great thing for my bay
      Poor Dez and Petsy are just jealous you see
      That you chose me

    4. My name doesn't really start with a P.
      Can't it go back to being a B?
      I'll start calling you Bat.
      Would you like that?

    5. LOL it doesn't bother me
      Be quite funny
      So go ahead
      Asnone can cause the bat or Pat or the cat dread

    6. or Fat Rat Cat Bat... rapped in Eminem style...

    7. Tit for Tat
      So it doesn't bother the cat

  13. I did the same thing as Jax, I googled it. Because of you, Pat, their page is going to crash. Better keep it away from the cat - it's extremely flammable! =P

    1. haha yes it will be kept far away from the cat
      As he'd prob even eat that
      Or make my place go boom
      Bringing forth doom
      I hope I make them crash
      Serves them right for snubbing my dash
      I'd but google right in the trash
      And give them a bad rash

  14. I had to Google Xylol and burned my ass!

    1. Ouch! That must hurt when you have to go
      But I don't need to know

  15. I knew what Xylol was for sure

    because I'm a scientist with qualifications that are obscure

    1. Well I think you are the only one
      As the others I confused a ton
      Which I like to do
      That is true

  16. LOL you never cease to amaze me with your rhymes. You should make a huge book with them all.

    1. hahaha the book would be tooo big
      Some would flip their wig

  17. Only the cat could rhyme Xytol and include other bloggers. Fantastic. "Awesome". Love it.

    1. Yep used many at my sea
      As I rhymed with glee
      But that is easy to do
      As one can easily view

  18. Hello, Pat! So this is where the party's at. Your blog is super fun. I'm glad I found it before the Challenge is done! :)

    Hope your weekend is lovely and happy A to Z!!

    1. Glad you like the find
      Of my little rhyming behind
      As many come and go
      Giving their 0.00001 cents worth at my show..haha

  19. The Cat and xylol, really!
    A friend gave Paracetamol
    Cat got more sick finally
    Pills might not work at all
    Cats find their own cure fast
    The secret is grass,yes,grass!


    1. That is very true
      Whether cat or dog in your view
      They chow down on the grass
      And it seems to pass

  20. With X anobvious choice was xylophone
    Or perhaps the X-chromosome,
    But xylol is pretty cool,
    Unless you jump into some filled in a pool.

    1. Yeah those two were done around globland
      So I gave Xylol a hand
      And a pool filled with it
      Would be some scary shit

  21. Poor Pat. Coke ovens, huh? I'm afraid to ask.

    1. LOL probably right to be afriad too
      As bad things might come due

  22. Well rhyme you can, of any letter or number in the land, wasn't sure what x would crawl about the cat's head, but paint thinner was not a guess, I thought long and hard, but had to look it up, another victory for the cat , my only thought was perhaps a treasure map, but paint thinner was good, as long as it's not sniffed or put into baked goods, but perfect for an x rhyming whirl

    1. haha I made you look it up too
      LMAO oh that is fun to beat dictionary man at my zoo
      A treasure map I had the thought
      But figured that would be done a lot
      And so piant thinner
      Was the winner

  23. that pat lad writes rad
    a burning ass is very sad
    rhyming is no fad
    free xylol at this pad

    1. I'm a paint thinner pusher here
      The cops may come for my rear
      That would be bad
      As jail would not make me glad

  24. Note to self: of xlol, don't drink or imbue.
    Note to Pat: drop by. There is some talk of you.


    1. Good note number one
      And will come by for note number two's fun

  25. Sorry Pat I read all but Im confuss, maybe is me, anuway tomorrow will be an other day:)

    1. LOL you are not the only one
      As today I confused a ton

    2. Thanks Pat I think was my mood:)

    3. haha well it was meant to confuse a bit
      As I tend to do that quite a lot at my pit

  26. Fun reading about Xylol pills
    and comments of others still
    gawking and rhyming at your bay
    not bad for A-Z challenge today :-)

    1. Always fun with the comments below
      As you never know what will show
      And with the A to Z
      It can't beat me

  27. Great and unusual choice with Xylol...and managing to weave in blogger references - pure talent

    1. haha yeah always unusual at my sea
      I guess that is expect of me

  28. Stump the cat? After reading so many of your posts, I daresay that's impossible!

    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

    1. haha well it has yet to be done
      So until then I will say it is impossible to with my un

  29. Not sure what Xylol, but now must find out.

    1. It is a real winner
      For it is paint thinner

  30. Hmmm. Not sure you would want to take Xylol. Does it come in strawberry flavor?

    1. Well it would make your inside turn to paste
      So I think adding flavor would be a waste

  31. Xylol comes in pill form? Whoa. I wonder what would happen if my dog ate one of those. LOL. (No, I don't really want to know!)

    1. LOL nothing good at all
      You'd have gas at the very least at your hall

  32. Oh my, you were able to find a rhyme for X - Xylol. I learned something new today. lol

    1. A rhyme for anything can come due
      Here at my zoo..haha

  33. Xylol... Never heard of that one! I'm not sure what I would've rhymes for x. :-)

    1. Not a ton for x out there
      But it isn't that rare

  34. Oops, did I just eat some Xylol?
    No wonder I don't feel good at all.
    So, according to what Pat just said.
    I may soon come up smelling...dead.

    1. Yeah you'll board a death boat
      So stick your finger down your thraot
      And heave it up
      Like a grass eating pup

  35. Replies
    1. Solved
      And resolved
      What fun
      It is to have it done

  36. I hate it when my cats eat tissues...


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