Today At My Bay We Attack Your DNA!

For E we are going with EXCUSES at my sea. And this one I recently heard takes the cake for the excuses some try to make. So while the cat was in that other place avoiding all those cats getting in my face, I heard the TV blare, as it's left on in that lair. Some news show crap was going on about cheating, getting the facts from some so called experts in a meeting. They brought up the notion that cheating is in ones DNA and you have to know I have to give that a go at my bay.

Cheating is in your DNA,
Like saying it's July when it's May.
A complete load of crap,
But lets indulge this sap.

For if the dirty rotten cheat,
Thinks their DNA is why he/she are found in another umm seat.
Then DNA is also to blame,
For your addiction to that board game.

Yeah, hungry hungry hippos is hard to get past,
That DNA's reach is surely vast.
Let's blame it for your bad driving too.
Or your miserable performance at Clue.

Blame it for your gambling addiction,
Your big toe affliction.
Okay, that may be the case,
Unless you are obsessed with staring at it every place.

You fascination with eating dog bones,
Rolling around in end zones.
Eating yellow snow,
Not knowing why the stars glow.

Biting your fingernails,
Lying down on train rails.
Your poor ugly fluffy hat.
Enough said yet by the cat?

Let's blame the rhyming on DNA too,
And the gawking that comes due.
The egging of ones face,
The dancing with the spoon all over the place.

The grammar woes,
And God only knows,
That blaming your collection of dictionary's on DNA,
Is surely the right choice at your bay.

All stupid and insane?
Causing your brain a pain?
Good! Because as well it should.
No need to even knock on wood.

For if your DNA is the cause of any of this stuff,
You have given something one too many a puff.
Sniffed some glue,
Or are full blown wacko at your zoo.

One big excuse by those who do,
Because they are unable to take responsibility for the things that ensue.
So let's blame cheating on DNA.
Just like this July it will really be May.

I guess having the crummy news channel blare as I visit that other lair can help the cat. For it allowed another rant to come about at my mat. But now I must go pass some gas. We'll blame that on DNA too and not my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Ah, DNA is as good an excuse as any!
    But mostly I blame things on the dogs!!

    1. hahaha I blame the cat as well
      For any sort of hell..haha

  2. I agree man that saying something is just in your DNA is a horrible excuse, it's great to see you post about this kind of thing.

    1. Yeah just stupid in every way
      Pfft blaming the dna

  3. Works for me...
    Not that I would cheat.

    1. haha of course it does
      Maybe dna makes your umm ears buzz

  4. Ahem...During a recent lab study that I put my little cells through, they found an extra GGE chromosone. Basically when that happens you are guaranteed to egg yourself in the face at least once in your life. This is not to be confused with the GGES chromosome which is much worse. That DNA combination forces you to egg yourself at least once a day.

    LMAO What a load of CRAP!!! I think you are right. All excuses!!!!

    1. LMAO oh so that is your story
      You are blaming DNA for your egg glory
      Well the cat is never ever going to let you off the hook for that
      Whether it was DNA or a rolled up window that gave you an egg hat
      I still want to see the results for myself though
      So you will have to post them at your show..hahaha
      Maybe you'll get lucky and grow an extra S some way
      And then egg yourself every single day...haha

      Yeah this is just another excuse to try and explain why people do the stupid stuff they do
      When the answer is so simple and true
      They do it because they decide to do it
      No other excuse for any nitwit
      But they can't accept that
      They are responsible and have to blame something else for falling flat
      So now it is dna
      Pfffft what next? An alien death ray..hahaha

    2. I believe that the alien death ray excuse has already been implemented!!!

      I have zero problem posting my DNA results. You see, I'm proud of my extra GGE chromosomes!! You can't blame me for how I was born!!!!!! And you don't just develop DNA. I think I'm safe from that extra S. If I wasn't, then I would have to change my shower schedule to match the egging routine. It would be so inconvenient to happen around 2PM everday!! LOL!!!

    3. LMAO yes I believe you are right
      As the crazies fight the alien plight

      hahaha oh but they can inject people now with such things
      Maybe even give you wings
      So beware of needles at your lair
      For they made add that extra S making you even more rare
      Then the egging and shower schedule would collide
      And you may really ruin your lovebug ride
      All those eggs inside her
      Would certainly ruffle her fur
      So one day there will be a dna post too?
      That should be fun to view..hahaha

    4. Yes, the GGE story is what I'm stick with. Besides, would I ever lie to you?? Psh...Anyone inject me with the S and I'll fight!!!!!!! I can be very intimidating when provoked. LOL!!

    5. LOL yes you are so scary indeed
      After all the hawk sure takes heed
      He ran far far away at your scream
      Oh wait! That is just a dream..hahaha

  5. Interesting, I agree.
    Nice rhymes!

    1. WOW two lines from R
      I guess my DNA took him far

    2. now he'll have to rest
      typing all that put him to the test! ha.

    3. Tomorrow all I may get is a nice
      I guess that is the price

  6. DNA... as in Definitely Not Accusable? So I'm blue because of my DNA. Is that a fact? And you are fond of shore, bay and lair because of your rhyming DNA? Well, that I buy. And Blogger keeps messing up our blogs because of their faulty DNA? That I don't buy. And what about those dirty politicians? Can't help themselves either, I suppose. First they steal our award and our money and then they let me know they 'couldn't help themselves...' I did not have sex with that woman.... It was my DNA.

    1. oh yeah man, we always want to make ourselfs feel better, pointing fingers when we are the bed wetter, ob-viously its genetic, as i run my mouth and look pathetic

    2. LOL that is a good description for the acronym they use
      Maybe if will no longer abuse and confuse
      Those words all pop out of me
      I blame them on bush number three
      LMAO yes those dirty politicians are quite the bunch
      Stealing our trip with their credit crunch
      I'd like to suck them dry of DNA
      And throw them into some deep dark bay

    3. Yep look pathetic they do
      Each and every one stating this view
      Can't believe anyone thinks it is true
      So many need to get a clue

    4. bed wetter...see? He did it again!
      (twin sister shakes her head with a grin)

    5. LOL was waiting for you to see that
      That's why it was ignored by the cat..haha

    6. well at least he's predictable
      and for us, so abusable. lol.
      If he'd only come back to read
      how we are so mean to tease!

    7. haha maybe he is better off not knowing
      For then he might she our flowing
      And declare you no longer his twin
      Wouldn't that be a sin?

    8. true, but that to him I couldn't blame
      since he's the one that gave me that name
      but I'm sure he'll never see
      that we tease him for always talking about pee.

    9. Yeah he usually stays away
      After hopping from bay to bay
      So I suppose what he does not know
      Can't hurt him at his show..haha

    10. WAIT A MINUTE. I'M LOST HERE. bedwetter, pee.... what did I not see?

    11. Apparently a lot
      I guess you need to be more hot to trot

  7. I always enjoy finding rhymes...

    1. Glad you like the find
      Of my little rhyming behind

  8. Replies
    1. That could be blames on DNA
      Maybe, sorta, in some way

    2. me has headaches only when PMS strikes me :))

    3. TMI there
      But it is always allowed at my lair

  9. Cheating is in my DNA? well, that explain's a lot!

    1. LOL you damn dirty cheat
      That you must beat

  10. Blaming DNA for things is an easy excuse for so many people because a lot of people don't understand enough to refute it. You make a valid point here!

    Just a Nice Girl

    1. Yeah that is very true
      They just believe what comes due
      Taking it at face value
      Not believing the person has a loose screw

  11. I blame it on being a carbon-based life form

    I'm not the norm

    1. Well it beats DNA
      Even if you are alien at your bay

  12. did you know that hippos are actually the most dangerous animals on Earth? More dangerous than crocodiles and lions?

    1. I read that somewhere but did not believe it one bit
      I guess since it came from you I will now steer far away of any hippo pit

    2. The info comes from Egypt where more people are killed from hippos than from crocodiles from the Niles :(

    3. I guess those hippos really are hungry hungry and all that
      They will never get near this cat

    4. maybe the Nile just doesn't have any crocodiles.
      that would skew the data a little, right? lol.
      I bet they say more storks are eaten than penguins, too.
      but that's because there are no penguins to view! haha.

    5. True it is all relative I guess
      Stats are one big mess
      Can believe so much
      But they are always off by a touch

    6. Well, why do you think they called them CrocoNiles if the Nile doesn't have them?
      Croconiles live in the Niles.
      Alligators live in Asia and America.
      Kaymans and similar live in South America :)

    7. A geographic animal lesson from Dez today
      He's teaching at my bay
      Never heard of CrocNiles though
      So learning too at my show

    8. So that means Tarsier is from Tazmania? lol....

    9. Tarsier is a nut job either way
      Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll drown in a bay

    10. no, Betsy, Tarsier if from Tarsistan :) like the cat is from Catagonia :)
      Me, myself, is from Lothlorien :) /shakeshiselvenwingsandsprinklesyouwithstardust/ :)

    11. Or Dez could be from crazy land
      Where the cat goes to leave things in the sand

    12. so you admit to crossing the frontiers of crazy land? We might give you the looneyland passport, you know...

    13. Yep the cat has been there from time to time
      But has no looneyland passport was that a crime?

  13. oohhhh.. can you really blame your DNA for all this?? *confused face*

    1. LOL many actually do
      But it is 100% not true

  14. Don't forget, alcoholism is a disease. There are cells in your DNA that force you to drink beer until you vomit, and until we find a cure, God bless those poor men and women affected by it!

    1. Yeah that is a big one
      Your dna wants you to ruin your liver a ton
      And cause you to die
      I guess your dna really is a spiteful guy

  15. Guess, that makes one easy excuse for everything. So if somebody's all that perfect, they're from outer space. But hey, even they can have some sort of DNA...right?

    I know what to blame on my DNA - confusion, in endless amounts. :D

    1. Maybe they could be a robot too
      If they are perfect in their view
      That would surely confuse
      As they have no DNA to use

    2. Let's ask Dotty what she thinks
      probably blame Mason on any kinks.

    3. Yep it will be all his fault
      As she traps him in Zeus Mountain's vault

  16. DNA...should give it benefit of doubt.
    My link -

    1. Pfft I will just give it doubt
      And let DNA pout

  17. does that other lair
    blame their number of cats on the DNA flair?
    I might take that excuse, you see
    if they don't mind sharing with me.

    what a bunch of bunk
    blaming their sins on the dna junk
    they're just a group of bloody wankers
    wanting to fill their theory tankers.
    we might as well empty the jails
    as "it was our dna" they wail.

    1. hahaha I have not heard them blame it on DNA
      So you are safe in using that excuse at your bay
      LOL the bloody wankers are just that
      With their bloody excuses at their mat
      Sounds more pathetic then old chrome dome Drazin
      As their minds are that of a raisin
      Which may be blamed on DNA
      But that is another story at my bay

    2. A raisin brain you say
      like Grape Face at my bay?

      I'm drawing a blank on my f-word
      are you using flibo? That you should. ha.
      Could always just use Friday
      since it will be by and by.

    3. LOL might even offend grape face
      As there is no brain in place
      I cheated and stole the f word from Fred
      But you can use Flibo if you like instead..haha

    4. You cheated AND stole?
      then I don't want you coming to my blog and calling me cheater or CHEATER in all caps like you're yelling ever again. lol. :) And all I did was post early. Geesh. or should that be GEESH? lol hahaha

    5. LOL I stole it long before
      The a to z came to my shore
      Just worked for F at my sea
      So I saved it for the a to z
      And it is just a word I stole
      Unlike you posting the thing a day early at your hole
      Such a CHEATER in every way
      At you bay

    6. stole a word starting with F
      and that's all you're going to confess?
      stealing is stealing and that's a fact
      I'm going to tell Fred and you will go splat.
      and be nice to wonder woman/easter bunny
      or she'll stop calling you hon
      and get out her pellet gun.

      OK..can't wait to see what it is
      must be really great for you to hide it until this!

    7. LOL I didn't even know what it meant
      Just say it and I knew I had to vent
      So there you go
      And if that pellet gun does show
      The cat will make the bullets bounce back
      And they'll hit your shack..haha

  18. OMG! This is a classic! I love it. I laughed through the whole thing (not that I don't do that with the other posts).

    1. haha yeah I was having quite the amount of fun as I went through it
      I guess DNA can be quite the hit

  19. Sounds a bit like Flip Wilson with his "the devil made me do it."

    Excuses, indeed, and an excuse not to take personal responsibility.


    1. LOL yeah it is pretty much that bad
      Although the devil made me do it may win by a tad

  20. Eating yellow snow? Ugh! Lol

    I'm using "it's in my DNA" as every excuse now.

    1. hahaha look what the cat did
      Now you'll make many flip their lid..haha

  21. Replies
    1. Well yeah that is a given
      Surprised we're all still liven

  22. So....DNA may be the cause
    of taking a pause
    to "shake hands" with myself?
    If that be the case
    I'll not feel abased
    To scream when I'm done: "Top Shelf!"
    NOTE: I had difficulty finding a word to rhyme with 'myself.'

    1. LOL well at least you went top shelf
      And not about an elf
      Shaking hands too
      Hmmmm just keep that out of view..haha

    2. Elf........................ yep, I coulda gone there.
      Probably just as well.

    3. hahaha yes prob just as well
      The poor elf might charge you and leave you locked in a cell..haha

  23. Okay. So it's in my DNA to have too many pets in my house. And it's in my DNA to have writer's block. And it's in my DNA to yell at my kids. It's so good to have an excuse for these things now!

    1. Glad I could help you out at your sea
      I hope no one thinks you're crazy
      When you use it for an excuse one day
      There at your bay..haha

  24. DNA? No way. The rhyme gene? Okay.

    1. There is a rhyme gene too
      I suppose I may have two

  25. Very funny. DNA is the new scapegoat for sure, so if you cheat or do whatever you want to do, blame it on your genes. There is something to DNA, or at least that's what we're told to think, but those "creative" types always find ways to get away with what they want. Never respected a cheater, not at all, so if they blame their ills on DNA, I bet they'll refute DNA if it will allow them a crime to get a way. It's one of those things that people can use to however it suits them best. Love the examples in the stanzas, you keep bringing up the toes though, making me think of those darn zombie feet

    1. LOL the zombie feet will forever haunt you
      Just from once or twice seeing them in view
      Never respect a cheater either at my sea
      For they can all rot and it won't bother me
      The do seem to twist it to their own way
      As long as it gets them out of whatever they got caught doing on at their bay

  26. Pat, you have a remarkable unique and awesome mind, do you know that???

    Cheating hurts the cheater, always!

    And yes, I eat dog bones, but only on Sunday at midnight.


    1. And add a dash of crazy to that
      Then you have the mind of Pat
      Yep the cheater will get it in the end
      It is the same old trend
      I hope the dog bones are yummy
      In your tummy

  27. Blaming it on your DNA certainly takes the cake as one of the worst excuses!

    1. Yep one of the worst excuses to ever come about
      Just so some dumb schmuck didn't have to pout

  28. I use my DNA excuse to push all the 7 sins, you are asking me to change that? You know what that will make me? An adult. What is wrong with you Pat?

    1. Pffft I don't want to be an adult at all
      Why do you think I give a cat call
      So DNA away on those 7 sins each day
      At least they allow you to play

  29. I
    Reminds me of the scientists who used dna splicing to cross a hyena with a ferocious fish. It was called a 'piranah ha hah hah'.
    Everyone blames their actions on other things, but its only when we embrace personal responsibility that we can truly change.

    1. LMAO a tad lame
      But funny all the same haha
      Yeah if one would take responsibility instead of blaming all
      They would actually change some at their hall

  30. Aha! Of course! DNA is responsible for driving skills! "It's not me, Guv, it's in my DNA." Now why didn't I think of that when I had my last speeding ticket?!

    1. Not sure that would fly
      But give it a try
      And let me know how is goes
      If another speeding ticket every shows

  31. Rhyming and eating yellow snow are in the genes? That explains a lot 8^D

    1. Yeah I suppose it does
      Still crazy just because

  32. Ha..ha...Pat. I think its more than DNA
    to make you rhyme each and every day,
    crazy as it may seem, its fun anyway
    to blame all the cheating to DNA ~

    1. Oh yeah it's fun they used DNA
      For it gave me plenty of ammo at my bay
      It just had to be done
      I could go on and on a ton..haha

  33. So nice to always have something as a scapegoat for crappy behaviour, blame it all on the DNA, why ever didn't I think of that before ;)

    1. LOL yeah it is an excuse many never thought of at all
      But I'm sure many more have used it at their hall

  34. Blame it on the innocent
    Barking at the wrong tree
    DNA was a great 'invention'
    Wrong convictions been set free
    It is a savior
    Like no other!


    1. Up definitely the wrong tree
      Prob the left over stench of dog pee
      Screwing with their head
      Making them so brain dead

  35. I can deal with just about anything in life but there are 2 things I can't stand - liars and cheaters!

    1. Couldn't agree more
      I'd push them off a bridge if they came near me at my shore....haha

  36. I'll blame my DNA
    when no rhymes come my way!

    1. But one did come today
      So you don't need to blame any DNA

  37. I agree with this! It makes me sick, the excuses people use to cheat :( I've seen it for a long time . . . my whole life :(

    1. Yep I've seen it time and time again too
      Each time they just flush what they had down the loo

  38. haha. I think wants are cultivated, not inscribed in the genes. If people blame them for bad things they can't help but do, they are probably using it wrong. Nice rhymes, Pat. :)

    1. Yeah they are surey using it wrong
      And become quite the ding dong

  39. It's great to see the DNA defense
    Bashed through silly rhyme
    That actually makes sense.

    Good work.


    1. That is does I guess
      But it was my dna I confess
      That made me do this
      LOL yeah it also makes me hiss

  40. My DNA says I don't lie, cheat and what's the other one? And I hate coming here late. It makes me dizzy climbing down the ladder.

    1. LOL well as long as you don't fall down
      It is okay to be late at my crazy town

  41. Sounds good. Blame all our problems on our genes. :P

    1. There you go
      Now you have another excuse at your show

  42. so many mysteries in the human genome

    1. Mysteries abound
      Whether human, cat or hound

  43. ha...i hate when people use their DNA as an excuse...i certainly believe that there are some character points that make certain things for certain people more difficult than for others...but generally i think that everyone can make their decisions...good or bad...ha...nice pat

    1. Yeah it is hard to over come for some more than others I will say
      But stupid things like cheating is not due to ones DNA
      They are just a nut job if they think such strat
      And that is simply that..haha

  44. Seriously, using DNA as an excuse? OH MY? What is this world coming to!! Lovity Love Love Loved this one :)

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. That is alot of love for the cat
      But works well for him at his mat

  45. haha
    well we all need someone to blame to :D
    DNA is added in my list from now on :P

    1. LOL I suppose in a pinch
      Blaming one's dna would be a sinch


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