With A Hiss From The Cat We Question A Little Of This And A Little Of That!

So for Q the cat will make plenty of questions come due. As the stupid things have once more been coming into my view. Or at least make little sense when you think about them too much. Maybe I should tone the facts down a touch. Bah, screw that. As you humans still make no sense to the cat.

Ever think how dumb using the title "World Series" actually is? Every other sport has the championship name make sense to their current biz, except those more classified as a hobby, but the cat's already been down that lobby. Yet baseball seems to think it's so grand that it names its main championship the World Series and sings it out across the land. Hmm so I guess that one WHOLE Canadian team, amongst all the American teams that gleam, really makes the "World" aspect of it stick. Who knew having a Canadian could do the trick?

So you choke as you down water at your hall, whether because you drank too fast or just got hit with a World Series ball. Yeah, not going to let that go just yet. But I will soon so don't fret. Anyway, you cough up a lung and then from the nearest yap comes this pile of dung. "Take a drink of water or whatever else you drink." Really? I'm coughing on the stuff and you want to add more to my current kink? You trying to kill me? Or drown me in an apple juice sea? I'll drink when the throat is clear. Until then that phrase I do not want to hear.

Another one is "It went down the wrong hole?" Did I forget to pay a toll? As I must have got gipped or something for only one hole I seem to have to sing. Maybe it's magic and the second hole only shows up when things get tragic. But yeah when choking let's blame the magic hole that appears and disappears like some flag pole.

Then there is the whole "Do Not Stick Q-Tip in Ear." Where do they want me to put it? My rear? If you're a moron and have to shove it in so it gets stuck, in the brain cell category you are strat out of luck. Maybe they want you to stick it up your nose and then out the ears it goes? Think that would work? Could clear your nostrils, which would be an added perk.

Why do people, who are standing right beside you, insist on telling you the weather? Do they think you are blinded by a feather? Or maybe two feet away brings a whole new day. So each has to have their say. It's rainy over here. Over here the sun is giving a cheer. Pffft right! Do they think it is night? Maybe they think I'm a blind cat? Sometimes I envy that deaf rat.

Smash a printer? What is up with that? Who would come up with such a dumb chime? Must be Pat. What does smashing a printer get you? But having to go spend money for something new. Maybe that could be grand. So if it lends a hand, the cat will take the fame. Of course if it is lame, blame that Pat guy. Still don't you want to give it a try?

Wasn't that some fun randomness for the day? Hopefully it didn't cause too much dismay. For I may have made you think and brought you to the brink. Or just could have made you think I'm crazy, which could also make your eyes go hazy. Either way the randomness has come to pass and that is all for now from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Damn you're right Pat that the whole "World Series," thing is kind of stupid though I guess the winners are still champions of the world, even if that's just because nobody else really cares for baseball. Whatever pleases the Americans is okay as I say, if it makes their day then I can't be filled with dismay so long as I don't have to pay. (I really tried this morning with the rhymes as you can see haha.)

    1. hahaha yeah I guess whatever pleases those guys
      And let's them believe they're wise
      And no paying will come due
      As a rhyme did come from you

    2. Its like the miss universe contest! How do we know the girls are best in the univers? There could be hot aliens out there!

    3. Yeah many aliens could be about
      And us humans just make them pout

  2. You're right the printer smashing was less than dashing!

    1. Yes poor Pat came up with that idea I fear
      So blame him and not my little rhyming rear

  3. We are Americans damn it !
    We are the world !
    World domination is our goal...
    Now, who's butt do I have to kick to get a beer around here ?

    1. Dominate the whole place
      Pffft I still have outerspace
      So the rest you can keep
      As the cat goes out into the universe so deep

  4. I'd rather have the person next to me tell me the weather than have them explain their politics. LOL.

    1. haha I suppose there are worst things then the weather as you say
      For such a thing I would not want heard either at my bay

  5. printer smashing? I have seen only keyboard smashing in person. printer smashing does sound lame. What about spilling coffee, no ones spills coke ,but only coffee. For cough instead of water they should give a light blow on the head

    1. hahaha never thought about that one
      But yeah people spill coffee by the ton
      Maybe because they drink a ton of it
      Or get too hyper and just spill a bit

  6. Well, I have a Q-uestion for you: Did you see the picture that sneaky little Hollywood Spy took of me and, undoubtedly with the help of some evil eurovirus, planted in my brand new post?!! How dare he?! First I catch him making fun of my

    plus one

    and now he's pulling this trick on me. This is the final drop, I tell you! He'll deny it, of course. Pat, never trust a guy with Armini glasses. I thought he was my friend. It feels like a Q-Tip sticking in my ear. (To say the least.)

    1. Well you are going to have to get that spy back
      For causing you such flack
      Go on the attack
      And upside his head give him a whack
      Then the Q-Tip will comes loose
      If not give him a kick in the caboose

    2. No, I don't give him wacks and I don't kick no cabooses
      Especially when a guy like him is dreaming when he snoozes
      Wanting to be like us (like Pat 'The Cat' and the Blue Grumpster)
      If he were mean like BO, I would have thrown him in a dumpster

      So no fist, no kicks, no hammer
      No freaking flute or cello
      I'll just go attack his grammar
      That's all it really takes to make him... bellow.

    3. LMAO I suppose that is the way to go
      Easy enough with that fellow
      As the "me is" continues to flow
      So go ahead and attack at yours, mine and his show

    4. oh, lord, these two are talking about me even when I'm not present... /searchesforhispsychodefensemanual/

    5. The blue guy started it up
      We will give your alliance a hiccup
      See you are all alone
      As poor Anne is off mowing the lawn with a groan..haha

    6. she hopes to mow a head or two of the spies that you've sent hiding in the ditch around our castle.

    7. Bah they knew what they were in for
      I will give them a good eulogy at my shore

    8. We'll have your head on a pike before this is all over. And possibly the head of your partner the blue guy. You're on our list now grumpster, expect it when you least expect it!!

    9. which is very soon... at least me thinks so.. the high scheming council of the Alliance hasn't met yet today :)

    10. When the cat is dead and gone
      He will donate his head to your lawn
      That is the only way you'll get the pike
      Other wise take a hike..haha

      And expect it when you least expect it
      Doesn't that mean you won't least expect it because you now expect it a bit

    11. Are they threatening us, Pat, while we are the most peaceful creatures on this planet? We, who love cats and look after them? We, who fight injustice and fake new collector's editions? We, who say Ireland is great and kindly advise Anne to burn that lawn so she will have more time to write nasty things about you and, so it seems, possible about me an my beautiful blue head? Is that our reward? I.s. t.h.a.t. i.t.?

    12. I think it is
      We get all this nasty biz
      And we are just trying to be nice
      As I kill her mice
      And fertilize her garden too
      I guess these alliance guys just don't have a clue..haha

  7. I hate baseball!!!! It's such a long, drawn out sport and no men beat each other up. Borrinngggg...LOL!!! And as far as the Q-Tip, I don't use those. My dr says they are evil little things. I listen. :) hahahaha

    1. LMAO oh you are so violent about it..hahaha
      But yeah it is soooo boring to watch as they try to go for a hit
      Movies are fine about it though
      As they skip the parts that are slow
      Which I'm sure you knew
      As I give most anything a view

      LOL oh they are evil you say?
      I guess I missed something at my bay
      As they go in my ear
      And no evil comes near..haha

    2. evil Q-Tips?
      I can't live without them. It's part of the after-shower routine that must be done! How does you ocd let you pass that step by? lol...

    3. @Betsy - I'm told there are these special pumps... You need two - one for each ear - and you use them at the same time.

    4. lol...oh, now that is interesting, RCB. Pumps...now that is what sounds evil! And who told you this? As Dez would say, I'm all ears. Well, he would say 'ear' but I have two. hahaha.

    5. LOL yeah trying to figure out how they are evil too
      I guess they are right up their with strawberries that are eww
      At least I can agree with that
      Blabber is just a tad crazy at her mat..haha

      Yeah I've seen those pumps too
      You stick them in and they are filled with water like in the loo
      And then you squeeze
      Feel a slight breeze
      And out all the crap comes in a clump
      Like a little booger lump

      They are evil things I will say
      Cause me so much dismay

    6. don't think I'd be a fan of the pump
      think I'd throw it in the dump.

    7. that's because we Elven people need just one ear to hear all, silly silly Petsy :)

    8. ok...Dez...what did I just whisper? Hmmm? lol....

    9. Yeah I'd throw it in the dump too
      Did you know they have one for your nose as well? It's true

      He's all ear
      hahaha doesn't even have a rear

    10. you just whispered me the details on your latest Undergoddess silk collection... in the peach colour :)

    11. Ummm yuck
      I'd rather go play with a duck

    12. ooh...your ear is good, Dez
      I will say that I am impressed!

      I have heard about the nose one
      that just doesn't sound like fun.

    13. Petsy, why do I have a feeling we don't want to know what kind of duck he would be playing with? He is ever so naughty... must be all this talk about the silk lingerie...

    14. Our latest photo's just came in Dez. He's got a large wooden duck that he plays with Dez. He's overcompensating for the snip snip.

    15. where does he put it? Oh, wait.. don't tell me.... :)

    16. Did you like what you saw?
      If I would have known you were there things might have not been so uncut and raw

    17. Oh boy, what did I start??? Q-tips are evil because they push all the grossness INTO your ear instead of out of it. My dr says w/e we get on our q-tip is a very small percentage of what we actually pushed back in.

      They are evil!!! Trust me :)

    18. jax..what? who has that much wax? If anyone has that much they need that pump that RCB talked about!

      Oh...a wooden duck...hmmm...this comment line has become very interesting. Is it a full moon? lol....

    19. My Dr. says that they are evil!!!!!!! I get AWFUL ear infections where I feel like I'm under water and get all dizzy. I wanna take a qtip in the there and be able to hear. But I resist!!!!!!

    20. haha yes you started quite the spiel
      That turned into such an ordeal
      Ducks and wood
      Be ashamed you should..haha
      I have heard that about the Q-tip
      And I suppose if you only dip
      Once a week or so
      I'm sure tons of ear wax gets pushed in as it has had time to grow
      But once a day
      Should not cause such a display
      No evil here
      The q-tip I do not fear

      Don't think it is a full moon
      Just all being a loon

      Under water and dizzy
      Wow that is quite the tizzy
      Is there an infection you don't get at your sea?
      I mean ear, nose, puffy eyes, at least nothing happens to your tongue so you can blabber with glee..hahahaha
      I could not resist
      Sho it's okay if you shake your fist

    21. I once went to have my ear wax showered out :) It was a rather pleasant experience I must say. Now I hear like a bat! Which is good when you have cats lurking around and leaving poo all around your yard.

    22. Still having that thing stuck in your ear
      Brings me fear
      But I suppose if it helps one hear
      Things that are far and near
      It may be worth it
      At least a little bit

  8. Replies
    1. Oh I got love this time
      Damn questions are sublime

    2. it's a love boat
      in your moat!

    3. what? What? You got love from R? Pray do tell us more, you know me loves a bit of romance....

    4. I don't want to take a first ride though
      So that and no other ride will show

      I sent him to you for that
      He should soon show up on your door mat

    5. hahaha...
      I'll let him tell
      with only two words you'll say, WTH?
      Certainly won't be crying TMI
      when you hear from this guy.

    6. how is it possible that he is not aware of all the discussions we lead about him? I'd at least have constant hiccups!

    7. haha yeah I was wondering that too
      He just comes back for his three word view
      And never knows anything else that goes on
      I guess ignorance is bliss at his or her lawn..haha

    8. we don't even know if it's R or R-ess :)

    9. And R is the perfect name
      doing the one initial game
      a long title wouldn't be right
      when you're known for brevity on this sight!

    10. Yeah he/she keeps it well hidden from all
      could be short or tall

  9. World Series -- It's still better than "Miss Universe". Many things are named grander than they are just to emphasize that they are a big deal, i guess. :)

    1. LOL I suppose that is true
      Things have to be named big to make them seem ohhhh so important to me and you

  10. I would think that smashing a printer that was causing you grief
    would certainly bring some kind of relief!
    Just to take your frustrations out
    and with the pounding give a little shout.
    Probably would be more effective than screaming in a pillow
    even if that works well, though.
    or pumping one of those little stress balls
    we're supposed to keep in our halls.

    I killed a fly that was in the bathroom the other night
    and The Mister asked if I was feeling alright,
    as I gave it a few more unnecessary whacks
    and really went on the attack.
    I laughed and said I must be releasing some pent up aggression
    and I felt better after that little session.

    1. what? What? Petsy, you killed a fly? And was happy about it? My dear, you do spent too much time with this feline offender. First you want to kill a fly, then you want to run Dezzy with a car, like the feline offender...

    2. haha I have no stress balls about
      And I don't usually shout
      So a smashing I will go
      Even though the nerve thing is at my show
      So that will have to wait
      Until winter's return date
      hahahahaha well the fly had it coming I guess
      At least you were able to confess
      You needed to get out some rage
      Should have shown the crushed fly on your page..haha

    3. I never said I wanted to run you over
      I'm nothing but sweetness! Don't run for cover!

    4. Run Dezzy over with a car!!!!
      I will give you gas money to get that far.

    5. show the crushed fly?
      people already think I'm high
      no, I'll let a little sanity be thought
      even if they have to be bought.

    6. you haven't but the Cat did, he threatened me back when Annzie was in Ireland :( He said he would crash me like a bug with his Bug :(

    7. Oh, how violent.
      trying to make you silent!

    8. hahaha bah show it
      It would be quite the hit
      At least to the cat and Pat
      Although yeah you may scare some from your mat

      Pffft the cat was only saying what will come
      When you are flat you're ear will look like a bum

    9. You talk a good game cat
      but one day
      you'll be my doormat.

    10. Pffft like I said
      When the cat is dead
      Other than that
      He'll squash you flat!

    11. I guess they haven't seen Pet Sematary....

    12. A long time ago
      Before the cat came to Pat's show

  11. That is ONE smart cat to be so observant of what the stupid humans do. I like the mornings when a cat can have me laughing and I'll never look at a Q-tip the same again. You are wise, bubble eyes.

    1. Yep observant as can be at my sea
      As it just causes me glee
      Making fun of humans and their crap
      Even games where you can take a nap

  12. I've heard from my legal advisors (that would be Kowalski) that the Cat has to pay money for all damaged printers which he forced people to smash using hypnosis and catweed put in tea...

    1. I don't count legal advisor who got their degree
      From the likes of a flea
      So the cat will pay no attention to that
      And go head burying his money under the doormat

    2. the very same legal advisor is currently investigating your online gambling earnings on which you haven't paid taxes. Annzie ordered it on behalf of the Alliance. Better send your money off-shore before our agents arrive...

    3. Pffft they are all gone
      Besides that is one big con
      As canada DOES NOT pay taxes on gambling stuff
      hahahahaha oh I know we have it so rough

    4. You don't have to pay taxes on gambling earnings? No wonder you guys are so happy up there. How do you pay for your National Health system? Do you sell the cat bollocks after you snip snip them?

    5. Nope if you win you do not have to pay a dime
      The amount you guys have to pay on them is a crime
      Whether lottery or casino not a drop
      As in your own pocket it all goes plop
      They tax enough to cover the hst
      So that technically isn't free
      But beats down there
      At America's greedy ass lair

  13. your "little rhyming ass" provides good random stuff xD

  14. You know, I always thought the same thing. The World Series... of America. It's even more ironic when you factor in that half of our best baseball players come from South America... to play for North America. Represent your country in the World Series... as long as that country is the USA! :)

    Also, don't ask what I do with q-tips. You don't want to know.

    1. haha yeah it is pretty sad
      By more than a tad
      But oh well
      Let down below's head swell
      Hmmm now you have the cat thinking about that
      Oh where my mind goes at my mat....haha

  15. If you make it down the rabbit hole give the Cheshire Cat my best.

    1. Will remember to do so
      As down the rabbit hole I go

  16. The weather here is wonderful cat. Sunny skies, nice and warm just perfect. How's the weather in Canada? Do you have a drinking problem? When would you do for a Klondike bar cat? How far would you go to get that chocolaty goodness?

    1. I'm patiently waiting for the answers on these questions... me is strangely amused :)

    2. The weather is nice and sunny and warm here too
      And nope the cat does need drink one bit of liquor any more at his zoo
      I'd do nothing for a klondike bar
      For it tastes like tar
      And chocolate is not good for the cat or Pat
      Sends us to the loo at our mat..haha

      Amused enough?
      Answering was rough

    3. not really, is that the best you've got?

    4. No
      But I save that for above and not the comments below

  17. ya know...speaking of Q-Tip...i always start coughing when i clean my ears...my mom thought that's a very mysterious thing...and it never changed...ha...and don't smash too many printers..it's spring now..smiles

    1. Hmmm that is a weird one
      I guess your ears just think Q-Tips are no fun
      Least if you need to cough
      You can easily pull it off

  18. Replies
    1. You are out of luck there
      For I don't give helpful advice at my lair

    2. oh, that was funny. ha.
      only bad and hilarious smart ass advice is given here.
      Nothing that could actually help you as you jeer.

    3. LOL yep smart ass is my calling
      Some may find it appalling

  19. nice weather we are having isnt it? smiles...its rather cool today out my way, just in case you needed to know to run your show, sorry for my absense yesterday, i went to see a play that took all day and caused cardiac pain, it even rained...and i can call it world if i talk with eh? who knew, toodle loo

    1. haha well at least you aren't two feet beside me and telling me that
      So you don't annoy the cat
      Yeah saw the kiddies almost gave you a heart attack
      Next time stay home at your shack..haha

  20. Yeah you have a point with the world series thing

    Miss Universe also has no girls outside earth's swing

    1. Yeah those aliens must feel shame
      I wonder who is to blame

  21. I think you have a very valid point with the world series, especially as it's not. An also why ever did they invent Q tips if they're not to clean out your ear holes... LOL Don't answer that one :) Hehe

    1. LOL you said the cat had a valid point
      That must have been hard to say and got your nose out of joint..haha
      Hmmmm many places they could go
      But I will not tell about down below

  22. Too funny! I never could understand why it's called the World Series. How about North American Series. Or is that too boring? I'll have to give my husband the memo about Q-tips. He thinks they look good sticking out of each of his ears!

    1. haha sticking them out your ears can be fun
      As you can look like an alien of sorts as you run
      North American does sound more boring
      Either way people are already snoring

  23. Fun randomness indeed. The q-tip one is hilarious. I'd imagine it would itch if you tried it in the nose, not going to test that though, but q-tips are funny that you mentioned, as it's one of those things, were the brand name overtook the objects fame. Like kleenex you know.

    I live, probably closer to Toronto than most of those reading here, and every time I go there some dismay is stirred it seems. Been to leaf games, but wearing a Sabres jersey just wasn't very bright. But Jays games I've always loved, for you can buy a seat and not have anyone near you for rows away, that and for my Yankees always seem to win with ease, well not lately but I haven't been to Canada since they made me pay some stupid passport fee, used to go all the time and catch junior games, but oh well. I do miss the tower and the food, love the variety and the spice….anyhow, you got me on this little rant with you baseball chant

    But yeah, it is weird how one Canadian city can make the game for the world to see, what about Mexico or France, or why not give Ethiopia, China or England a chance- definitely a question to ponder.

    And as for that drink some water thing, I've actually thought that to be illogical, I'm choking, I'm drowning…Whey don't you have some more water- funny.

    1. hahaha wow quite the rant out of you today
      With my question display
      Yep brand name
      Can be the claim to fame
      Never been to a game period at my sea
      But I hate each and every damn Yankee
      Funny about the seats though
      How they make money I never know
      Leafs always blow it too
      May as well flush them down the loo
      Stupid passport fee thing is a pain
      Makes me pop a vein
      But I suppose you americans need more money
      So such the canadians dry and think it is funny..hahaha
      I know the water thing is dumb
      Like they are talking out their bum

    2. q-tips and kleenex instead of cotton swabs and tissues.
      Yep, Fred, you're talking Proprietary Eponyms! I did a post about them ...


    3. hahaha oh that was a good one
      I have heard skivvies given a run
      Never knew the word for it was that though
      Once again something new from your show

    4. skivvies is just fun to say
      you'll probably use it now at your bay!

    5. haha yep in my head
      May stick it in book number five whenever this neck thing is dead..haha

  24. I had to google what a q tip was, their called cotton buds here.Do they have a Japanese team compete?. Or i think i read Japan has it's own World series. In England it's called rounders, it's a children's game, they stole it from us. Your like a reverse Lewis Carrol deconstructing illogic attitudes.

    1. Nope not another team at all
      Just one Canadian team in their baseball hall
      Had to google q-tip
      I guess us yanks think we are hip
      A childrens game
      Figures that is where it got its claim to ame
      Lewis Carrol backwards works for me
      It can be done quite well at my sea

  25. Yes, I do still want to smash a printer. What can I say--reading this blog gave me the printer-smashing bug. :P

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

    1. I really want to smash one too
      One day maybe I will smash one or two and put them up for all to view

  26. I would guess that baseball in America allowed us to think that we were the World. But"Sundersartwork" is correct.

    1. Yep America though thinks they are correct
      And the facts they seem to neglect

  27. I am clueless about sports,
    would rather talk about all other sorts,
    like warm and spring weather here too
    can't wait for this April challenge to
    end, so I can rest for a bit as I am no that
    used to writing everyday like the rhyming cat ~

    And I like the winter smashing cry ~
    I thought it was a nice banner story ~

    1. Bah you get used to writing everyday
      Do five or six and save them up at your bay
      Then you are far far ahead
      And writing every day won't cause dread..haha
      Smashing printer is liked you say
      I guess it wil return to my bay

  28. Yes! What's with the whole 'World Series' thing? And I'm with you on the Q-Tip as well. What else are they for? Actually, my step-daughter will tell us ... she used them for everything and leaves them dotted all over the house. Ewww

    1. LOL yes that would be ewww indeed
      My ocd would surely take heed..haha

  29. I've never seen a baseball game but have always fancied it...certainly it has to be better than a 4 day cricket match.

    1. LOL 4 days?
      Oh yes it beats that in sooo many ways

  30. The cat sounded a bit grumpy today
    at least "R" sent LOVE his way
    The only sport which I care to view
    is the one with my true blue

    Go Giants!! (I couldn't think of anything good to rhyme with it LOL)

    1. Blabber might not be compliant
      With you shouting out the giants
      Not sure on football at my sea
      As up here all Canadains go about is hockey
      Bah not grumpy at all
      Here at my hall
      Maybe a bit
      But that is another fit..haha

  31. I use a Q-tip to pick my nose! And to clean my earlobe and behind my ear! But yeah I never shove one up my bum! Thats just dumb!

    1. LOL I suppose it can be a nose picker
      And also might make for a good booger flicker
      Yeah anything up ones bum
      Would make the cat glum..haha

  32. "It went down the wrong hole"
    while, yes, is certainly bad
    "I went IN the wrong hole."
    would certainly make her mad.

    1. LMAO yes that would be worse
      Sure get a curse
      For being diverse
      And may even get whacked with her purse

  33. And...speaking of the World Series.....
    That drives me absolutely frikkin' nuts when the winners say they are "world champions."
    Because, if it were truly a WORLD Series, they'd allow teams from Japan or the Dominican Republic play. Like they do in the Little League World Series.
    Considering the amount of Japanese and Dominican players in the MLB, I fear the St'. Louis Cardinals, et. al. would have their asses handed to them.
    True, I'm an American, but I think it's just an American ego trip.
    Likewise, "World" Champions of football or "World" Champions of basketball. Or "World" champion of soccer. Oh, wait, that one's okay.
    It's a pet peeve o'mine.

    1. Wow that I can see
      As you rant causing be glee
      Like a good rant
      Here at my plant
      And yep agree in every way
      One big eo trip on display
      It is only truly the world when all the world is in it that play the sport
      Otherwise it is just the title of one port

  34. Great quip about the q-tip. I always wondered, but never wanted to ask, where else I'm supposed to put it.


    1. hahaha yeah seems many wonder that
      I guess I'm not the only cat

  35. I regularly cough and have ppl tell me that it went down the wrong hole. Or maybe they are saying stick this in your hole. I should pay better attention.

    1. LOL but it is hard to pay attention
      As you cough and they give the magic hole a mention

  36. The cat should wear a hat
    Then we could call him
    The cat that belongs to Pat.

    I'm just a stupid human...

    1. I suppose that could work
      As it would be an added perk
      But then I might be a copy cat
      Of that stupid one in a hat

  37. I love using q-tips but I have to be careful with them

    1. Yes have to be careful indeed
      Sticking them places where they could make one bleed..haha

  38. "Why do people, who are standing right beside you, insist on telling you the weather? Do they think you are blinded by a feather? Or maybe two feet away brings a whole new day. So each has to have their say. It's rainy over here. Over here the sun is giving a cheer. Pffft right! Do they think it is night? Maybe they think I'm a blind cat? Sometimes I envy that deaf rat."

    Pat, this is so random and fun to read. This quote right here had me laughing my head off - maybe two feet away brings a whole new day - LOL. I envy that deaf rat too, sometimes.

    1. hahaha yeah I could not help myself
      Had to go all weather at my shelf
      That deaf rat sometimes has it best
      Not having to listen to a weather pest

  39. I've known a couple printers I'd love to smash
    But decided I would save my cash
    Why get mad at plastic crap
    When you can write a rhyming rap?

    1. I agree
      Rapping about it is better for me
      But if it is that postage machine
      That thing has to die for being so mean

  40. A small point in smashing a printer, it's more economically viable to smash your current printer and buy a new one, then trying to get new ink.

    1. Yep that is very true
      As ink costs so much more than one that is new


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