All Should Tremble As The Nut Jobs Assemble!

I guess the nut jobs at my sea want to copy Blabber with glee and do some Avengers tribute. The cat was too busy sleeping to contribute. But any excuse to stay away from nuts like these, surely does please.

Sadly it is told by the cat,
As the nuts come up to bat.

The Almost Sold Out Shout

Gung and Ho
Were such big fans.
They scoured the trash
Collecting empty cans.

Stealing some from bums
That were half full.
Drinking it back,
Like it was Red Bull.

Until Tarser Man
Came upon their scheme.
Letting out a howl,
Oops I mean his theme.

He went to attack
Only to hear
Some third person yapping
In his ear.

Drazin grabbed his neck
Tightening his grasp.
Causing Tarsier Man
To do nothing but gasp.

Until his eyes
Went pop,
Whacking Drazin in the head
Making him stop.

Drazin saw Robbie Raisin
And forgot his foe.
For he really hated
That Whoopdi Friggin Doo show.

He was not going
to let him win.
For Drazin would be first
At the ticket bin.

But The Beyonder appeared
Out of thin air.
Strutting about in his
Typical projected affair.

Gunafu of Color
Showed his face.
Sucking the color
Away from each space.

While Riot Man
Could be heard coming.
As he mumbled about rights
And kept on humming.

How a theater
Would house this crew.
Is something which I
Don't even have a clue.

But as Drazin butted
In front.
The cashier was
Rather blunt.

Only one ticket remained
for the current showing.
So The Beyonder
Started glowing.

He tried to grab it
From Drazin.
He should not
Have been so brazin'.

For a projectile
Can't touch a thing.
Why didn't he just
Float into the theater wing?

Sadly Drazin with
His third person speak.
Blew him back
Across the time creek.

Gunafu held the
Color hostage for the ticket.
While Riot Man
Began to picket.

Tarsier Man just
Wanted the save.
So they'd let him in
For being so brave.

Gung and Ho
After cashing in
All they'd earned.

Robbie Raisin
Gave a whoopdi friggin doo.
And left not wanting
To deal with this crew.

Tarsier noticed the drinks
Of Gung and Ho.
And demanded they
Give them to the bums below.

They just trotted by
With a smile.
So he let his eyes pop
And fly a mile.

Drazin grabbed Gunafu
And broke his new stick.
The color came back
And I think Gunafu called him a dick.

Riot Man drew
A big crowd.
Screaming how The Hulk
Could crush Iron Man into a smoke cloud.

While Drazin declared
He was a god like Thor.
Except he was real
And Thor was just lore.

Tarsier Man's eyes
Caught Gung and Ho.
Just before they were able
To sneak into the show.

But Gung and Ho
Both tripped them up.
They each caught an eye
In their cup.

An employee heard
Gung and Ho's fight.
Coming over and
Shining a light.

Tarsier Man's eyes
Sprang back and forth.
Leaving the employee
Screaming for all to head north.

I guess it looked
Like some sort of bomb.
As the eyes shook the cup
In their palm.

The theater emptied
Before long.
Leaving Riot Man
Thinking his power was strong.

But they stampeded
Over him.
And left him
Rather grim.

Gung and Ho
Got carted off to jail.
With Tarsier Man's body
Hot on their trail.

Drazin remained alone
Knowing he had won.
Walking off
As the theater had to refund everyone.

Hmmm so maybe it was more of a way to make the movie lose money. Still I suppose it won't make the execs nose runny. For a few hundreds bucks or so is nothing compared to the millions that has already been made by having The Avengers show. So now that the crazies have taken their pass it might have to be seen by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I was so happy to see you were making an Avengers themed post Pat and was pleasantly surprised when you took the twist you did, I seriously do not kid. Okay that was lame, when it comes to rhymes the cat is a lion while I am just tame.

    1. haha well the cat will take that
      Being all lion at my mat
      It worked out though
      So only a little tame at your show
      And had to give it a run
      As the movie should be fun

  2. yeah avengers will make high dollar, i just hope it lives up to all the holler...i will go see it cause i am a comic freak, but not this week, i'll wait for an easier seat...

    1. Yeah it should make quite the buck indeed
      As it ups the suits greed
      Let's hope it is good
      And not as dull as wood

  3. Hey, what happen to Robbie Raisin? He sounded kinda hot. More over Thor, I've got a new crush. :)

    1. LOL Robbie Raisin is an actual Raisin
      So you might want to stick with Drazin

  4. Great post about the Avengers and nice rhymes as usual!

    1. WOW R beat is record here
      10 words oh dear

    2. be still my heart
      look at that long comment by R!

    3. Yep he went on a ton
      Must think the avengers are fun

    4. now if he'd come back for another reply
      we might just fall over and die!

    5. hahaha that would surely be interesting to see
      I bet two words would come out, maybe three

    6. I hope he does come back one day. I think the short comment is R's signature thing and he knows exactly what he's doing and I think he comes back and sees us all mucking about. I hope he likes it. R is so much fun.

    7. I'm not sure if he comes back or not
      I will have to get that blog spying thing Petsy's got
      And then I can tell exactly who and where people come from
      That visit my little rhyming bum

    8. Pat
      Looks like this guy is taking the spotlight from you.
      Who knows, maybe he watched "1000 words" Eddie Murphy movie and created a false memory that he is one of those victims of limited words, you know me - actually you dont know me, gotto give benefit of the doubt :)

    9. Yeah he tries to steal the light
      And could be an Eddie Murphy fright
      Trying not to use up his word count
      Only leaving a certain amount

  5. Who can resist the Whoopdi Friggin Doo show haha. Everyone's talking about the Avengers so much its crazy!

    1. Yeah I had to join the club
      Too bad there is no wolverine but maybe next time bub

  6. Drazin sure has been busy as of late
    not sure if he's good or full of hate.
    Maybe he just rides the fence
    hoping we are so dense
    that we don't notice he plays both sides
    getting whatever he wants, grinning wide.

    1. haha yeah I think that is the case
      As he is all over the place
      Doing what he wants
      As he taunts
      And trying for his own way
      Each and every day

  7. Gunafu called raisin a "dick"?
    I'd get my money back real quick.


    1. Yeah surely needs to take it back
      Or give him a good whack

  8. Well I'm back and I know how terribly you missed my insults. I popped in late last night and left you a comment. I hope you got it.

    Hey I'm with Jax on this whole Avenger thing. I watched Thor last night and he's a hotty. So Whoopdi Friggin Doo on you.

    Bet you don't look like that when you take your shirt off cat.

    1. Hi Anne, welcome back, how is everything. Cat alone missing you is an understatement. Blogosphere was crippled without you.

    2. I popped in last night and he was whining and crying because he missed me and Dezzie so much. That cat was just sitting there with an empty can of Pringles looking so devastated that I almost felt sorry for him. But I didn't give into that feeling so I mocked him and made him cry more!

    3. Oh yeah missed them oh so much
      With you out of touch
      Saw the last night one
      But I was alseep as I needed that a ton
      Bah Thor is overrated with that hammer
      Besides he likes to stammer
      The cat doesn't need to look like that
      With his superpowers he can squash Thor flat

      Pffft suck up you are
      Here at my bar

      I can whine and cry if I asleep
      Oh so deep
      You just imagined stuff being up so late
      Such is your fate

    4. Dez says to tell you that this rhyme was epic.

    5. Anne, the cat was lost without you!! He didn't know where to turn or what to say. It was very sad. So glad that you're back!!

    6. epicly tragic methinks ;)

    7. The alliance are getting their Epic's mixed up
      So epically epic I may hiccup

      Pffft don't me a crazy person I say
      Take your mime army and go play
      Never missed Irish Air
      Was nice without her in the cat's hair
      As she was up my bum
      That has to make things glum

  9. It all ended too quick but the other guy was a dick?

    1. Yep one big dick
      Who wanted to see that flick

  10. I'll have to use my imagination on this movie debut as if it is not Disney or Pixar, I won't be seeing it for 5 years or so.

    Have a good weekend Pat.

    1. haha the kids won't let you go
      To any other show
      How rude is that
      But I suppose Mickey and such squashed the avengers flat
      At least in their eyes
      Disney is the real prize

  11. I sure hope Jax wasn't in that movie theatre when it emptied! She'd have everyone's head on a silver platter!

    1. LOL yeah that would be bad
      A fun time would not be had

    2. LOL You know me too well, Elsie. Someone's got to teach those barbarians proper superhero ettiquette!! ;)

    3. hahaha good luck with that
      Drazin might try to squash you flat

  12. Yayy!!! Avengers Week!!!! LOL
    Did Drazin really try to compare himself to Thor? And does he really think that the hulk could squash Iron man flat? As if!!!! hahahaha

    I can't wait to see it!!!!! :)

    1. hahahaha the hulk could squash he pretty flat
      As flat as a door mat
      And yeah Drazin thinks he is better than Thor
      And a whole lot more
      Should be good to view
      That is hopefully true

  13. Is this beer/energy drink week in blogosphere? You guys are ruining all the brands, Budlight,coors, and now Red bull?
    Who knew that Tarsier man's eyeball would mimic "italian football" and help clear up theatre seats, I wish I had taken Gung and Ho and Tarsier to watch Zookeeper.
    Still could use them, Adam Sandler hasnt given up making movies.

    Dont mess with Thor. Your viking woman isnt going to like it Pat.

    1. Hmph. I still have that army of disgruntled mimes. They hold grudges. Just saying... Leave Thor be, Cat!

    2. hahaha geez all the complaining over such things
      Thor thinks he has wings
      All he has is a fancy hammer
      While Drazin would mae him stammer
      Or the Hulk
      For he has bulk
      And you actually went to Zookeeper, how sad.
      That movie is just oh so bad
      The viking woman likes it very much
      As she sways from a single touch

      So every single mime isn't a Leo than I suppose?
      Hmmm or they just hold grudges because someone else told them to curl their toes

    3. That's too funny bc I was going to say they were Arie's too. I just didn't want to call nobody out ;) hahahaha

    4. hahahaha bah a call out is fine
      As that is Pat's sign
      Not the cat
      He is more crazy than that

  14. I tried reading some Avengers stories from the 70s the other day and they were shit. However the movie has been out for a week already over here and everyone loves it.

    1. Yeah the old ones are pretty bad
      More than just a tad
      But the movie was great
      High on the cat's scale it would rate

  15. Do you spend all day thinking of words that rhyme? LOL A girl at work saw the midnight showing and only got an hour's sleep. Bonkers. I'm off to see Aardman's Pirate movie.

    1. Nah things just rhyme for me
      Whenever I go at it at bush number three
      Yeah that is crazy to do
      I'd rather wait like you

  16. It looks like a big hoo-haa
    In the theater with the brawl
    Does it matter though
    They already made their dough
    Seriously, just have to get the DVD
    And watch it as a home movie


    1. Yeah they surely made tons of dough
      From such a show
      I usually wait for the DVD
      But this one I had to go see

  17. Drazin saw Robbie Raisin
    And forgot his foe.
    For he really hated
    That Whoopdi Friggin Doo show.

    LOL! I could already see Drazin's anger building in this stanza. No wonder he won.

    1. hahaha yeah Drazin gets angry quite easily
      And he always makes others flee
      As he goes for the win
      Here at my bin
      As long as it isn't against the cat
      He may win against a rat

  18. yeah, I very rarely ever do the midnight thing. Going to go see it in a couple hours, that way the theater will be empty-ish still. If these blockbusters have taught me anything, it's never to go opening weekend if you can only go at night. It's quite the fright and you always get some stranger snuggling next to you. I always get the ones that need both armrests, and therefore left with none. So, I haven't done the evening view, since Harry Potter was but two. And besides, the evening shows are 2 dollars more. Nice fight at your show, seems poor gung and ho just wanted to badly see the show, and while I am a tarsier fan, I think he was misguided in his plan. All the loons came out to play on this eve of Avengers day.

    1. Yeah screw opening night and such like that
      To packed with germy people at my mat
      So the cat goes during the day
      When they are all at their work bay
      Makes for a much better time
      For sharing your arm rest is a crime
      And many a loon will surely come
      Beating their superhero drum

  19. Not a midnight show kind of gal--but I do want to watch the Avengers:)
    Happy weekend!

    1. Yeah midnight shows are too full for me
      I'll wait until the crazies flee

  20. A cool blog for cool cats! Love it!

    I'm a follower....


    1. Following my you say
      Will check out your bay

  21. really cat you could've made this post at least a bit longer and kill all your readers straigthway! :P

    1. LOL well you don't read anyway
      So what are you whining about with such a display

    2. 'tis true, but I'm a gentle and good soul who thinks of other people's wellbeing :)

    3. Pffft you just pretend to do such acts
      And those are the facts

  22. I cant wait to see the avengers in battle. Theyll make Loki rattle

  23. This movie is definitely getting attention!

  24. Oh no! Not the popping eyeball problem, again! Tarsier Man better fix those things. I'll give him some super glue.

    1. I suppose some super glue could do
      Have to try it to see if it is true

  25. He..he..crazy rhymes Pat, I never thought you would play
    The avengers theme but it seems like its raking in
    comic fans and will be the winner in this week's BO ~
    Me, I take my time to see it for another week ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. Yeah can be a pain with all those people there
      So best to wait at your lair
      As it was very good
      See it one should
      Have a good night too
      As well to you

  26. Ill check it out as long as some friends who see it say its decent.

  27. Sometimes it pays to see them when they go to DVD. Working on some graphics to buy book 2!

    1. Wow you flew through book number one
      Great you find them so fun

  28. I will probably go to see the movie, only because I am in the mood to see something and there is nothing else I want to see (that I haven't seen) right now! Prob next Wednesday will be the day!

    1. Well it is surely worth a watch indeed
      At each and every feed

  29. I heard the movie was really good, but I rarely go see them even when I should. :P

    1. Yeah it was my first time in a theater in 4 years and ten months when I went to see it
      So that right there says it is a hit..haha

  30. Replies
    1. That is was a damn good one
      And lots of fun

  31. hey, pat....
    ah, the avenger fever. i'm hoping to find time to go see this. :) my kids would like the eye-popping part of your poem. :)

    have a nice wknd!


  32. I'd watch that if it were playing in theatres. :P

    1. hahaha yeah that would be quite the sight
      Although for many if could be a fright

  33. I'll wait for the DVDs before watching this show. I just heard an urban rumor about sick people using used-up syringes to spread viruses inside the theater. They'll never get me!!

    1. Umm ewww to that
      Now you just scared Pat
      I will have to avoid them too
      For that is just too eww


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