And From A Backyard Zoo Comes Something For All To View!

Now besides her twin, The Gawker, old Numb Tongue has been here quite the long time. Each and every person has also probably seen her rhyme in the comments below when they visit my show. She's been doing that for almost as long as the cat. Even coming back each day for a second go at my bay and third and fourth and you get the idea I hope before I count too high for some dope. Oops! Did I offend thee? Blame it on Betsy.

And of course the cat does that same at her sea thus knowing the numb tongue of she. But once upon a time there came a grape face and he looked so proud at her place that the cat had a thought and so he started to plot. Then out came what you see below and Betsy did not even know. The cat had a hard time biting his tongue about this one as yep, another children's book has been spun.

Boo and the Backyard Zoo has come due and it's PUBLISHED too!!!

And so there you go. The third children's book from my show. And it's all because of Betsy and Grape Face that brought this one to my place. Good way to thank her for all the fun and Nugget is the bad guy so you can apologize to him for me under your sun.
Now you can become a fan of all from a Stumpy Skunk to the Kitty Kat Clan as they try and free poor Grape Face and send him into space. But can they get around the evil Nugget and his parakeets? I guess that you will have to learn through reading or maybe cheating with tweets. Now I need to once more get crass and so that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Betsy at your bay
    is important
    every day.

    A constant
    friend, to
    remind you
    again of why
    you do what
    you do.

    1. he actually has me under some kind of spell!
      I really want to just say 'what the hell!'

    2. Yep been here quite a long time
      With her rhyming chime
      Going on a year and a half soon
      Since visiting the rhyming loon

      LOL got you hooked at my sea
      And so you come back every day to visit me
      Except you missed one a while back
      But got there thanks to a hint from my shack..haha

    3. I may only post one to three days a week, but I get to your blog almost 7 days a week. You owe me about 5,000 comments by now.

    4. Pfft I come when you have something new
      And blab on with your crew
      Sometimes you don't show up in the blog roll though
      So I'm a bit late getting to your show
      And you never know
      One day a book around you may show..hahaha
      The alliance vs an arse licking cat
      Oh how fun that would be at my mat

    5. yep, I couldn't resist that cat in the hatt
      that showed up at my mat
      and rhymed away
      in the comments bay.
      I paid you a visit to see who you were
      and haven't left your little brain tour!

    6. LOL and it all came from your twin
      As I hopped over from his bin
      As you commented there
      And that was that as I come back each day to your zoo err umm lair

  2. haha betsy will love it i am sure, for she keeps quite the zoo at her shore...always adding more...and more...and more...and think there might come a flood soon, because she is collecting two of ever animal, sounds almost biblical

    1. If I start building an ark, you'll all

    2. Yep tons and tons keep showing up
      All but a pup
      I guess those are too slobbery for her
      Or have too much fur

      An ark in your backyard you say
      Hmmm that could be the sequel used at my bay..haha

  3. Wow, a third children's book
    I'll have to take a look
    Wonder how you find the time
    When you spend so much time with your rhyme!

    1. Yep up to three
      All because you egged on me
      The time comes and goes at my place
      I guess I just keep it up at a steady pace

  4. The Empire of the cat begins to grow, as other animals are left there too slow. The cat is obviously king and that fact makes my heart go DING DING DING.

    1. Your heart can ding?
      Wow that is a cool thing
      I wonder if it can keep time too
      That would be cool to have between me and you

    2. Yeamie has declared himself as one of your minions cat. He stated it publicly on my blog today.

    3. Another minion for me

    4. You have to give him his honorary Pringle can filled with some of your select premium grade poo.

    5. I suppose that I can do
      As if it's one thing I have a lot of it's poo

    6. I think Waffles is in love with you, cat! You should put some maple syrup on him :)

    7. Don't push your fantasies off on me
      Keep them at your own sea

    8. Absolutely no comment.

    9. Best way to be
      With such a thing Dez said with glee

    10. I'm just saying what needs to be said, cat!
      And this blue person has strangely become quiet and commentless ever since he hunted down the maharaja's daughter...

    11. Yeah he hasn't said a whole hell of a lot
      Maybe it is some type of plot

  5. Fantastic news!
    Another book for kids to peruse!
    Congrats to you and your success!
    Ye who speaks in rhyming excess!

    When I'm not so broke I will buy this book!
    Then give it to my kids and say "Here, look!"
    They will be so full of joy!
    All thanks to that rhyming boy!

    1. Yep one more
      Here at my shore
      Another that was came due
      There are a good 50 in my mind too
      And another good ten done
      But drawing and I aren't so fun
      So slow and steady they come due
      For all to view
      And yeah I know about broke
      As I have such a poke

  6. Nice work and good luck with the spork????

    1. A spork?
      You couldn't have just used fork?

  7. Thats awesome, if I ever have little rascals of my own running around I'll definitely have to buy them the Pat Hatt and Cat collection. I'm a bit anxious to find out if Boo can help Grape Face escape Nugget's nest. Congrats on your 3rd book!

    1. Hopefully by that day
      There will be a good 20 or more at my bay
      Then tons they will have to see
      From little old me
      And maybe Nugget will win
      But that would be a sin

  8. Aww, what a really cool surprise
    you had here for my eyes!
    And a secret you did keep
    not even saying a peep!
    Who knew grape face would become so well known
    when I unknowingly brought him to my home!
    I saw a dolphin in a banana last night
    but didn't see him until the knife took flight
    then it was too late by this host
    to make him into a post.

    Thanks Pat and Cat!!
    The book looks great, in fact.
    But you really should tell
    who did the illustrations so swell!

    I'll certainly give the download a rip
    when I'm home from the morning grocery trip.

    1. haha it was hard keeping my trap shut
      As I wanted to blurt it out at your hut
      But the cat bit his tongue
      Until the book could be flung
      Grape Face really stuck with me
      And so came this one from my sea
      The illustrations were given a run
      By one found under some overseas sun

    2. Still waiting on smashwords
      to approve my password.
      A confirmation email they will send they say
      so waiting with suspense I am at the purchasing bay.
      yeah, a secret you did keep
      you didn't even let out a peep!

    3. Smashwords won't approve
      Your password groove
      I suppose it will come
      Hopefully you like my new kiddie hum
      And yep never said a word
      And it may even have a bird..haha

    4. They never did approve
      or maybe they are having a snooze
      So The Mister did a Kindle download
      and then we got to read the boatload.
      I'm now known as Betsy Boo
      and her Zoo Crew.
      thanks again...that was quite fun
      who knew Nug would be the evil one!

    5. haha I guess they don't like you
      Over at the smashwords crew
      But at least the kindle worked well
      And hahaha Betsy Boo at your cell
      Yeah Nugget can be mean
      And oh so obscene
      I suppose that is how it goes
      With so many cats running under his toes

  9. it feels a bit unsettling that some kids out there read your books, cat! Are you sure you have all licenses and permissions?

    1. The kids are all happy indeed
      As I even got sent pictures back to my feed
      So I guess all is well
      And I don't cause them hell
      That is just here
      Where I can use ass instead of rear

    2. He's been banned in 7 preschools on the North American Continent.

    3. Only 7 you say
      Damn I have to try harder at my bay

    4. You just made it on BBC1 cat. The Prada wearing Pope has come out in favor of your book. He's asking that all good Protestant children read it.

    5. LOL well that should helps sales at least
      Then I'll become a well known rhyming beast

    6. No wonder I was compelled to buy it =)))

    7. if Pope approved it, it means you have official license from hell itself.... and from Luke's father, because the Pope is Dart Vader....

    8. Yeah has the seal
      So needed to make the deal

      Pfft at least it will keep you all warm and snug
      As you curl up like a bug in a rug

  10. Your going to be famous one day, id love to see you sneaking in some ryhmes on some daytime talk show. Bring the cat, because audiences love cats. You will have mass appeal and be living in an old castle in Europe, jaded by all the money and super models.

    1. LMAO yes that would be fun
      To go on some talk show and give a rhyming run
      I will never become jaded though
      As many would smack me back down to earth should I ever develop such a glow

  11. And so I ordered the children's book,
    But be sure I will take a look,
    before I hand it over to my niece
    to make sure it's not covered in fleas!


    1. LOL I wouldn't give fleas to kids at all
      That is for the alliance cronies and others at my hall..haha
      Thanks a ton
      Hopefully she enjoys it as she gives it a run

    2. I've had a copy of the book sent to the Queen as a gift for her jubilee. I don't like the Queen.

    3. haha well maybe you'll get a nice wave
      Before she topples over in her grave

    4. Are you saying that my niece will now have the runs?
      I will have to buy Pepto Bismal by the ton!
      My sister is going to kick my arse
      for giving her a book that causes gas!

      hahaha =)))

    5. I heard the Queen is reading it to her corgis this evening...

    6. haha no runs will be had
      As those are not fun for cat, gal or lad
      Although it does clean you out
      But some may make one shout

      Wow I am really getting fame
      From my rhyming game

  12. Love this book:)) sounds funny, congrats!!

    1. Glad the cat got some love
      Oh dear it fits me like a glove

  13. Good luck with Boo and the Backyard Zoo! Very cool idea.

  14. experience spring
    nice post

    1. You are worse than R
      Ever was at my bar

    2. This one has popped up everywhere!! LOL

    3. Yeah he is a fake
      Needs to be drowned in a lake

  15. Another childrens book? Congratulations!!! You really spit them out quick ;) Best of luck to you with it! I'm off to check it out :)

    1. Don't worry there is no spit though
      Nothing of the type will flow
      To irk your ocd
      Or mine at my sea..haha
      But yeah out they come
      As I have many lying in wait from my little rhyming bum
      A certain one with a truck
      Will come soon with any luck..haha

    2. Oh, the viking would be so pleased!!! I've never seen the man that happy over a kiddy book. LMAO

    3. LMAO yeah he was pretty enthusied about it
      Sure it will be a hit

  16. Congrats Pat.
    Bought the book, let me read to kids today and let you know. :)
    Thank god for sparing Poo in title. Just kidding, published too. Awesome Pat.
    The pictures are cute, nugget, grape face, pink skunk and ninja tiger. Pretty cute.
    (Having some system issues)

    1. Thanks a ton
      Hope your kids enjoy giving it a run
      And yeah nothing will Poo
      Will ever come in the title that is due
      Well maybe one day
      Just to be funny at my bay

  17. Ah, once again, Betsy inspires someone! :)

    Children's books, novels for adults, this blog every day, and a job in the real world, too. When do you ever sleep? Or do you?

    1. Wow the Fox is back at my shore
      Been a while since you gave an encore
      Sometimes sleep is hard to come by I will admit
      But one has to carry on if such things are ever to be a hit

  18. This a third book isn't that something?
    How do you switch within the hour
    To write for kids and find the swing
    And then to tolerate us again,oh brother!
    Do you maintain the special deal
    Of making them rhyme as you have here
    It's no mean feat we should have to feel
    We should get to read at home, no fear!


    1. Yeah I have to switch a bit
      Depending upon the writing fit
      But sense both here and those are in rhyme
      It is easy to do such a chime
      And keep it coming each day
      Here at my bay
      No mean feat you say as well
      Yeah takes some time to do at my cell

  19. Congrats on the new kiddie run, should be lots of fun. But I have to say, I just watched that poltergeist Supernatural the other day and I hope old grape face doesn't lock any kids in the refrigerator too. That could come back to haunt you. Congrats.

    1. Yeah he is not that mean
      That would be obscene
      And not such a kiddie run
      Should be done
      Although it might be fun
      As long as they read it in the sun

  20. I think your empire has officially expanded in my Jim's Fear blog as well...with your continued domination of my take a guess challenges! ha. congrats again...HAIL THE CAT

    1. hahahahaha the cat liked an expansion at his sea
      As it causes such glee
      And hail the cat
      He surely likes that

  21. That cover looks so good I'm almost forgot to rhyme

    what a crime.

    but seriously man I might buy the printed version for my nephews in october when one of them has a birthday.

    1. Almost forgot to rhyme?
      Well at least you didn't turn into a mime..haha
      Glad you like
      And by then I may have another one or two I have given a hike

  22. Congrats on the book
    You're a rhyming machine
    I'll give it a look
    Keep making that green!

    1. Yeah need to make that green
      Although not much of that at my scene
      But a rhyming machine I can be
      Here at my sea

  23. Nice cover art looks great is Gawk of the mohawk also professionally published?

    1. Gawk didn't get professionally done
      As this is the very first one

  24. Congratulations! I really like the cover--it looks like it fits the book well.

    1. Yep the cover worked out grand
      As it came out well for my land

  25. Congratulations! That looks like a really cute book. Where in the world do you find time to write all these books, do your blog, and visit all the other bloggers? Amazing!

    1. haha the time just comes to me I guess
      I get less sleep I will confess
      And have no life
      But not much strife..haha

  26. congrats on the book
    all fall in love with one look
    that's a good hook
    leaves me shook

    1. LOL not a bad hook at all
      Could steal it at my hall

  27. I'm so confused by this plot but I love it all the same.

    1. haha yeah confusing the cat can be
      But it isn't confusing to read at my sea

  28. this book looks cute- are these books you write???

    1. Yep all written by me
      Here at bush number three

  29. It’s after midnight as I write this
    So I’ll make no attempt to rhyme
    Just know that my good wishes
    Are for your book sales to climb

    Such a wonderful tale of interest
    Is Boo and the Backyard Zoo
    Available in print, Kindle and PDF
    For me and all of you!

    Congratulations and all the best
    On your new book, Mister Hatt
    May all reviews be stellar
    And may your wallet grow big and fat!

    And now I must creep off to bed
    Forlorn at my inability to rhyme
    Next time I visit your blog
    It will be at an earlier time

    1. Well for an attempt not made
      The rhyme surely didn't fade
      As you let it come
      With each line your did hum
      And so I hope like your rhyme
      But wallet gets all sublime
      And grows nice and fat
      That would surely please the cat

  30. I agree with Super Earthling: may your wallet grow big and fat.(As fat as Mongo, my Batman Cat.)

    1. haha that would nice to do
      Let's hope it is true

  31. Book sounds interesting, maybe ill read it on my kindle soon

  32. How come that ghost bat that says boo
    Looks nothing like an animal, but goo?

    1. As it is a ghost
      Many have their own way to boost


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