The Case Of Mr. Blue On Whoopdi Friggin Doo!

Robbie is here. That is Raisin, Robbie Raisin. So have no fear. I had to get the cat away from his New York yapping as I knew your foot was tapping. But an important update really has come to light. Zombie Foot has returned this night. Scroll below and see that butt ugly toe. No? You are right it will not show. For even bigger news has come out that I must give a shout. Whoopdi Friggin Doo has learned that Mr. Blue is no longer in anyones view.

It seems some one , cough alliance cough, has kidnapped the blue guy and taken him somewhere to make him cry. I hear they are going to torture him with fluffy feathers and fools gold. How can anyone be so cold? We here at Whoopdi Friggin Doo have our suspicions on who it is, cough poo people cough, but first we have to have everyone answer a one question quiz. Then the really culprit or culprits will come to light and Robbie Raisin will save the blue guy from such an awful plight.

Answer this question and that is not a suggestion:

Where were you on the night the moon was three times bigger than a cow and the farmer broke his plow?

Come on, don't be shy. We need to find the little blue guy.

Thats extreem rhyming! Experience spring, have a fling? Dang, being in a relationship is wrecking my spring!!

Likely story using your relationship in all its glory.

Oh my God, did the cat just eat mother goose?

Don't change the subject. I'm marking you down for neglect.

Do you like the taste of anti-freeze?

I knew you were sick. You surely get a tick. High up on the list of those that did it. I will be back to you in a bit.

oh dear and think of the blisters on the lobe from limping along the open road wishing that it had a shoe as it stumbles along saying boo-hoo.

Don't think I am going to fall for your pretend sympathy for him. Do you think Robbie Raisin is dim?

A Beer For The Shower:
Because this is sheer brilliance the likes of which neither of us can touch

Don't try and butter me up. I'm on to you and that alcohol in your cup.

You've got me a crazy assed as you are!

That is a strike against the Brit. I'm watching you for you might have thought he was a wanker and you are behind it.

That's exactly what I wanted to write

You wanted to say wanker or crazy assed? I think you've been gased. Go lie down. You did not steal the blue guy from crazy town.

Al Penwasser:
Well, well, well. "Penwassa on the toilet throne" That cat of Pat is sure swell to throw this old dude a bone.

But you did not catch the bone. I heard that groan. You are on my watchlist too. I will keep another eye on you.

i know you "dear"

You know me? Pfft go to some other sea. You will not cook this raisin up or put me in some cup.

hope I don't get all blue after this rubbing business :)

You all but admitted to it. I see that blue paint from your rubbing fit. You are going in the cell and I hope for all that awful rubbing you go to Hell.

All he did was yell. Come on! Punch a monkey a least

Are you in on it too? Punching is a sure fire clue.

You Blasphemer?Flushed away?

I'm the one asking the questions here. Is that clear?

You did it again with your mighty pen

I did what? Have you been sniffing a butt?

I know I'd do my best to buy it!

You think the milk carton is for sale. Oh that is just an epic fail!

You better check yourself Before you wreck yourself Cause I come real stealth

Don't give me that tough guy talk. Take your eyeball and go for a walk.

Fleas on knees?? For the love of god!!! What did I do now?! lol And suck it up buttercup??? Hmph!

Pfft! I'm not even wasting my time on you. Once you saw he was blue you'd go scrub down thinking he had some disease. What is it with you and fleas on knees?

I miss Johnny five I hope theres nothing wrong with his disk drive

This happened in the here and now. Get out of the 80's and fix the farmer's plow.

I'll join the Armstrong man if he doesn't mind i'm his fan or steal my van.

So you were the getaway driver you say? Oh that just makes my day. Get in the cell! You too can go to Hell.

Jaya J
the Zebra Thong keeps playing in my mind

My god! You made him wear a thong? That is just soooo wrong. In the cell with you. That is just so eww.

The Angry Lurker
I'm with Waffles

You want to buy the milk too? Tell me it is not true.

Can we expect Cat to fear Or stick around and play ball

I expect you to answer my damn question now! Or go save the cow.

I heard he is very protective of his mate..and yeah, he can attack.. so I will just stare at his devotion

So the blue guy put up a fight? Glad to know he did not go quietly into that good night.

so why did the chicken cross the fricken road, and was he lazy and cross in the middle or just crazy, maybe just a little, but when you walk the jay be careful

Figures you'd be gawking and chicken stalking. You're off the hook all you do is look. Wait! What are you pointing at? Who cares about the cat. What? You spy a blue guy? What the poo? This can't be true.

What's wrong with you people? You're always talking about poo.We need to add a bit of variation to the mix: crap, defecation, discharge, dung, excrement, excretion, fecal matter, feces, feculence, flux, manure, number two, shit, stool, waste. Amen.

Hmm upon second look it seems everyone is off the hook. I got the wrong blue guy as someone told me a lie. But Robbie Raisin is not at fault. You nuts can stay locked in the vault. That is all for today as whoopdi friggin doo fades away.


And my money was on R too. I wonder why he never came into Robbie Raisin's view? Don't you love when people come to visit the cat even if they are raisins and other strange things you want to squash flat? The blue man was also quite crass, naming everything that comes out of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Haha I love this Pat, my money was on R as well, for his ill gotten gains R will surely go to hell. This is the first comment on this page, I hope it doesn't make anyone rage.

    1. Yeah poor R gets all the blame
      Of course he hasn't been around to place the "nice post" game

  2. Waffles told me he did it, now I'm off to the pit!

    1. Damn waffles trying to throw me for a loop
      I'll stuff him in a basketball hoop

  3. "Can we expect Cat to fear
    Or stick around and play ball"

    That's the question? Yessir!
    Never to succumb have a gall

    Where was I that very night?
    Waiting for a smaller moon
    For none of the fear nor fright
    Just the right time to swoon!


    1. haha glad you answered at my see
      That will cause the dumb raisin glee
      And even where you were
      That might even make him purr

  4. Ilike d what Baur said, haha

  5. whew glad i am off the hook, and no one threw a book at me...see i do like a good look and it may linger a bit but i did not finger it, but i can imagine who did by what they said...

    1. haha yeah look and don't touch
      Will keep you out of trouble much
      Fun to use what others say
      Against them at my bay..haha

  6. I'm going to the cell? Is that a promise or a threat? I've always wanted me a little prison adventure :) May I chose my cellmates? Their size and number?

    Yes, we did kidnap that Blue person and we're torturing him/her (we still haven't established his/her gender) with tones of chocolate and with denying him any Pringles....

    1. Hmmm I should have known
      You would want a cell prob with a phone
      You and your penguins can have fun
      In a deep dark hole with no sun
      No choosing for you
      And the blue guy will break free and give you a pringle can full of poo

    2. and you will cunningly give me some soap to accidentally drop while in the prison bathroom, yes?

    3. If that is what you wish
      I will let you drop the soap and the dish

    4. Great... we got a bit of variation: from poo to soap.

    5. we are trying to make the cat more refine, from poo to soap, from soap to shampoo, from shampoo to Buckingham palace....

    6. Well if I could get all the money there
      Poo would never again be spoken at my lair

  7. you ought to write poems, haha

    1. I suppose I should
      But do you think I

  8. Wow, forget the blue guy, Jesus just stopped here to comment before me! I didn't know he read your blog! That's impressive... ROFL!

    1. LMAO yeah I must have fame
      For Jesus himself to visit my rhyming game

  9. I wonder why nobody is on milk cartons no more

    Just that random billboard at the store

    1. Prob because there are either too many missing about
      Or it costs to much for a shout

    2. I am on a milk carton...

    3. That you are
      And no expense was spared at my bar

  10. You know who is really missing?
    It is R!
    He disappeared when you flew to NYC
    and hasn't been seen by anybody!
    Haven't you missed his short replies
    or didn't you notice the absence of the R guy?

    1. Betsy, I am with you. When he/she came to know about Pat's experience fling in spring in NJ, the heartbroken R disappeared

    2. Yeah I noticed as soon as I left for NY
      On that death trap stork
      R flew away as well
      Never to be seen at any other cell
      Maybe he/she needs a break
      And is basking by some lake

      A heartbroken R
      Aww that is too bad at my bar

    3. that is just the crown evidence that R was/is actually Patrick the Cat!

    4. Right
      R must be too busy to come to my site

    5. yep, busy planning a new layout for the site :PPP

    6. You never know
      He could be doing that at his show

  11. LOL...Whoopdi freakin do to you tooooooo!
    Loved it! The name's Raisin Robbie Rasin 007 + (1/2) >>>> SMH LOL

    1. LOL yeah he thinks he is slick
      With his Whoopdi Friggin Doo pick

  12. I come in real stealth
    to steal away your health
    I make grown men cry
    Bend over, kiss your butt good bye
    For me tough ain't no talk
    It is a life that I must walk

    *Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get the kids and head off to the beach before it gets to crowded =))))

    1. Aren't you just the scary one
      I'm sure many run
      But I'll just show you a pringle can
      And then you'll go bug some other man
      Pffft must be nice to just go to the beach and lie there
      I wish I could do that at my lair

    2. Your Pringle can of poo does not scare
      I'll still hang around your lair
      I am a bit fried from the sun
      So this rhyming bit is now done

    3. sorry, Elsie, next time we shall send you on a spying mission with some suntan on you :)

    4. So you are well done
      Or extra crispy from your beach fun?
      Serves you right for rubbing it in
      Here at my bin..haha

      Pffft let her fry
      I won't cry

  13. Grover's missing! :D No, I love the setup of "the moon was three times bigger than a cow and the farmer broke his plow"--that's very thought provoking... :D Have a great week, Pat! :o) <3

    1. Yeah the set up just popped in
      Another crazy notion from my bin

  14. hhahaahaha. Were you a shrink in your previous birth? Oh should I use exclamation mark or question mark?

    But RCB has nailed it all. So, Pat how good is your vocabulary? How many words/synonyms you know so far for crap and ass?

    Oops, here I go again.

    1. If I were a shrink
      I'm sure many would hit the brink
      Or maybe I could confuse them enough
      That life would no longer be rough
      Use whatever you wish
      As the cat would still make fun of such a dish
      I know many I will admit
      But why not just go with the gold for such a fit

    2. When I was 19 and still handsome, my then girlfriend decided I should not become a shrink for she was sure I needed one. When you're 19, you're fairly stupid, so I listened and now I'm not a loaded shrink. Go figure.

    3. haha yeah we are fairly stupid then
      I guess the curse of men
      But either way
      Sure you made the correct decision at your bay

  15. I think me and my invisible gang did it... But I can't be too sure.

    1. You swiped poor Grover away
      That is not such a nice display

  16. hahaha, Pat.
    when the moon was three times bigger than the cow on May 5, i was actually having a conversation with a friend about her spring fling !
    i hope the blue man is well, he's been too quiet.

    1. LOL hopefully her spring fling is going well
      And all is swell
      I'm sure the blue guy is fine
      And he will be here down the line

    2. To spell or not to spell....

      If Jaya J wasn't married and wasn't about to get married, I'd say I love her for calling me too quiet and worying about me. I'm alright, Jaya J. I just took a few days off too drive around, enjoy the sunshine and visit more restaurants than my wallet feels I should have. Now it's raining again, so I switched on my little laptop. :))

    3. and he's here down the line, Pat.

      awww. blue man. enjoy your sun and summer :)
      though the weather here is quite the bummer.

    4. Yeah I knew he would come
      With his bad grammar and then some..haha
      A little internet love is fine
      And oh so divine
      Just don't get caught
      Or that could sting a whole lot..haha
      The whether here sucks too
      Need the sun to come due

  17. LOL ok you got me with the whole grover thing! I didn't see that coming at all. LOL And keep the FLEAS off of my knees!!!!!!

    (In the middle of me typing this comment there was a tomato soup explosion on my stove. I blame you for that. Hmph.)

    1. LMFAO Oh I love getting blamed for that
      Making a mess all over you mat
      And causing your ocd dismay
      hahahahaha will take the blame any day

      The fleas come and go
      At least they no longer take you to a Gawker show
      At least not yet
      As more will come you can bet
      And Grover just had to be done
      As it was so much fun

    2. Jax the other day I was making a delicious biscottis but.....they burned :(all when I mail with a person OMG really I was sad:(

    3. what? The ebil cat is now exploding tomato soups and burning biscottis? He must be eradicated! General Jax it's your new mission!

    4. No, no Dez I mailed with other person when burning my biacottia sob:(
      Still I have the burnt tray out in the garden I have to clean :(

    5. I accept the mission with high honors! Exploding tomato soup and burnt biscottis is no laughing matter!!!!!!! I'm still find tomato juice in random spots! Bleh.

    6. LMAO oh that is too funny
      Tomato soup all nice and runny
      All over the place
      Thanks to my rhyming pace
      You can bring it on and try to stop me
      But we both know you will get lost 50,000 times before ever reaching bush number three
      So I am safe from you
      So whoopdi friggin doo

    7. I just called the land lord down to kill the mother of all bugs. Did you send that here cat?????????? Or is it here to eat the tomato soup bits that I can't find?! LOL

      P.S. I have a GPS you know!

    8. Pffft I only send fleas on your knees
      And Pat takes you out to play with killer bees
      So the bug did not come from me
      And pffffft right the gps will not help you find bush number 3
      Couldn't even find your way back
      From the airport terminal shack..haha

    9. what? There was shacking (notice my intentional spelling mistake) at the terminal? Pray do tell us more :))

    10. You will never know
      As the rumors grow..LOL

  18. Hey now, I have to say that I'm no suck up. I just get friendly when I've got beer in my cup. No wait, that's not beer, that's anti-freeze. I have to go throw up before I violently seize...

    Also, as long as it's Grover's body lost in a ditch and not RCB's, I can remain a happy blogger!

    1. Yes that would be a good idea I'd say
      Wouldn't want you do melt away at your bay
      And yeah Grover can be in a ditch
      And I don't think anyone would bitch

    2. It's true, my friends Brandon and Bryan aren't suck-ups. And I think they're great and the best and....

    3. Hmm I suppose the suck up is in reverse
      But I guess that is your curse

  19. First R and now Mr I mean Grover. It's only a matter of time before they come for us all.

    1. Yeah we all better run
      Or get your own bush with the tush to hide in under your sun

  20. I only pay attention to missing people on box wine!!

  21. Haha, another fun Robbie Raisin adventure, taking comments and applying them liberally. Fun fun, and I always like to change the conversation, so raisin had that one right. Hope you're having some nice weather there, it's 90 here so probably hotter in NYC, so looks like you jumped just before out came the heat

    1. Not that nice here at all
      But that is good at my stall
      For have to get out of this shit hole first
      With my current burst
      Then all will be grand
      Here in rhyming land

  22. Er...scat - you forgot scat,
    another term for poo, Cat.

    1. Well that was not me
      Blame the blue guy for missing that one at my sea

    2. Or... the brown snake.

    3. The brown snake
      Floats in a lake

  23. I love this Pat.
    Always clever at your mat
    or crazy as the case may be
    time to go out and climb a tree
    or maybe because it's spring
    I will have (some sort of)a fling!

    1. Have some sort of fling
      Doesn't that have a nice ring
      Now you must do it with ease
      And go play with the birds and the bees

  24. Poor Grover! Whose's next? Big Bird and Snuffleufflegus?

    1. Now don't be absurd
      I'd never touch big bird

  25. I think you forget someones Pat LOL

    1. I don't forget at all
      Just grab the first ones I find at my hall

    2. That I did
      Flip your oh dear lid

  26. Lots of people seem to be disappearing these days . . .

    1. Yeah blame the alliance for that
      Not the cat

  27. Ha..ha....I love the rambled and mixed up conversation pieces ~ I was trying to remember (as Grace) what made me write was about the goose ~

    Keep cool Pat ~ It is very hot today ~

    1. Yeah prob a mother goose one
      That I gave a run
      Pffft not hot here today
      Not that I care at my bay
      As it sucks in this hole
      Getting out is the goal

  28. I'm amused by this assortment of mixed nuts, yet awestruck by Jesus' presence.


    1. Yeah he seemed to leave many awestruck
      I guess he can quack like a duck

  29. Hmmm. My money is Dezmond. He looks pretty guilty to me. :)

    1. what? But me wears a halo over me angelic head all the time!

    2. Pretty guilty you say
      Yeah he tends to look that way

      Pfft halo right!
      More like a spot light

  30. this is such a fun one.... thought you were talking about my son. :D

    1. Your son stole the blue guy
      That might make him cry

  31. It is always nice when you include your followers in your posts. I'm being nice, it's late, so shudupaboutit. Good night cat.

    1. Nothing wrong with being nice
      Especially when the cat is asleep dreaming of mice

  32. It's like you know what's going on in my head. Punching monkeys is always the answer.


    1. haha damn I'm good
      Become a psychic I should

  33. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Yes, I'm laughing alright. Now this grumpy blue Grumpster's got more cracks in his face than he can handle. Thanks for that. You're a true friend. Too bad I got mixed up with that furry superman wanna be. Can't a guy just go away for a couple of days because the sun happenes to be shining and it's a rare phenomenon in this country my Mom moved to? Well, I guess I'm touched by you missing me. But do tell me, what's this rubbing business Dezzy's talking about. And yes, we need more variation. Just a bit.

    1. yes, I'm strangely amuzed to hear more about the rubbing business myself. I forgot what I said, but I know I said it :)

    2. I'm not sure what the rubbing business was all about
      But he surely gave it a shout
      And glad the cat could make your day
      As you soaked up the sun at your bay
      Which is something I need to do
      Should it ever show itself here at my zoo
      A little variation also wouldn't be bad
      But might confuse Dez a tad..haha

      Yes you said it indeed
      Here at my feed

  34. P.S. And you know what a bit of sunshine can do to my awesome spelling skills....

    1. A bit of sunshine messes them up
      Maybe you need more coffee in your cup


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