The Cat Blazes A New Trail For This dVerse Tale!

The cat has realized he has been going about this thing all wrong at his sea. I need to make Blabber want to ship Pat back here to me. So what better way then to give some dVerse reasons to do so. For Pat must be boring her by now at her show. He has no ability to rhyme like the cat. Poor poor Pat. Read this Blabber and send him back. Last chance before the cat goes on the attack.

You can have a dog,
You can have a hog.
Go buy a shoe,
Or maybe even two.

For Pat is a cheap skate,
Doesn't eat much on his plate.
Such a bad date,
See your fate?

Better luck with that hawk,
Even if it makes you squawk.
Or some other animal at your zoo,
For Pat is full of poo.

That means bs,
Just in case you could not guess.
Think I'm wrong?
Remember the zebra thong?

Plus he doesn't mind Braveheart.
Knows the Goodnight John Boy part,
Of those people on the mountain,
And does childrens books with a magic fountain.

He steals your stinky bum phrase,
Knows one too many movie plays.
Isn't just a mutt person like you,
Which makes the cat blue.

Not really as it means send him back,
Stop causing the cat flack.
With this Tarsier Man nut,
Making me hang on a Speedy Moose butt.

Dealing with that loud mouth strat,
A word made up by Pat.
See! He can't even talk right,
Isn't that a fright?

Hmm what else can there be,
To get him sent back to my sea.
I suppose there is one,
That would not cause you fun.

He left catnip on the floor,
For a whole week at our shore.
What is that I hear?
Pat is coming near!

Ha! I can stop now, as it seems Blabber had a cow and sent Pat back. From what I hear he has hitched a flight back to our shack. That was easier than trying to deal with Tarsier Man, Drazin and the Speedy Moose. Blabber has set Pat loose. No more nanny's for Miss Priss and the cat. Too many damn cats at their mat. Blabber put up a sign telling Pat not to trespass and never make him again leave my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. good morning Pat:)
    yes you cant stop ha!

    1. Good evening to you
      As Pat is back officially at our zoo

  2. oh!Im first, well I think that:)

  3. It'll be good to have back, at the love shack!

    1. Not sure how much love
      But fits Pat like a glove

  4. The life of the cat is looking up
    but hopes Pat did not bring back a pup
    Pat will be back to his shack very soon
    probably before the rise of the moon!

    1. Yes Pat was back before the moon
      And now I am a happy rhyming loon

  5. I hope you had a good vacation at NY zoo ~

    And brought back more than just a rhyming t-shirt ~

    1. Yep such a fun time in every way
      At the NY bay

    2. Great to see you Pat ~ I would love to visit NY again ~

    3. Yeah it is such a great place
      As things move at a rather fast pace

  6. I can't wait for Pat's return. I hope he had fun and his plane didn't burn.

    1. oh hope his plane didnt burn !

    2. haha nope did not burn
      On either turn

  7. Listing out all of his quirks
    might just make her smirk
    as those traits might seem charming
    instead of alarming!
    But until the next trip down
    I'm sure you're glad to have him around.
    You can sleep on his head tonight
    and purr with all your might.

    1. I agree with you, Betsy... quirks are always charming.

    2. no wonder he spreads fleas all around if the cat sleeps on his head...

    3. terra ~ and I'm so glad, too..because I have a lot of quirks myself! haha.

    4. Quirks are charming you say?
      Pfft she did send back to our bay
      So guess they aren't charming enough
      And now the cat doesn't have to get rough
      The fleas come and go
      At our show

  8. hope miss Blabber will return the visit to Patrick's litter box.

    1. She could leard to say "Eh?" instead of doing that Eep she does. Maybe they could saddle up a moose and tour the countryside! She could even meet Flappy! It does sound fun, doesn't it?

    2. Nope, I still eep. What's wrong with eep????? lol

    3. Oh, nothing is wrong with it. And I'm sure you're charming when you do it! hahaha. :)

    4. what does "eep" mean, ladies? You kinda lost me, I feel like I'm talking to cat :)


    6. lol..don't feel bad, Dez. I had to look it up in the Urban Dictionary! :)

    7. Flappy would be far far away
      From any such display
      Had to remind me of her
      And mess with my fur
      And NO ONE says that damn EH around here
      That word I fear

  9. A memorable vacation at the zoo
    The Cat will certainly feel at home
    Have to look out for all the poo
    Felt safe the cat's not alone


    1. He wasn't at the zoo!
      Marmalade would have reported him while on roof patrol!

    2. A vacation is surely was
      That I'll always remember the NY buzz
      Glad I went for sure I will say
      To the NY bay

      Pfft Marmy could not catch me
      As I would make him flee

  10. This is so cute and sweet. You both are awesome and you both are perfect for each other. oCD and 28 bottles of shampoo ;)
    So blabber is the Viking woman, see the spring fling R got the message and no show from R for so long.

    Now I would like see her date story , from blabber.

    1. LOL ten rules you say
      Oh that would be interesting at her bay
      As it was fun in every way
      R has been neglecting my bay
      Hmmm maybe R is mad
      At the Pat lad

  11. ha but all those things are what makes pat so charming, i am sure blabber is not harming but enjoying the pat right now, so dont have a cow i am sure he will return before the biscuits burn..hope he enjoys your sign as well...

    1. twin and I
      don't lie!
      We also think alike you see
      so much so it's kinda creepy!

    2. You and your twin are on today
      Here at my bay
      I guess the gawker power is at play
      And so the cat may have screwed himself with such a display
      Either was Pat is back
      Here at our shack

  12. Just buy one shoe and a fountain near a mountain!
    Or just buy a book for your nook with all that stuff and more!

    1. That works for me
      I'll even give a magic flea

  13. He's on his way, cat! Don't get your panties in a bunch!!!!! LOL

    1. Awwww, I'm sad and happy all at once.

      I hope the NY trip was lots of fun! I'm glad you'll be back, Pat, now maybe the cat will quit meowing so loudly for your return =)

    2. LOL my panties are in a bunch
      And I had them for lunch
      But now that Pat is back
      I will lock him in my shack

      Sad and happy you say
      Pffft don't say that at my bay
      Pat cannot have fun
      So them away he will never again run

  14. On second thought...
    now that you mention all of those things Cat
    Maybe we should just them keep Pat

    1. Pfft no way
      Pat always beats nanny's bay
      And that uncle hard head
      Who I cause dread

  15. Another yarn spinning adventure! Julie

    1. That it is
      As I continue to be a rhyming whiz

  16. So fun, but...a zebra thong?! Gotta love that cat.

    1. The zebra thong
      Does sound soooo very wrong

  17. Replies
    1. It went to spam
      I guess blogger thought you were toe jam

    2. yeah right, blogger did and not you. What's this? First step of your roast in your bay?
      Juz kidding, I am moved to everyone's spam, I dont know why. My HTC windows phone. :(

    3. Yeah it happens every once in a while to us all
      I guess Blogger just wants to mess with our hall

  18. Welcome home you nutter! I bet the cats did miss you too :)

    1. Yep back at my sea
      And I was greeted quite well by each kitty

  19. i'm pretty sure strat is a word
    it's one of those exotic verbs
    pat's not cheap with his rhymes
    maybe i can lease a few lines
    who isn't full of poo?
    everybody for true
    now that line is worse than that strat
    i can carry a rhyme for only so long before i go splat.
    welcome back.

    1. Strat is a word
      But for me it means the bad thing for turd
      As it comes from Pat's book
      And yeah kinda nice being back at our nook

  20. Welcome home! So you're full of poo? My son has that problem, too. Just don't block any toilets when you visit the loo!

    1. Yes that would be bad
      As it may overflow a tad

  21. Another cool adventure :) welcome home :)

    1. Glad it was cool
      As the cat continues to rule

  22. Not always sure where your head's at
    but had to say "hi" to Pat Hatt and the Cat!

    Always fun to pop in and check out your latest rhyme! :-)

    1. My head is off in la la land
      Isn't that grand

  23. Well that was some male whimsy, that I read here today. nice to n have read.

    1. Yes that certainly was
      Glad you read the buzz

  24. I too am a cheapskate

    Paying too much is something I hate

    1. Seems that is always the case
      Here with the rat race

  25. Geez, you know, seeing you travel through the levels of despair, was both sad and yet keeping these eyes glued to the screen, hoping for your victory. I was thinking if it were many more days, with all those animals at your nanny's shack, I thought you'd recruit your singer friend to sing a song to overlay the battle royal you would have to stir up at that shack, trying to force pat's hand with the whole, doesn't play well with others tact, but I guess that doesn't need to be, and now the only question left to decide, is when Pat picks you up, will you purr or hiss, that is your question, either way, I know you'll do it with a rhyme, each and every time.

    1. After all left our shack
      It was fun to go on the attack
      And purr away
      Welcoming Pat back to our bay
      But we will still make him pay
      In each and every way

  26. I missed these rhymes of cat..
    feeling great after comin back :)

    hope u doing fine pat !!!

  27. "Pat is full of poo"

    I knew it from the very beginning
    Poo in plate, I saw Pat was eating
    Watched him eat and it was sickening
    Why did Pat have to eat everything?

    I must say that I giggled while typing this.

    1. LOL I can see why
      Even though it is quite nasty to the eye..haha

  28. Guess New York tired you out, cuz this is a short one for you! Did you get to the Bronx Zoo?

    1. Yep went to the bronx zoo
      And short I can also do..haha

  29. There are many reasons that cause a bad date.
    If you're not tooooooo cheap, then no need to fear your fate. :)

    1. hahaha no worrying about that
      As cheap isn't part of Pat


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