The Cat Is The Star This Will Go Far!

So Pat and the cat always fight over the computer at our sea as I rhyme and he writes novels at our with glee. But this time I let him win for not to would be a sin. As the cat, Orlin, is the star of this book. That really makes it off the hook. You know the cat even has super powers in it. I know that sounds crazy just a bit. But it comes off rather well. Although I was sad I never got to go to Hell. Maybe in book number five if I survive. As you know Pat may be mean and kill me off. That would make many scoff. But who knows as A Not So Singular World shows.

Jeremiah has spent his whole life searching for his parents with nothing but a faded picture of them to keep him going. His search had hit a dead end until his birthday rolled around and he received a gift, being run down by a car that seemed to have no driver. And that was the best part of his day.

Now Jeremiah and Orlin, his over sized Savannah cat and only friend, seem to be running for their lives at every turn, with the impossible becoming possible everywhere they look. The pair continue Jeremiah's quest to track down his parents and discover his true origins, while making many enemies, gaining new friends and family and developing a power only Orlin seems to understand.

Follow along as they dodge the Brothers of Olympus, flick dirt on the realty TV star Rick Tracker and come up against gods of myth such as Drazin and Hera. Jump between The Nide and The Hide finding Nothing at every turn. You are just a strat and a flibo away from finding out if Jeremiah and Orlin, after going through bloody hell and getting Puck-ed, can find his parents and get everyone back to Zeus Mountain.

And guess what else comes from my little rhyming butt? No longer are they just PDF at my sea for after the big big big big pain in the butt of converting at bush number three. All four are available in PDF, Kindle and Print too. They can be found on Amazon and Smashwords with all the links under the "Novels" tab for those who don't have a clue. Oh and number four takes place at a different type of shore. So you don't need to know the other three to read the best so far by me. Or I mean Pat but still it stars the cat!

So the cat gets to play with a reality TV star, yuck and a certain Puck. Not to mention an alternate version of that loud mouth Drazin, a guy who likes to say strat every two words and some hippie dippie types that would not even hurt birds. Screw that! The cat will kick those uglies in their face and squash them flat. Did I forget to mention The Nothing are uglies as well as the so called things that go bump in the night too? Well the cat can't spoil everything for you. Besides I still want to go to Hell. I hear Lucy is swell. Plus Tripit can rhyme like me that is fun to see. Wait! I didn't see him when things got grim. Just some glowy people things that looked like they had wings. Yep, that is enough sass for the cat is now a super powered, famous little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A cat with superpowers? A cat who gets to play with a reality television star? This book sounds awesome Pat, congratulations on the fourth book buddy, especially in all of those formats, well done mate.

    1. LOL yeah the cat gets to do a lot
      As he adds to the plot
      And picks on another Drazin as well
      Still sad he didn't get to go to Hell

  2. Didn't know there was so many Pat, will go and have a look at the book!

    1. Pat just pumps them out at our sea
      Thanks for the look at bush number three

  3. Congrats on your 4th book
    Would be fun to have a look
    Want to lay my hands on a copy?
    Amazon and Smashwords that easy


    1. Yep way easier to do
      That is true
      Than what came before
      With just one at my shore

  4. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to read the 4th book!!! And in print? That's awesome!! Nothing like holding a book in your hand :)

    I can say from experience that the first 3 were nothing short of amazing!!

    1. Yeah holding a book is the best
      Still passes the test
      And nice to have them in my hand too
      Thanks for the great plug from you
      The cat will have to be nice today
      Oh that just causes dismay..hahaha

    2. you mean, Jaxy, really read the first three books? They have about 20 pages in total? :)

    3. LMAO are you saying she doesn't have the attention span to read more than 20 pages of a book
      Ohhhh you could be in for it if she comes back to take a look

    4. no, I meant nobody could survive more than 20 pages of your trilogy, cat :PP

    5. See how the cat just tries to stir things up, Dez? Just evil!! =P

    6. Oh now you are just trying to back peddle on what you said
      You won't trick Blabber and now she'll help make the alliance dead

      Pffft you just can't see what he really meant
      Blabber will make him repent

    7. He is pure ebil, Elsie, he is! See, Pat, I officially put Elsie and Jaxy as the defenders of the Alliance while me and Annzie are not here! You are doomed, those two are our bravest lady generals! Make the alliance proud, Elsie and Jaxy!

    8. I will be here to protect and serve while you and Annzie are away!!

      (Do I get a shiny badge?)

    9. LOL well then that is good for me
      For Blabber is a minion at my sea
      So she'll just sway things away
      And I will win while Elsie has a very bad day..haha
      Of course there is that whole NY thing
      Hmmm could be confusing with all the loyalities at play in my wing

      No badge for you
      Just a pringle can full of poo

    10. you get an ordain if you survive the attacks of the vicious feline nemesis till the weekend :) and you get a position in our headquarters!

    11. Hmmm do you want her to want to lose?
      She surely will given that prize news

    12. I'm sure that Dez wasn't insulting my intelligence. He's been reading my blog is more than aware that I can read 20 pages!!! Hmph!! lol

      Are you wishing fleas on knees again, cat?? I'm already having a hard time holding back the army of mimes that want to attack the cat!!

      @Dez...Recruiting the NYers on your side? Very smart move!! Bada Bing.. hahahaha

    13. Oh I wouldn't be to sure on that
      He is after all a sneaky rat
      Or penguin man
      Trying to sucker you in to his clan
      So if he thinks your dumb
      He just confuse and then some

      Where did the fleas on knees come from?
      Never gave that a hum
      But good to know
      You are holding the mimes back from my show
      That is a good minion indeed
      Helping out a cat in need

      Yeah smart move I will say
      They'll run you down in traffic each day

    14. The Love Bug doesn't find that very funny :'( She's sad that her mommy is driving The Ice Cube!!!!! hahahaha

      You may not have said Fleas on Knees, but something tells me you were thinking it!!! Now I'm itchy again. Dammit...

    15. LOL The Ice Cube sounds like a good name
      More scary than tame
      Maybe those NY drivers will stray away
      Fat chance I know at your bay..haha
      hahahaha fleas on knees seem to be in your head
      Making you itchy with dread
      But I admit it pops in mine alot too
      As it's fun to make them come due

  5. Yeah, cats are just awesome!
    Nice rhymes.

    1. you is awesome possum, Cat :)

    2. Awesome and nice
      Does he want some rice?

      A possum as a cat?
      We can't have that

  6. Yeah! Congrats Patt on getting some computer time. Your fourth book. That's impressive.

    1. Yep fourth novel for Pat
      And fourth kiddie book also got done recently for the cat

  7. how come they didn't smash the printer and gave us a nice winter, before printing these babblings of yours, cat? :P

    1. haha I guess winter was over
      Or they are ran by rover
      And he likes Pat
      For taking time from the cat

    2. ah, no wonder today's publishing industry is in such a bad state.... I wouldn't be surprised if your publisher publishes Katy Perry memoirs tomorrow :PP

    3. LOL I publish myself that you very much
      So Katy Perry memoirs I will never ever ever touch
      Well they may bring in some dough
      So I suppose you never know

    4. ah, but I know you would be the first one to buy the memoirs of that wretched ex husband of hers, that Russell Brand person.

    5. Oh yeah with all hist humpty hump
      I did some tips for my viking girl who's oh so plump..haha

  8. Congrats on the book! I will take a look!
    A cat with super powers? Oh this is our darkest hour!
    This may not go so well! You may indeed get to go to hell! lol

    One day I will work up the energy to write a book. But for now, I will just sit back and let the cat inspire my brain...or make it go boom!

    1. Hmph I wish
      Then I could beat on Lucy and his fish
      But everyone else got to go to hell
      Well the cat went to The Nide thinking it was swell
      But I'll keep winning
      As I go back to the beginning
      Hopefully your brain doesn't go boom
      That would bring doom
      Isn't it already on the wall
      At your hall?

  9. Number four must have cat a bit worried then with the potential loss of all nine lives. But, it is never easy to kill off a star.

    1. I think the cat is pretty safe though
      As every other one might go
      But not even Pat would kill a cat
      Or any other animal at that
      Plus with super powers
      I can beat the uglies and have time to stop and smell the flowers

  10. Alright, I'm off to an appointment, but when I come back I'll place my order for the book in print - way better than having it on my laptop!! But, I want it known...this is for PAT, not the cat!!! Congratulations to PAT!!!! LMAO =)

    "I'll be back"

    1. Yeah always better to have in in print I will agree
      But congrats to Pat and not me?
      Hmph I will get you for that
      Island of the Gawker will squash L flat..LOL

    2. I fear you not my dear super powered cat
      I'll battle you with your book, how about that?
      Island of Gawker scares me none
      The alliance will show up and you'll be done!

      (Please hold off said battle until May 9th when Amazon is due to deliver book..thank you....LOL)

    3. LOL the cat will eat the book
      As he likes paper at his nook
      Gives him a super power too
      It firms up his poo..hahaha
      Well Island of the Gawker will have the last laugh at my sea
      For L will fry with glee..hahaha
      The alliance are out of gas
      So it's just you vs my little rhyming ass
      May 9th, I suppose
      But then back will come the foes
      Thanks a ton from Pat
      Hope you enjoy the super powered cat
      With a bloody hell here and there
      And some uglies at your lair

  11. So, many books? Got to check it out.
    Heard of "when cat isnt in house, mouse gets to have party" in your case family emergency of bloglordess has let you out to roam and scream. Enjoy while it can.
    Ask Betsy not to take umbrage with my comment about her Peacock Pip in Amazon, just had to throw in something to chew :)

    1. Yep a ton at my sea
      Pat is full of crap I guess and has enough to set his mind free
      As a lot pops out
      With each book shout
      LOL yeah fighting over the blog
      As Pat is a computer hog
      The comment was great
      Betsy never got irrate
      Least that I am aware
      As that would be rare

  12. Congrats on your latest book! It certainly sounds like there's something for everyone in this fantasy feline caper! Julie

    1. Yes many things will align
      Not just the cat who is divine
      But he does steal the show
      As he runs to and fro

  13. Congrats on your 4th book! I love the titles of them all.

    1. Yeah the titles I thought were good too
      As they all run into the same series which is easy to view

  14. seriously how do you find the time at your sea to write and work and live and be...congrats to the fourth, it will go forth and populate the land with words penned by your hand to the delight of minds everywhere to the hero covered in hair

    1. I have know idea really at all
      Just keep at it at my hall
      And things seem to flow
      Although it gets harder as more and more ides show
      Populate the land with the cat
      That surely will get a nice strat
      But no flibo though
      As that is bad just so you know

  15. not sure what it is but had a beast of a time all morn to adorn youwall with a comment, blogger must have dropped another grommet

    1. Figures blogger would screw me over
      Like some stupid butt sniffing rover

  16. This is great! I will buy the first one with some of the paypal money I earned doing a graphic job.

    I like the reference in the Nothing description. Bumping uglies has never seemed so appropriate.

    1. Hope you enjoy it too
      If you give it a view
      The Nothing come into play
      When book 3 has its say
      While the uglies surely come
      As Rick Tracker gives them a hum

  17. Congrats on the 4th!! Way to go Pat and his cat! :)

    1. The fourth has come due
      The fifth and some kiddie books are now in the que

  18. So, Orlin got in the novel game, figured it would be but time, as what's a book without a super powered feline. All the books are surely grand, but with a featured cat, this one must be grand. Congrats on number four, really pumping the novels out the door, it's getting closer to sooner, to when we'll all be able to say, I remember pat before….and on late night tv you'll be, then to Jay Leno, or what's that Canadian Guy's name, Charlie something, well you'll pull off a coup, trap the host in the loo, and out comes Pat, The Cat and Robbie Raisin running emcee, quite the promo if I say see. lol Great job Pat, congrats

    1. hahaha now that would be something to see
      But no matter how big a head Pat gets the cat will always be at bush number three.
      And yep pumping them out indeed
      Along with the kiddie at my feed
      Have a couple of those in the wings as well
      And maybe in number five Pat will let the cat go to Hell..haha
      Having all of those on one show
      Would surely cause a gasket to blow

  19. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that as a long time RTWPH fan, I didn't know you had so many novels... it makes sense though, considering you appear to write faster than humanly possible.

    1. Bah I don't promote a ton
      So one might not know how many I have given a run
      And yep I can write a lot and fast
      I guess my muse is vast

  20. Oh nice kindle format! Wonder if my kindle will even read that after all the software modifications I've made lol

    1. LOL God only knows
      You have aliens and everything else with your supped up computers that prob eat crows..haha

  21. Congrats Pat you really amazed me all you write!!

    1. I amaze you
      Oh dear whatever will you do..haha

  22. I'm impressed, Pat. How in the world do you find the time to do all of this? I know, you do have a little army of beautiful secretaries after all, don't you? Well, I raise my hat for you.

    1. his cats steal books from the library and he puts his name on them :) The books from the children literature section of course...

    2. I wish I had a little army like that
      Would please Pat
      And keep him away from the cat
      So I could play at my mat
      Nice to impress
      I will confess

      Pffft I give the books back after I am done
      There is no stealing, I just drop them and run

    3. @Dezzy - Awww that can't be true.

    4. Don't believe the spy
      He likes to lie

  23. Congratulations on your book! :)

    I love the titles--and the covers are cool.

    1. Thanks, glad you like the covers and titles too
      Nice to know they are good to ones view

  24. Wow, if the best part of someone's day is being hit by a car, I'd say someone needs a hug. :D

    Cool covers!

    1. LOL he gets one of those eventually though
      As things start to grow
      Glad you like the covers too
      They were fun to do

  25. I downloaded my first title. How old is your protag?

    1. In the first three lates 20's or so
      The the fourth early 21 or so that decides to show
      Along with the cat
      Who is still umm 3 or so at his mat
      That be 21 or so I guess too
      The cat is getting old it is true

  26. congrats on the book, pat. i just downloaded it and am looking forward to reading it. i have a few to read before yours, but yours is incentive to get through some others:)

    you do what you do
    like a chef makes stew
    and a cow goes moo
    without your work i'd make a brew
    to shake being blue
    you keep being true
    your stuff is the opposite of poo

    1. Thanks a ton
      Let me know what you think when you give it a run
      Glad I'm the opposite of poo
      As being that would not do..haha
      And keep you from going blue
      With each rhyme to view

  27. Congratulations on your new book! The covers of all of your books look cool!

    1. Glad they look cool
      See what happens where there is no dog drool..haha

  28. Congrats on the book Pat and the rhyming crew ~

    How many more do you plan to write, including the children's books?

    1. Novels I still have at least 20 in mind
      And children's books hahahaha 100's of those can come from my little rhyming behind

  29. Pat, that fine print on the Kindle version is going to kill me. I figured I'd start at book one - I've been curious about your novel world and want to get to know Jack in the first book, first.


    1. Too fine you say?
      Hope you don't get killed at your bay
      And enjoy the book with Jack
      As he goes on the movie attac

  30. Congratulations on your newest book
    I hope many buy it and take a look!
    All four were loved by me
    but I think they should be read in order, you see.
    The fourth could stand on it's own
    but would make much more sense after the others were done.

    1. Well that is true
      I always read or watch in the order due
      But then Blabber read three first
      Because she confused herself or something with a brain
      And it worked as well
      So either way one can ring the bell

  31. Congrats on book, I'll go take a look! :)

  32. Huzzah for Pat Hatt, and his books! An Olympian task all on its own!

    1. And a task the will get done
      As I give another ton a run

  33. You've published not 1 but 4 books? Wow.

    I still haven't even published one paper yet.

    1. I'm sure that will come due
      One day from you

  34. Those look really cool, Pat! You sure are creative and for sure no fool, Pat.

    Four books under your belt.
    Good ones, the cats have felt.

    And kids books too.
    Good, good, good for you.

    And us!


    1. Yep many things at my shore
      And I'm sure there will be a whole lot more

  35. How did I not know you have written 4 books?! Where have I been? Will have to check them out. A superpowered cat? How can I resist :)

    1. haha I guess your were lost somewhere
      As you meditated at your lair
      But now you know
      There are 4 at my show

  36. Congrats on yet another best seller! I'm impressed.


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