Going To The Fair To Leave Some Cat Hair!

So dVerse wants to go to a fair or was that have an affair? Hmmm that could get people in trouble showing things that are bare. So we won't go there and get back to the fair. Maybe some guy will pull out a hare. Do you really care? What if is it a pair? That would be rare. Let's just pay the fare before you become aware that you might see a mare and do something bad on a dare, like maybe molest a care bear. See what happens when you rhyme all the same? Things do not end up tame. Anyway, away we go and on with the fair show.

Things go round and round,
Scary women are found.
They have a beard,
That is just weird.

Tip toeing on a rope,
A cannon shooting dope.
All things that could be rare,
Or kill those unaware.

Don't you love a fair?
Rigged games make you beware.
Unless you want to lose your dough,
Or put on a womanly show.

Like showing off,
But in the end you'll scoff.
Just see that clown,
With his bright smile or frown.

Walking on big sticks,
Parading around all the hicks.
Falling down and hitting his head,
Like Billy Madison type dread.

The ferris wheel,
Is quite the steal.
For you can ride above all,
Then wait for it to stall.

Stare at the sky,
And give climbing down a try.
Down what, who knows.
But I'm sure a bruise shows.

Spaceships come too,
As a rocking boat umm rocks you.
People hurl as well,
That just makes for quite the nasty hell.

A big hammer,
Might make one stammer.
As away it will go,
And it slams down going high or low.

Could mean you're weak,
Or maybe just a geek.
Or you could be strong,
Like the cavewoman wearing a thong.

That image is so wrong,
Could sing a song.
Zip a dee do dah or something like that,
And the candy may make you fat.

But don't worry one bit,
For with such a fit,
You will roll down a hill,
No coaster needed for a thrill.

Let the bright light flash,
And make a dash.
To the fair,
Next to your lair.

So there is my fair memories and such, as it has been a while so I may be a tad out of touch but either way it made for a circus type day. Isn't that always the case here? Maybe I should have went back and quoted my little rhyming rear. Of course that would lead to lots of gas so better off going to the fair with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I heard there is no word that rhymes with "month", is that true ?

    1. Yeah that is more or less true
      Unless some liberities are taken by you

    2. Depends on how you pronounce month?
      uneath and dunth rhymes with month. :)

    3. Yeah true all depends on how it is sounded out
      Anything can rhyme if you give it the right sort of shout

  2. Women with beards scare the heck out me Pat, great rhymes as usual broheim. Nothing rhymes with broheim either.

  3. Well they now put on the shows, and there are lots of stalls
    aside from food, for you to spend. I even saw pool sized water fun where you are inside a big bubble and kids can roll around the water without fear of drowning ~ Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. haha I saw that bubble once too
      That would be fun to do
      Unless one was claustrophibic though
      Then maybe not to fun as round and round they go

  4. haha and bare it they do at the fair....middrift shirts when they know they shouldnt, too much grease and one more dough ball when they thought they couldn't....the circus is like a second cousin to the fair, and you better leave the OCD in the lair when you go, just saying...

    1. haha yeah the ocd better stay home
      Or I'd need a big dome
      To keep away all the germs
      Even with the man that eats 1000 worms

  5. Ya, those rigged games and the big stuffed animals that they lug from one fair to another must be riddled with germs. Who would want one anyway? You captured the essence of 'fair' here, Pat. Some things always remain the same.

    1. Yeah always remain the same
      And not very tame
      Plus those thing really have to be filled with germs by the ton
      So I would not want to win one

  6. Sounds like you're describing the circus to me
    but maybe that's because I'm American, you see. ha.
    Our fairs have the rides and food, true
    but there are quilts to be shown, too.
    Prizes and ribbons for the best pies, jams and bbq.
    Then there are all the livestock prizes.
    Kids earn big money as their college fund rises.
    Never seen a bearded lady at one of our fairs
    well, not that she was part of the show, but just there. hahaha.

    1. LOL yeah I suppose they can just be there
      Enjoying the fair
      That would be fun to see
      And even cause glee
      Fairs and circus all the same
      Either way the cat will mame
      And rhyme away
      About such an awkward display

    2. I'm channelling Annzie again: Cat, what inspired your today's post? Seeing yourself in a mirror again?

    3. Yeah it was such a fright
      I had to share the sight

  7. All's fair on the way to the fair
    Tight rope,rigged games, ladies with beard?
    Strongman hammering if you dare
    Clowning and opening up all weird
    But where's the beef
    Dieting for the midriff?


    1. Yeah I guess a diet had to come
      So the bearded woman would not get glum
      And the fat guy would not win
      At the pizza eating bin

  8. rolling down a hill is as much fun as going to a fair...maybe even more..depending on whom is joining in..ha

    1. Very true
      As a fair can bore many with its nasty view

  9. why would Pat clown get scared about cavewoman zebra thong ladies?
    Why would hairybums get scared about hairy beard ladies?
    I dare you to give me a post without gas and ass Pat, can you do that?


    1. no he cannot, you're asking for impossible... he's made of gas and ass....

    2. I can give a post without either if I wanted too
      I could do it while sitting on the loo
      That would be fun
      Or maybe I'd do it out in the sun
      Either way it will come due
      One day for all to view

    3. See, you cant even comment without anything related to ass. If argus is 100 eyed ,maybe Pat is 100 assed. That's one scary monster. :(

    4. Pfft I can comment and do it when I want
      But for now I will just taunt

  10. I've never been to a fair, but I bet most people would confuse me for one of the fair attractions :)

    1. You would be an attraction, Dez, especially if you sold slices of your wonderful cakes. :)

    2. Pffft screw the cake
      As a great bearded woman he'd make
      Or something of the like
      As he took a fair hike

    3. Pot(Pat) calling kettle black

    4. yep, I had more like cat said on my mind, but Petsy thanks for not being ebil as the cat but nice in your comment :))

      yep, the cat would oustage me in CIRQUE DU FREAK any time :)

    5. PS cat, don't tell me you're screwing cakes like that guy from AMERICAN PIE!!!

    6. Dex, yes he is with his prosthetic willy..

    7. oh,my, imagine if that gets stuck in the apple pie and he serves it to the guests...

    8. Pfft the cat would never screw a pie
      Just not that type of guy
      Besides with a snip snip
      I may throw out a hip

    9. After yesterday, you said you may use a sausage to replace your snip snip issue..
      The pie may not be the only thing in danger, you may need a tissue!

    10. Yeah may need something to protect the poor pie
      It could very well die

    11. hope you don't pop the cherry in the pie....

    12. At least it will be memorable to do
      Even if it is ewww

  11. Bearded women and Billy Madison type dread...gotta love it! Very nice, Pat!

    1. Yep a scary way of life
      Would surley cause strife

  12. The bearded woman always used to make me sad for her. Not that I ever saw one in real life but, on TV or in movies, I'd feel sorry for her having all that hair. Too freaky for me!
    Getting stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel would NOT appeal!
    Nice one Pat :)

    1. Yeah that would be scary
      To be a woman and oh so hairy
      But I guess there are worse things
      Like a pig that sings

  13. oh how i do disdain, to leave this blog brings much pain. I do wish you fame, let the lights shine round your name. Yet for the attention dont be a hog. cast away your pretension, and visit my Blog.

    1. A rhyme here at my sea
      Maybe I'll come and give you a flea
      Right on your knee
      Then you can scratch with glee

  14. Your first verse reminded me of Veggie Tales. "Kiss my Great Aunt Rooth...she had a beard and it felt weird!" LOL

    Are you sure rocking boats rock you? I'm going to have to look into that ;) lol

    1. LOL well beats achoo moo moo I suppose
      Or however that goes..haha
      Yeah they rock you all night long
      With their zebra thong..hahahaha

  15. Ewww. A cavewoman wearing a thong? That's just wrong. And did she have a beard, too? Double ewww for that!

    1. Yep a double ewww
      The fair is quite the zoo

  16. As a rocking boat, um rocks you LMAO!! Classic!!

    Once you mentioned Billy Madison, it was all I could picture in my head. All of his graduation parties with the fair like atmosphere.

    1. haha well what more does a rocking boat do?
      Rocking is all is can do, it's true..haha
      Yeah that one popped in
      As he hd quite the fairs at his money bin

  17. Fairs are always fun but I always feel a little awkward playing the rigged games as you said. In the back of my mind I'm always wondering how I'm suppose to be having fun when I know its rigged. Ferris wheels are too scary.

    1. Yeah I know how you feel
      Not like deal or no deal
      Completely rigged I will say
      Maybe we should chuck the balls or whatever at the carnie instead as that'd be a fun display

  18. the care bear line sent me into a howl
    it turned out to be a good check of the ol' bowel
    things are right and tight down there
    do i love a fair or a love affair?
    the ferris wheel is the real deal
    i'm hopeful things will heal
    spaceships come but they go too
    i may after all end up in the loo

    1. haha eat to much and there you might go
      Letting nasty stuff flow
      A howl you say
      I guess maybe I should do care bear post one day..haha

  19. Things go round and round,
    Scary women are found.
    They have a beard,
    That is just weird.
    - Yes they used to have those sideshows down a sideroad of the fair - replete
    with bearded ladies - and all sorts of things - behind glass panels - when you think now - had almost forgot about them - but your write brought them vividly to mind Pat - (just remembered those what the butler saw) - the multi sides to the fair - hugs Lib

    1. Glad I could bring such a disturbing memory back to you
      Amazing the things I can do..haha

  20. I've not been to a fair since I was 11...I now feel the need to go and hunt one out just for a bit of nostalgia

    1. Yeah been a looooong time since I did as well
      May have to go this summer and ring such a bell

  21. fun fun rhyming fun, in the home or off you rome, in the air or down at the fair, the rhymes will fly as the coaster coasts or the ferris boasts, that it can stop where it does please, watching all the people below laughing up in glee. Yeah, long time since the fair I went, but it doesn't bother me none, as fun as it was back when, with my neck and back I could only watch and that would be a pain, so instead I took the cat's advice from way back when and started Supernatural Season 1, pretty good so far, just many more episodes to know go

    1. Yep off we go
      On the fair rhyming show
      I guess if all one can do is watch then that be no fun
      But then I suppose you could get some sun
      My back is out of whack
      I need a new bed at my shack
      Yep Supernatural is very good
      Wait until it gets going, like it even more you should

  22. I used to go to fairs every summer when I was a kid. I kind of miss it.

    1. Yeah I did too
      Miss them though, hmm I suppose I do

  23. Good old fairs, huh? Weird it is that I was remembering all the horror stories I've read about such fairs, especially back in 7th grade when all I read was 'Goosebumps' by R.L.Stine.

    But a cavewoman wearing a thong?! :O

    That definitely caught me off guard, hahaha. :D

    1. haha been a while since I thought about goosebumps indeed
      Here at my feed
      Yeah such a sight would be scary
      Especially since she's oh so hairy

  24. Replies
    1. 14 years you say
      Wow that is great that you know right to the day

  25. It sounds like an amusement park from the start
    but women with beards sounds like a freaky part
    I thought it was a circus just a bit afterwards
    Now I wish there were some of those dancing bards

    1. Yeah those dancing birds would be cool
      As would some weird looking fool


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