Island Of The Gawker Part Eight Bringing Us Up To Date!

The birds dropped us off and The Blue Guy started to cough. Pat, Petsy and Blabber all backed away. I guess his germs really caused them dismay. He fell to his knee and then looked directly at me. It seemed his eyes were like that of a slot they rolled with many symbols and he surely thought he was hot to trot. As he stared they landed on food. Something Pat thought was rather rude. Then out of thin air appeared some woman at Petsy's lair. She shook her fist and glanced down her long, what looked to be, recipe list.

With an oh dear here and an oh dear there, Glory Dear starting stuffing food in me and Miss Priss that was rare. You know like crab and such. We did not like that too much. But we could not move one bit. Then the others all started to have a fit. The Blue Guy stared at Blabber and he looked like he wanted to stab her. His eyes did their slot machine thing and a phone appeared in them, causing Blabber's ears to constantly ring.

"Can't you all hear that? Is it just me? Oh no! I must have some disease."

Blabber went running about with her "it's a rare disease" shout while Glory Dear stuffed Miss Priss and I with food and The Blue Guy started starring at the rest of the brood. Blabber's pet tarsier tried to help but even he was scared of your hypochondriac yelp. Irish Air was trying to speak but it seems we were all up the creek. For no one could talk or even walk until his eyes were through with their slot machine view. He looked toward Irish Air and you can tell she wanted to chop off that eejit's pair. In his gaze came a blaze and things got dire. For Irish Air sported a head of fire. She rain to Petsy's fountain to put it out but then began to shout. For the fountain had been turned to liquor and her head burned quicker.

Pat was squirming quite a bit and it seems him being a nitwit kind of paid off for he was able to cough. I guess having so many voices in one's head is hard to stop and he was desperately trying to make The Blue Guy's spell go plop. Petsy was not so lucky for things got really yucky. An animal showed up in The Blue Guy's eyes and Petsy donned a new disguise. She was turned into, well into something one should never view. The feet of a duck, only able to cluck, with the head of a moose and the tail of a goose. Also a camel hump and a rather large hippopotamus rump. I guess she now really was part of her zoo. Pat broke his lips free and tried to get clue as to why The Blue Guy was attacking our crew. Sadly I wish all the crackpot could do was moo.

"Thee shall state thy intentions you demon."

"Such grammar is out of use. Even I know that and I am not of your world."

"Thou art stranger than I."

"You fools still think this was chance. You fools still think you are on your world. You fools..."

"You know I really hate repeats."

"Don't interrupt, measly human."

"You and Drazin should get along well."

No sooner did Pat speak of the so called godly one when he finally joined in on the fun. I guess Petsy's hippo moved rather slow and he was so mad his eyes started to glow. Irish Air still rain around trying to put out her fire hair. She stopped, dropped and rolled, as Drazin joined the fold. The hippo was scared of her fire and acted like he popped a tire. Drazin flew through the air and gave his usual third person blare. He landed on Petsy's hippo rear and bounced off causing Blabber fear. He headed right for her until her tarsier stuck up his fur and push Blabber to the ground. Drazin landed on Glory Dear and the food in Miss Priss and I's yap was no longer found. Drazin got to his feet giving The Blue Guy his typical meet and greet.

"Drazin doesn't know what is going on but the Great God Drazin is going to make you blue for real."

"God? Please! You are nothing but an ant compared to I."

The Blue Guy's eyes did their thing but before they could finish their slot ring, Drazin rung his neck and shook him about. He really made The Blue Guy pout. For he lost his slot machine power as Drazin made him cower. Petsy turned back into herself, Blabber stopped running around like a diseased elf and Irish Air lost her fire. She quickly picked up a wire. Glory Dear smiled at Miss Priss and I as we were able to move once more and it was time we ended her cooking chore. Miss Priss ran around to her behind and I dug a hole as we were done being kind. Miss Priss gave a kick and that did the trick. Glory Dear was buried in the ground until she was no longer found.

The whole group surrounded The Blue Guy and Irish Air had her wire ready to hang him and make him cry. He sent out a jolt of electricity toward Pat but he moved and instead it hit me, knocking me flat. I got up feeling fine but once more the jolt made that magic dust take hold allowing me to rhyme so divine. I repeated what the jolt caused me to see in my mind and things truly seemed worse as The Blue Guy grinned at my little rhyming behind. For it seemed Gawker Island was more than we thought and I mean that by a whole friggin' lot.

Firstly we were all saved by that Drazin mook? I want to puke. But what could it be? I guess we are not truly up to date at my sea. But we will get there next time at my lair. For the rhyme that comes due is really something new to the crew. The cat never saw this coming and I just want to go back to Irish Air's drunk drumming. But alas that will not come to pass. So next time you will find out all the dire things that are in store for everyone, including my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. You like being number one
      Many a time it has been done

  2. I can't wait to read
    about the next deed
    it's too much to bear
    I hereby declare

    1. It will come
      From my rhyming bum
      As it is done
      Just waiting to be run

  3. A whole lot of running
    And a lot of pushings
    Characters galore
    We can ask for more?
    A disease so rare
    Afflicting Irish Air
    The big hippo rump
    Menacingly everyone
    Getting at the Blue Guy
    ready to make him cry?
    Just rest my case
    And wait for the next!


    1. Yep many came to show
      As the blue guy tried to glow
      Then ended up toast
      As Drazin and Irish Air wants to make him roast

  4. Replies
    1. haha RCB is the blue guy indeed
      You might not have him on your feed

    2. I'm afraid that would be me.

    3. Yeah we already got that
      Geez so slow at my mat

  5. glory dear RIP. loved this one maybe this time I recognize more characters?

    1. hahahaha maybe that is what she gets for stuffing food in my face
      The cats buried her in place
      Yeah it is better when you know
      Those from each show

  6. I always get excited whenever Drazin gets involved in things Pat. I reckon the guy's probably my favourite character in this whole thing.

    1. Oh he is the most fun to write for
      Because he says anything and can be mean at my shore
      Just letting people have it
      With his third person fit
      He even scared away a stalker before
      At the cat's shore..haha

  7. Awesome, can't wait to read the next part!

    1. The next part will come soon
      From the rhyming loon

  8. Oh my, talk about a mixed breed
    I was a bit of everything, I conceid.
    Felt a little like Flappy with that hippo rump
    I'm glad Drazin sent that body to the dump!

    And Glory Dear was feeding you food
    like you were part of her brood?
    She might get you for having her buried
    yes, her eyeballs could get rather hairy!

    1. LMAO well at least you didn't flap
      Like that poor Flappy sap
      But Drazin saved you
      Now you owe him one, sad but true

      That what happens where you appear out of thin air
      And try such an affair
      Giving the cat such food
      Is really just rather rude

    2. I'm not sure I owe him yet
      because something is suspicious, I bet.
      Have to wait until the next part
      to see if he really has a heart!

    3. Oh the next part
      He could have heart
      Or go to walmart
      Or just fart
      Who knows what will come
      But he'll still be quite dumb

  9. I cracked up at the hippo rump. Sorry, Petsy... LOL Oh dear, your dear was feeding you, dear!!! hahahahaha This was a great one!! Poor, poor Anne with her head on fire. A liquor fountain? I think that would be the ONLY time Irish Air wouldn't appreciate that. LOL

    1. haha...I'm so glad the hippo rump curse was broken! How could I lug that thing around my whole life?? LOL. And good thing you're really disease-free! What a relief!

    2. LOL the hippo rump was fun to add
      As that Blue Guy thought he was a clever lad
      With lots of dears coming due
      Oh dear my dear it can't be true
      Yeah any other time she'd suck it back
      And prob take a bath in it at Petsy's shack

      What a relief for you both
      Or things could have headed south
      Plus the cat would get fat
      From all the food as oh dear did that
      So good Drazin was there
      A moment that is oh so rare

    3. Well, I might be clever. 'But that's another story...' Now, which movie ended with those words?

    4. Hmmm no idea on that one
      Guess it's not part of my movie trivia fun

  10. dude when your hippo gets a flat, that a fat hot mess, just glad no one ended up in a dress...i did once and it was not fun, made it look big it did my bum....anyway, i am glad the slot eyes stopped spinning and some are back to normal, hair on fire def makes it hard to go formal...see you next time at your lair, glory's food is good fare.

    1. LOL I knew the whole dress thing was real
      Sounds like quite the bad ordeal
      And yeah fire hair is nasty as well
      Sure they'll all send the blue guy to hell

  11. A fountain of liquor?

    for a firehead that's sure a kicker

    1. Yeah makes the fire thicker
      And also makes her surely swear and bicker

  12. hahahaa... this one i had to have my husband read, pat. :D

    1. hahaha got two reads for one
      Oh that is so fun

  13. Slowly, but surely, I'm beginning to recognise the characters!

    1. There you go
      Just takes a bit for the to grow
      And for you to know
      Especailly with my rhyming flow

  14. It's taking me a while to recognize people, but I did. I can't believe I didn't know Blue Guy was RCB until the comments. I should have known that. Bad Beer.

    1. LOL one too many swims in the beer pool
      With that workingdan fool..LOL

    2. I thought of WD and ABFTS when you got electrified LOL

    3. LOL that was completely random and strange
      That it happened on each range

    4. @Brandon & Bryan - I used to be RCB until Pat and Dezzy the Dazzling Dezzmeister started calling me the Blue Man. But I don't drink bad beer, so I knew who they were talking about, alright.

    5. Pffft you are blue and you are a guy
      So it is easy enough and besides we wouldn't want to confuse the so called spy

  15. mmm ! I think my food is really amazing LOL and not fpr cats they have his own food.
    If someones have any doubt stopping by at Http:// thanks!

    anyway why you always are normal and all of us are crazy???
    ahh I know You write the text 0f course:)

    1. hahaha the cat is crazy every other time
      So when in a story in rhyme
      It is all of you who can be crazy
      Oh dear now you have to push up a daisy

    2. Better sand then kitty litter
      That might make you bitter

  16. So you think it's okay to pick on poor Jax just because the Alliance is away?
    Don't you know she's my girl and her illness is real, if only for a day?
    Watch yourself hairy little cat...
    I have three doggies at my mat!


    PS - am I doing a good job defending? I'm so lost without Dez and Anne! LMAO

    1. LOL this was written before the alliance went away
      Plus all besides Pat in it didn't have a very nice day
      Of course he just talks to himself
      Or some magic elf
      So he is crazy too
      Yeah it's as real as a pringle can full of poo
      That I will send you
      And one for each of your doggies too..LOL

      I guess your aren't bad
      You might get a shiny coin when they come back and see a defense was had..hahaha

    2. Hey homey!!!!! Pat don't know how NY throws down... ;) LOL!!!

      You're doing a great job defending!! 5 stars and a standing ovation!! bravo bravo!!! :)

    3. I'm lost without us too Pat. But we're doing fine, we're actually divine while standing in line for a cake which we have to take to the show where you cannot go. (It's late and I'm tired okay, cut me some feckin' slack here).

      The Alliance has been watching you secretly from a satellite in deep space!

    4. LOL they ram you with their car
      That is how NY throws down from afar..haha
      A standing ovation too
      Is there a difference between standing and sitting with you?

      haha I'll cut some slack
      As you didn't attack
      For it was too late
      To have such a fate
      Pfft too bad it doesn't work
      Not much of a perk

    5. oh, how I love when my alliance angels attack the ebil cat!

    6. Pfft and the cat is still here
      So nothing to fear

  17. Haha Drazin saved the day with his neck-wringing display. Probably some indigestion with that stuffing feast. That electric volt could not have been kind, but at least it showed what was what, and brought back the rhyme to the cat's rhyming behind.

    1. Yeah and that will come next time
      With the Gawker chime
      But after that a certain Dictionary Collector gets his due
      When the finale is shown at my zoo
      Or maybe he will win
      Of course that would be a sin

    2. I collect dictionaries and I live nearby the zoo.

    3. LOL well that is not you
      Although I guess now there are two

  18. Hades himself makes a well-timed appearance?

    I'm half-done with the first book, and I love it! I will purchase them all!

    1. Awesome glad you like the first one
      And they get even better when each one is done
      Good guess
      But it isn't Hades I will confess

  19. a roll of the eyes and i'll give a trot
    all a hypochondriac needs is a big shot
    let pat squirm and speak of the godly one
    for it is i who is having the fun
    giving a kick is ms. priss's shtick
    please rhyme divine more than once
    we can all agree the cat ain't no dunce.

    1. haha yeah or a sugar pill
      To make them chill
      Pat squirmed with the voices in his head
      And Drazin saved us oh the dread
      Glad I'm not a dunce and just as crazy as can be
      Here at bush number three

  20. are doing some elector shock rhyming..ha...always suspected something like this...and glad you have drazin in the post..kinda missed him a bit lately..smiles

    1. Drazin will be around here and there
      As he shows up many a time at my lair
      And shocking indeed
      When the blue guy shows one should take heed

  21. I'm pretty sure you all are talking about my evil twin. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to try out those slot machine power eyes of his.

    1. Evil twin
      Hmmm he is full of sin
      Maybe it's your jekyl and hyde
      That decided to collide

  22. nice narration
    sugar pill

  23. Shiver me bejebers ...eejits all around in this place I've found. Thank goodness for good guys... andddd Miss Priss ;)

    1. Eeejits surely abound
      And can be found
      Miss Priss and the cat
      Along with Drazin and Pat
      Will stomp them flat
      Plus the others at my mat

  24. Yeah, the voices in my head get to me, too!

    1. Yeah those things won't shut up
      Drown them in a coffee cup

  25. Hey there Pat Hatt - and hello to the cat.
    Last night I bought your book - downloaded on my nook.
    (ok so it's really on my kindle but that didn't rhyme)
    I can't wait to check it out - this weekend no doubt :)

    1. Thanks a bunch for that
      From Pat and the cat
      Hope you enjoy it
      As you read it bit by bit

  26. I don't want anyone cutting off my pair which is always the first image that comes to mind when someone plays poker and says 'Two pair', i would hate to see what they would raise with.
    I keep seeing elements of Lewis Carrol nonsense in your stories and poems. I like the Lost reference you sum up as 'Gawker Island' though, that made me laugh.

    1. haha well it is fun having such nonsense and being compared to him
      And being a Lost wannabe it seems to be as things get grim
      But that might change
      As more nonsense comes to my range

  27. Drazin sounds like a quite a cruel man lol

    1. LOL that he is
      Although he thinks he is a god with all his third person talking biz

  28. Such fun to rhyme today at my nook
    I know will please the rhyming crew when they look
    Such fun to read your rhyme today
    as I recognize the names and their fav things
    Such fun to visit you and rhyme away ~

    1. Fun all around
      Today was found
      As the rhyme was one display
      At each bay

  29. Replies
    1. The twist is not done yet
      For more will come you can bet

  30. Catching up here! Haven't visited your bay in a few days. Making up for lost time. You always lure me back!!

    1. Life can get busy
      Throw on in a tizzy
      But you'll come back
      For it's addicting my shack

  31. This was a fun one Pat. Poor Petsy, you treat her so badly and she's so nice to you and you give her humps and rumps. Your ebil, plain ebil (I'm channeling Dez for you).

    I'll see you sometime tomorrow. Carry on and have a good one!

    1. haha Petsy can take it with ease
      Even fleas on her knees
      A little ebil from you
      Doesn't have the same ring it's true
      I was in bed
      Resting my head
      So carry on I did at my sea
      Sleeping with glee

    2. he is ebil, Annzie, no wonder Petsy the Undergoddess doesn't share her revenue with him!

    3. Bah Petsy will live just fine
      For having a hippo rump is divine..haha

    4. it is if you're a crocoNile who wants to eat the rump for lunch

  32. Replies
    1. He won't get an hooray soon
      When choked by the Drazin loon


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