Island Of The Gawker Part Nine Has Us Nearing The End Of The Line!

Irish Air was about to string The Blue Guy up with glee when everyones attention turned toward me.

"Let me string up this bloody eejit before you start licking your arse and rhyming."

"Drazin hates to agree with a drunk or an Irish person for that matter but today Drazin makes an exception."

"The guy reminded me of repeats, let him hang Braveheart style."

"Even on an island in the middle of nowhere I hear about that awful movie. Someone has to hang for that."

"He gave me a hippo rear, let him hang."

Miss Priss was the only one who did not join in on the hanging fun. For I guess she wanted to see what I said and the rest shook their head. I think Irish Air even had a bit of drool, she really really wanted to hang that blue fool. But she waited as I did my little song and dance and around them all I seemed to prance.

Blabber thinks it was fleas on her knees that brought her across the seas.
Drazin thinks it was french fries but then he is so unwise.
Petsy a search for a fountain brought her around the mountain.
Irish Air thinks it was a nosey neighbor sending her away to drink and drum play.
Miss Priss, Pat and I think it was that Merlin guy.

But what none of us know is that was all for show.
We have all been brought her by a smoke monster that thinks it's a man. Sorry! That is untrue but of that island I am a fan.
The secret to this whole thing is that we are in a whole other wing.
By that I mean a whole other place is where we show our face.
A whole other world is where we are for we were sucked away from afar.

"Right! We were sucked away to another world. Let's forget the bloody arse licking cat and hang this blue eejit."

"And Drazin thought the Irish were crazy. Fleabag, you surely take the cake."

"I suppose this could be a whole secret wars thing as we jumped through some magic Stargate type thing."

"Alien germs, I really need my shampoo."

"If only I had dug for that treasure in my backyard."

Skeptical you may be and I don't blame thee.
But what I can see is everyone flying through space at a great pace.
And poof here we land to make a stand.
All because of some guy that wants to make The Gawker fry.
He thinks we can all do it and so collected us bit by bit.
This Blue Guy is his nemesis as well. He would be the equivalent of Lucifer and Hell.
Each want the magic The Gawker hides behind which makes the eyeball pop from his mind.
That is why Pat's finger worked as a gun and Blabber's hair spun.
For the magic can be tapped by all when near Gawker Peak's hall.
Making their wishes come to life and causing others strife.
The Gawker wants to take over Earth after he collects enough specimens of worth.
For it seems this other guy has been bringing many here and they all have fallen to The Gawker's peer.
Except for this bunch and Besercules who is out to lunch.

"What about the cavemen guys? They were loony. Drazin has you there fleabag."

"Let him finish godly mook."

"I'm becoming uncomfortable with you all wanting to hang me."

"Suck it up buttercup."

"Yeah, who's talking to you anyway, you bad Avatar rip off."

There in lies the rub for this poor slub was keeping the cavemen guys lame and oh so tame.
If they worship him he gets more power to make them grim.
But now that we took care of his crew and broke the barrier hiding their view,
He no longer has much power and so he's now as weak as a flower.
I bet he is no longer even a threat, using what power he had left no longer having any heft.
And now my rhyme has rang so you can let him hang.

"And why couldn't this Irish nut let him hang before? Drazin doesn't get fleabags."

"Well you know it's no fun having a big reveal if you can't rub it in on the bad guy a bit."

"Wait! So who is the guy who brought us here? I'm getting nervous now. Is he the Zodiac Killer?"

"What happens when one watches too many movies."

"Fine, one to talk"

"Shut up! You eejits are getting on my bloody nerves. It's time to hang the wanker."

The Blue Guy just laughed as Irish Air wrapped the wire around his neck and threw it around a branch. All the animals gathered at Petsy's ranch and The Blue Guy looked like he was done. But he kept smiling like it was fun. Then came the howls and I think a few with ocd in our crew may have lost control of their umm bowels. For a whole slew of the glowy eyed freaks came in from above. They were not detered any longer by the combined animal spirit love.

The tarsier leaped from Blabber's shoulder and sent one crashing into a boulder. Petsy's birds took flight as the sky became as black as night. They fought back some, knocking them on their bum. But many broke through and The Blue Guy just laughed at the the crew.

"He will never win and all of you will die very soon. The Gawker will take over your puny planet and I will be the one pulling the strings. Just like I sucked away the power of the animals while you idiots were yapping. You will never hit the jackpot."

"Bloody cat! I told you we should have hung the eejit."

"Damn fleabag! We could have hung the crackpot."

"Maybe the godly one has realized how stupid he sounds, finally."

"Drazin will still crush you fleabag."

"Maybe not."

"Thy should focus more on the task and less on each other, demon."

The Blue Guy disappeared into thin air and Petsy let out a roar to all the animals at her lair. The fight had begun and those glowy eyed freaks were coming after everyone. Blabber was hiding quite well as things went to Hell. I guess she did not want to go there for that place could really dry out her hair. Irish Air had her drumstick knives at the ready and was fighting back the glowy eyed freaks steady while Pat pretended he had a sword and we fought off a horde. But more just kept coming after us and as they swarmed it was not just Irish Air who started to cuss. The sky was filled to the brim and things were truly looking grim.

So now we know we are on another planet somewhere in space. How will we ever get back to our place? That cocky Blue Guy has to pay and we will cause him and The Gawker dismay. For the conclusion will come in number ten whether or not we survive the glowy eyed freaks attacking at Petsy's den. Let's hope we don't end up in the grass that would not please my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Lot of violence I tell yeah. You beat brave heart climax. Blabber has her shampoo bottle weapons, I wonder why she held off and didn't protect the blue guy. And no Pringles can weapon? Poor blue.

    1. The blue guy needs to die
      As he wants to make everyone fry
      So we shall see if he gets his due
      And pringle cans aren't on another planet to view..haha

    2. Still writing about my evil twin, right? Must be for a true Blue Man never laughs. Unless he wins the lottery or Pat teaches him a few online gambling tricks....

    3. haha oh there are plenty of online gambling tricks that Pat knows
      The main being the more you win the more your anxiety grows
      So don't play for very long
      Or things go all wrong

    4. Braveheart has a climax? I wait for him to get hung so that HORRIBLE movie could end!!!!!

    5. LOL but then after he is hung
      The other guy takes the lead and they all yell out popping a lung

  2. I always wanted to get a bag or pouch that says "fleabag" on it. Or just name my cat Fleabag, or Mr. Fleabag, nah nevermind just fleabag. Looking forward to the conclusion of this saga.

    1. LOL naming your cat or dog fleabag would be fun
      Although with such a name other cats or dogs my shun

  3. LOL This is getting sooo juicy!!!!!! hahahahaha

    Please tell me I'm hiding behind Irish Air. She seems to be the only one that knows how to get stuff done! And kudos to my tarsier for being the first one to know someone out. ;)

    and LOL @ your braveheart reference!!!

    1. No more hiding, Blabber! Come out and fight like a girl! haha. At least squirt shampoo in someone's eye! lol....

    2. LOL I guess the cat think's I'm a pansy!!! He's forgetting what happens when you mix together Sicilian rage and some NY. hahahahaha No worries, I'm sure I'll come out a throw a few punches ;)

      P.S. I would never waste shampoo like that!!!! hahahaha

    3. LOL the Braveheart reference had to be thrown in
      I know how much you love it at your bin
      Tarsier knew what was to come
      And stopped their howling hum
      Hiding behind Irish Air
      Hmmm we shall see next time at my lair

      LOL first she needs to find some shampoo
      As she has none to squirt into someones view

      The cat just has fun
      Making you run
      But you did save us before
      And sure you will once more
      As that rage
      Could really set the stage
      Hulking out would be fun
      But who knows what will happen before it is done
      Yeah didn't think you would waste shampoo
      After all wasting 28 bottles of it is a hard thing to do..haha

    4. maybe you'll save us all
      and are waiting for your curtain call! :)

    5. oh Betsy I told you there are so many animals in the Island (lol) but I can help you feeding the animals (the only thing I can do) but not, I remember Im buried:(

    6. Aww, maybe someone will dig you up!! Do you have shampoo? If you did and are willing to share, I'll ditch my hiding spot and come save you!! hahaha

    7. Maybe I will
      But leave Drazin in the land fill

      LOL buried in a great big hole
      You paid the gawker island tole..haha

      Nope she has no shampoo
      All she has is lots of food to give you
      Good luck unburying her either way
      Those glowy eyed freaks might get you before you can attempt such a rescue display

    8. Jax, Gloria will need some shampoo, too, when she gets unburied!

    9. least find some worms down there for the birds while you are buried! :)

    10. Geez she's not getting over the buried thing
      At least she can be the dirt king
      Err umm queen
      That be quite the scene

    11. Dirty king (queen)??
      Cat or Pat Im so clean
      and im smell like the best thing

    12. hey, gloria! You made a rhyme! :)

    13. I know Betsy sometimes I can but just in this moment Pat not see:(

    14. I see it now
      And oh dear I can wow
      That you can rhyme
      Better than any mime

    15. I knoe dear
      you are teasing me
      but not matter is
      normal in people that
      really love me!

    16. I am not normal though
      So I guess the love just doesn't flow..haha

  4. I'm with Irish Air if she needs it!

    1. Pfft you can lurk
      But I will just smirk
      As the penguin man once more comes into play
      And we shall see if he has a very nice day

    2. Im with Petsy:) I always will help her LOL

    3. which means you're on our side, Gloria, since Petsy is our Undercover Undergoddess!

    4. Pfft Gloria is in a hole
      I guess she could be your version of a mole

    5. Yers Im in a hole thats is exactly where Im today!
      how you now?

    6. I'm sitting at work
      With a headache that isn't a perk
      Would rather be in a hole
      Sounds like a better goal

    7. well Im in a hole with terrible headache!
      Hope you feeling better! (From my hole to you)

    8. More are flocking to the Alliance cat! You are DOOOOOOMED.

    9. but dear is not important Im in a hole LOL
      maybe I doomed

    10. Gloria will drill holes for us in Chile through which we shall infiltrate cat's secret headquarters.

    11. Gloria, maybe in the next chapter you will get dug out of the ground. Then you can get pat for putting you there in the first place! hahaha.

    12. Geez all from a hole
      The allaince can have thousands take a stroll
      They will not stop the cat
      For I have plenty of pringle can weapons ready at my mat

    13. It must be those Fierce Bunny Rabbit Eyes, Pat. They put a spell on everyone.

    14. That you must
      Or filled with lust

  5. Nice rhymes and entertaining post as usual, Patt!

    1. You only got eight
      Almost tied your record at my gate

    2. I saw the nice comment you left at Bersercules about me R. Thank you!!!

    3. Oh R left a nice comment for you
      Hmmm maybe he just doesn't like the air at your zoo

    4. What?? This I HAVE to go see!!! =)

    5. LOL a snoop aren't you
      But I have to see also if it is true

  6. Stuck in space?

    Hopefully Han Solo left his millenium falcon there, now that would be ace.

    1. Yeah that would get us out of there
      With such flair

  7. I sincerely do hope no one ends up in the grass...

    1. Yeah me too
      As they could get buried in poo

  8. Blue is a bad Avatar rip off LOL :)
    And I've noticed the fountain reference, you ebil cat, even though I never, and I repeat never, molest myself with reading your 100 pages long rants....

    1. It's the fountain of youth
      you goof.

      How are you feeling Dez
      all better with some rest?

    2. Yeah blue is a bad Avatar rip off
      That should make him scoff..haha
      The fountain of youth
      Is what Petsy was looking for at her booth
      Not that awful movie one
      That one is just no fun
      I would hope no molesting would come due
      But if so keep it from view..haha

      See Petsy knew
      About the fountain that came due

    3. 'tis because Petsy doesn't know about your ebil plans and schemes to plot against the best film out there THE FOUNTAIN.

      Better, Petsy, with some elephant tranquillizers to make me sleep at night :)

    4. Best film pfffft never ever
      Needs to be thrown in the loo and hit the lever
      Watching it flush away
      And never again shown on display
      Elephant tranquillizers damn that must suck
      Soon you'll make elephant sounds and maybe even cluck

    5. I know not of this movie of which you speak. So why should it hit the loo?

    6. because the cat is ebil. We're speaking about THE FOUNTAIN with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman, one of my fave films ever, which ebil cat deems the worst film ever.

    7. elephant tranquilizers? Well, that explains why you've been so obsessed with their trunks, Dez. lol. You must be having some incredible hallucinations. hahaha.

    8. Do not trust Dez on this one
      For if you see that movie run
      It is very very bad
      Way more than a tad
      He must have been hopped up on elephant tranqs then too
      To like that as it should be flushed down the loo

      I'm sure Freud would like to hear that
      Then he can bother the dreams of Dez at his mat

    9. Did Dezz call moi a bad Avatar rip off? Say it ain't so. Say it ain't so.

    10. RCB,
      You have problem with being called as rip off or the "bad" adjective?

    11. LOL no that was in the story
      Dez just laughed in all his glory

    12. @meandmythinkingcap - I wouldn't know where to begin... I'm gonna sue James Cameron.

    13. Well if you win
      Sure will get lots of money at your bin

    14. yes, I was shocked by it, I didn't invent it, Blue, blame the ebil cat whose side you're on even though he calls you an Avatar rip-off!

    15. That is just the story
      Blue guy knows that in all his evil twin glory

  9. Another planet you say?
    at least it's not another time fraction at play!
    Or we'd have to call Mason to help!
    He'd come if we all let out a little yelp!

    Did you have me talking like Rick Tracker
    or was that Anne mimicking that actor?

    1. Yeah Mason has his hands full at the current time
      With Drazin and such to bother with my rhyme
      So another planet it is
      With no time fraction biz
      That was just Anne being Anne
      Rick Tracker is a whole other kettle of fish and not part of this clan

  10. eww...can we get some clean linens in the next one, to walk around in soiled drawers is cause for sores and if you get back you dont want to attack the senses of others with your anal unretentiveness...lots of battles among the prattle, kind glad there was no hanging unless its you keeping us hanging in one more time for number ten to see if anyone gets home again...

    1. Never fear
      I think they now have a clean rear
      Using the magic
      To prevent that which is tragic
      And next time he may hang or not
      I guess it all depends on how well we fought

  11. I too liked the island in Lost... but not the show...

    1. Didn't like the show
      Pffft that is just low

    2. Beserc...You didn't like the show?!? That's unacceptable. Did you not see Jack's abs and manly scruff running half nude on the beach? Smh,

    3. Hmmm I think you were channeling yourself there
      For Beserc would prob not be that aware
      Of such stuff
      As scruff

  12. Irish Air really is hilarious in this, she reminds me of somebody from Blogger too. Awesome rhymes this time, oh wait all the time your rhymes are fine, this was great, part nine.

    1. Part ten will be even better as we come to a close
      And Irish Air gets sucked up in a vaccum hose
      Or maybe not
      But the blue guy might just rot

  13. Wow. Busy guys.

    "Let's forget the bloody arse licking cat and hang this blue eejit." That could almost be the chorus.

    1. Busy as can be at our sea
      And that chorus would cause many glee

    2. haha your twin had fun
      Under the Gawker sun

    3. Pffft go to your bollywood star
      She'll get you back on par

  14. Can't wait to see how it's all going to end. Trapped in space? Now that's a precarious situation!

    1. Yep trapped in a land far far away
      Not sure we'll make it back to our bay

  15. So we're on another planet. I like that idea cat. Another dimension to add some suspension to your rhyming crimes.

    I'm awfully bloodthirsty here cat. Perhaps you are frightened and now realize that I am capable of stringing up infidels. Be afraid cat, be very afraid.

    1. LOL well after you had your hair set on fire
      By that blue guy I'm sure things would turn dire
      And you'd want to hang him with ease
      And yep another dimension to it with no need for fleas

    2. You mean my evil twin. He means my evil twin.

    3. LOL be funny if he was
      But yes I mean his evil twin with my buzz

    4. I'm a blue gemini. That might have something to do with it.

    5. I suppose that is a good excuse for you
      To have two different sides to your view

  16. I think this is the best of the Gawker Dialog. Lots of funny bits in this highly dialog driven installment. The tarsier and the birds, don't know why that made me laugh, but it did as we journey through the gawker path.

    1. Yeah this one they all yapped more
      As the blue guy really brought that out at Petsy's shore
      The tarsier is having a grand old time
      Must think he is like that other one and fighting crime

  17. Noooo! Don't hang the Irish guy! I don't care how much you hated Braveheart, the Irish have had enough trouble! Can't the Irish guy be the hero, for once?

    1. Irish Air is doing the hanging not getting hanged
      As the blue guy's head gets banged
      So no fear
      The Irish are in the clear

    2. @Susan
      You dont need Irish guy, there is one Irish Air - wonder woman to bring Ireland all the pride it deserves.

    3. LOL you will get over it soon
      For at Gawker Peak it will be high noon

  18. "You bad Avatar rip off"--LOL.

    Can't wait for the next part!

    1. I'm still not Laughing Out Loud.

    2. But we are.

    3. LMAO everyone liked the ba Avatar rip off line
      I guess your blue guy is just so divine..haha

    4. Well, in that case I'm laughing, too. A bit. Never too much. That wouldn't become a Blue guy.

    5. haha yeah you might turn pink
      That would really drive you to drink

  19. My goodness cat - no one was spared! Poor Blabber's hair may have been permanently damaged if it weren't for the fact that she uses expensive shampoo on a regular basis; Blue Guy getting hung? Oh, and the alliance keeps growing stronger....guess that means you're in trouble too! ha ha ha

    1. Pfft the alliance is done tomorrow
      For the cat fills them with sorrow
      And Blabber's hair
      Has so much care
      That a lawn mower couldn't get through it
      Not one bit

    2. LOL - I began to read todays - then quickly headed over here to see what you had to say last night...dang, I had a hint last night, if only I stayed up late last night LMAO

    3. hahaha you snooze you lose
      But to an alliance member that isn't news

  20. I would rather stay on in my hole
    And I have no shampoo to give
    Far from the fun like a 10ft pole
    I'm happy to have saved me the grief


    1. Gawker Island could suck you in
      Then you would have to win
      Or get stuck in a hole
      That isn't much of a goal

  21. Drazin seems to be quite a mad beast

    1. Drazin thinks he is at least
      And will prob demand a feast

  22. I ain't gonna lie
    The blue guy must die
    But then he's dead
    So I'm going to bed

    1. Glad to know I've got so many friends, LP. Say something, Pat. That jet is waiting, remember?

    2. See they all agree
      At my sea
      Your twin must go
      As one reaps what they sow..haha

  23. Is it possible to be a bad avatar rip off?.Lost stunk it had more holes in it than french cheese or is it swiss?. Can;t help but think of tobias from arrested development as a blue man when i read about yours. Of course Tobias cracked the joke about blowing men.
    Good to see Tarsier man is in the thick of it, a tv series is soon to follow.

    1. haha maybe an even worse Avatar rip off
      As that movie made many scoff
      Yeah Lost had holes
      And for the ending they should be strung up on flag poles
      I'm sure Tarsier Man would like a show
      Along with that two headed crow

  24. Pat I saw you write in my blog %&&///(&&%% you are soooo bad:(


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