Island Of The Gawker Part Ten Will Have Us Home To Our Den?

The cat was mule kicking those pesky glowy eyed freaks every which way and Miss Priss was clawing them as we barely kept them at bay. The light from the sun was dim and Pat had many over him. Blabber came from behind her rock chucking a stone at one, giving it a shock. It spotted her and went for the kill but her tarsier made it chill. Pat saw her save and began to rant and rave. I guess he had some samurai in his head as he picked up a stick and began making them drop dead.

Petsy used her animal horde to keep them off her tail as the glowy eyed freaks continued to wail. She lead Irish Air to a secret stash of enough liquor to have quite the bash. Irish Air perked right up and filled her cup. She began to spit fire at the glowy eyed freaks that came near, causing them fear.

"Watch where you spit that stuff. Drazin will get you next. Damn Irish people."

Drazin almost got singed a bit. But I think Irish Air meant to do it. He did his normal loud mouth thing and sent each glowy eyed  freak for a fling. But no matter how many we stopped in their tracks more seemed to come and continue their glowy eyed freak attacks. The is until He showed up from above. He floated down like a dove. As He came each glowy eyed freak were not long taking off for Gawker Peak.

"Is Drazin seeing what Drazin thinks Drazin is seeing?"

"Bloody hell! Petsy you got some bloody fine liquor. I must be knocked out on my arse dreaming this bloody stuff up."

"Attack of the ABC's? Do you think that cereal company can sue?"

"This isn't going to end well. Let's go back to fighting the Godly mook."

"Do you think it has any shampoo? Wait! Look at that curve, it must have some horrible disease. Everyone get back!"

"I must have mixed the liquor up with ant spray."

We all stared on outside Petsy's shack except for Blabber who was having another hypochondriac attack. I wanted to run as well for this guy, girl, it was boring as hell. But down it came from the sky landing in front of us sounding it's battle cry.

"Nice work!"
"Great Job!"
"Nice Job!"
"Great Work!"

Now if that does not get one ready to fight, I have no idea what one needs for a fire to insight. The "He" that everyone was talking about from The Blue Guy with is shout to all who now stood around, was far far less profound. He, she, it, was nothing but an R. That is right. Not a dog, cat, human or even car. But it was a giant letter R standing before us. The one who caused all of this fuss. The one who deprieved Blabber of her shampoo, Petsy of her five men crew and Irish Air of her gardens filled with manure. Not to mention who was disguised as Merlin and took us from our shore, was nothing but a giant R. I think we all inhaled some bad liquor from Petsy's secret bar.

"Drazin has better things to do then to listen to some broken record. That starts with R maybe Drazin found what this thing is. A record that spins and spins. Drazin is going to stop that little blue douchebag now."

"Nice advice!"
"Great tactic!"
"Nice tactic!"
"Great advice!"

"Is this thing for real?"

"Let's forget it and go get that bloody blue eejit."

"Not to the mention the eyeball."

"Yes, hang onto your horn. We may need it to ward off the scary eyeball."

"It is a real thing, you should be scared."

"Shut up already! You two are worse than the godly mook and his third person speak."

Blabber and Pat continued to well blabber about some Maloika jibber jabber while Petsy kept checking her tongue, Irish Air thought her bell was really rung and Drazin made his way for the peak. Until R made another squeek.

"Come with me!"
"Go with me!"
"Follow me!"
"Join me!"

"Did it actually use three words?"

Seemed to be the only thing all could say as we were still baffled by such a display. But then we all got covered in a cloud of mist, even Drazin who was upside down and shaking his fist. Away we flew with the strange letter R whose words did not seem to stretch too far. The closer we made it to Gawker Peak the more all of us knew one way or another we would end The Gawker and that little blue geek. We landed right on the edge once more and The Gawker, The Blue Guy, his lieutenants and all the other glowy eye freaks looked ready for war.

"Pat, I think you are going to need more than your finger this time."

"Thou shall not win, evil demons always fall to the likes of a yippe kay yay."

"We're buggered with that eejit."

"Drazin has had enough of this backwater planet to last Drazin a million lifetimes."

"I want my shampoo!"

"I want back to my zoo!"

I guess Petsy hung around me too long as she was rhyming as she came on strong. Blabber seemed to be rid of her ocd as did Pat and Petsy. Miss Priss and I were ready to take the fight to The Gawker because we really hate a creepy stalker. Drazin just eyed down the blue guy as that R thing stood floating in the sky. That was when Miss Priss sounded the cry and it was now do or die.

The Gawker's eye popped from his head and we wanted to make that dead. The glowy eyed freaks had other ideas though as Grammar Nazi lead the show. Dictionary Collecter and Penguin Man each took the left and right as once more day seemed to become night. Irish Air used the liquor she took and started frying all of those at The Gawker's nook. Drazin marched right up the middle as The Blue Guy continued to smile and then his slot machine eyes began to dial. Drazin was then caused dismay as he started marching the other way.

"Drazin doesn't want to go that way. What the hell did you do to Drazin?"

"Backwards is forwards and forwards is back. Now let's see you attack. I did not mean to rhyme like that. Stupid cat!"

It seems The Blue Guy made Drazin do the exact opposite of what he was trying to do and he finally got a clue. He struggled with it though moving forward once more ever so slow. Miss Priss and I ran for The Gawker flipping over and under any glowy eyed freak as the others made them feel like they needed a walker. He grinned at us with his big eye and then he started to cry. Blabber being so small snuck around the other side of his hall. It seems her magic horn necklace thing actually worked, to which Pat just smirked. I jumped for the eye but I missed on the first try. For that chicken sucked it back in his head and then The Blue Guy declared it was time we were dead.

Petsy still seemed to have something up her sleeve as she watched everyone else giving the glowy eyed freaks a heave. Then that stupid Blue Guy raised his hand to the sky and sent us flying at Petsy's feet declaring we all admit defeat.That stupid R just floated there being no help at all, just watching each of us fall.

We all got up and as The Blue Guy smirked once more I remembered what he showed me when he opened my brain to explore. For I could see behind him a pot that was sparkling quite a lot. I knew that must have been the magic he spoke of that gave us that extra shove. So all had to be like Pat and Blabber which I hate to admit. Find their nutcase vibe and use it.

Hmm wasn't this supposed to be the end? Did I send you around the bend? Well it is written as the end of the series I will admit but it was so long many would have a fit. So for part ten you will get it in part one and part two at me den. Can you break a part into a part? Pfft who cares, as I am going to do it at my cart. It won't take long to come to pass and you will see how it ends for all including my little rhyming ass.

Exprience spring, have a fling.


  1. LOL poor R. Looking forward to part 10..part 2. Part 10B maybe?

    1. 10B could work as well
      As we see if things go to hell or end up swell

  2. Phone still hasn't rung cat and I can't sleep so I'm really glad that I stopped in for another day of you insulting me. Now dammit, I'm nice just ask anyone. I write verse for people, draw pictures for them, dedicate posts to them and now I'm painting figures for them and you insult me. And I'm helping you out now by commenting when no one else seems to want to.

    I'm so glad you put R in here. He's become my favorite person at your bay and he deserves to be bashed just like the rest of your loving friends.

    I don't know how Petsy has put up with you for as long as she has cat. She's a really nice woman.

    1. Yes, I'm nice
      too, too nice.

    2. Glad I could give you something else to think about
      At least for a while with my shout
      As Drazin made fun of you
      Wasn't the cat or any other of the crew
      Petsy put up with me for over a year now
      Maybe for that she should take a bow..haha
      Yes making fun of R had to be done
      As it was so much fun
      And I suppose you are nice
      Even with my spice..haha

      R wannabe
      Today at my sea

      Same word rhyme
      Such a crime

    3. I'm just killing time in between cleaning and pacing the floors. Your bay is a bit of normal in my day. Now that's not a sentence I thought I'd ever type,

    4. hahahaha nor something I thought I'd ever hear
      That just deserves an oh dear

    5. With some lice
      And dead mice

  3. I better correct that. Next to Dez, R is my favorite person at your bay. Well but Elise comes before R and so does Jax, and Matthew and Betsy and a few other people. But I'm fond of R.

    1. LOL geez R just keeps going down and down
      No wonder he refuses to visit your crazy town..haha

      Mini R has struck
      Just my luck

    2. Phew, so glad I topped the list Anne =P lol

      *thinking of you*

    3. Pfft you weren't on top though
      As this is the cat's show
      So he is the best
      Beating all the rest

  4. ten and 2 is how you are supposed to hold the wheel as you drive...or stretch a story to keep it alive...ha...dne eht ni ereht sdrawkcab gniht gnikam tsiwt gnitesretni dna...

    1. Yep I can stretch it with ease
      Whenever I please
      Don't drive like that either at my sea
      And yes backwards is fun
      Almost confused me with that one

  5. Replies
    1. You've been in England too long luv.

    2. LOL that is Drazin
      He has the mind of a raisin

      Nice to Lurk now?
      After he made you have a cow?..hahaha

    3. On the surface it would appear so.

    4. Oh planning a vile act
      By using a different tact

  6. Giant R? I would love to read his comment today. And then Pat will unrael his giant hulk side. He gets honorable mention or dishonorable mention? Looks like the chemistry is blooming between you and R. Advance wishes

    1. I'm waiting for R to show up and comment. That's going to be so much better than this cats silly little rhyme.

    2. Giant R floated around
      And was just there above the ground
      Not helping at all
      While we stormed Gawker Peak's hall

      Pfft R can never beat my rhyme
      As he says the same thing each and every time

    3. @Anne
      I expected some reaction from R. But looks like we may need to go with boobies, to get R's attention.

      You gotto share the secret.

    4. I can't share
      Such a thing does not come due at my lair

  7. Great part as usual, Patt!
    Nice rhymes and thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Uh oh.
      Did R get it?
      Did it see itself in the story?
      I cannot tell!

    2. LOL Betsy...I think R is a secret genius...He may have got it. I mean, he stuttered at the end of Pat-t. LOL

    3. Wow R has a new word record at my sea
      He said 14 words to me

      Yeah R is hard to figure out
      He doesn't shout or pout

      LOL a stutter might mean he or she did
      And with 14 words R must have truly flipped his her lid

    4. @Jax
      Loved your comment. The passion of R with Pat makes him stutter lot with tttt..

    5. LOL at least it is only a stutter
      While your mind goes to the gutter

    6. R is better still
      R can thrill

    7. Damn... I hate you Pattt.(I stutter 3 Ts) still no?

    8. Nope R is still the best
      Beating all the rest

  8. "Come with me!"
    "Go with me!"
    "Follow me!"
    "Join me!"

    I would rather adopt this and have a great evening of quiet.


    1. A great evening of quiet is nice
      Could go for that more than twice

  9. Replies
    1. Giving R a bravo
      Maybe he will come to your show

    2. I post Boobies, if he won't come for those, there's nothing else I can do.

    3. While if he is a she
      Maybe it doesn't cause her glee

  10. I think I just peed in my cubicle! R? R?!?!?! R is the cause of all of this? How did we not all see this coming?!

    I knew it was the maloika that doomed me to a life w/o shampoo! Thank goodness I had my Italian horn to ward off it's evil magic ;)

    hahahahaha Even on Gawker Island R don't say more than 2 words. Then he makes a comment, and there's 2 sentences!!! What are the odds??

    1. I think R is the cats alter ego. Have we ever seen the two of them together at the same time?

    2. LOL I hope no one saw you at least do that
      And you covered it up with the
      R was hard to see coming as he is so dry
      You never knew he wanted to make the gawker fry
      hahahaha had to add that in
      After you mentioned it a while back at my bin
      Along with the magic horn to ward it off
      So no one will scoff

      LMAO yeah I guess he wanted to prove me wrong
      And say something that was rather long

      R has nothing to do with the cat
      He is fine with just one blog mat

    3. Annzie, I 've actually came with that idea of R actually being the cat some time ago. I actually think that the cat stands behind all of these generic blogs and their "owners" who leave two word comments :)

    4. hahaha maybe I should create one just for you
      And then come on over and give two words at your zoo

    5. LOL So that's what the cat does in his spare time? He's making fake blogs and telling people Nice Job! He's like an anonymous bloggy cheer leader!!! :)

    6. oh, don't be naive general Jax, he's not doing for support of others but himself, how else would he generate comments and "readers"?

    7. That cat would never do such a thing
      Don't believe the crap penguin men lets fling
      He's crazy anyway
      Cheerleading you can do at your bay

  11. Cat loves his adventures and I love cat's adventure stories. What would we be without 3 cats in theY barn???? Just what I've acquired for my new (old, really ) barn. Yay for barn adventures, too.

    1. Acquired cats for your barn
      While throw them some yarn
      And they'll trap the mice
      Although they may need some added spice

  12. "I want my shampoo!"

    "I want back to my zoo!"

    I just had to quote this bit Pat, it's just so random yet I love it haha! It was so cool to see R being featured too. With you responding to everyone's comments, the constant great posts and R getting heavy, yet light hearted abusing for his comments your bay is one of my favourite plays to stop by every day.

    1. hahaha the randomness works rather well
      As out the words fell
      And yeah making fun of R is such fun
      It had to be done
      As all seem to like doing that
      Every day at my mat

  13. sorry me is a bit late today, but I see I missed only like half a Bible of a post... :) Which, as we all know, me never really reads :)

    1. both the post and the Bible :)

    2. Neither one
      Oh for that you might be smited a ton
      From above your head
      Or on your feet as you get some poo to cause dread

  14. Oh my gosh, figured out the puzzle of R - well done!! You got him to break his record =)

    Awesome rhyme!

    1. Yeah I made him go to 14
      Any more and he might pop a spleen

    2. if only R would be aware of the tender love you cherish for him :)))

    3. I wonder if it is a secret love, Dez?

    4. R is unaware
      Of all the love at my lair

      Not too secret as all can see
      What is shown my all oh so free

    5. We should know that R's love is really for Anne
      He gave her his praise at a different land
      Maybe his desire is for a free flight?
      Or maybe he loves her blonde shining light?

      Man, I really suck at rhyming when I have a Migraine LMAO

    6. True he is just playing hard to get with Anne
      For he is really a fan
      And wants her to come to him
      So she can play with his ummm errr umm limb..LMAO

      A migraine or not
      Your rhyme kinda hit the spot..haha

    7. R really is becoming quite the tease
      Anne can't get to him with ease
      If she wants to see him every day
      She can only do so at your bay

    8. But sadly R does not come back
      So she must lure him to her shack
      If she wishes a response to her call
      That she gives at my hall

    9. I will go to R then!! The next time I post I will go seek R and drag him back to my lair. Then he will be mine cat, all mine!!

    10. he or her, it's what we still haven't establish. What if R is an abstract being or the Lord Almighty himself spreading praise all around the world :)

    11. haha good luck for R is mine
      R thinks I'm divine
      And you will never win
      What a sin

      An abstract being would be scary
      As he could be quite hairy
      Or some brush fairy
      With eyes like a berry

  15. I think R is the best new character yet

    He'll have more adventures to come I bet.

    1. He could come back
      Or he might just have an abc heart attack

  16. Eyeballs and eejits, manure, big R's ... I'm exhausted now ;) What a tale I expect you and the cat's are tired tooooooo

    1. Yeah the cat's are pooped out
      But still one more shout
      Then we will either be alive or dead
      Even if this is all in our head..haha

  17. hmm, very interesting, never heard of a part pfft before, guess to wait is all that can be done at your shore. Love the alternating chorus, every time you do it reminds me of the minions, which I'm sure you've viewed, but if not, it's quite the toon. Pretty interesting, this gawker tale has more twists and turns than a sunburnt worm.

    1. Yeah and the next one will be the last
      As we try and make the gawker a thing of the past
      A part in a part
      Is just a perk of controlling the cart..haha

  18. A giant R. I'm trying to picture that in my head now.

    1. Yeah it would be weird to see
      A giant R surrounding thee

  19. @Pat
    Dan said that you attack like a puss without claws. Is that true? He also said your attacks are like tickles?
    Not angry yet?
    I need a hate post from you. Hate rhyme, ready to do the crime? Or you want to track all the grammar nazi's and control freaks at your bay,zoo,lawn,???

    1. I saw that he put that
      But it does not bother the cat
      For he squashed worqueendan flat
      At his own mat

  20. Are you kidding? You're going to keep us hanging on for another couple episodes? What - 10A, 10B, 10c, 10d, all the way to 10z? Ugh. I don't know if I can handle any more of these freaky eyeballs!

    1. LOL oh you will only hang on once more
      No more after that will come from my shore..haha

  21. Leave it to Pat
    To make us wait like that
    And in the end
    He always blames it on the cat.

    1. Yes a little wait
      Is alls fate
      And of course it is the cat
      Never ever Pat

  22. "Find their nutcase vibe and use it."

    Words to live by!

    1. haha yeah that is true
      Surely used by the rhyming crew

  23. We still don't have a date set. But at the end of a stressful day I wanted to come by and read what you guys had been up to. This was a good one Pat. Goodnight.

    1. he was a naughty cat, Annzie, you might have to slap his tush a bit....

    2. Been up to a lot indeed
      Here at my feed
      And slapping my tush as been done
      The viking woman makes it quite fun

  24. I know you're here you feckless bastard! You just reposted. Thanks for making me laugh you wacky Canadian!!

    1. LOL I wasn't here
      I went to bed out of fear
      But yes I did hit the post thing by mistake
      The other one was a fake..haha

  25. It took me a while,
    but now I'm back
    It's great to see
    that you're still not a hack.

    1. If that were the case
      I'd shut down my place
      And be long gone
      Out digging up the lawn

  26. Part 10 is divided into Part 10 (Part 1) and Part 10 (Part 2)? What is this? Harry Potter?

    1. LMAO hmmm you never know
      I could have ripped off that Potter show

  27. Liquor and ant spray
    It gives me a thrill
    If you fall down the hill
    You can just crawl away


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