Island Of The....Tarsier Man. Strat! We Are All Going To Kick The Can!

Once more the nut has come back,
And he found no one at my shack.
For the cat, Miss Priss and Pat,
Along with many of you are visiting The Gawker's mat.

I guess Tarsier Man found out about this,
And decided it was something he could not miss.
So he blazed a new trail,
Setting off to be part of The Gawker's tale.

He hopped a pond and a stream,
Chowed down on some ice cream.
Then hopped a bridge,
And raided some old lady's fridge.

He chalked that one up to his fee,
For saving her from a bee.
Even if the bee was dead,
She could have slipped on it and hit her head.

He made it to the island at some point,
And decided to free us from The Gawker's joint.
Sadly that was not the case,
Now we are all good and dead at that place.

For Petsy was taking her elephant for a walk,
Tarsier Man began to balk.
He ran up to save Petsy but fell,
And things went to Hell.

For he pushed Petsy inside the elephants trunk,
She got stuck thanks to that punk.
Then when he went to pull,
Let's just say Petsy came back less than full.

Next came Blabber that he saw,
Taking it as the last straw,
That she had a pet tarsier with her,
And his words started to slur.

He went to whack her pet off her shoulder,
Catching a piece of her hair and slapping it to a boulder.
I guess with no shampoo her hair could stick,
Let's just say after the boulder rolled, Blabber looked rather ummm ick.

When Irish Air came up to the plate,
Tarsier Man thought he'd change her fate.
He went to steal her liquor bottle,
And ran at her full throttle.

Of course Irish Air fought,
But the liquor bottle got caught.
It got shoved down her throat,
After her choking she'll be saved by no boat.

All he wanted to do was send a message in it.
Yet he still thought the idea was a hit.
He went to throw it out to sea,
When he saw Pat, Miss Priss, Drazin and me.

Drazin stomped his way,
Ready to ruin his day.
Pat did too,
Thinking he was the guy who invented the loo.

In their rush to get him,
They never noticed the sun grow dim.
Then The Gawker showed his face,
And popped the eye out from his head space.

He declared we would join his glowy eyed freaks here and now.
And then actually took a bow.
Tarsier Man just trotted up and ate the big eye,
Then watched as The Gawker started to die.

He declared his work was through,
And that he had saved all in view.
Then off he went to stand on Gawker Ridge,
Before going to raid another old ladies fridge.

Fortunately I awoke from this horrid dream,
Before he drowned me in a stream.
But the cat had to tell this tale,
Just to prove how Tarsier Man would fail.

Or I guess he did win,
If one doesn't mind being torn in two, smushed by a boulder and choked to death on a bottle at my bin.
At least you can feed the Gawker Island grass.
And so ends this not so true tale from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I'm so glad to hear this was just a dream buddy, I have to admit I was worried when it was Tarsier's island and not Gawkers!

    1. Yeah just a little rift on Gawker Island for today
      As Tarsier Man had to have his say

  2. Replies
    1. So you say
      Crap goes down hill at my bay

    2. that banana also looks very nice :)))

    3. God knows where it has been though
      I would not want to know

  3. LOL aww poor Tarsier man as a little jelly belly!!! He wanted to be a prisoner of the gawker and got mad about my pet!!! Hmph...Messing with my hair?? Not cool!!! Glad it was just a dream :)

    1. hahaha yeah he did not like your pet
      Made him fret
      So he accidentally crushed you with a rock
      What a shock
      But all a dream of the cat
      I guess he ate a bad rat

    2. I guess a rat is better than eating a crow!! Accidently hit me with a rock? Hmph! That's what they all say...

    3. LOL a rat is better than a crow?
      Blah I'd rather the crow at my show
      Rats are nasty and diseased and such
      But I would not like watching the cat eat either too much..haha
      Tarsier man did it on accident he swears
      Not that anyone really cares
      Need to off that loon
      Or give him his own cartoon

  4. Am I first in your burst ?

    Good morning to the rhyming crew ~

    1. Oops I am not. he..he...some tale or nightmare I don't care
      to have except for some ice-cream ~

    2. Nope you were a little off
      But don't scoff
      Sure you will be first once more
      Soon enough at my shore

  5. I could see this as a comic book
    lots of people would take a look!
    Have a good day in every way!

    1. Yeah a comic would be fun
      Maybe one day it will have to done
      As that would be grand
      To have spread across the land

  6. ah my eye, ah my eye, sigh, glad it was a dream so i did not have to scream, nice save from the dead bee you never know it could become a zombie...

    1. Your poor eye was ripped out of your head
      Oh the dread
      Tarsier Man made you dead
      But just a dream as the cat was in bed

    2. See, Brian..this is why you need two!
      So if one gets ripped out
      you can still see through!

    3. Tarsier Man might like two
      Although it may be too much to chew

  7. Stuck in a trunk? That is just eeeew.
    I'll have to borrow some of Jax's shampoo!
    Then to be torn in two!
    I'm glad it was only a dream, too!

    1. Yes good thing it was only a dream
      Or that would surely be an awful scream
      A nasty sight too
      Just a whole lot of ewww

    2. Petsy, you do know that sleezy trunk and you stuck in it in Pat's dream is something that Freud could study and study and tell us lots of interesting things about the feline patient.

    3. do have a point there. We need an interpreter! lol. Where's Freud when you need him?

    4. I'm a psychologist so I could interpret, but it's not for little kids :)

    5. LMAO oh Dez interpretting things would be interesting to say the least
      About the dreams of this furry cat beast
      Although I think the penguin man has a screw loose anyway
      So who knows what he would say..haha
      Oh dear is right
      Could be a fright

  8. Great rhymes as usual, Pat!

  9. I believe you're promoting elephant abuse, cat, I'm sending PETA to your mat!

    1. And he's abusing Petsy as well. Bad cat, bad cat.

    2. Pffft the elephant was fine
      Petsy not so divine
      And it was Tarsier Man not me
      I'd just give her a flea on the knee

    3. don't let me even go Freud on your constant wish to make Petsy's knees raw and skinless....

    4. You have Freud on the brain
      Maybe you should go dig him up and explain

  10. I was having this stressful dream last night where I was on a train, in a dark club, in a shopping mall, all while being chased by someone unseen... is it possible??? :D

    You're too clever, rhymey. Happy Spring to you~

    1. Hmmm I suppose it the mall was big enough
      Such a thing wouldn't be so rough
      And I like being clever
      With my rhyming endeavor

  11. Goodness me, I nearly balked when I read about him chewing on an eyeball.... Eeeeeew.

    1. He thought is was rather yum
      But it might have needed some rum

  12. Ofcourse this can only be a dream. Pat shoving bottle down Irish Air throat and change her fate?
    Come on, you quiver like a cat against Irish Air, even with your "mighty" army of blabber, blueman and Matt.
    Fling invitation is to whom? Dont you have two already with Viking woman and R? Dont be too greedy pat.

    1. It wasn't Pat
      Or the cat
      It was Tarsier Man
      With his crazy plan
      So it was his affair
      That killed Irish Air
      But it was all a dream
      Unlike the cat's theme
      And the cat wants tons
      He likes lots of buns

    2. Even worse, even in your dreams, you couldnt take Irish Air?
      You like lot of buns?
      I am no clairvoyant, I am no psychic, maybe I am dreaming, I am seeing viking woman removing her trashcans and playing cymbal with your head sandwiched during every beat. Oh Pat!

    3. Oh but the Viking woman just likes to get kinky
      You should see what she can do with a slinky..haha

  13. So you've
    done it again.
    Brought us all
    to a bad end.

    We come to play
    at your bay
    to be taunted
    and teased
    and poked
    with your rhyming sass
    you bloke.

    I'm tired cat and I'm not making sense!

    1. It made sense
      You didn't sound too dense
      As it was fun
      To give a run
      And have your say
      Here at my bay
      Even if you were dead
      Yeah that was in my head
      Now I'm making little sense as well
      I guess this is just going straight to hell

  14. Hmmm...Miss Priss, it sounds like Pat has stopped taking his meds.

    1. Yeah Pat is off is rocker
      Is that really a shocker?

  15. Man I am glad this was just a dream. My dreams always involve me showing up late for some exam and being dressed in my boxers. Perhaps, I'd prefer kicking the can for a change.

    1. hahaha well at least the boxers are on
      And still exams? Aren't they long past at your lawn?

  16. Over and over you pick on all of my favorites, why cat, why??

    BTW - today's song that is stuck in my head is my own fault today. I played "Rhyme Time Theme". Quite catchy =)

    It's Rhyme Time!!!!

    1. Because the favorites are fun to pick on
      As they can entertain well at my lawn
      You want me to pick on you too
      Here at my zoo?
      The theme going through your head
      hahaha might stay in there a while causing dread

    2. Leave me out of your playful banter, cat!
      "A Not So Singular World" arrived at my mat
      and if you mess with me today
      a swat in the rear, you will pay


    3. Swatting with Pat's book is not nice
      I will send you some mice
      To chew on your wires
      And deflate your tires
      If you try such a thing
      That is why the cat is still king..haha

  17. So Tarsier man come back again... I think is your hero!

    1. Tarsier Man thinks he is the best
      Coming back to be a pest

  18. Wait, that was all fictional? Darn, Tarsier Man sounded like my kind of hero!!

    1. We couldn't let them all really die
      Then poor Dez might cry

  19. Saving people from the bee menace is a worthy cause

    they cause more pain than jaws

    1. Well I'm not sure about that
      But they do scare off the cat

  20. Glad to see Tarsier Man back in action.

    1. Yeah he always seems to come back
      Here at my shack

  21. I'm still laughing about being saved from tripping over a dead bee! You are one quick-witted cat! Julie

    1. Those dead bees can be tricky indeed
      One sure better take heed

  22. Tasier Man pushing his weight around
    Made many to view him with a funny frown
    Glad it was just a dream
    Saved the bother to scream
    Such episodes would otherwise not be found


    1. Yeah one would need to scream
      If it weren't a dream
      As such things can't be done
      To bring about fun
      As they are too nasty indeed
      Even for my feed
      Well maybe not
      Unless they started to rot

  23. Of all the saviors hahaha Great tale as are all the tarsier's fare. The elephant in a trunk, too funny. Hey, a friend sent me a link to you tube, it was called cat daddy, so of course I thought the cat was certainly a daddy, but nope, not at all, not that I'm complaining, not at all, but perhaps someone's trying to get the cat's attention. lol

    1. Yeah not a savior I would want
      For I'd end up in a haunt
      Cat daddy you say
      Hmm bet it was an interesting display
      Youtube is a pain for the cat
      Freezing the computer at my mat
      Old piece of junk
      Is in a funk

    2. Well, it was just something unexpected, Cat Daddy is a dance, and Kate Upton, the SI Swimsuit cover girl, doing the dance in a bikini. Not the kind of cat I was expecting, but fun to watch her dance nonetheless. But one of those things you just weren't expecting to see, and most the times that occurs, it's like taking a drink of water but finding out it's vinegar, or something nasty like that.

    3. LOL well it doesn't sound as nasty as that
      Wouldn't mind having a cover girl dancing at my mat
      But quite fun to see
      And nasty water also doesn't cause me glee

  24. OMG. Tarsier Man ate Gawker's eyeball. That's horrid! Good thing it was only a dream. BTW, I liked the part about making sure the old lady didn't trip on the dead bumblebee. Good thinking Tarsier Man!

    1. Yeah eating an eyball is just blah and nasty altogether
      In any type of weather
      Have to watch those bees
      Almost as bad as fleas on knees

  25. This could easily be converted into a comic

    1. If only the cat could draw
      But sadly he just has a claw

  26. Love the image with this one, good stuff as usual Pat.

    1. Glad it was fun
      As Tarsier Man was shown a ton

  27. I guess Tarsier man can sing a new tune now. Gawk like a pirate "EYYE". hahaa!

    1. Yeah gawk like a pirate EYYE
      As he reaches for the sky
      With a peg leg and eye patch too
      That would be creepy to hear or view

  28. once i slipped on a dead bee, Pat. i still got stung and had my foot bloat up twice its size that my dad had to carry me to the clinic for a jab.

    1. Wow I guess Tarsier Man was on to something there
      He may have just saved the old woman at her lair


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