Learn A Ton With A Vacation Run!

So as some may know and if you don't you should hang your head low. Pat ran away from the cat and went to visit NY and Blabber at her mat. Having been nowhere what so ever before it was quite the adventure from our shore. Elsie is going to get a roast in a post or three for her suggestion to us at the NY sea. But anyway this isn't particularly about there just yet but plenty of posts will come on that which is a safe bet. Instead I will copy Blabber at my shore and do a list once more. Oh wait! Hmmm those lists are for posts at a different date. Isn't it confusing when you have 40 posts ready to go? Anyway, on with the show.

1. Sure it gives the odd hum but you learn fear of flying is kind of umm maybe sorta dumb.
I mean if it goes boom you won't feel a thing from its doom.

2. Things are bigger on TV even though it only has a 46 inch screen to see.
Hmm I suppose they get a close up or Pat was drunk off his coffee cup.

3. You learn your picky eating is fleeting.
Pat even ate raw fish which was not a tasty dish.

4. You learn they hate NS people down there. At least when it comes to a taxi fare.
If you want to believe Blabber that is with this "No" biz.

5. You learn that if you were truly an internet stalker crazy person or something like that, you would be squashed flat.
Blabber will never again forget her phone giving all nothing but a tone.

6. You learn diners are great. But stupid Canada, or at least NS, has none which is such a sad fate.
That is true, Canada has a loose screw.

7. You learn China Town will make you frown.
Stinky place and that wasn't even the full blown effect in your face.

8. You learn camels can pee forever in a day and it is quite the nasty display.
No wonder the Sahara has such a big litter box and when you are around them watch your socks.

9. You learn there are truly wonderful people in this world in real life and not just nut bags that want to cause you strife.
The cat still isn't sure on that fact as Drazin keeps coming back with his third person act.

10. You learn more about yourself being away then you ever would have if all you did was stay.
Which I would say is the true joy in going anywhere and all should do it when they can as it will surely be done more at my lair.

Pat would surely like to thank Blabber for getting him away and also TheViking, Madre, Brother and the many others from Blabber's blog for making it such a fun stay.

The cat may have bitched more than a ton to get Pat back under our sun but after that it seems it was truly needed by Pat. Blabber also took good care of him and nothing happened with any crazy nut cases, excluding a towel guy who I will get too, that could make things go grim. So Pat is okay to travel once in a while I suppose as long as he never leaves us at nanny's to cause woes. It also causes quite the amount of gas for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Great recounting of your holidays buddy, it's great that you had a good time while you were away man, Canada definitely does have a loose screw haha.

    1. haha yep Canada has a loose screw
      That is for sure with no diners in view

  2. A camel's hump is actually full of piss, hence the lengthy urination time.

    1. That I did not need to know
      After watching that thing go

  3. I hear Canadian's are like less angry Americans, glad you had a good time!

    1. That would be a good description I suppose
      But the Americans I met weren't angry even though some were scary enough to curl my toes

  4. OHahaha. Love the list, though it wasn't as colorful as blabbers. So,mupyou had good time there. Raw fish? Cat would have loved it? I hate sushi

    1. Really, Cap? Sushi is so yum!!! :)

    2. Yeah I know it wasn't as colorful as can be
      I am working on that at my sea
      Raw Fish the cat would eat
      But Pat did not find it a treat

      Pffft yeah right
      Nasty plight

    3. I'm with Meandmy, I'd never put a living creature in my mouth, especially not a raw one!

    4. Ummm it isn't living when you eat it
      It has taken quite the hit..haha

    5. yes, and then your stomach becomes the graveyard for poor dead animal corpses :((((

    6. Nah it goes in the loo
      And become your favorite thing, poo

    7. hahaha.. funny story, my first sushi, I didnt know and liked the color and looked quite appealing, I took it near my mouth and you dont wanna know the rest.
      Till today, if you want to get rid of me, the magic word "sushi"

    8. I would not go away
      But I would slap the sushi away from my mouth any day
      Blah is all I can say to that
      Never again at my mat

    9. I know people rave about sushi
      but I have never had the desire to chew it mushy
      not in my mouth
      not in any amount.
      And I like almost everything
      but can't bring myself to try that yucky thing.

    10. LMAO well Pat has tried something you haven't at your sea
      That just fills me with glee
      Even though it is nasty in every way
      And will never again be eaten at my bay

  5. Your hands full to the brim
    In Canada sure looks fun
    Dining and China Town stint
    Your sojourn on the run


    1. That I was indeed
      Here at my feed
      As Canada is fun enough
      But NY beats it with all its stuff

  6. I am constantly in the city and riding in cabs! Never has one told me "no". Even my family and friends were like "What did he say?". LOL

    You love coffee now!!!

    I'm not so sure about being squashed flat, but you'd certainly have a mob of people to deal with. hahaha

    1. LOL I'll believe you
      That no comes due
      I guess NS people just aren't liked much
      Or they were just crabby and such

      Drinking coffee right now
      And most at work are having a cow..lol

      Yes that is true
      Tons of people in view

    2. Really? With cinnamon, sugar in the raw, and soy milk? Yum!!!!!!

    3. All they had was sugar here though
      So that is all I added to the coffee flow
      Drank is all back too
      As strong it was the machine at my work that came due
      Soy milk and cinnamon I will be bringing in
      And then it will be that much better at my work bin

    4. You're a coffee man now
      and they're having a cow
      I dropped my jaw at the news
      but was not having the blues
      It's especially nice when you feel cold
      next winter won't freeze your toes! ha.

    5. Yeah all their jaws dropped too
      When they watched such a thing come due
      Of course I like it strong
      The crap we got at Tim Horton's i.e. your starbucks is blah and all wrong

  7. You're right, you do learn things about yourself by being away
    you come home with an enlarged perspective back to your bay!

    1. That is very true
      And a huge ass perspective I got when I came back to my zoo

  8. OK, I officially haven't understood half of your list, but I guess that nothing surprising since I rarely get your shroom and weed inspired posts... :)
    Hope Madre and Viking didn't need to change your diapers, cat!

    1. Did I really expect a penguin man to get it
      No is the answer to that fit
      But then you don't read anyway
      So who cares if you don't get my display..LOL

  9. 'tis true, I never read a thing at your bay, it's just all such an unhealthy display....:P

    1. Well the unhealthyness will soon go away
      As I change up this ugly ass black and white display

    2. I hear they pray even in Vatican for that to happen :)

    3. haha even your evil pope guy
      Hmmm I guess I better give a change up a try

  10. Oh no you ate some sushi? Lets hope you don't have any tape worms. That should be a wonderful thing to worry about. Laughed pretty hard at the comment about Sahara's litter box. Sounds like a fun experience, though the cat surely missed you, he kept us entertained.

    1. LOL you had to go and tell me that
      Now I'll be a paranoid cat
      Yeah one big litter box they must need
      For we they let loose you must take heed

  11. Raw fish... sushi? Aw, that's sad, I'm a fan.

    Sounds like a good trip, though. NY happens to be one of the places I'd love to visit.

    1. Not a fan at all
      The one thing I ate that would make my neck hair stand tall
      As it was nasty to me
      But fun to give a go and cause glee
      NY is great
      Hope one day a visit is your fate

  12. Glad to hear your vacations is going great!

    (we have diners in BC... in fact there are more resturants per person in Victoria then anywere else in Canada!... but we have like only four diners...)

    1. Hmmm well that sucks for NS I will say
      I need to go visit your way
      We don't have a diner at all
      Stupid NS sucks summer, spring and fall

  13. glad you had a great time man...i love NYC, its the place to be...and you even ate sushi, i love it, and lol'd at the litter box bit, people in real life are certainly cool, nice to know a few when you visit their blog pool, give me a heads up next time and i will drive up, just to see what you drank in that coffee cup

    1. Sounds like a plan
      As of NY I am a fan
      So will surely go once more
      Down to the NY shore
      And all over the place
      I will now show my face
      And it is nice to know people for real
      Knowing they are the real deal

    2. I would def fly over too
      because I want to meet all three of you! :)

  14. Glad to hear you had a good time! I've always wanted to go to NY. Also... a fear of flying isn't THAT dumb. Mostly because I still have it, even after flying around the world. I don't know if you can or can't feel the impact... but I'd rather not find out!

    1. Yeah NY is great
      All should make a trip their fate
      I suppose it isn't that dumb
      But I figure what the hell and just ignore the hum
      As if I crash
      I hope I go out in a firey bash
      Then at least I won't suffer one bit
      But if you survived the hit
      Yeah that would suck
      So I can see being afriad of it but the fear in me is strat out of luck

  15. So Pat you learned a lot in NY and a lot of Jax, nice:) and Im glad you enjoy coffe now LOL
    I think Jax is a nice influence:)

    1. Yeah learned a ton
      With my NY run
      And all for the better I will say
      Yeah she is a big influence on me at my bay
      And change will come
      But I will still be the same old rhyming bum

    2. Oh dear
      You know about my rhyming rear

  16. Excellent post, except - I must take issue with your view of Chinatown, which is right next to Little Italy. I find the aromas enchanting. But maybe that is just me.
    Great rhyming.

    1. Little Italy was great
      Such fun and will never get hate
      But Chinatown was just stinky and dirty to me
      But to each their own at each sea

  17. i have learnt to take flying as a bus ride. it's smooth most times, when it gets bumpy, then it's a bumpy ride. however, when i'm travelling alone and it gets real bumpy, i often hold hands with the stranger next to me ! hahaha.
    have you seen elephants pee ??? geez. its like a never-ending waterfall you'd actually see a pool on the ground when it finally stops!

    1. Yeah that is a good way to look at it
      Sure the stranger wouldn't mind it one bit
      And have never seen an elephant pee
      As that would just be nasty

  18. I'm kinda scared to comment right now...how in the world am I getting roasted?? LOL

    So, you try sushi but not pizza? How about some good ol' off the cart Sabrett? Yummy!! I can't wait for my trip in July. I may have to stay with Blabber and Madre =)

    1. LOL The cheese wasn't too appealing to him. He doesn't get along with dairy well. But, I'm having Pizza withdrawls, girl! hahahaha

      He's not a fan of hot dogs either. I like off the cart knishes ;) So yum!

      LOL You're welcome any time, Elsie!!!!

    2. Now it makes sense...the cheese!! That'd do it! Can't even have the white pizza (which I find gross!)

      Oh, I had a knish last time I was there with spicy mustard - to die for!! Oh, next time, get him to try chopped chicken livers LMAO *damn, now I'm hungry for some. I may have to run across town tomorrow and get some...

    3. I liked the cheese sticks though
      That were fried at the Italian resturant show
      I'm not sure I would like it
      But may give it a hit
      Then the next time I come down
      Will know for sure to try it across town

      Chopped chicken liver umm ewwww
      That would take a lot to come due..hahaha
      Elsie and Blabber would be fun
      Under the NY sun

    4. No diners in NS, wow, never would have guessed that one. But now come to think of it, it doesn't really matter, as we have them everywhere all over and I can't remember the last time I went in to one, I think it was a couple years back and I had a breakfast greasy hangover bash. I can't wait to hear the towel tale. I can't believe he didn't like chinatown, I think that's a very cool place to visit, can't understand anyone but it's cool, like walking around in another world, don't think I ever actually ate anything there though. The raw fish things is overhyped, I'll eat it but not really the sushi type. Pretty cool list, covers a lot I'll admit, I bat you'll make pat pay with that excess of gas lol

    5. the cat is not a friend with dairy products? That's a valuable info for the Alliance, I will send it to Kowalski immediately!
      In reality, the Penguin man is not on good terms with dairy products either :)

    6. Diners are great
      I go there all the time if NS had such a fate
      But we do not
      I guess they think diners can rot
      And yeah it was a sight to see
      But chinatown was just nasty

      Yeah I can eat a little dairy
      But a lot of it is scary
      Pretty much make me want to hurl
      Or give the loo a whirl

    7. Alright since we are here to confess - *ahem* I can't handle all that much diary either, however, I still eat as much pizza as I can when I visit along with all the pepto bismal I need =PP

      @Pat-What about the deli's?? Did you try a deli sandwich? Or a breakfast sandwich? That is another favorite! An egg special. Yum! Although, if you can't do dairy - does that mean eggs too? I don't handle eggs well either....again, lots of pepto lol

      @Dezz-this information can be valuable indeed! =)

    8. I did an omlette when I was down there
      At the NY lair
      And it tasted fine
      My stomach never crossed a line
      Never tried a deli sandwich though
      At least not that I know
      Somethings just bother me more than others I guess
      But eating more and more is better for me I will confess

    9. if you decide to make another trip, you have to try an egg sandwich!! I promise they won't stop you from going into a deli like they did the Trump Tower LMAO =)))

    10. Oh one day I surely will make another trip
      For NY has to be seen twice at least as it is so hip

  19. so you went to nyc...oh i'm envious...fell in love with that city...and so true...You learn more about yourself being away then you ever would have if all you did was stay... and i love sushi...

    1. Yeah it is a wonderful place
      As they move at quite the pace
      Yep so much was learned about myself
      By going to another shelf
      Pfft keep the raw fish
      Nasty dish

  20. Okay. Can you please explain what a peeing camel was doing in NYC? LOL!

  21. I want to go to NYC! That sounds like so much fun to me. I'm glad you had a great time... glad we didn't miss any rhymes. :)

    1. Nope didn't miss a thing
      As I let the rhymes fling
      And all should go
      As NY is quite the show

  22. I've never been to China Town

    all we have down south is maybe an asian grocery store that is a little run-downed

    1. Yeah you don't want to go
      Smelly and nasty at that show

  23. No diners at all in NS? That's just wrong. You'll need to take flight more often.


    1. Yeah none what so ever
      Crappy NS with no diners that I can't go in never

  24. #7...so true! I was pretty disappointed with the China Town in SF (the original China town in the USA no less).

    1. Yeah just nasty in every way
      And smelly at the china town bay

  25. I wonder if you saw an mobsters, you have to look for the guys with the violin suitcases and 'da fuggedaboutit' look in their eyes. You tried sushi i hate that, but i had to try it.
    Did you stand out as a tourist in a loud hawaian shirt?

    1. You I had to try it too
      But it was just eww
      Prob saw a mobster as well
      But not sure so what the hell
      Nope did not stand out
      I'll save the hawaian shirt for my Hawaii shout

  26. Never thought of the Sahara as a big oversized litter box, but, why not?

    1. haha yeah that is what it could be
      As those camels want to pee

  27. It was fun to read your list--I love #10. Sounds like you had an interesting trip!

    1. Oh yeah was quite the trip
      Would do it again without cat nip..haha

  28. I am glad you enjoyed your NY stay. And its true, you learn more about yourself when you are away, and see things in a whole new way. I gathered that you met real life bloggers too; hope it turned out very well ~

    Have a good night Pat ~ Nice to read your comment posts again ~

    1. Yeah I met a real blogger down there
      And had a blast at the NY lair
      Learned a ton a well
      And now I'm back to cause hell..haha

  29. So the desert is one big litter box.
    oh, that made me laugh and cough.
    Never will I see it the same way
    now that I know the camels treat it that way!
    No Pringles can is big enough
    to take care of all that stuff!

    What a very fun list
    and good for Jax
    She's so sweet to invite you down
    and show you around the town.

    I have to say that diners are one of the best
    things that the USA has to offer it's guests.
    They are all over the country
    and have the best food and a bounty.

    1. LOL yeah after watching the camel go
      That is one big ass litter box at their desert show
      No pringle can could be big enough
      As the sides would melt for their pee is tough

      Yep was a blast
      And it went fast

      Yeah I am getting that
      I wish we had diners at our mat
      Sucks in every way
      Stupid Canada with no diners at our bay

  30. I don't mind raw fish, prepared correctly

  31. So glad you had a wonderful visit there !!!

    1. Yep great it was
      As I went and felt the NY buzz


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