A Little More Doom And A Lot More Gloom!

Damn it! We are still stuck in this pit. This stupid eyeball freak won't even let us go take a leak without staring us down like he is from pervert town.

Tarsier Man watches near and far,
So we can't leave nanny's bar.
But that is about to change,
For we have to get Pat back to our range.
And so another tale comes due,
Of this guy with the flying eyeballs that doesn't have a clue.

Tarsier Man showed up,
As we finished tiping over nanny's coffee cup.
She was busy cleaning up the mess,
Yes, we obviously did it on purpose I confess.

But while she was distracted off we went,
Sneaking out a vent.
Then Miss Priss got grabbed by that Tarsier Man nut,
And he snatched up my little rhyming butt.

He chucked us back into nanny's bay,
And told us to stay.
For he wanted to get his pay,
Boy, for the cat this was a crappy May.

His stupid eyeballs kept popping out here and there,
Making sure we were still at nanny's lair.
So we devised another plan,
That would rid us of Tarsier Man.

I pretended to use the loo,
And he watched having no clue.
Miss Priss snuck up from behind his floating eye balls,
As I made my pretend cat calls.

They were flung at me,
And as Pat does at bush number three,
I opened an empty Pringle can,
Slamming the lid back on and capturing the eyes of Tarsier Man.

We laughed and took off as his body twitched about,
Giving his stupid theme song a shout.
I'm sure he found his eyes soon enough,
And if not that is just tough.

For now we are free,
To bring Pat back to our sea.
Something I will surely do,
No matter how much he and Blabber try to prevent it at her NY zoo.
I will get that ex-minion lass,
If it's the last thing done by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Darn, I was sure Pat would be back today!
    I hope he's having fun while Cat has his say.

    1. Yeah Pat is gone to long
      That cat knows that is just so wrong

  2. ooo singing the song as you dashed away, was a funny touch as you escaped the bay, just be careful because free does not always turn out how you hope it to be....

    1. Yeah free is free
      But it doesn't always cause glee

  3. Maybe Pat will not want to come back
    as you come to rescue him with an attack!
    You and Cassie might decide to stay
    NY is a great place anyway!
    Not as good as Ohio
    but that's just how it goes!
    You better let nanny know you're alright
    or she will be full of worry and fright!
    I can't believe you wasted a cup of coffee!
    That is not only rude, but sloppy!
    Eat a Black and White for me!
    But Jax will want the black side, you see.

    1. Of course I would get the black side. It's the only side I'll eat!!! hahahaha

      I'm going to have to send you some one day, Betsy! I always think of you when I see them now :)

    2. LOL well the cats can waste away
      As they don't like it at their bay
      But Pat on the other hand has had a change of heart
      And now Starbucks is added to his food cart

      Yep I can attest to that
      As you saw a cookie and said that exact same thing to Pat

    3. Oh you on coffee
      that just fills me with glee
      now you'll be rhyming
      with a little more speed!

    4. LOL it doesn't make me too hyper I will say
      As I'm just the same at my bay

  4. The Tasier Man had survived
    Even with his eyes ripped off
    Pat was lucky he got off alive
    Tipped off coffee a good ploy


    1. Pat was lucky he was away
      But when he gets back the cat will make him pay

  5. just so that you know, the Alliance has sent their top spies at the NY Zoo and we are taping and recording everything!

    1. are they wearing animal costumes so they blend in undetected? :)

    2. Dezmond, stop giving away our secrets...ha..ha...

    3. yes, animal disguise off course, I've sent our raccoon squad to NY in "hide in the bush to shoot his and her tush" mission :)

    4. Raccoons? Why of course...they do look like little bandits with those masks on. lol....

    5. yep, we use raccoons for undercover spying missions, wombats and kangaroos for missions which require some fighting and armadillos when we expect to be shot at. Penguins are the brain of all these missions.

    6. hmmm… with all this zoo talk, I wonder if this Madagascar commercial is just coincidence or if there's something more to it…hmmm….thinking about that film, perhaps, if there available that is, you should hire those mafia styled penguins, but don't grab the zebra, he always seems to foul things up

    7. penguins are the brains...lol...now why didn't I see that coming? hahaha.

      no zebras...good idea, fred..lol....

    8. Dezz, I called my family in NY, all the plans are in place. The Alliance is stronger than ever!!

    9. @Fred
      hire them? I command the Madagascar penguins, that's why my title is the Penguin Man

      cat could never beat a penguin brain

      info received, Irish Air will be thrilled with how our mission is moving on...

    10. Dez, good to know ~ Keep us posted with the developments ~

    11. Pfft I think it was all a fail
      As Pat or Blabber next got shot in the tail
      So you really suck
      The alliance are once more shit out of luck

    12. don't use bad language, cat, or I'll wash your tongue with some soap :)

    13. Pffft wouldn't be the first time
      As the viking woman thinks it is sublime

  6. Better bring him back Cat. He took wrong time to have fling in NY. After my roast to him, people have crowned me Miss.Don Rickles and Queen of roast, which is all flattering but god,I would accept that title after a true roast about him, Cat.
    I hope I didnt offend him.
    About Tarsier's eyeballs in pringle can, can they see from there? or it works only if it stay on his body?

    1. Nope Tarsier can't see
      Which is how we got away from him nanny
      The queen of roast
      Pfft the cat will make you toast

  7. I love this series, but I miss Pat :[. Glad to see you are enthusiastic about bringing Pat back! Great job so far Mr. Orlin.

    1. Yeah the cat will get him home
      And never again let him roam

  8. I think I'll boast that this was a great post. Let's have a toast to the cat with the most!

    1. The cat is
      So Pat better end this running away biz

  9. Hurry home Pat! It's not only the cat that misses you!

    1. Not only the cat?
      Could the former NYer also miss Pat?

  10. It's good but we need Pat back

  11. ok cat, a lot of bla, bla, bla. the thing is where is Pat???

    1. This is b ored without Pat:(

    2. Pat is away
      Oh dear it is boring at my bay
      We can't have that
      Better go save Pat

  12. How dare you blame me for Pat's disappearance!!!!!!????!!! Listen, cat, I don't know what game you're trying to play but you can't blame me! Hmph.

    You probably scared him away with all that armpit licking you did.

    1. LOL well you are the only one that made sense to the cat
      So send back Pat

    2. don't send him, we need him not, we're running the show now in this place :)

    3. He will be sent
      Or the cat will surely need to vent
      And go on and on and on
      From dusk to dawn

  13. those eye are pretty creepy

    1. Yep creepy indeed
      Just be glad all you have to do is read

  14. Wow! They caught Tarsier Man's floating eyeballs with an empty can of Pringles? That's pretty hardcore.

    1. Yeah very hardcore
      And will remain something of lore


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