The Me And My Thinking Cap Rhyming Rap!

Meandmythinkingcap thought it would be fun
To give the cat a comic run.
Thanks to Blabber, who will get her due,
She put the cat in a tutu.

The cat can take the joke,
And will never choke.
But I have to scratch the itch,
As payback is a bitch.

So what kind of thinking cap does she use?
There are so many that telling you might confuse.
So showing is the only way,
Here is her secret stash she has on display.

This one is rather odd at first,
But it is to protect her brain burst.
Plus you can pop a piece off and provide an air hole,
I hear a lot of those are needed for her thinking goal.

This one scare the kids,
Really makes them flip their lids.
I guess it so she can be her own stuffing,
Pretending her thoughts are more than fluffing.

This is when she needs some extra booze,
Or maybe it is just ooze.
So then the brain juice will flow,
And she can at least have a nice shiny glow.

Remeber that hole?
Now she covers it with a flag pole.
Then just taps the golf ball in,
When she thinks she is going to win.

This is when things get real hot,
And she thinks a whole lot.
She needs a power snack,
For such a "you're right" thinking attack.

It's alllllliiiiivvvvveeeeee!!!
Comes from her hive.
Yet it still won't light up with a thought.
Even when she is thinking a whole lot.

What was she thinking with this?
At least her head you can't miss.
Like a stamp that says look at me,
I'm completely crazy!

Here is one the really works for her though,
As she uses sticks and writes things down on the go.
Now she doesn't have to remember one bit,
Of course unless she forgets where she put it.

This one is on her wish list,
For she shakes her fist.
As her thoughts could be a double decker,
If only she had a ummm pecker.

And of course we come to her pride and joy.
The one that is more than just a toy.
For with this one she is raring to go,
Where? I'll let your mind continue such a flow.

So now you know about meandmythinkingcap's secert stash and the caps she likes to flash. Don't you just love how the cat can get the dirt? I bet with that last one she sure can flirt. So think twice before crossing the cat as payback will come at my mat, all in good fun of course but as you see you will suffer my recourse. So what to do about Blabber's little addition to this thing hmmm I suppose that is another ring. For payback has come to pass and it was such fun for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Geez making a habit of it
      Being first at my rhyming pit

    2. I think Hank sets his alarm in the middle of the night
      and then sits and lurks until your post takes flight!

    3. LOL maybe I should post it later on
      But then that would irk the ocd of my lawn

  2. A thinking cap may not be visible
    But the thinking done had enabled
    One to see how the Cat had triumphed
    With his fantastic rhymes and rhythms


    1. Yeah that is great
      That the rhythm is my fate
      As I get some payback
      Here at my shack

  3. Haha, really liked the hot dog one

  4. what a post to really wake me up ~ ha..ha... if you want to sunbathe in the raw, give it all you have ~ mmm, and the Brits have all those kind of fashionable hats, so I am not surprised ~ Enjoy the day ~

    1. haha I suppose if one wants to sunbathe that way
      Let them go at it at their bay
      And yeah those brits have a ton
      They must think they are fun

  5. So cute. This one is payback? I love it. Never would have thought about this. Thanks Pat. About that wish list,fist one, no no no no way. Is that you? I know you like to strip and dance without clothes on?!

    looks like you broke into my house and did raid my secret stash of caps. I love all the caps , you are tempting me to buy all those. Thank you for the payback it is so cute.

    About boo, my kids loved it, the rhyme and characters are so cute. Great job Pat.

    About blabber, you could thank her, you know that you look cute in lilac tutu. ;)

    1. I think the ebil cat even ate that chicken cap after broking into your house, Meandmy! But you did cover it with laxatives as we cunningly planned out, yes?

    2. haha had to be done
      Glad if was fun
      That is not me
      As I would have shorts over my willy
      But you never know
      If paid enough it could show..hahaha
      I never got caught
      Breaking into your plot
      As I raided your stash
      And gave them all a flash
      Glad the kids loved the book too
      Fun to here at my zoo
      And blabber will get her due
      Pretty soon between me and you

      Pfft I would not eat that
      It is a nasty hat
      So your trick
      Did not stick

    3. Eh hem...I'm waitin for my thanks :) LOL

    4. Pfft yeah right
      That will never come into your sight

  6. These are definitely great substitutes for thinking caps haha, great post and rhymes man, great payback for the one above me if that was the plan.

    1. Yep it was the plan
      Glad you are a fan

    2. Payback, this is more like paycheck for paid vacation. Looks like he loved the tutu a lot more than everyone else but just playing hard to please ;)

    3. Pfft the tutu rode up my ass
      So it did not pass

    4. Tutu up your ass, another nightmare picture, thanks Cat, god bless you.

    5. haha hey it got stuck
      What the umm duck

  7. MaMtC has got her wish!
    A rhyming roast on her dish!
    Now she might beg for more
    Because you just can't satisfy that blog whore!
    (just kidding MaMTC)

    Rhyming roasts are so much fun!
    For this round, I'd say you have won!
    Giving MaMTC a run for her money!
    A sweet victory, sweet as honey!

    1. LOL a blog whore she is you say
      Oh that might get some ranting at her bay
      But it is such fun to hear
      And is used by my little rhyming rear
      And yep fun to do
      So I have to do one or two

    2. Hahaha. Oh Danny boy ;)
      This roast was delicious, but you are right, blog whore may need more, so you are up next to give me a roast?

    3. I'm sure he could with ease
      And the cat will even send you some fleas

    4. As I said before, be careful what you wish for!
      I might call you more than a blog whore!
      You should know me, I am nothing but raw!
      I will exploit your every flaw!

      I will use you up and throw you away!
      All the while laughing at the mean things I say!
      I will hurt you, maim you, leave you in tears!
      A roast from me should be your biggest fear!

    5. Methinks you thinketh too much, you mousey.
      Who cried last time?
      You can threaten me a lot officer but I have my guest post to shield and repel back all those, and that is how you threaten people.

    6. Geez a war it looks to be
      Thanks to my sea
      And so it will be fun
      To see it continue to be spun
      As each take a crack
      At giving each other flack
      Oh so great to see
      Here at bush number three

  8. LOL that was a good roast, I had no idea she used so many different thinking caps. When I saw the two sombrero's I was sure there would be a remark about "two heads are better than one". The pride and joy of her collection is quite the hat too!

    1. hahaha I never thought of that
      But it would surely work for the double hat
      But the head might not be up on the second one
      Not that I want to know about such a run..haha

    2. sombrero one is Cat not me. he stole that. Yep, looks like my caps are genius especially the booze one. ;)

    3. I stole them from you
      Not try to deny that it isn't true

  9. hahahha, what was she thinking ???
    hmm. two hats for the two heads. yeah, much needed you dont want those burnt.

    1. haha yes those don't want to get burnt one bit
      That would surely cause a fit

  10. Wow, that's a lot of caps Cap has!
    Quite a variety and all that jazz.
    I had to look twice at one
    as I thought Santa turned into a beach bum.

    1. haha yeah she has a ton
      I had to give them a run
      And santa will always be there to wag
      And maybe even play tag

    2. Cat should become my personal shopper for caps but strict no no to sombreros. Loved all the caps except the straw one, cheap publicity cat, we all know that you need only bottle gap to cover your Willy.

    3. haha yeah we all need that one
      As it should be done
      Maybe the cat should make them up
      And sell them along with a coffee cup

    4. She did have a ton
      hope she has a big hat rack to keep them on!
      And you should have been a bit more mean
      afterall, she said my peacock was fat and not lean!
      And not just said it, but said it in public!
      probably cost us some sales, with our luck.

    5. LOL the cat didn't want to be down right mean
      As that just doesn't fit with my scene
      But I suppose if you wish
      I may turn her into a dead fish

    6. @Betsy
      I had to throw in something to be catchy and your peacock looked like a perfect scapegoat. :) I didnt call your peacock fat, I said he looks like he had been hogging on MacD all day long.

      You are going to turn me to dead fish?

    7. haha make the peacock fat
      And now trying to take it back at my mat

      Maybe you will be a dead fish
      And make a tasty dish

  11. The hot dog hat made me laugh. And the man on the beach covering his what-not, well at least he won't get sunburn. Though how he is going to explain his tan line to his wife...
    What about that model with the satellite on her head, she looks like she should be on the side of someones office building.

    I sent you the gmail, i hope you got it. Gmail hates me. Thanks for considering me.

    1. LOL very true
      At least no sun burn will come due
      Shouldn't be too hard to explain
      As he has pictures of his pain
      And yeah nothing did come
      I guess my your email doesn't like my rhyming bum

    2. I sent you the new one, so you will find it son, and then have some won ton and we can have fun. Ok, im not the poet, i don't even know why you would be eating won ton.

    3. Yeah who knows about that
      But you get a good try from the cat
      And got that one too
      Finally sent a reply to you

  12. pfft, this wasn't at least funny as Meandmy's pic of you wearing a tutu was, cat! You really must try harder if you want to beat your enemies....

    1. Pfft it worked well enough for me
      And elves are just to hard to appease any way so why bother at bush number three..haha

    2. I love Cat's picture trying to cover his prosthetic Willy from getting sunburnt, I would have put a concave lens above that straw hat and watch it burn sun and cat running mooning everyone, not funny?

    3. bah a little moon
      Does not upset this loon
      As that would be quite fun
      And would be interesting to do under the sun

    4. the cat would never moon us, although we've begged him hundreds of times ;)

    5. Oh maybe one day
      He will at his bay

    6. and for that even the Prada clad Pope will pray!

    7. Well if he prays good enough
      But see the cat in the buff

  13. What a fantastic roast you did about the Cap
    there sure are lots of hats looking like crap.
    Something tells me there may be another tutu for the cat,
    won't that give us loads of laughter at your mat!?

    1. haha oh yes loads will come from that
      But I will always get payback at my mat
      So whatever comes due
      One better beware that is true..haha

    2. Maybe zebra thong this time Elsie?

    3. The zebra thong
      Can once more come out strong

    4. I love your idea of a zebra thong!! Can it be PINK????

    5. Nope it is zebra colors and that is it
      For it is about to have a fit

  14. haha the double decker pecker protector might come in handy on the nude beach where it is sandy, the chopsticks and paper though make a nice wrapper but the cooking of werst on you head may be worst what with all the grease as it cooks

    1. Yeah those nude beaches can be quite burn worthy down there
      So I guess it pays to have a spare
      And the grease would be nasty to come due
      As all of that dripped down over your view

  15. You can't give me payback...I'm innocent I tell you!!! I did nothing wrong!!! LMAO

    LOL @ the double decker thinking cap ;) That's too funny!!! hahahaha Maybe I should borrow one so I can think of a retaliation to your mean posts!!!

    1. LOL innocent pffft yeah right
      You will be in for a fright hahaha
      Yeah want to borrow one of those awful things?
      You will surely get made fun of at your wings
      Though retaliation has no yet needed to come due
      For I have not made one to view

    2. Really Jax, you are scared of this payback? And tutu is a gift, give yourself pat on the back.

    3. @Jax
      Come on Jax, his paybacks and roasts are lamer than his meow. :)

    4. LOL For some reason I feel like he'll be a lot harder on me then he was on you ;) The cat is extra super mean to me!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

      I still don't get why he didn't like the tutu. I thought it was adorable!!

    5. hahaha pffft you can take your tutu
      And shove up the gazoo
      For you will get yours one day
      Here at my bay..haha

  16. I love the beach pics lol And he really CARE all his body lol
    and the queen hat is true or photoshop? Im not sure:)

    1. I think Photoshop, because the blue hat was worn by one of ugly stepsister Beth or someone during royal wedding and got auctioned for some millions.

    2. haha yeah he cares a whole lot
      As he lies in his spot
      And photoshop I will agree
      As it is just plain ugly

    3. Poor queen always her hats are ugly I dont understand why!

    4. Rich people buy ugly hats
      It also confuses cats

  17. I am again in your spam, rite?

  18. wow, I can honestly say I'd never get caught wearing one of those. i did have a beer hat when I was younger though, never used it though, kind of a gag gift, and I bought my dad a hat that was a big bass head coming off the brim, i don't recall seeing him wearing that one either. I actually like the lego one though, wouldn't wear it, but it's not half bad.

    1. Hush hush buddy, me not offering any caps or hats. ;)
      You are free to try that Willy sombrero though. ;)

    2. hahaha yeah it is good one someone elses head
      As on yours it would cause dread
      I had a beer hat too I think
      Never used it at my rink

  19. What wonderful fashion
    So many look smashin'
    or just plain dashin'
    but some look clashin'
    or ready for bashin'.

    1. Now,you are talking, I like you.

    2. Yes that they do
      As wearing some means you have a loose screw
      Or want to screw
      Like the last's view

  20. That's a funny mix of hats,
    So many choices for lots of cats.
    That last picture says: Be safe, don't hurry.
    Based on his face, he need not worry.


    1. Those caps are mine except the sombrero. The second sombrero isn't guarding any mountain I am positive its a cave and cat is misleading people.
      Last one looks like bottle or boobs, whatever it is, missing teats

    2. hahaha nope he has no worries at all
      There at his hall
      None of those would go on my head
      As they would just cause me dread

  21. You have weiner-heads and trojan men
    is nothing beyond reach?
    I just want to know who had a camera when
    I fell asleep on the beach?

    1. LMAO oh so that was you
      At least you gave them a good view

    2. @rch
      Dont try to cover up Cat. We all know that straw hat one is Cat. And the second hat isnt covering anything :)

    3. Well the straw hat I can do
      As that is fun to lie there and view

  22. legos for a cap is better than a real chicken for a hat
    to those wearing a putting green or hot dog there's nothing to say
    the paper sculpture pretty much blew me away
    no need to flash with quite a hot stash
    beach shots are normally so serene
    this one was like an odd hat team

    1. Yeah not a very serene scene
      Well I guess for that guy who wasn't so lean
      But yeah many hats come and go
      As a thinking cap though I don't know

  23. I want a hat like the queen

    or maybe I'm just being mean

    1. Better hope you're being mean
      As that hat is just obscene

    2. @Adam,
      I think you would look cute in that picture. That picture could make Daisy laugh any day.

    3. haha yeah it could
      But never ever be done it should

  24. Replies
    1. Yep spam loves you
      And that is where all ur comments go to view

  25. Those are some zany pictures. I can't believe the queen actually let herself be photographed wearing that thing.

    1. The actual blue version of that hat belongs to Princess Beatrice which she wore during royal wedding Will and Kate.

    2. LOL I can't believe anyone would make such a hat
      I'd squash that thing flat

  26. I really like these hats... especially the hot dog one.

    1. You should get that one
      As it would be such fun

  27. the thinking cap i one day will wear... one day...

    1. Good luck with that
      As it might not be the best hat

  28. Her thinking cap rocks!
    She's top of the tops.

    I'm here, I'm here,
    taking a break from the beer

    To visit again,
    my furry cat friend.

    Loved ALL the hats
    2 sombreros, LOVE that!!


    1. Here
      From the beer
      Oh that is fun to hear
      As you visit my rhyming rear

  29. haha nice nice!!!! i love anything lego so that first hat rocks!

    1. Yeah lego can be grand
      Although might break in a clutsy hand

  30. Replies
    1. haha yep you'd always have a rubber too
      So certain things you can do

  31. All those hats are really amazing
    Some of them are even intimidating
    That lego hat just looks so cool
    If I break that, I'll be the fool

    I see sticks and paper on kites a lot
    I never thought they'd make it for a hat
    That nipple hat might seem a good idea
    But the hotdog hat looks better on ya

    1. Yeah hats a plenty all around
      As many can be found
      But would rather have a hound
      As some need to be buried in the ground


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