There Are Wild Things? I'll Clip Their Wings!

So dVerse is doing a Maurice Sendak day. Honoring him for his kiddie display and you know the cat can't pass that up. Dr. Seuss growing up was more my cup, as I barely ever heard of Sendak at all, which I will sadly admit at my hall. Anyway, I guess there were all kinds of wild things about and the cat has many he will let out. There was some relief from my grief. Does it smell? Hmm this is going to Hell.

The wild things are here,
From far and near.
An Oompa Loompa has come,
Captain Crunch bites his thumb.

Penguin Man moons the crowd,
Oops! That is daily and not so wild as he acts proud.
Here comes Flingy Flong,
Wearing a zebra thong.

I guess it just isn't Pat,
So disturbing to the cat.
Trikety Trap,
Came to run his yap.

Eating a camel hump,
Getting rid of the bump.
I suppose that is good,
Fix ones OCD it should.

Hippo Happy lost his tooth,
Blamed it on some old bitty named Ruth.
She had to have it around her nose,
Why? Who really knows?

But things get whacky from there,
As along comes Lucky Hare.
Except he lost two feet,
Which isn't so neat.

As he was so wild,
He needed to be lucky for some child.
That's to put it mild too,
Not something you want to view.

Unlike the Fox and the Hound,
Oops! They already did that round.
The Termite and the Tree?
Wouldn't that be something to see?

Could help the woodchuck chop wood,
Somewhere in the hood.
Or was that chuck?
By now do you really give a umm duck?

Let's get wild with that,
And use flibo at my mat.
Puck which rhymes with you know,
Uses that in Pat's book show.

So Vilit Vigger was a flibo,
Or she wanted one on the go.
Either way,
She didn't have a nice day.

Got a saggy rump,
After the humpty hump.
From a bad goalie and such.
Do I say too much?

For along comes joy,
Girl or boy.
Or maybe a moose,
From some deranged mother goose.

Then the wild starts all over again,
As they see more than that of women and men.
Who are supposed to be oh so wise,
Which is more of a disguise.

So the wild will go on,
From dusk to dawn.
Until the Mayans pull up their pants,
And stop acting like army ants.

Getting the date correct,
When we will no longer stand erect.
And go boom.
That would be a wild kind of doom.

Oh wait! They are dead.
So don't worry your pretty little wild head.
All will come around,
And the wild will always be found.

Was that wild enough? If not you can go search for scary people in the buff. I'm sure wild will be the word for that and so much more not wanted to be known by the cat. So go get scary and roll in the grass, just don't tell my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Nice rhymes as usual, Patt!
    Love this post.

  2. a deranged mother goose is always good for the gander and the flabby rear ender you know...and for those no longer standing a little blue pill they will be handing

    1. Good for the gander
      But there can be only one Highlander
      And at least with that pill
      They can still get a thrill

  3. Hippo Happy lost his tooth,
    Poor thing but how was it snatched
    Lady named Ruth sure is smooth
    The tooth now at her nose latched


    1. Yeah she was sure slick
      Pulling it out without a click
      He didn't even know it was gone
      I guess that would be a long con

  4. Really interesting rhymes, a truly enjoyable read!
    Thank you for joining the wild rumpus!

    1. It's always fun to join
      As I can keep my coin
      And have fun doing so
      With the dVerse show

  5. I knew you couldn't resist this prompt ~

    Yes, I am hippo happy with the wild things
    and no, I am woody chuck chop with the mayan
    calendar of doomsday, that would be a wild rumpus ~

    1. Wild rumpus and hippo happy
      My aren't you just wild yappy
      Might find you in the woods somewhere
      With a not so cuddly polar bear..haha

  6. Surely that was wild enough. Wild enough for these things, to say the least.

    1. Yep wild enough for the cat
      As he will squash them flat

  7. Atleast Mayans have their excuse, what about this Harold Camping guy who calculated the end of world and then said it was a math error. They are more crazy and more wild if you ask me.

    1. That guy is just a nut case
      That needs to go bury his face
      In a pile of poo
      For anything he says is so untrue

  8. Yeah I was more of a Dr. Seuss fan

    though I enjoyed where the wild things are before I became a man

    1. Still don't enjoy them so?
      I guess the spark maybe does go

  9. Replies
    1. Hahaha yeah took me about 10 minutes to do
      Here at my zoo

  10. your poem is rainbow-licious cool. i can imagine this poem
    illustrated in a children's book.

    1. Wow glad it was so cool
      For this rhyming fool
      If only the cat could draw
      But sadly he is stuck with a crappy paw

  11. Are you saying that Dez is a Wild Thing that likes to moon crowds? That should lead into a very interesting comment...hahahahaha

    And who cares if the Mayan's pants or up or down?! I just don't want to them end the world in a few months!!! I have wayyy too much to do ;) LOL

    1. LMAO I had to give penguin man a shout
      Or else he may come here and pout
      For he is wild with his elephant tranqs and all
      There at his hall

      Guueeeessss what?
      As I said the mayans were talking out their butt
      For they just, oh so conveniently, found
      A new calendar at the Mayans old stomping ground
      Which goes on for another 7000 years
      So looks like you can rest your world ending gears
      For we'll all be long past dead
      Before the next world ending crap is fed

    2. LOL But, how I do that they didn't make up the new calendar so that we would stop panicking over the old calendar? All these lies have my poor brain going in circles!!!

      P.S. Are you watching Once Upon a Time? Craaazzzzyyyy!!!

    3. Yeah I said it was convienent how it was found
      Just lying there in the ground
      But either way
      It's all a fictious display
      So never fear
      We'll all still be here

      It was forgotten by Pat
      Actually he was doing something else out and about
      And it is one too damn early with its shout
      But it will be seen
      Tomorrow on his screen

  12. An Oompa Loompa... I felt like adding stick it up yer joompa (jumper)
    A lucky hare that has no feet... not very lucky is he? LOL

    1. LOL well the feet are lucky for someone
      And stick it up ones joompa surely sounds fun

  13. Penguin Man sounds like a funny old guy, he beats the rest his time is nigh. Awesome rhymes, no need to buy. Pat Hatt's rhymes are so good they make birds high.

    1. Penguin Man might take offense to that
      As Dez might squash you flat
      Well the birds don't get too high
      As the cat eats them and makes them fry haha

    2. Old guy? I believe me is younger than Cat the Patt.

    3. I believe not even in dog years is that the case
      For any cats here at our place..haha

  14. Me moons the crows??? You're using psychological projections again, you ebil cat! I'm overly shy to moon anyone, even myself. I can only act as the sun to the crowd.

    1. Only the sun
      All bright and fun
      I bet it's a blue thing
      There at your wing
      So once in a blue moon applies to you
      For when such a thing comes due

    2. or, our dear Freud, might conclude that you actually want to be mooned by me... LOL You're naughty, cat, you know...

    3. Freud had lots of issues anyway
      Just trying to but those on others is all I say

  15. This rhyme is playful, no doubt.
    The zebra thong image, though,
    I can do without.


    1. hahaha what you don't like it?
      Maybe once more I'll have to show it a bit.

  16. Replies
    1. Nice rhyming going on
      As you pull an R at my lawn

  17. The word that came to mind reading this was "controlled craziness." This was so fun and imaginative. Loved it!

    1. Controlled you say?
      Hmmm I'll have to try harder next time at my bay
      And make it completely out to lunch
      That would back a crazy punch

  18. It wasn't really so wild
    actually a little mild
    just another silly day at bush #3
    it seems to me.
    See how you've conditione me?
    I don't know wild when it I see!

    1. Well after a year or so
      It does seem you have become used to my show
      Maybe I'll have to get really scary
      And show a nude fairy

    2. that I have seen before
      so nothing will WOW me at your shore.
      Maybe you just poisoned me
      very very slowly
      just a drop of craziness each day
      until the wildness doesn't dismay!
      that's some kind of mind control
      used by you and scary trolls!

    3. Damn I am good
      Market that I should
      But I still suppose I have a trick or two up my sleeve
      That could make you heave
      Or maybe I'll just be really really nice
      With no spice
      Then you'd be surprised once more
      But yeah that isn't likely to happen at my shore

    4. You have to share
      if millions come there
      It's the least you could do
      since you poisoned me, too!

    5. LOL well that I don't mind
      But millions to my behind
      Pfft I highly doubt that
      But I would surely be a sharing cat

  19. Wild things in the rumpus are part of the grand scheme! I enjoyed this.

    1. haha yep the grand scheme
      And it is not a dream

  20. 'But things get whacky from there' I vote for this phrase as your tagline, or potential additional theme song Pat.

    1. haha that would be quite the high note
      And I think also has Pat's vote

  21. Saggy rump hmm sounds like my bum after blogging lol

  22. Wild, wild indeed, the wildest one ? I must ponder that, but I doubt it as the cat loves the wild at his mat, in the tales and in the comment stalls, each day the wild comes to call. The termite and the tree, now that thought just brings me glee, but oh, poor, poor tree, never stood a chance. Yeah, I was a seus kid too, that and jeffrey, I loved seeing him, for it meant I was getting toys, and getting toys is never a bad thing, no siree.

    1. Nope getting toys
      Brought lots of joys
      As Pat liked that too
      And would beat them black and blue
      Not the wildest I would also say
      As I do that each and every day
      Some more than others though
      Here at my show

  23. I loved Wild Things and Little Bear growing up. RIP Maurice

    1. Seems many knew of him
      I guess Pat is just dim

  24. Ever think of writing a children's book Patt? Lol

  25. Forget Dr. Seuss and Maurice, Pat and the cat are here to stay. :D

    1. Yeah lets hope it is for a good long while
      As the cat and Pat continue down the rhyming mile

  26. Does Penguin Man moon the crowd on a daily basis? Say it ain't so!

    1. LOL I hear that is the case
      Gets right up in ones face
      He likes blue the best
      Better than all the rest


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