Time To Swoon To The Tune!

So much noise around the cat as they build another apartment building next to our mat. I wish they would take their hammer and shove it up their gazoo. I mean that in the nicest way possible too. Well probably not but we will pretend so as I plot. Although one way to block them out is to let some human give a shout. The cat raided Pat's list to block out the noise and let it play while he chewed on some toys. And dVerse wanted music as well. So I rang the tune bell.

Lookin Out My Back Door,
I need some Voodoo Thing at my shore.
As they Yakkety Yak,
Not knowing I'm Bad to The Bone at my shack.

Thankfully the list is Savin the Day,
And Tarsier Man's theme doesn't have to play.
It's just a Character Flaw,
That's why I gave Piano Man the claw.

I took a Holiday,
Having the Time of My Life while away.
Although Tweeter and The Monkey Man,
And some Rockin Robin were not a fan.

But I Feel Good,
Great Balls of Fire a well I should.
Hit The Road Jack,
If you don't like my Centerfield attack.

For it's a Danger Zone.
No matter how much you Shout and moan.
I'm Footloose and fancy free.
Movin' On at my sea.

While you're just a Fool In The Rain.
With some La Bamba pain.
Having Nowhere to Run,
So Bring Sally Up and have fun.

Suck back some Tequila and Drift Away,
Gimme Some Lovin' at my bay.
Don't Bang On The Drum All Day.
Or give me that scary YMCA.

Or I'll call the Witch Doctor on you,
And with a Splish Splash in your view.
You'll be going Side by Side,
As you Walk Like A Man with pride.

Build Me Up Buttercup,
Will give Louie Louie a hiccup.
But I Will Survive,
Even if I Need a Hero to come out alive.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown might kill me,
Little Bitty Pretty One I need to see.
For Waltzing Matilda will pull me through.
While that Pina Colada sends me to the loo.

Now I have a New Attitude,
And I'm not so Take This Job and Shove It rude.
But I'll be Taking Care of Business at my sea,
For We're Not Going To Take It at bush number three.

They are going on the Highway to Hell,
For I have the Eye of the Tiger at my cell.
And I'm Born To Be Wild unlike some flea.
Sigh, It's Not Easy To Be Me.

Now their work day is done and the cat no longer is annoyed a ton. While Pat goes to work the cat gets this fun perk. I guess that is what happened when a grow-op burns the previous building down. Damn druggies really win the stupidity crown. But that is the end of my music sass and off the cat goes to enjoy the peace and quiet of only his own little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Don't flatter him R. His ego is already over inflated as it is. Now he'll be insufferable.

    2. You have to admit Anne, he can rhyme any and every word :P

    3. R was first
      And gave my ego a burst
      Oh how fun that is
      To my rhyming biz

      R always flatters me
      He likes my sea
      But does not like thee
      I guess you don't cause R glee

      Each and every word
      No matter how absurd

    4. @Matt are you siding with this feline offender against the mighty Alliance! You do know he puts his poo in a Pringles can don't you?

      @Cat I know, R hates me and it makes me cry silent tears everytime I log on and he's not commented on my page. I've even commented on his page and he won't talk to me.

    5. LOL well maybe you know he really is a she
      And she has a thing for me
      And just doesn't swing your way
      So avoids your bay..haha

      Of course he sides with the cat
      For he knows the alliance will be squashed flat

    6. LOL yes, I am aware...I find it...unique...

      If you side with the cat Anne
      Then maybe R will become your fan

    7. See another against the alliance at my bay
      Now Matt, Blabber and The Blue Guy have come my way
      With you and Dez all alone
      Well maybe Elsie will help by phone

      That could be the reason
      R thinks Anne and Dez are comitting treason

    8. Do not try to drag me into your litter box cat! I don't like Pringle cans filled with poo =P

    9. LOL well if you join the alliance you will get a big one
      That comes with tons of poo fun

    10. Pringle Poo and Random shit - and Anne, you are wondering why you dont have a chance.
      Monogamy in blog droppings isnt rare afterall? But Viking woman, where does she stand?

    11. Irish Air does not have a chance at my lair
      I throw the Random Shit with such flare
      Into a pringle can with glee
      And then send it to all for free

    12. @Pat
      Random shit is R's blog name. What sort of love you guys have?

    13. haha I knew it was his blog name
      But I never put 2 and 2 together until you lit the flame
      Random shit in pringle cans
      That is what must make R like people fans

  2. I was Dazed and Confused
    at the Houses of the Holy
    when I saw a Black Dog
    going to the Gallows Pole.

    But Hey Hey What Can I say
    let's have a Celebration Day
    Over The Hills And Far Away.

    When the time came
    to Ramble On
    he said Babe, I'm Going to Leave you
    because I'm Going to California
    so let's just be Friends
    because Your Time Is Gonna Come
    and I'd best just Ramble On.

    Hey cat have you ever had a Tangerine flavored Custard Pie?
    Yeah, I like Zep, wanna make something of it? well so you?

    1. Nope don't want to make something of it at all
      Enjoyed your tune response at my hall
      Knew them all as well
      So ring the Zep bell
      Knew this one would be up your alley
      As the tunes came out at my valley

    2. I don't want to know what else might climb out of your fetid, dark valley cat.

    3. haha many a things
      Come from my wings
      Or other parts as well
      They are usually swell

    4. something came from him yesterday too, even though he claims he was snip snip.

    5. oooh...look at Anne giving you a little competition!
      Nice going, there Anne!

    6. Yes a snip snip
      Does not mean I can't shoot from the hip

      Anne can give a little competition with the tune
      As it is fun to see for this loon

  3. good for the cat! :D love this one.
    i'll have a fling with my kiddos at the oyster festival today. :D

    1. Have a fun fling
      As that's what spring should bring

  4. dude you rock the juke box
    slipping song to song title like a fox
    your post rocks
    now my head will be full of tunes
    as i walk the dunes of the day
    hit a few soundtracks too,
    Top Gun to you
    and anne i ride the zep
    and it aint burned up or fallen out of my sky yet...

    1. this def def dont stink
      so dont forget to drop your link


    2. Making your head full of tunes
      Will allow you to sing and scare away loons
      Top Gun was in there as well
      As all my songs usually come from movies I will tell
      Of course that prob wasn't hard to guess
      And something I did not need to confess

      I dropped the link
      Over at your sink
      Just slept in
      Here at my bin

  5. Great movie theme related rhymes Pat, I hate how damn extensive your music knowledge is buddy, you really could make it as a movie reviewer if you ever gave up the awesome rhyming shtick you have going on. On second thoughts, don't think about giving up, I would miss the rhymes of Pat and the cat!

    It's always good to hear a Danger Zone reference, I'm definitely going to need to check that song out now haha.

    1. Music and movies flow as one
      As I know a ton
      Although I admit they all come from movies anyway
      So I prob lean more that way at my bay
      And the rhymes will always come
      At least for a while from my little rhyming bum

  6. I was Fixing A Hole
    while wearing
    an Old Brown Shoe
    when the Hubby said
    just Let It Be
    it's not going to Rain.

    Just Get Back in bed
    and let Golden Slumbers
    fill your eyes
    while we listen
    to the Blackbird sing
    in the dead of night.

    But I'm a Day Tripper
    and I've had a Hard Days Night
    from Working Eight Days a Week
    and I've got to go
    because Here Comes the Sun.

    Goo goo g' joob I Am The Walrus cat.

    1. So now you're going all beatles too
      Really brought out the tunes from you
      Such fun to see
      As you give them a run with glee
      Today I won't bother the alliance much
      Maybe just a touch
      As tunes have soothed the feud
      Until tomorrow when I'll go back to being rude

    2. I'll play nice then cat. I haven't seen Dezzie today. I hope he's okay.

    3. Yeah haven't seen him as well
      Maybe he needs sleep after his borg implant hell

    4. I wish, I have horrid back pains due to tight bandages and can't sleep :( And no drug dealers around me to sell me something to intoxicate me :)

    5. Hope you feel better soon Dez!

    6. another one from Anne...she's on a roll! Love me some Beatles!

      Dez...you poor thing!

    7. Blah hate such nasty crap
      So you can't even take a nap
      Hope all is better soon
      And yeah Anne did two by noon
      Just showing off
      But I won't scoff

  7. Very creative Pat
    To you I tip my hat!

  8. Nice swerves through the 50', 60's and 70's, although the other commenters musical swerves were good, especially the Fred/Dread/Led Zeppelin one.

    1. Yeah brought about such fun
      In the comments Anne gave a run
      As the tunes do flow
      Today at my show

  9. Hey Pat, you must have used your iTunes list to write
    unless songs float to your brain naturally in the night
    I did the same thing, and now so many songs I sing!

    1. I just have to think of a movie and the songs pop in
      That is the way it works at my bin
      But yeah I used the list too
      Just to make it faster to come due

  10. So surprised you never run out of rhymes. What's your secret?

    1. The only secret is you have to be crazy
      And one can't be too lazy

  11. "I wish they would take their hammer and shove it up their gazoo. I mean that in the nicest way possible too."

    LOL yes of course... entertaining rhymes as usual Pat.

    1. haha glad I can entertain
      Such fun to do at my rhyming lane

  12. i hate it when there are work noises in the neighbourhood.
    drives me INSANE. urgh

    1. Yes it irks me too
      Especailly when sleep it trying to come due

  13. haha..you are sure born to be wild...love the weaving in of all the music titles..big humming in my head is going on...nice..

    1. A humming in your head
      Might start drumming and cause dread
      As a head ache comes
      From such drums

  14. I hate construction near my house.

    roofers especially aren't quiet as a mouse

  15. Didn't scare me away and I'm quite a loon - I think I've started to sing the tune! ;)

    1. LOL guess it takes a loon to know a loon
      Which all who come here become quite soon

  16. I was about to reply with a rhyming tune
    But my brain keeps functioning like a cocoon
    I try so hard to think of a word
    But then I thought "that's just absurd"

    1. haha and with all your trying
      Your words are flying
      As you rhyme away
      At my bay

  17. 'born to be wild unlike some flea' ha ha lived this line- as always your rhythm and rhymes are fantastic....and weaving in all those song titles - phew! The whole thing is great....gonna go back andnoickmout some more titles!W

    1. Lived that line
      That must have been divine
      At least I hope
      And no flea brought you to the end of your rope
      Glad it was great
      Nice for that to be my fate

  18. that's not a new apartment building they're building, silly cat, it's our new cat pound. It's Annzie's cunning idea!

    1. Pfft they will never catch the cat
      For I'm too fast and will squash their pound flat

  19. YMCA scary? Since when? xD

    1. Scary when one pictures Wayne's World dancing about
      With the YMCA shout

  20. Replies
    1. Some very favorite songs you say
      That is fun to hear at my bay

  21. Sigh no more, no more
    and take that red door
    and paint it black
    and don't talk smack
    to Baba O'Riley
    just keep it smiley.


    1. Paint in black
      Or back in black at my shack
      Either way it will come
      From my little rhyming bum

  22. glad you feel good
    like we all should
    the cat on top again
    who's surprised he reigns over men?
    i won't eat the pringles
    and end up with mutated shingles
    what a challenge outflanking this alliance
    only with a special science
    yet another tip of the hat to the cat
    i'll refrain from further smack

    1. The cat is on top
      As he goes at it non stop
      And yes avoid the pringle cans of poo
      Those are for the alliance and not you..haha

  23. Why is it every time I visit here, I leave with another song or jingle stuck in my head? Today it's Danger Zone...a few weeks ago it was The Wheels on The Bus...I just never know what I'm going to get with you, Pat =)

    1. LOL I keep things coming
      As the tunes keep drumming
      Have to keep you on your toes
      And cause your head the repeat woes

  24. I will have some tequila and splish splash of your view
    this song list got some nice reviews at your bay
    i will now dance away to the La Bamba juke box
    I hear playing at your chat box :-)

    1. Yep a juke box at my sea
      Causes all glee
      As each song begins to play
      And they dance around on display
      Kind of scary though
      For some that show

  25. Eye of the Tiger, Born to Be Wild and fucking Highway to Hell all in the same paragraph...too much manliness for my mind to handle!

    1. Too much manliness for you
      I didn't mean too
      They all just came as one
      When I gave them a run

  26. Brilliant, Pat.
    One of my favorite kind of posts at your mat. :)

    1. Oh a brilliant for me
      That is great to see
      Makes the ego boost even more
      Here at my shore..haha

    2. yes, you do have your moments
      that's why I comment.
      But you can also torment
      and make me lament.

    3. haha both are fun
      Here under my rhyming sun

  27. Impressive list of tunes there, Pat and cat! Sorry to hear about the noise at your mat.

    1. Yes is quite noisy at my sea
      Friggin hammering irks me

  28. loved all these tunes - build me up buttercup - born to be wild - think you posted my hit list there Pat - paints a lifetime - brilliant!!Love Lib

    1. A hitlist you say
      Damn I'm good at my bay

  29. The sound usually I hide in my den with headphones but peeping in the name of window cleanin, white washing and all that drives me crazy and then I create noise pollution with my yelling and screaming.
    Looks like the chemistry between R and you is getting intense. Viking woman isnt going to be happy, she is sure to go berserk.
    Poor Pat, not even 1000 bluemen gonna help one Irish Air, she will just blow away those. And maybe Viking woman is right match for Anne but looking at all the cheating with R, she will side with Irish Air.

    1. Pfft I have one blue man and that is that
      For Irish Air can't stand up to even a cat
      And let the viking woman side with her
      She'll never get better than that of my fur
      For I still have R
      At my bar
      And noise pollution you say
      Oh that must cause tons of dismay

  30. What a story, read this in class, what a blast :)

    1. LOL I guess class was boring
      At least I saved you from snoring

  31. I'm sorry to hear there's construction going on near you. It's super annoying when people start banging on anything.

    1. Yep epecially when they do it early too
      I just laugh at them when rain comes due

  32. Oh construction noise is the worst!!!! So cool how you used all those different songs in a rhyme!!

    P.S. Build Me Up Buttercup is a great work out song ;) hahaha

    1. Yeah it is such a pain in the rump
      Like living next to a dump
      A good work out song for collecting shampoo
      Isn't that what you said when it should come due?..lol

    2. LOL I went on a shampoo hunt today and failed. Just in case you wanted to know... hahahaha

    3. hahaha you failed at finding shampoo?
      WOW whatever will you do

  33. Quite the tuneage at your shore, when the human's out working the cats be singing, no tariser tune certainly brought the cat glee, with all these songs I knew as well, glad to see you once again rang the headstone bell. Fun fun, D'verse musical fun.

    1. Yeah many of the songs were so grand
      No one needs a helping hand
      To pick them out
      And know what they are all about
      Had to ring the bell
      As the tunes are swell

    2. Good word to use
      For the tune fuse

  34. That would drive me nuts too
    I would have to move me into a shoe
    "Old woman in a shoe"
    Not good, but true.

    Now, I feel blue
    Being an old woman is hard to do.
    But, I do it every day
    Every. Single. Friggidy Doo Day.

    1. Old woman in a shoe
      That would be fun to view
      Hope it at least has some air holes
      And no sweaty soles

  35. You packed this with so many of music's best, including my theme song (Rockin' Robin). Great medley, Pat Hatt - er, Pat's cat.


    1. That is your theme song
      I guess with the tunes the cat can do no wrong

  36. Dang, late again.

    This is filled with songs that I didn't know I knew.

    1. Late is just your fate
      But doesn't matter at my gate
      And now you know
      Thanks to my show

  37. I loved all the song references. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I will always share
      Whether one likes it or not at my lair..haha

  38. 'Each and every word; No matter how absurd.' Aye, spot on! :D
    Somehow, I feel very deficient concerning my knowledge about music because I barely recognized three to four songs up there.
    But as it always comes my way,
    Your rhymes did brighten up my day.
    And even if you are a Fool in the rain
    La Bamba can never be a pain. :D

    1. Wow only three or four
      As you took the tour
      You need to get on that
      And crank up the tunes at your mat..haha

  39. Good ones Pat. I enjoyed your rendition.


    1. Glad it was fun
      As I gave the tunes a run

  40. going on hw to hell
    enjoyed reading it

  41. construction can be super annoying

    1. Yep super annoying it is
      This stinkin contstruction biz


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