We All Greet Never To Meet!

You know the cat or maybe Pat was told something a while ago, as he was trying to explain things to that other cat show. As he found non bloggers just don't get it I guess and trying to explain it left their mind in a mess. But then this was told to me and it made much more sense at that other sea. That the blogging world is a community indeed where each have their own feed but people join without the intention of ever meeting no matter the greeting.

Best explanation the cat has heard and even though non bloggers still don't get it and may think it absurd, it seemed to sink in a bit and they maybe, sorta got it. The point the cat is trying to make is even if ones name is fake, hiding behind a fake eye or some little blue guy. More is shared in one way or another on each feed for totally random people to read than most share with no more than a handful in real life, whether happy, sappy or some moment of strife. Are we all crazy or what? Yeah, I know I am a nut.

Trust in the unknown,
No matter the tone.
With each passing day,
The closer more become at each bay.

The feed takes a life all its own,
A fact not readily known.
For when one begins their feed,
Trying to get others to read.

None of this is even thought,
Except for maybe the odd robot.
Those are known to come and go,
But nothing is expected to grow.

The life of those far away,
Or even near your bay.
Worlds apart,
Like randomly throwing a dart.

A bullseye is hit,
And a relationship is lit.
The smallest act,
Creates a pact.

Rough days come and go,
Yet all continue to show.
Giving what many need,
No thoughts of ones own preservation or greed.

Might doesn't make right,
No need for fight or flight.
The pleasure of a few words each day,
Or many depending on who is having their say.

Is all that one comes to seek,
When each hop about taking a peek.
And as they continue to build,
Anonymity is essentially killed.

For the life of another,
Becomes like that of friend, sister or brother.
More known than that which is deemed real,
The fake becoming the real deal.

And so upon the blogging sands,
Many may never shake hands.
But from many we can detect,
An even greater respect.

The cat would rhyme no matter if he was here talking to himself all day long at his shelf. For there are enough voices in his head to last him until he's long past dead. But all of you certainly make it that much more fun and so we'll say for post 400 this was spun. Even if 400 has already come to pass this was close enough for my day with no sass. And yes the cat actually appreciates all of you and never thought when he started this such a thing would ever come due. But now I must finally be crass as off I go wiggling my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I'm with you on the blogger thing buddy, just because we'll all most likely never meet doesn't mean that we all don't really like each other and everything that we do to interact, we are kind of like a circle of friends in a weird, online way and that really is what I love about blogging. Congratulations on your 400th post even if this isn't really and is just merely a boast, it's quite the landmark regardless Pat.

    1. Yeah it doesn't mean we don't know each other better than most
      That real life tends to host
      And 400 came and went
      But I figured I'd still gloat at my tent
      500 and 1000 will be where I really boast
      And maybe even give a roast..haha

    2. I must say that I completely agree
      We bloggers are friends, aren't we?
      We might not know each other that well
      But we get along like mates in a cell

      I think your rhyming words are rubbing on to me, Pat.

    3. That I can see
      As you are rhyming like me

  2. Nicely put cat. We talked about this once, how we can be more of our true self here on blogger. The irony of anonymity is that it allows one to become "real" in the end. I think of your blog as the malt shop where I come to hang out with my friends and act like I was a kid again. I never expected any of this either. But I'm glad I found it.

    1. I come to Patrick's litter box only because CIA is paying me to. They think he's an interesting specimen for examination....

    2. I never expected it either and I found the greatest group at this "malt" shop...

    3. Yeah the anonymity may be there
      But you wouldn't be aware
      As through the words no matter in rhyme or not
      Of many we learn a whole lot
      And it is fun to act like a kid again too
      Even with a nasty pringle can full of poo
      Glad you found it as well
      All the more fun at my cell

      Pffft the CIA don't scare me
      Those men in black on the other hand from whom I'd flee
      No damn probe
      I'd run across the globe

      Found the greatest group at this malt shop
      I guess my rhymes don't flop

    4. You and your poo have given me a tremendous amount of laughter cat. And it's through you that I met Dez and we formed the Alliance. In a strange way you've participated in your own destruction cat.

      @Elsie this is where all the cool kids hang out when they're playing truant!

    5. haha yeah never knew so much could be found from pringle cans of poo
      And rhyming with the word loo
      Pfft I just participated in killing two birds with one stone
      Getting you in one spot and then I go prone

    6. pfft, and if you stone us what would you get? A litter box boring as hell as it was before we came here? With R and other anonymous lurkers and only with Petsy to do an underwear catwalk for you once in a blue moon.... You need the Alliance, Patrick, more than Spoonge Bob Square Pants needs you!

    7. underwear catwalk...oh, you wish, you wish! lol....

    8. LOL Freud would have fun with Dez now
      As he wants to see Petsy do the underwear catwalk some how

    9. Betsy
      I am thinking about Zebra underwear but I am laughing so hard that I cant even get to finish drawing that :)

    10. LMAO there you go
      That would be fun to show
      The zebra thong
      Sounds so wrong

    11. no, no, Petsy wears only champagne coloured undies. She's the UnderGoddess and a lady of style :)

    12. haha okay, not sure how you know that
      But you can keep that to yourself and not tell the cat

  3. ..but now and again we do meet and for the most part it's a pleasant thing!

    1. Well I have never met a single one
      Although that is about to change a ton

  4. Good one Pat, 400 posts, 400 rhymes, wow that is awesome and Good call about blogging and bonding, I really love this, blogging does relieve stress and i have put you in costume with pringles poo weapon of yours ;)

    1. Yeah it was a call out that was overdue
      Here at my zoo
      Blogging does relieve stress
      When life is in a mess
      And there will be payback from the cat
      For all of that

    2. I know what your payback gonna be, you will throw feces at me.
      Can you do anything better than Pat? ;-) Irish Air is right, I should boycott and look for followers to commit Patricide and thereby ending this Poocide. :)

    3. Oops, Irish Air is back, I shouldnt attack you, your poor Pat. :)

    4. Oh I will do better than that
      When I get back to my blog mat
      Pffft none will commit such a thing
      Here at my wing

      Irish Air
      Pffft I don't care

  5. Indeed, we are a community, a tight circle of friends who never meet. Not what I was expecting to find when I joined blogger but quite a bonus!

    We also find support when times are tough, even if we are not seeking it. A personal journal becomes more like therapy, getting the kindest words and support from complete strangers.

    I find it all fascinating and I'm thankful I found this place!

    1. I think you're the one who surprised me the most, Dan (I mean that in nicest, gushiest way!)

    2. *face turns beet red* Thanks Elsie, you are too sweet!

    3. Wow three days in a row at my sea
      What has gotten into thee?..lol
      Yeah quite the bonus indeed
      As I thought barely a few would read
      And the support does come
      To all when they are glum
      It is ver fascinating to see it
      And thankful I found it too with my rhyming pit

      Awww getting all gushy at my sea
      Blah the cat needs to wish a flea on your knee

    4. and I'm still here! Something must be wrong!

    5. Yes something must be wrong
      As you have come back strong
      More than ever before
      To my shore

  6. We're among friends but are still lonely
    We blog,exchange ideas,comments and rants
    With each other and to one another laugh and cry maybe
    Of a record 400 posts and countless provocations
    You've done very well, Congrats!
    To Pat and the Cat


    1. I don't know about the lonely bit
      As I am pretty good at keeping busy at my pit
      But yeah many things come
      As all give a hum
      And 400 is quite a bit indeed
      Hopefully at least another 600 more will come to my feed

  7. Happy 400th post
    to you the rhyming host!
    yes, non bloggers may not understand
    the bond formed without shaking a hand.
    Much more fun than I ever thought
    and some of the best friendships I've ever sought.
    Funny how more honesty
    comes with people you don't see.
    Still would be fun to meet most some day
    until then we'll just come to rhyme and play!

    and you know we love you, Pat. xo

    1. Yeah non bloggers just don't get it
      As they look at you like you are crazy a bit
      Way more fun than I ever thought too
      When I created my rhyming zoo
      Yeah it is funny about the honesty part
      Guess it is different on the blog cart
      Be fun to meet many I would say
      Might have to schedule some place to meet one day
      That would be fun
      Although scary it might be to see every one
      Getting all lovey dovey too
      For the cat this will not do

    2. a blog reunion would be fun
      I'm sure it's been done.
      we could just spray ourselves down with lysol
      after the hello hugs and all.

    3. LOL the lysol would be on hand
      As we went somewhere with sand
      Sure it has been done somewhere too
      Although prob take a good 3-5 grand to come due
      And I don't think many have that lying around
      So that pot of gold must be found..haha

    4. or just wait for the germ orb
      and under it we could all absorb.

    5. Well if I get a percentage of that
      Then I'll be a very rich cat..haha

  8. Congrats on the 400th post. I really hope you have at least another 400,000 more. Then you can create the worlds biggest book of rhymes.

    1. 400 isn't the biggest book already?
      To get to 400,000 I'd have to live 50,000 lives steady

    2. You have a good point. 400 is the biggest book, I just want to see another 400,000 more. I hear medicine is keeping us alive longer and longer. 50,000 years seems reasonable.

    3. I'll keep on going until I'm dead
      Or far to crazy in the head
      Well time travel could make such a task come due
      Not sure 50,000 will ever be true

  9. look at you trying to use Alliance's method of softening up the enemies before the attack.... it won't work with us, Patrick, we see through you like through a window.
    I've noticed that I bond only with bloggers who have real pics of themselves either in avatars or at their blogs. The ones with abstract avatars are tough to get close to.

    1. Does it help that my beach picture is from my shoreline? =)))

    2. not really :) but you're an exception to the rule :) since we got to know you better ;)

    3. Oh don't worry! I have a special pic of Elsie all drawn up and ready to be revealed. Then we all can put a face on this wonderful mysterious person!

    4. haha but it is a one way window
      So you don't see what really does show
      Just yourself
      The ear elf
      Yeah the ones with real pics seem to say more
      And with their lives you can explore
      Creating more of a bond
      Then those like R that don't say things beyond
      This is great
      Guess that is just R's fate haha

      It would help if I could sit on the beach like you
      But ohhhh know I have to work at my zoo
      So no it just makes me mad
      At least a tad..lol

      Yeah she blabs on a bunch
      Even about lunch
      With mustard and such
      So we got to know her much

      The wall of shame
      Will bring the fake eye fame

    5. It looks like Elsie is going up on the Wall of Shame!! I can't wait to see how Dan draws you and what he draws you wearing or not wearing!

      @Dez we live to fight another day!!

    6. I bet she has one big eye
      And that is all as the beer guys make her fry

    7. Lol...the cat does know all don't he?

    8. poor Elsie, I already feel dread....
      If you're too naughty to her, Dan, the Alliance will fry your bum... and frontal parts too if needed..

    9. LOL, nah, Dan will draw me all hot and sexy as it should be!! Fingers crossed I have big ol' um, shamrocks like Anne =P

    10. Yep the cat knows all
      At his stall
      That is proof
      Of this goof

      Dan will get her good
      As well he should

      Bah he'll draw you like a big eyeball
      Such as the one at Gawker hall

    11. I feel strange happiness in my heart that Pat doesn't draw or paint :)

    12. Yes I can't draw a lick
      My people look sick

  10. 400?? Congrats!! I'm up to 42 on my new one LMAO Woo Hoo!!!

    This post has made me feel all sentimental and stuff, cat. I want to say nice things about you which makes me think it's Pat that wrote this...

    I never expected to have five followers when I started. Then I had almost 60 at my old blog and was amazed. I feel like I "know" the people I follow. I can feel when they are happy and sad. I share when their real life enters into their blogging world (lets face it, most people don't do journals like me LOL).

    I'm lucky to have found the people I have found on here! Even the *ahem* cat.

    And, now I miss the fake eye!!!!

    1. It's hard not to like cats... they are so cute and fluffy! lol

    2. Yep 400 at my sea
      Actually it is beyond that but whatever works for me
      LOL wanting to say nice things about the cat
      Now we can't have that
      Yeah I never expected to have many at all
      But many come and go at my hall
      Yeah you can feel when many are happy or sad
      Or just plain mad
      To those select few that show it
      Like you with your big post fit..haha
      Yes even the cat
      The fake eyeball is just too fun not to make fun of at my mat

      The cat isn't very fluffy at all
      But he can surely make one fall

    3. wow, that just makes me tired. lol Congrats on the accomplishment. That's a heck of a lot of poetry!

    4. Cat when you factor in that your replies are posts in and of themselves you've actually done 800 posts.

    5. With all the long replies I'd say he is well onto 20K posts! lol

    6. LOL never thought about the replies as well
      But yeah many happen at my cell
      So 20K it could be
      At least for comments at my sea
      Well above that
      The posts would prob be around 800 for the cat

    7. I'm so pleased that my long warnings can annoy the cat, it makes a rainy day nice and sunny!

      I may bring back my eyeball for a day or two and torment the cat with it's beautiful gaze.

    8. I can handle the warnings...it's those damn migraines that bug me! lol Just kidding Elsie....sort of! You'll never know!

    9. Bah a long warning gives the cat ammo to use
      As I want to abuse
      And the eye ball is fake
      So I can drown it in a lake

      Yeah they are quite buggy I'd say
      Going on and on at a certain bay..hahaha

  11. Congratulations on your 400th post!!!! So crazy!!! That's a lot of rhyming ;)

    It's very true! We had no idea how we would cherish all these different friendships! I know I talk about all my bloggy friends like I actually know them. lol!!!

    1. haha yes that is a lot of rhyming to come due
      And plenty more ahead at my zoo
      Nope no idea at all
      And yeah I tend to talk about them like I know them too at my hall
      Which technically I guess in a round about way we do
      So it is kinda true

  12. Congrats on the big 400

    how many of these you made was something I wondered

    1. Yeah it has been quite the run
      And I am long from done

  13. this is touching man...and i agree, as i look around all the friends i see, that i may never meet, but would gladly give them a seat and a greet, they are some of my best and i can tell them more than most the rest,,,400 seems a little low, as i have thoroughly enjoyed your show and will continue on for more, and come eash day to your shore...smiles.

    1. Yeah you have over 1000 I know
      There at your show
      But my 400 will grow
      And continue the rhyming flow
      And yep many out there
      Who come and go at each others lair
      Are quite rare
      So I gave a blare

  14. I have always wondered who owns whom, but after reading your blogs (yikes--400!), it is clear to me that we are merely visitors and serfs in the cats' realm.

    1. Yes the cat rules all
      Here at his hall
      As all come and go
      But he rules upon high at his show

  15. Yeah, it is odd that people are more easy to open up when someone isn't face to face. Even with your face on the screen or the pictures of your stream, most don't worry about anything. I've met a couple and I'd probably meet more, but none of that matters, as learning and sharing with those in this community of bloggers is so enlightening and I wonder if it's because of the supposed anonymity, very interesting question. Yeah, I hear ya, I started out just figured what the hey, never thinking I'd have fifty or so people following along to my absurd poems, stories and songs, so even though it's a much smaller scale, I can totally get how it must feel to have these people enjoy what you do for fun. And I think that's the biggest thing, I knew a guy that put a blog out there about his work, but he hated his work, so I never understood, but he didn't keep it up, he said it's because no one came, but that was it, they didn't come because he didn't believe in his own thing.

    Yeah, it's been great getting to know so many in such a short time, even those that only come around posting once a month or so, they too have much to share.

    Or as my cousin would say…oh, you poet and artist types, all so touchy feely, thinker types….lol a joke, but outside the touchy feely it's pretty true, art of any medium I think makes people more open to such sharing type ventures.

    Now look, you got me thinking, and I'm just rambling, and if I don't stop now, it'll be as long as book number 9…when that comes in time. great post

    1. Wow quite the retort you gave
      Here at my cave
      Would give book number 9 a run for it's money
      Although that will come out a long day from now when it is sunny
      It is all in my head but 5,6,7,8
      Have to come before 9's fate
      Touchy feely some can be
      And yeah hating it does not cause glee
      So no one will come
      One has to not be glum
      And all like to come and see
      Whether here, there or at bush number three

  16. People have met and married through blogs, i think it is a good thing, and your correct about the anon aspect of it, it allows people a space to say what they want with out fear of peer group disaproval. Anything that is creative and self expression is always worth while. I would miss not being able to blog.

    1. Yeah people have and that is good
      The blog community opens up all kinds of things under the hood
      Say wants one wants
      No time for taunts
      Other than fun ones
      Which I do by the tons

  17. the cat is wise
    keep us apprised
    the insights gold
    puts my fears on hold
    didn't know where i was going
    couldn't stop my insides from showing
    i'm where i didn't expect to be
    here holding a virtual cup of tea
    it's a treat to be welcome at your bay
    one of the truest things to say
    blogging is a new invention
    making kitty litter of convention

    1. Yeah get the invention
      As all get a mention
      Who come to my sea
      As they are as welcome as can be
      But I will make fun
      As that just has to be done
      And bring them back
      As they come for more at my shack

  18. Ahh this is so true, the smallest act creates a massive pack love it

  19. Congratulations on 400 posts!

    Only one person I know face-to-face knows my blog URL. I've never tried explaining the blogging community to someone else--virtual connections are hard to put into words. :P

    1. Yeah it is hard to put into words I'd say
      Not many in real life know of my bay
      And those who do stay away
      So I can still have fun and cause dismay

  20. My family don't even read my blog. It's sad when no-one but our online friends share the same love of words, isn't it~! Most people I know say 'Oh, you write... nice' LOL I don't care, it's all about doing what we love to do and sharing it with other like-minds... and, I've met some really lovely people since I've kept my online journal and now been a blogger. Even some crazy cool cats with little rhyming asses too :)

    1. Yeah the offline world just don't get it
      So here we are bit by bit
      Going about our seas
      No matter the fleas
      And yes the little rhyming ass
      Like to take a pass

  21. Such a touching #400! It brought a tear to my eye. I take back what I said about you being heartless in your last comment on my blog (you'll have to read it to know what the heck I'm talking about). LOL! Congratulations on having that many rhyming posts. That's impressive!

    1. Glad I can impress
      And get a take back for the mess
      That you fell into
      There at your loo

  22. Pat your words are oh so true
    And may your blogging never end
    It makes me happy reading you
    And knowing you're my virtual friend

    1. Yeah such fun as well
      There at you cell
      To hop and skip
      As we go for a blogland trip

  23. Brilliant! Thankfully, I can just type in an "R" on my url and your blog pops right up. So easy to visit Pat and the Cat in the Hatt!

    1. hahaha I guess R is really good for my shore
      Making it easy to find forever more

  24. I have a fake name
    and that is the truth.
    But I like the game:
    I'm Penwasser, forsooth!

    1. Yes indeed you are
      There at your bar
      Even with a fake name
      Surely aren't tame

  25. Congrats on 400! I have like a quarter of that. :P

    1. A quarter of that
      Sure you'll catch up at your mat

  26. Wow, 400 posts and rhyming at that. Not a bad achievement. The cat is top bat :)

    1. Yep the cat likes that
      Having so many at his mat


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