The Alliance Is dVerse And They Are Surely Perverse!

The cat had a thing or two to take care of at our sea and I was going to postpone this dVerse at bush number three. Alright, that isn't true. But I was going to just rhyme about a loo, as you know that is easy for me to do. But Brian kicked up a fuss and even started to cuss. So well the loo rhyme would be fun, the cat decided the Great Penguin Caper should be done. It is truly a sight to behold and you will now know what happens when you join the alliance fold.

As I was saying,
The Gawker wanted no loo displaying.
For he didn't want to make a scene.
Even if his place isn't so clean.
Do you see that mess?
He needs a maid I must confess.

Miss Priss and I,
Were once more off dealing with that Drazin guy.
Errr um god if you wish,
Personally I've seen more godly fish.
Speaking of which,
Fish is surely what scratches this dVerse itch.

You see the alliance thought it would be grand,
To come and invade my land,
When we were away.
Pfft, about the only time they could get near my bay.

But it seems Penguin Man forgot to feed his flock,
And so first they had to stop at his dock.
Yet his borg updates melted their minds,
And they were truly whacked out of their behinds.

Penguin Man tried to hail a cab,
And even started to blab.
But it seems no taxis go,
To some desert as fares never seem to show.

He stood there for a long time,
I guess those updates truly weren't so sublime.
Of course he could have offended the tree,
By looking through thee.

His cohort, Elsie, was too busy with the summer of me.
To help give the penguins the fish for free.
Would you look at that eye?
It's no wonder she is so shy.

I'd hide my face too,
And use a fake eye for all to view.
If I looked like a dinosaur.
Hell, I'd never even take an outside tour.

Lurker was trying to hitch hike his way there,
But he could not get out of his lair.
If seems he was stuck,
For there was no big truck.

In the cars he could not fit.
I guess he needs to run from those zombies for a bit.
Instead of hiding behind his crew,
Watching from his kingly view.

Thinkingcap was rather aware,
And tried to ignite a flare.
She cheered with her umm cheery cap,
And flapped her trap.

Sadly none seemed to come,
As she beat her drum.
I guess no one cares about the penguins at all,
Or maybe she needed to do a cat call.

Blabber finally got her tank,
For being a nitwit and walking the alliance plank.
Doesn't that look oh so scary to you?
The alliance just don't have a clue.

But at least Blabber found snow,
That is where the penguins show.
And as you can see,
She likes to strut her stuff in the summer with glee.

Then there was Anne,
Who is such a Price is Right fan.
That she has been off on some big trip,
Teaching herself to sway each hip.

Look at that pretty pot?
I bet that would go for a lot.
Wow Irish Air is really onto something here,
Once more the alliance strikes such fear.

And finally they found each other slow and steady.
Would they just feed the damn penguins already?
Look at Penguin Man pretending he did not see,
Right through Irish Air as she shows off Lurker with glee.

While Blabber gets to ride a camel once more,
She liked it so much the first time she needed a humping encore.
Elsie mixes in with the camels too,
Just in another way, sad but true.

Whule Thinkingcap still calls for all,
To answer the penguin feeding call.
Even if they ended up in the wrong spot,
Probably followed Blabber, so now they'll all rot.

At least they have a huge litter box,
And don't need to wear socks.
Wow! With such members and adventures the cat better watch his back,
They may pick up sand fleas and send them in a pack.

Sadly, the penguins are still waiting for their food,
While Miss Priss and I stopped Drazin from being rude.
We also got back safe and sound.
And as for the alliance, let's just say they still have lots of sand to pound.

Oh the cat loves such a tale. I will thank Brian for making me give such a wail. I even had some visuals too. So you all could get a clue and see how sad the alliance really are. So go and join them from near and far. Then the cat will throw you for a loop and in one simple swoop, take you all out in mass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Brilliant, that's brilliant but I may have to fall on you!

    1. hahaha that doesn't matter
      For the cat will scatter
      And your alliance buddies you will splatter
      Then serve them up on a plater

    2. Lurker, you look good as Pat's avatar. Love your chinese stache.

    3. Lurker does look grand
      Although if he falls he may need a hand

  2. Love this story and the pictures even moreso!

    1. Yeah the pics were fun to do
      As I just had to show the alliance crew
      Get their due
      So away it flew

  3. well, thanks for making me tall and thin for the first time in my life, cat, never had that before :PPP
    And PS, you will be destroyed for showing our general ELsie as a Cyclops!

    1. LOL well she does show only an eye
      So there is only so much I can show upon high
      But a Cyclops is the best
      Surely puts the summer of me to the test
      And glad I could help you out
      With my little alliance shout

    2. Dez, I was going to ask you how you stay so thin
      with all that chocolate banana cake laying around. :)

    3. He just looks at it and doesn't eat
      Or he walks around a ton and that is why he has bare feet

    4. I love how you morphed my two eyes into just one eye now! I feel the need to go back to my stolen eye pic LMAO =PPPP

    5. Haha the stolen eye
      Will always be the one I make fun of and let the rhymes fly

    6. Oh Cat this is just so marvelous because I look pretty damn cute!! And really what you've done is immortalize the Alliance. You've defeated yourself for us!!

    7. Pffft that is not the case
      As I made the alliance fall on their face

    8. Dez, this avatar is pretty more manly and resourceful and frightful than your boyinpurple shirt one. Maybe Cat is trying to woo you to join his side.
      If the alliance didnt have Anne as her leader, who BTW looks very cute with heart-eyes and in cheerleader costume , I would taken the other side of the wall and joined Cat's side.

    9. Pfft the cat doesn't want you now
      After taking an alliance bow
      You will always have such stench
      For followng that Anne wench..hahaha

    10. Talk about digging own grave, you do realize that one of your alliance is long lost blue guy and another one is stabbing you for increasing her hip size by two inches in her avatar, you are running solo Cat, and you are no one-man army. Anyway good luck. ;)

    11. Well Blabber already showed her intention
      And the Blue guy will be around to have a mention
      But the cat doesn't need anyone
      As he can stop any alliance cronie whether one or a ton

    12. it actually really is true that I just look at cakes and don't eat them :) Sad, but true...
      Annzie is right when she says that you've defeated yourself for us :)

      I don't do manly :) And I've changed into a green Tshirt at my page :) And feel free to join cat's side, I'm sure living in his litter box will smell lovely :) And JAxy has never been on his side, she's our general who works undercover...

    13. haha damn the cat is good
      Be a psychic I surely should
      And I don't want her
      She has the stink of alliance on her fur

    14. I was wondering about the same thing... Dezzy told me the other day he's a walrus.... Never knew they were that slim. Must be a special kind. :p

    15. well I did get that liposuction recently :)

    16. haha well that is giving a whole new meaning to walrus to all
      All thanks to my hall

  4. Replies
    1. that question should stand at the gates of cat's litter box!

    2. LOL it's the twilight zone
      As things always have another tone

  5. Oh gees! The cat is packing fleas!
    And the penguins are hard to please!
    The alliance is on their knees!
    As the cat flings poo to his enemies!

    1. Yep they will get their poo
      As it surely comes due
      They didn't have any of that to use though
      So the pringle can I couldn't show

    2. The Alliance is NOT on their knees, Dan - the Alliance is strong, the cat trembles in fear!

    3. Ummm do you see any tremble here?
      Maybe that was just the gas coming out my little rhyming rear

    4. Watch yourself tiny little pussy cat!
      Anne is near, she'll be 'round your mat...

    5. That's right you feckless bastard, I'm here and your going to be jellied cat on toast!!

    6. Pfft took you long enough
      And you go for nice to acting tough
      Make up your mind
      Don't hit rewind

    7. yep, I'm on my knees only in certain nocturnal situations, and this ain't it for sure!

    8. I'm neutral in this matter. I just call it as I see it and I see the cat winning this round!

    9. See the cat wins as Dan says to all
      He can see past the crappy alliance at my stall

    10. No one's neutral! Only double agents.

  6. Love the visuals, though i have a feeling that me being away for the past week has left me feeling lost all over again.

    1. It doesn't matter if you don't have a clue
      As this just came out of the blue..haha

  7. Oh, they all look a little sad!
    That's what they get for being bad!
    And sand fleas would really be a bummer
    in the winter or in the summer!
    At least the pics didn't hurt our brains
    like they did on yesterday's train!

    1. haha i love this. Aswell as the post of course :D

    2. haha yeah they were out of luck
      With feeding each thing that resembles a duck
      So they were all mad
      Or maybe a bit sad
      And so sand fleas they get
      Sure it will cause a fit

      And look at Betsy getting so love
      Hmmm rom some guy, does it fit like a glove?..hahahaha

    3. hahaha...either Some Guy loves me, he thinks,
      or he doesn't know how to use the reply link!
      lol. :)

    4. haha yeah he could be Brian in disguise
      As for a long time with such he was unwise..haha

    5. He distinguishes between 'this' and 'the post'
      but I'll leave that up to the host.

    6. Yeah it is all love for you
      Maybe a new closet guy has come due..hahahahahaha

    7. I agree with Betsy! Yesterday's post hurt my eyes! Evil cat!

    8. Evil I can be
      And yesterday's was such fun at my sea

    9. a closet guy
      oh my oh my.
      just admit that it's really R
      and this time he went a bit far.

    10. lol not sure it is R
      As he says more near and far
      Maybe he just developed a thing for you
      And now dropped a clue

    11. That's all I need
      at my feed.
      Although his comment makes no sense,
      I think he just hit reply, being dense.
      But aren't I the lucky one
      that got the song he sung.

    12. Yeah it prob was a thing to say
      Just to try and get a retort at his bay
      But you never know
      You could make him glow..hahahaha

  8. Oh. My. God.

    That's is cat!!!!! First off, my tank was supposed to be pink, not red!! Secondly, while I love the red hair, what's up with those hips???? LMAO Elsie is a cyclops??? Poor, poor Elsie!! You even let penguins starve??? And made us ride camels??? This is awful...

    Dez and Anne won't let you get away with this!!!

    1. Yes, Jax...I think he should pay for those hips! And at first glance your mouth looks like a mustache! We all know you're much cuter than that! Although, he did give you great hair! lol...

    2. Thanks, Betsy!!! There will be pay back for this one!! I'm already recruiting all the Japanese that have colored pencils ;) lol

      Oh, yes, I love the hair!! If only I could get my hair that color!!

    3. LMAO hahahahaha oh I laughed as I made it too
      I knew it would get to you
      hahahaha still laughing now
      As you get your hump on with the camels and just wow
      Looks at those hips and those lips
      At least you like the hair
      hahahahaha waaaay to fun to do at my lair
      That is what you get for going to their side
      In this post the cat takes lots of pride
      So let the payback come due
      As I struck first at my zoo..hahaha

    4. Jax you're such a fabulous girl to give him hell about the color of the jeep and the size of your hips. For these things and for Elsies cyclops eye, he shall roast in Hell!!

    5. Never going to happen at my sea
      For I will just send her a flea
      And she will run away
      Each and every day

    6. I mean, with those hips I could have at least gotten my pink tank that Dez promised me!!!!!

      Ohh Elsie's poor eye!!! There will be a rebuttal.

      P.S. If my hips ever get big, I will be blaming that cat for jinxing them!!!!

    7. I would be so worried, Jax! He jinxed my coffee maker!

    8. LOL big hips on blabber hahaha too funny
      They'll sway as you hop like a bunny

  9. Brilliant. Million Zillion likes for this post.
    It is so cute.
    Lurker's avatar would make a fine movie antagonist. Elsie- The cyclop is sacring people away. :)
    Jax is a red hot hottie. You caught her Italiano nose Pat. :) Jax, you should be thanking him.

    I need to buy me some blue two-piece. I love my avatar. Cat - thank you so much. Pretty cute and brilliant and lovely post.
    I still the cat on the wall?! Maybe for a longtime...

    1. Wow I get a million zillion likes for it
      Not sure your alliance buddies think it is such a hit..hah
      Yeah the cyclops will scare people away
      Just from one look at her display
      And you can see I caught Blabber's nose
      Making it as long as a hose hahahaha
      Glad you think so
      As she should thank me at my show
      Glad you like as well
      Even though I tried to raise hell
      The cat on the wall?
      Hmmm you mean giving a cat call?

    2. I need to buy me that Uncle Sam hat too. I am taking this picture to my blog. Thanks Pat, but I am still going to be on the wall thinking about which side I should take.
      Cat call? Nooeahhhh

    3. haha you buy that hat
      And you will surely have to show it off at your mat
      Be too funny to see
      And fill the cat with glee

  10. An assortment of people and living things
    A Cyclop,Fu Manchu,Thinking Hat and penguins
    Be wary of such strange bedfellows and beings
    Do not get entrapped just keep on moving


    1. That I will
      As they are scary and don't thrill
      So a movin on will come due
      As I catch them in my view

  11. I love it Pat, the drawings of Lurker and Anne are amazing. Have a great two weeks, Pat's and the cat's future will never look bleak.

    1. Yeah I had fun making them all
      To show off at my hall
      And hope your two weeks are grand
      As we'll all still be here in rhyming land

  12. This is payback for the walk uptown isn't it? You couldn't make me all sexy like Jax? You had to make me all cyclopsy? LMAO

    I wouldn't have complained about wide hips! I wouldn't have complained about a red tank! At least I'd have hips AND a tank. I just have a big flipping eyeball. LMAO (Just teasing Jax!!!)

    You have just really ticked off this cyclops!

    C'mon Alliance we have some planning to do!!!

    1. Yep a little payback for such a walk
      Letting your one eye make all balk
      All I had was an eye
      So that is how I let you fry
      LOL digs in one Blabber too
      Look at you
      Bring it on cronies
      As you are all a bunch of phonies

    2. Fine!

      I stare you down with an evil glare
      Off you scamper, hiding in your lair.
      All your fur standing on it's end
      If only on your fleas you could depend.
      But alas they leave you high and dry.
      So in your milk you're left to cry.
      The Alliance is here to win.
      The cat is a loser - o' what a sin!

    3. She's right Cat, the one eye Jesus Christ you're vicious and Elsie's not the worst amongst us. You made me look cute and I'm almost as evil as you.

    4. It's true, Anne...he gave you the best body and your hair is fabulous!

    5. The cat doesn't drink dairy
      So you aren't so scary
      As all will lose
      Sorry you didn't get the news
      And if it gives you the blues
      Go sink on a cruise

      LOL well all she gave me was one eye
      So I had to make her fry

      That is just a set up for next time
      When Anne becomes a truly visual crime..haha

    6. Elsie, you looks like my favorite heroine of Futurama - Leela.
      She is strong, fighter, smart, and she is totally you- New yorker as well. No guy can stand against her, she will crush them to pieces.
      Love yours too. You are angry and fiesty and ready to run 100m dash.

    7. haha run all she likes each day
      For she will never escape the wrath of my bay

    8. LOL MaMTC - Leela is so funny, she's from Married with Children too, funny lady and tough as nails!

      @ silly cat:

      You will drink this milk,
      it is soy and soft as silk.
      You will lap it up at your sea
      and slurp it while purring with glee.
      Oh, and I can't possible drown -
      My eye is the size of a small town!


    9. Yeah that is true
      Floating will come due
      For you will never sink
      With that eye even when you blink
      Could cause a storm by doing such a thing
      Just let the blinking fling

  13. Elsie with the one eye is such a sight for sore eyes... LOL
    What a tale... you told, don't know how you can be so bold but.. you do tell them well, you and your little rhyming ass... andddd Miss Priss of course. Brian has a LOT to answer for!~! hehe

    1. LMAO yep when all else fails blame Brian
      For all the alliance cryin
      And sight for sore eyes
      hahahaha that was very wise

  14. LOL Pat and the cat surely squashed the alliance flat.
    I would never cross such a powerful foe.
    Nor the alliance or try to step on their toe.

    1.'re picking the cat's side??? Did you see that picture of me??? He gave me hips that could fit an elephant. Hmph!!

      I think you should step on the cat's toe! lol!!! (Not too hard. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone...)

    2. Matt has always been on my side
      He knows I'll win and says it with pride
      Not toe stomping will come due
      But look at you
      Threatening now
      With those hips you really must have had a cow

    3. LOL Pat already told me he would leave me like a lemming so I'm just here to enjoy the show. I don't want to get involved in WW3. Just stating the facts this time around LOL. Nothing wrong with those hips, it's the hair that's not fair.

    4. LOL hips and hair
      Quite the affair
      And that is the way to be
      Pretend you aren't with me
      And then we'll hit them when they least expect it
      And take them apart bit by bit

  15. haha i will have to shave my chin a bit to make the picture fit, but its no loo from you, so not so blue...the alliance surely wont win you mat, with the visual backlash from pat, wow that one puts my eye to shame, and makes my gawking lame...

    1. Yeah they will never win
      And that is just a sin
      That you have to shave your chin
      I'll have to add it at my bin
      And pffft your gawking will still work
      As your gawking is a perk

  16. Even though brian pooed poo
    Pats littered ryhme about a loo
    i agree with meandmethinkingcap...

    dont you?! :D

    1. Brian pooed poo hahaha
      That is fun to have due
      And yeah I agree
      With mostly what is there to see

  17. I know the rules of the Alliance vs the Arse Licking Cat require that I threaten you, but dammit this is just so well done I have to thank you for it. You've made me laugh and smile during a time that I have done neither of those two things. Thank you my friend, thank you.

    1. LOL glad I can crack a smile
      As I go the rhyming alliance mile
      It had me laughing as I did it up too
      And your welcome for it coming due

    2. I'd smile too if you gave me such legs as you gave to Annzie :)

    3. Hmmm that would be freaky though
      For such legs to show

    4. well, at least you didn't give me hairy legs, although the nose is not realistic, mine is all imperial and small and narrow, not wide as in the pic, which goes for the ears too. And why is me barefooted? Where are my trendy new flipflops I bought a few days ago?

    5. Geez so nit picky
      Creating was tricky
      So be thankful you don't have big elf ears
      Or elephant rears..haha

    6. I would have loved elven ears!

    7. haha figures as much
      Should have known and such

  18. again I'm amazed with your rhymes! ;D they're awesome!

    and the pics are fun ;D

  19. By the way I just got the Cat Pirate figure in the mail and I got the one for Dez too. I now have Elsie,me, you, Dez, Jax and MaMTC. I also have one that I could use for Angry but I may pick out a different one. I'll get them all painted but it may take a little while.

    What is the Price is Right?

    1. That should be grand
      When all are done at your land
      To give a show
      And rhyming flow
      And the price is right
      Is where that Bob Barker guy comes into sight

    2. don't be so happy, cat, my figure will be poking yours in the bum with a sword :)

    3. Pfft your rubber sword
      Won't win you any award

    4. I thought people use rubber in order not to get an award :PP

    5. Sometimes it doesn't work though
      As a few months and things start to show

  20. You certainly had fun with this post!

  21. Brilliant post Pat...I don't know what I like more - your usual high class rhyming, or your choice of artwork

    1. Both are grand I'd say
      The pics just add so much more with their display

  22. Geez, I hope I never end up in one of your posts as a hideous one-eyed creature! LOL!

    1. Well I wouldn't want to do any re-treads
      So maybe you'll end up with two heads

  23. Cool photos this time

    They look better than a shiny new dime

    1. I wish they'd get me plenty of shiny new dimes
      That would be such fun times

  24. That was fun
    but I think Jax is better than
    Annie look so cute but Elsie like a cyclope
    you are a bad cat!

    1. The cat likes being bad
      And so does the Pat lad
      You knew that
      Next time maybe oh dear will be shown at my mat..haha

    2. You are the best and the worst!

    3. Damn two at once
      I'm no dunce

    4. nope...just the worst. The hips Gloria...look at those hips!!!!!

      Besides, he tried to starve some innocent penguins.

      You'll be hearing from my mimes, cat!

    5. hearing from to speak? lol...

    6. Jax I comment Idont agree with this cat you dont have these hips; dont worry he enjoy we comment this. Th hair was nice I love the color!

    7. Hi Betsy! The really worry me is Elsie with this cyclope eye; terrible

    8. Hi Gloria. Cat is making fun of her old avatar that was one eye when she was "L". yes, it looks creepy! But Gawker might like it!

    9. I never stop
      So call a cop
      Or all will just run
      As I have my fun
      For the cat is grand
      Here in his land

  25. ha-ha Pat what a rum lot they are and that poor girl with the one eye - a visionary perhaps - :) really enjoyed this - Lib

    1. Yep one messed up lot
      That are hot to trot
      To try and ruin that cat
      But I can squash them flat

  26. I enjoyed the post, the pictures as well as the comments flow ~

    Where did you get these pics specially those of Dez and Elsie ~

    1. Yeah all was surely fun today
      As I and others had our say
      I made those pics with a program at my sea
      Was fun but took a while to get them that to show to thee

    2. Nice art fun ~ I am thinking it might go into a future book of yours..ha..ha...

    3. oh, please no, for me to end up in one of his blasphemous books would be the end of my Hollywood career.....

    4. LOL Dez in a cat book
      Now there is something for my nook

  27. I'm so glad you decided to regale us with such rollicking adventure tale!

    1. Glad you like the adventure that came
      As I tried not to make it too tame

  28. Are you the cartoonist, Pat? These are great.


    1. LOL nope I used a program to get them done
      But yeah it was very fun

    2. Looking at India flag in background in my picture, is it

    3. LOL could very well be
      Such a place I used to create thee

  29. Well, if the alliance was laying low, this piece will surely get them to jump on the attack, too bad, too many have read this already, would have suggested you pull it down and go with the loo, at least then, you'd know the problem would rhyme with loop, but now, you will have to look over your shoulder 24/7, but then again, I think all cat's go to heaven, so perhaps this is what you had in mind.

    1. LOL bah the cat likes to rile them up
      As he take a sip from a coffee cup
      And lets them have it each day
      Here at his bay
      And no looking will be done
      For the cat is no scared and has no reason to run

  30. oh my, this is surreal
    indeed I quite feel
    out of the loop
    not part of the group
    I can only smile
    shaking my head all the while

    1. LOL bah a little out of the loop isn't bad
      As I rant each day at my pad
      So it could be hard to keep up
      So never mind the little hiccup

  31. there is never a time
    to keep up with your rhyme
    you are the master
    even when i read faster

    1. The master I like to be
      Here at bush number three
      Causes glee
      So thank thee

  32. I'm impressed no doubt- comic books in your future?!

    1. That would be fun
      As I give Tarsier Man a run

  33. hey did you know that we're feeding penguins in the pub now..just saying...smiles

    1. Feeding penguins in the pub?
      What next a bath tub?

  34. Fun poem with a creative cast of characters! Julie

  35. this images are tripping, in a different way than the last post

  36. Gotta love it when your wicked rhymes start bearing images Pat. What next, a Disney feature in verse? Funny stuff again.

    1. A disney feature would be great
      Lots of money would be my fate


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