A, B, C Or D! Beats The Hell Out Of Me!

So dVerse wants me to commit and make a choice with this rhyming fit. Pffft why would I want to do that? Then I would be stuck in something like some maze rat. I would rather not and sit here all hot to trot. Just waiting for the choice to come to my little rhyming bum. That is lazy you say? Pffft that is the cat's way. If you don't like it pound sand. See I just gave you a choice at your land. Hmmm maybe there is something to this after all. I guess I will have to give it a go at my hall.

I could not write this,
I could let the rhyme be amiss.
I could stop saying I.
I could pretend I didn't hear you sigh.

You could go away.
You could have a beach day.
You could go in your shoe.
You could even do it at half past two.

Gloria could not say dear,
Blabber could not have strawberry fear.
Brain could not gawk.
Betsy could quit the cat talk.

Elsie could fall on a stair.
Dezmond could actually swear.
Heaven could forget the lust.
Mary could let her dogs blow away in a gust.

WorQueendan could forgo beer.
Meandmythinkingcap could give him a cheer.
Fred could forget the books.
Sherry could stop giving her dog dirty looks.

Al could forget his loo.
Daydreamer could bloody hell all of you.
Adam could forget to rhyme as well.
Matt could show nude pictures at his cell.

Waffles could forgo the shades.
Hank's number one cheers could fades.
R could even come back.
Anne could really be R causing flack.

A choice made,
For some sort of trade,
That led all here,
To my little rhyming rear.

I guess being lazy has its perk,
As all get a smirk.
Or at least something of use,
Maybe they just like it when I abuse.

But each choose their ways,
All through the days.
And so I choose to rhyme,
Even to the crummy mime.

Whether that is A, B, C or D.
Is completely up to me.
And for your thing, you.
Either way the answer will come due.

See I choose something after all and once more, took the easy way out and used you all at my hall. But then you need an ego boost too, right? After all those strawberries are such a fright. And so I choose to keep coming back every day and put a rhyme on display. At least until I run out of gas and can no longer pass it out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Got it in!
    Top of the ladder!


    1. Just waiting for number one
      So at Brian you can poke fun

  2. Make it a second!
    Not that often


  3. Replies
    1. Three in a row
      Made him suffer an awful blow

  4. I wonder what happened to R these days

    maybe he got lost in a maze.

    1. That's what I was wondering too, seems he vanished.

    2. Yeah R seems to have up and kicked the bucket
      Maybe with blogging he just said umm duck it

    3. Did you visit his/her blog to curb your curiosity? Are you stalking someone Pat?

    4. Nope I haven't been there is a while
      Stalking is not my style..haha

  5. A,B,C,D I got it back in
    The Top of the Ladder again
    It was not so much lurking
    Just Lucky me but with some pain
    No trade need be that's fine
    Not any abuse nor any spat
    Pat's rhyming is one of a kind
    Will always look up the Cat


    1. Thanks for the always look
      Here at my nook
      Always fun to see who gets first
      And gloats with the burst
      No lurking you say
      I guess it was your lucky day

  6. and today i chose you
    for your rhyming brew
    no matter what you spew
    and i will always gawk
    but never stalk
    as trouble with the law
    would be my fall
    and once again i will be on top
    but today hank got the drop

    1. haha no matter what I spew
      Hmmm I'm sure there is some fat I could chew
      That would appall even you
      But I won't make that come due..hahaha
      And yeah avoid the law
      And the claw
      You alreay got a ticket
      Anything else wouldn't be wicked

    2. Brian, you're just a suck up cuz he called you Brain
      flattery gets him everywhere in sunshine or rain!

    3. LOL caught that did you?
      hahahaha was wondering if any would have a clue

    4. I am your editor, you see.
      I have to point it out to thee!

    5. Yeah you do catch all
      It seems at my hall

  7. I love it whenever you mention your followers Pat, it really makes my day as sad as that sounds, I won't be forgoing the shades however for a while! I'm kind of sad that R has stopped commenting though, I reckon it was Anne who scared him away, I blame her! Great rhymes Pat, you truly aren't a... fat? Pat's a tough word to rhyme with.

    1. Makes your day
      You are easy to please at my bay
      Pat is a tough word to rhyme?
      Pffft you may want to look up being a mime hahaha
      And yep let's blame Anne
      For of her and Dez R wasn't a fan

    2. he's easy to please, Cat, I reckon it's a perfect marrying material.... :P
      And you can spin the story on R's disappearance all you like, but the whole world knows he vanished the moment we discovered that he is just one of your secret avatars.

    3. R's blog even disappeared, too!
      it's very suspicious, Dez, between me and you!

    4. the whole public knows it, Petsy, I've no idea who the cat thinks he is fooling? And Gloria is suspicious too, I think Cat hides behind her profile too :)))

    5. I agree with Dezz! Once we ratted R out on being the evil cat he vanished into thin air!

    6. 'tis true, Elsie, let us find us another of cat's false followers and reveal them in public :))

    7. Pfft just jealous that R like me and not you
      So you make up such a story at my zoo
      R will be back
      On the blog attack
      And that will prove to you all
      That he doesn't come from my hall
      Just get Elsies spy machine thing going
      And that will be showing

    8. Dez...you think Gloria is really the cat?
      haha..that's why he has the occasional 'dear" slip out. haha.
      But Dez, are you real? You aren't one of the cat's many profiles, are you?

    9. Hmmm all could be the cat
      And this world could all be under one mat
      All a figment of my imagination
      And such an interesting creation

  8. LOL nude pictures? K I'll send them to you in a private message. Enjoy.

    1. Hmm must have got lost in the shuffle
      Oh well no need for such a kerfluffle haha

    2. Bow chica boww wowwww ;)

    3. Wow. A request for nude pics from Matt.
      I don't even know what to think of that!

    4. LOL I didn't request
      Just wanted to put it to the test

  9. Loved this. Are you some sort of mind reader? Imagined every single one of them and awesomely funny.
    Waffles's shades, nude Matt, Dez swear, Sherry's doggy dirty looks :)
    Strawberry fear, then how did plan to shop in wholefoods? Elsie better get up, WorQueenDan - good call :) WhoreQueenDan or DragDanQueen? :)

    You seem to be missing R too much. That man/woman didnt say more than 5 words to you Patttt, he/she doesnt deserve your love. Move on. There are lot of R in blogpond to forgo reading posts and spill or spell three words. :)

    1. But my love for R is forever
      With his/her "nice post" he/she sounded so clever
      I just can't replace R with another one
      Okay maybe I can but it won't be as fun haha
      Wow you really let Workqueendan have it there
      I hope he sees it at my lair..haha
      And yeah Blabber doesn't like those berries one bit
      One way to make her have a fit

    2. Meandmy,don't forget that R was actually Pat. He disappeared the moment the Alliance smelled something rotten about that ....

    3. Could say the same about Anne
      Since she went R has not been around to be a fan

    4. don't you dare blame R's existence on Her Irish Allied Majesty, cat!

    5. Pfft I can blame R on her
      Just as well as you can on my fur

    6. It is very suspicious
      that R turned into Jesus.
      And then as soon as I asked Jesus if he was R
      he ran away, very very far!

    7. Yeah that is very true
      Hmmm maybe God himself next time will come due
      Or Lucifer will show
      Or just Drazin with his third person flow

    8. God himself you say?
      Then you had better behave
      Or at least hide in a cave!

    9. Bah the cat isn't scared one bit
      For if he was real mad I'd already be dead for each fit..haha

  10. Enjoyed the rhyming fun today with A,B,C,D
    Well I am forgetting the lust these days, its true
    but it will come in when I am well rested, ha...ha...

    Have a warm sunny Sunday ~

    1. Not warm and sunny at all
      Here at my hall
      Very blah and rainy too
      Sad but true
      And I'm sure the lust will come back
      Some day to your shack

  11. I'd never let my dogs blow away in a gust
    though they are quite small and would float like dust
    but they I will protect, as protect I must
    I will not betray their trust!
    Happy Sunday, Pat!

    1. haha and the cat never expected such a thing
      To occur at your wing
      Just don't let them smell the cat's rear
      Or that might end badly I fear..hahaha
      Happy Sunday as well
      Hope it is swell

  12. Replies
    1. Gloria is copying my pfffting :)

    2. Gloria used an extra P
      She isn't as good as you and me

    3. yep, it takes only one P otherwise you just spit on people with too many plosive sounds :)

    4. LOL yeah and that could get you slapped in the face
      As you spit at a steady pace

    5. Dez &Pat the p is not important I think!

    6. Yes the extra P
      Is not something people want to see
      Then comes the spit
      And that makes them have a fit

    7. An extra P
      Oh, that was just funny to me!
      So was 'plosive'
      which gave my laughter an extra dosage!

    8. plosive with spittle
      And a hey diddle diddle

  13. Strawberries are such a fright!!!!!!!! They are disgusting too!!! Hmph...What do cats know about strawberries anyways??? lol

    1. Cats know they aren't that scary at all
      And make you grow nice and tall
      I guess that is why at your court
      You are so short..hahahahaha

    2. What?!?!?!?!?! That makes no sense. LOL I eat blueberries. yumm :)

    3. Who says the cat makes sense
      Especailly in the past tense

  14. Good philosophy on choices. Lots of fun in this rhyme, never get rid of the books, nope could not, would not, but choices can get you in a tizzy, perhaps make you dizzy, like I get when I go to restaurant with too many choices, which of course, makes others question their choices. lol

    1. Yeah choices can haunt
      And choices can taunt
      But those we make
      Are the choices we bake
      And out they come
      Whether right or wrong with their hum

  15. if Matt shows nude pics at his cell I'm prepared to give a spicy swear :)

    1. haha I guess Matt better get on that
      And then a swear word will come from under your hat

    2. what is this blog coming to? lol....

    3. LOL I will go anywhere
      Nothing is off limits at my lair

    4. Yes, I suppose you'd do anything rare
      nothing is beyond a dare.

    5. haha nope
      And I'm sure many could cope

  16. LOL! Ego boost. Enjoy the nude pictures Matt is sending you :-)

    1. Yeah I'm sure I'll enjoy
      Hopefully they are playing with a toy

  17. im so bad at writing poems/songs im so jealous of your skill. How did you get such a wide range of vocabulary ??

    1. haha not sure how wide a range I have here
      But when you write novels and rhymes all day with your little rhyming rear
      It tends to grow
      And so more words show

  18. Yes, I'm guilty of lots of cat talk
    I'm sorry if that makes you balk.
    But if you've been adopted by nine
    in just a year's time
    You talk about them, too!
    Come on, you know it's true!
    Maybe more recipes would make you smile
    you might even want to eat them at your tile.

    1. I want more recipes at your place too, Petsy!

    2. LOL cats are grand
      And coming around to the recipes in your land
      So each works fine by me
      And yeah 9 would surely be talked about at bush number three
      Although if you show dairy
      That would still be scary

      Figures you do
      That's nothing new

    3. Recipes that don't use dairy.
      I'll have to see if I have any worth sharing.
      Right now it's all about swimming and pedicures
      Dez should join in with you and yours! ha.

    4. Well I eat cheese and such a bit
      So I can stand some of it
      Even though still blah to dairy
      As it is scary
      And yeah swimming is grand
      Pedicures not so much in my land
      Unless it is zombie feet
      Then they are neat

  19. Replies
    1. Yes but did you blink
      As you started to think

  20. Hahaha - a fun one Pat Hatt, but please don't poo in your shoe!

    1. haha yeah that would be bad
      So it won't be done by this lad

    2. Well, you do need arch support!

      HAHA..sorry..couldn't resist that funny retort.

    3. hahaha that would be squishy though
      And may not work as recommended from your show..haha
      Still have to look into that
      Although today I was a lazy, Pat
      And feel way better staying off the feet
      So I think that is what has me beat

    4. Once again I was right
      Owing me your life is your plight.

    5. LOL we shall see for sure though
      When I get them checked out tomorrow at the physio show

  21. sometimes, it's hard to choose the right word from the rhyming dictionary. it's easier when it just pops in your head in the first place

    Princess Vadar

    1. It always pops in my head
      And what comes out is what you read

  22. The cat is so evil hoping I'll fall,
    I'll just give my Alliance friends a call.
    They will come running to my side.
    And off into the sunset we will ride!

    1. haha yeah ride away
      On a stinky donkey all night and day
      The cat will stil win
      You just can't beat me at my bin

    2. we will ride on cats back, Elsie, why use a donkey when we can take the feline ride? :)

    3. Yeah and if you try that
      You'll get a flea attack from the cat
      And then some pringle can poo
      The donkey is safer for you

  23. Replies
    1. Here is an R wannabe
      For all to see

    2. hey...are you R
      or are you Jesus?
      Maybe Gloria, trying to please us?
      Or are you really just the cat
      trying to tease us like we're rats?

    3. No, I'd at least say something different on each blog
      This guy/girl is in a fog
      Says the exact same thing
      At every single wing

    4. Yes she or he, r or Jesus was i. My blog and said the same! Lol

    5. See it is all Gloria Dear
      Not my rhyming rear

  24. Yeah, I don't think I could commit to a single type of post on my blog if it killed me...

    1. Other than for it to rhyme
      To commit to a single type for me too would be a crime

  25. the only way you'll ever be
    a happy rhyming dude
    is writing with a hand that's free
    even if it's lewd


    1. That is very true
      And a little lewd can come due
      For that is always fun
      Under my rhyming sun

  26. I hope you don't get too famous with these books and rhyming or your shout outs will be ' Cocoa Cola is good to drink, take a think and have some clink'.
    Or ' Don't forge to watch the new series, of two and a half men, i rate it ten out of ten'.
    Or maybe celebrity guest rhymers?
    Bill Clinton ' i never touched her, once ..or two..Hilary, darlin' don't hit with that shoe'.
    And if you think those jokes are bad, you should try my rhymes, i like the time, i tossed a dime and..made.. a line...based on the cats good word time.

    I ll leave the ryhming to those with talent.

    1. hahahaha I will surely never forget all
      Here at my hall
      If fame were to come
      To my little rhyming bum
      As I'm sure I'll get smacked back down to earth
      Should such an ego rise give birth
      And hahahaha oh that stuff would be fun to do
      And I may had to give it a go, it is true
      Not bad rhyming either though
      So talent does show

  27. but you can't pretend you didn't just read me type sigh.

  28. I feel so left out! :<

    1. Been a while
      Since you came with the comment mile

  29. LOL.... I guess we all know your choice, you went and used your lil assed rhyming voice!~! (just so's I don't disappoint) Bloody hell....You crack me up.

    1. LOL yep my choice is easy to find
      And the bloody hell is such fun to hear from your behind


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