A Different Whoopdi Today Is At Play At My Bay!

FYI all your numbers were bad, didn't win a thing for that Pat lad. But it did not go so trying one final time this weekend at my show.

They've been coming since I can remember,
These who's its and what's its galore.
These fowl loving men and one eye totting women,
Just keep showing up at my shore.

So it's high time I gave them a name.
Something that fits this weird breed,
Like a gawker to some loaded Irish dame,
And a Blabber mouth with an attention need.

But what can you call this crew,
That collects my pringle cans,
Likes whoopdi friggin doo,
And have become such devoted fans?

Petsy's cat collecting zoo?
Penguin Man's Walrus humping dancers?
The Gawker stalking view?
Blabber's two shoe prancers?

There is just such a dictionary man type mix,
With Heaven residing around,
And Mary's dogs doing tricks,
While Workingdan's crack is found.

What am I to do?
With this ungodly crew?
Give a whoopdi friggin doo?
Or rather whoopdi friggin crew?

Off in the distance comes a Glory Dear,
Making Matt's wallpaper peel.
Thinking caps bow to my rhyming rear,
While Daydreamers think and reel.

For it has been found,
With no more round and round,
Or a butt sniffing hound,
Like Sherry's who leaves a brown mound

Whoopdi Friggin Crew!
Whoopdi Friggin Crew!
No one gives a whoopdi doo,
About the whoopdi friggin crew!

Not golden eagles,
Or gut totting beagles.
Not Hank and his rainbows,
Or at Adam's did you know shows.

For whoopdi friggin doo,
All are just a whoopdi friggin crew.
That is always here to view,
And bow to my rhyming gazoo.

Take solace in my rhyme,
Except if your a mime.
Otherwise say what is true,
Join the whoopdi friggin crew.

As you are funny looking too.
But whoopdi doo,
I don't give a poo,
Dez, threw that in for you,

Whoopdi Friggin Crew!
This rhyme has flew,
And now each lad and lass,
Are part of the WFC who visit my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. That was sweet. Just for the record, I had to bow only because of crack. Adam's did you know shows sounds like a good tv show for kids.
    Lovely tribute. Dez throws feces, where does he live? Zoo?

    1. LOL I don't think anyone is throwing poo...yet.

    2. I do live in a zoo, but the poo is all cat's, he couldn't live without it even if we paid him.

    3. @matt
      I don't give a poo,
      Dez, threw that in for you,
      No one is asking forensics to find whose DNA is in poo, why are you throwing poo.

    4. Yes I threw it in as something to say
      Not something to throw at anyone on display
      Well if you paid me enough as well
      I could send the poo to hell
      But it would take a ton
      To make me miss out on the poo fun

    5. ohh ok, me speaketh no english issue. :)

      Pay you?

    6. Well if you want the poo to go
      You need to pay the cat a ton at his show haha

  2. Do I get anything for this no.1 ?

    1. a Pringle can from cat, but don't complain, you asked for it yourself :)

    2. See Dez knows your reward
      I guaruntee your nostrils won't be bored

    3. if pringle cans are rewards

      then I'm sitting on a goldmine

    4. I'll fill em with poo
      And then it will be true

    5. oh good lord Pat, scat fettish, go easy on pringle can and print poo.

    6. They go hand and hand
      Here at my land

    7. at least put rubber gloves on your hands when you're doing it, cat!

    8. Pfft the rubber can melt
      As the stuff I pelt

  3. yes, you get to know you ruined the day
    out my way...haha just kidding, my rhymes
    are still spinning, and what a crew, not motley
    crue with spinning drums, but quirky people
    that make you hmmmm

    1. I ruined your day? That makes my day :)

    2. LMAO ruined Brian's day
      Oh the dismay
      He did not get first
      With his burst
      Too bad, so sad
      He was off by a tad

  4. whew..nice...you worked some cool peeps in here...frickin awesome sir

    1. A frickin awesome for a friggin doo
      Whoopi you friggin frickin-ed up the crew hahaha

  5. WFC for lyfe, ridin till we die! err... rhyming until Pat Hatt and the cat have had enough.

    1. Well as long as I can type with ease
      And the cat doesn't get too many fleas
      It will be a while
      That we go the rhyming mile

  6. Awesome work Pat. I feel like I'm going to mess up the lottery thing so I won't try haha. I love when you post about your followers too by the way, we're all so awesome :P

    1. The lottery has already come to pass
      And nothing was won not even gas
      So never fear
      And yeah always fun to pick on those that follow my rhyming rear

  7. poo yourself, cat!
    I really do own a walrus dancing team, believe it or not! We're currently negotiating with Lady Gaga to be her dance crew at her new album!

    1. Wow there should be some good dough in that
      But then if you trip and fall flat
      You could bounce up and do the worm
      And get on for another term

    2. I had a team of dancing peacocks but Lady Gaga used them to make a feather dress. Now I have a crew of peacocks too embarrassed to be seen in public!

    3. Oh, my, poor peacocks, guess they are just cocks now without the pea :(

    4. Hmmm that sounded a tad dirty
      And not at all flirty

    5. If there is contest between Pat and Walrus and Peacocks, who do you think will win?

      Good to see msgs from you. Hope you are going good. Pat is becoming uncontrollable without irish breeze

    6. Pffft the cat would win
      And that is all the needs to be said at my bin
      And pffft to Irish Air
      She too will fall no matter how much she decides to blare

    7. I'd like to see how the cat plans on winning when a walrus sits on his tail and refuses to move away.

    8. After enough scratches to the walrus's butt
      The cat will finally reach a umm err nut

    9. I knew you wanna scratch my nut, cat! I just knew it. I will call you when I have an itch....

    10. But the cat has a claw
      And doesn't just use the paw

  8. Replies
    1. Pacman has nothing on me
      I put is game to same with one simple letter change at my sea haha

    2. haha I think it sums up our addiction quite nice
      as we have all been Orlinized.

    3. Yep you all have come to be
      Sucked down the rabbit hole type crack of bush number three

    4. well now, there's a lovely description
      of our current addiction!

    5. haha yeah some might raise an eye or two
      But we know it is of grass and has no poo

  9. Whoopdi Friggin....
    There is no other.
    We're all diggin'
    Scooby's beatnik brother.

    CAUTION: I may have used this joke before.

    1. LOL yeah in a similar way
      But I too have done such things at my bay
      So no problem what so ever
      We can still pretend it's clever

    2. And new folks won't have a clue.
      But it's a rerun to me and to you.

    3. But if you try for three
      All the folks may see

  10. They sound like a fun(ny) bunch...

  11. Hope in your
    Whoopdi Friggin-
    the place for birdy

    1. Yeah a birdy can sing
      Just don't get to close of I could eat the thing haha

  12. My two shoe prancers???? LOL Cat, what does that even mean?!

    1. LOL you can decipher that
      As I am a tired cat haha

  13. Not sure what happened here...

    1. Well that is fun
      I like to confuse under my sun

  14. Whoopdi Friggin Doo
    I'm still part
    of this crazy crew.

    I have been gone
    and it may seem
    to you and to yours
    but to me and to mine
    who are trying
    to cope and to live
    a new way
    there's been no
    time to play.

    1. we missed you terribly, Annzie!

    2. Yeah you have lots to deal with indeed
      So whenever you can come to read
      Otherwise we'll still be here
      And I'll still poo on Dez, never fear

    3. I will have to make me a cape out of diapers when I come to visit you, cat.

    4. hahaha now that would be too funny
      You could take a pic and sell it for some money

    5. pfftt, the only pic I accept to do for money is for PLAYGIRL :) But I hear they don't do walruses :(

    6. Hmmm you never know
      They could want to reel in a whole new segment and let the walrus show

  15. Hahaha! I was wondering if my butt sniffing pooch would appear at your bay!

    (Sorry the numbers didn't work!)

    1. Yeah a butt sniffing mutt
      Came to my hut
      And the numbers will work next time
      Or I'll consider it a crime haha

  16. Eagles and gun-toting beagles? LOL. The Crew is certainly diverse!

    1. Yep surely diverse
      Would make many a man break down and curse

  17. Haha... well, whoopdi freakin do... we're all as nuts as >>>>> YOU!~! :)
    Workindans crack .... and Sherry's sniffing hound who leaves a brown mound... SMH Hehee Really giggling here.

    1. LOL got a giggle from you
      hahaha so fun to do
      And yeah many are nuts as me
      They just hide it better at their sea

  18. Doggone I wish you had won
    that would have been so much more fun
    but oh well tomorrow is another day
    and I will await what happens at your bay!

    1. Yeah I wish I had won as well
      That would really be swell
      But oh well always tomorrow to see
      If a win can be secured by me

  19. Its fun to be a part of this Whoopdi Friggin Crew..
    agree with Betsy.. its Patmania..
    its hard to resist once someone gets the hang of ur little rhyming ass... !!!

    1. Even if some shake their fist
      I a hard to resist
      As my little rhyming ass
      At least helps them pass gas haha

  20. The Whoopdi Friggin Crew, just when you thought you knew, out comes another whoopdi friggin dook as is is fun to rhyme all the oos, much fun can be made, as you've done plenty and some, the whoopdi friggin crew, what are they to do, but try to rhyme like the cat can do, impossible feat I must repeat, but with such a clan, it shouldn't ever go bland, hardly ever pound sand, or wake up with swollen glands, instead rhyme will be the verse, in song and even in curse, for the Whoopdi Friggin doers have drinken plenty of the kool aid and should be here to stay, as long as the cat chooses to keep them at his bay.

    1. Yeah the cat would never give them the boot
      Maybe chase some away with a toot
      An all can try and rhyme
      That isn't a crime
      For if all else fails
      Just give some whoopdi friggin doo wails


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