dVerse Relaxing Is So Taxing!

So back with the A to Z another I missed at the dVerse sea was the whole tax thing and I surely have to give that a ring. Hmmm already did the tax man a time or two. I guess it's time to get a tad profound at my zoo. Or at least make a point and maybe get a nose or two out of joint. Yeah I know this one was long ago but what can you do when you're like 40 posts ahead at your show?

Oh poor pitiful me,
The kids keep bugging me.
The phone gave a ring,
It was my secret fling.

The dog knocked over the sax.
While work sent a fax.
You're Fired!
But I was just hired.

How can they do that?
Now I even have to feed the cat.
Get supper too.
What am I to do?

Oh I know!
A shirking I will go.
The TV can babysit.
Who cares if the show has gore in it.

The dog can be shipped to the pound.
The cat can be sent outdoors to linger around.
A happy meal will do,
Life is just so hard on me too.

The welfare will come,
So I can sit on my bum.
Who wants to work so long?
I'd rather play ping pong.

Never mind I should man up,
Drinking from my "Worlds Greatest whatever" cup
I'll just be all for me,
Let the kids rot with the TV.

The dog can be put down,
The cat can get run over somewhere in town.
Fat is always great,
More happy meals to fill the plate.

For it is all about me,
No matter my history.
Things I have done,
Shoudn't ruin my fun.

I still want to be cool.
Hang with teenagers forever the fool.
Life is too taxing,
I'll shirk everything and remain relaxing.

And that is what came out of the cat, thankfully it did not result in a huge rant at my mat. For people like that think they are so divine. Yet when something goes wrong they point fingers at others and whine. Disgusts the cat and Pat many a time. Even making us like that mime. Poor little nimrods have too much strife when they brought such aspects into their life. Get over it and that is that. But then again fools never surprise the cat. So I hope they get fleas from not mowing the grass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. You like the mime??? I knew it!!!!!! Now I have in written proof for all to see. :)

    1. LOL all the fuss about these mimes. I still don't get it :/

    2. and I have a written proof that he likes Abu more than princess Jasmine, which is a wonderfully saucy piece of info for the Alliance :)

    3. @Matt
      don't bother, son, nobody gets anything that comes from cat's rhyming bum....

    4. We'll let you in on the mime army if you post a picture of you in a speedo! The public is practically demanding it!!

    5. When compared to this I like the mime
      But they still aren't sublime
      And who do you want in a speedo?
      Well at least you could see how things hang low
      But the cat has none there
      So has to be Dez you are seeking such an affair

    6. we're not picky, cat, we' d love to see anyone in speedos :)

    7. haha then there you go
      Get yours on and show

    8. you won't put a spin on this one, cat, and deprive us of some divine speedo pics!

    9. Well I gave the zebra song already
      So that should hold things steady

    10. Jax wants to see you in a speedo Pat!!

    11. LOL well if paid
      Such a pic will be made

  2. So much to be concern about...fretting consequences of everything. I need to learn this art of shirking.

    As for people who point, they also do a lot of pushing.

    1. Yeah they do push as well
      Trying to cause others hell
      And yeah learning to shirk
      At times isn't such a bad perk

  3. well now...dont have a cow, and for some its the way at their bay for sure, to live off the money of others impure, and those that point, just want their finger broke...ahem a joke, i am not violent, though come sunday i may need to be repentant...

    1. LOL hmmm not violent you say
      Sure doesn't seem that way
      But I suppose a little break
      Might make them awake
      Or get you sued
      Which would just be rude

  4. Comes to the point work is taxing
    Does well with bits of shirking
    Send them all away
    Free for the whole day
    That'll be fun
    You're the only one
    Left for your bidding all alone
    Eventually homesick in your own home!


    1. True I suppose after a while it would come due
      That work would miss you
      Or the other way around
      But then you never know what could be found
      So I guess one should take the leap
      If only the bills wouldn't pile up in a heap

  5. Have to agree, not fun to see people blaming everyone else for the downfalls of life and getting welfare. Some people need it and thats ok but others just want a free ride.

    1. Yeah those in need are fine
      The rest need to get whacked with a sign

  6. You know, I really should investigate what that DVerse thing is. Me still doesn't know it, since, as you know, me doesn't really read your posts :)

    1. Yeah we all know you are as lazy as can be
      So dVerse is something you are likely never to see

    2. Dez ~ its our poetry community ~

    3. Don't tell him
      Let him remain dim..haha

  7. Ah, the TV babysits too much, in my opinion!
    Lots to contemplate in this dominion.

    1. Yep, that is does
      Need to turn off such a buzz

  8. Ah, cat you are so wise
    as others just fill their heads with lies.
    Just saw someone who was asked why they don't get a job, what the heck,
    and she said because then she wouldn't get her welfare check.

    1. LOL figures such a lame lazy bum
      Would give such a hum
      Should cut most of those off
      That would make them scoff

  9. Fat is always great
    with fried cheese on my plate.
    and more chins than a Chinese phone book.
    But, it's rather silly
    that I can't see my willy
    and eat McDonalds than home cook.

    1. LOL yeah that would suck
      Not only to you break a sweat getting in a truck
      But also never see down below
      A well positioned mirror though might give you a show

  10. I love ping pong and play like a menace

    even if they call it table tennis

    1. Yeah I used to play
      Prob suck now at my bay

  11. What is wrong it letting tv babysit the kids? ;)
    Love this, you got everything right. It is easy to blame someone else instead of owning up our mistakes and learning from it and not repeating it.
    When one finger points at others the remaining 4 are pointing back at you ;)

    Your rhymes make people think.

    1. Make people think
      Hmmm that could end many in the clink
      Or maybe wake them up
      Or become a butt sniffing pup

  12. 40 posts ahead? Why not start posting two a day? or One an hour! or Three on Wednesday!

    1. Pfft then they'd be all gone
      Need one for one a day at my lawn

  13. Cat is sleeping in today
    Guess that means Flappy is on her way!

  14. My how the cat likes to just sit and brag
    What can we expect from one who plays in a bag?
    40 posts ahead at your bay?
    I have trouble with one a day!
    The Alliance is busy and you shall see
    So be on the lookout for little ol' me!

    1. Pfft see always ten steps ahead
      The allaince are just messed in the head
      Thinking they could ever beat me
      All you'll get is the flea

  15. i mean...a happy meal can change everything...smiles.. but..The dog knocked over the sax....inexcusable...ha..just saying..smiles

    1. haha knew you wouldn't like that so much
      It was fine as all he did was reach out and touch

  16. yesh hanging with the kids and being pretty cool - why not :) as ever Pat you raise a smile - Lib x

    1. Glad I can raise a smile
      As I rant and go once more down the rhyming mile

  17. There are fools like that in Canada too?
    I always learn something new from you.


    1. Glad I can give you a new spin
      Here at my rhyming bin

  18. ah, humanity...
    such a calamity...

    1. Yep, that is about the size of it
      To each human in their pit

  19. Replies
    1. haha that would be funny
      But not if I got tons of money

  20. Unfortunately, there are people who are just like that.

    1. Yep and they are all around it seems
      Wish they were just dreams

  21. The dog can be put down, the cat can get run over....bloody hells bells!
    Yes, there are some bone idle, lazy people around but, did you ever notice, they all either smoke, or drink?

    1. haha yeah that they do
      And gamble too
      Thinking they will win big
      Being as lazy as a twig

  22. A dream that can become a lazy nightmare, do I dare?

    1. Prob better off not daring
      For you could get scared by the sharing

  23. Yes, sad to say, there are people like that ~

    But honest work has its rewards too ~ Your dignity and independence, intact, instead of waiting for dole outs or welfare ~

    Happy day Pat ~

    1. That is very true
      Even though I'd rather leave work in my rear view
      Still has its perks as well
      And can be swell

  24. Replies
    1. At least you did it right
      That time with your Pffft-ing plight

  25. It's sad to think how many people there are like that.

    1. Yep there are a ton
      That just want to blame everyone

  26. Yes, you should be a rapper ;)Nice!

    1. lol oh that would still be scary though
      Watching Pat rap one some tv show

  27. Are you thinking of joining the great sea of people who sit on their couches, doing nothing?

  28. Sir, you will NEVER do "nothing"--
    so long as in due time
    there can be found a rhyme.

    Enjoyable read, Pat!

    1. And always there will
      As I rhyme away at my hill
      At least I hope
      As I never reach the end of my rope

  29. more often than not, I'm not the one blaming others but sometimes I have a little pity party. Helps to call a sibling who will quickly tell me to get up off the floor and stop feeling bad for myself :)

    cool rhyme as a way to tell the story :)

    1. Yeah sometimes it hits us all
      And we have to be told not to fall
      Keep standing tall
      And moving down the hall

  30. Aw Pat, You've struck a nerve!
    Sharing small piece of a "rant;" never posted, I just can't!!
    't would open a can of worms, 'fraid folks would act like I had germs

    anyways: here goes nuttin'!

    "Tired of those bitchin’ golden egg lay-ers
    and all the advantage-takers…
    Welfare free ride?
    **middle-class suicide**
    Have another kid or two?
    Uncle Sam takes care of you.
    Arthritis, new hip?
    Jump aboard that welfare ship.
    And those who wallow in their money
    probably will find this funny--
    just hope it never impacts
    what they have to pay for taxes

    …ah, but they’ll just send more lobbyists to Washington."

    Same subject, different approach. Expunged some of my frustrations.
    Thanks for sharing your poem, got the point across quite well, I'd say!!

    1. LMAO oh that was grand
      I give you a hand
      And agree with every bit
      Such fun for me to hit a nerve and see such a fit..hahaha

  31. forty posts ahead, wows, and i like that mug
    a full plate is something good i might possibly hug
    no ruining the fun
    love that cat a ton

    1. Well it is starting to go down thanks to this damn arm
      But with 40 ahead I will raise no alarm
      And always have one ready to go
      Here at my show

  32. yeah, definitely not enough people accepting their own responsibilities and so they play the shirk and blame game fame. This piece flowed so nicely, like on the stage speaking each rhyme oh so fine. The firing fax was a good one indeed, only thing worse I think would be a tweet, I would have said a text, but a tweet would be more severe, but oh, that fax one would fear. Nice play on the tax theme, but you know, if the cat is sent to linger around, he might eat something green, and I don't think the results of such would be so keen. I heard this comedian the other day on the radio, he said he converted his cat to vegetarian status because he couldn't afford the chicken any more, and the punchline was that the cat wound up throwing up, funnier if you heard it, but so very true, for when the pets eat the grass, what goes down will most certainly some get rehashed.

    1. Yeah they like to hurl it back up
      More so with a pup
      Nasty either way though
      To see such a thing flow
      And a tweet would be worse
      As the whole world could see it as you curse

  33. Lol. Love the sarcastic tone, Patt. It's phat!

  34. Enjoyed the schizophrenia. One part to damn with it all, the other, peering in from above, asking then, why I complain. About myself. So much.

    Great blog background by the way!

    1. Yeah the cat always has many voices in his head
      Using them all can cause dread


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