Globland Fun Under The Sun?

So a while back Irish Air was being all nicey nice at her lair and mentioned a convention, for which I think we would seriously need an intervention. But never the less I have had the idea too I must confess. Being on the same page as her, now that ruffles my fur. Excuse me while I got lick my rear end to get the taste out of my mouth and put an end to this trend.

There we go all better now. That was so fast I should take a bow. Anyway, we got going on about how it would be interesting if we all met up some place to see each other face to face. Blabber and Pat have been there done that as he left the poor cat. For which I will never forgive him one bit making me stay at nanny's and have a fit. The Blue Guy tried but some jack umm rabbit stole it with pride. I don't really think he tried very hard probably tripped and fell crossing his yard, bumped his head and the idea was dead. But shhhh don't tell. We'll keep pretending things are swell.

So a failed attempt from The Blue Guy and those two being greedy and not sharing with others as they came eye to eye. That doesn't say much for such a thing. So the cat figured he would give it a hypothetical ring. Irish Air came up with Switzerland since it is neutral and everyone are from all over the place. Then Hawaii was thrown out at a steady pace. So the cat had to narrow it down to the top ten places where all could meet and go out on the town.

Plus: It is an island so no one could get lost except for maybe Penguin Man but that is an acceptable cost.
Minus: It is an island so no one could get away from each and every freaky display.

Plus: They like everyone so all would be welcome and not get felt up at the airport a ton.
Minus: We would all fit in. No one would be special and that would be a sin.

Plus: Nice and cold to keep people from running away scared of all we have to behold.
Minus: Those damn moose they might bite one in the caboose.

Plus: You could go anywhere and it's all the same. Trees, clean, trees, beer, trees, meaning it's tame.
Minus: Those damn French or Newfies will spoil it. One you can't understand and the other talks like a twit.

Bora Bora
Plus: Oh so sunny and warm. That is typically the norm.
Minus: There could be a big storm and we could all have to huddle in a bunker the size of a dorm.

Plus: Ummm hmmmm ummm hmmm they drink a lot and you could steal a leprechaun's pot.
Minus: There are too many to list. Oh I can see Irish Air clenching her fist.

Plus: They have a great big wall. So we would each have our own space during this blogger ball.
Minus: Three billion chinese in the way. To get anywhere would take a day.

Plus: Could also meet the aliens who built the pyramids and stuff.
Minus: They could probe and everyone would see everyone in the buff.

Plus: Their hick accents would make Irish Air's seem tame. LOL After this she'll really want to mame.
Minus: Banjos could play and that would not make for a very nice day.

Plus: Those nasty Americans could not come and drink all the rum.
Minus: Those nasty Americans could not come and be so disliked that the Canadian gets free rum.

So there we go that is what the cat came up with to let our faces show. Which do you like best? Do you have another place to put to the test? Anyway it is fun to think about I suppose although it would be quite scary depending on which way the wind blows and who popped in from the globland mass. Now before Irish Air comes I better go hide my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Alabama and Egypt!! Or, I can go to Alabama, get my donkey and then meet you in Egypt. How does that sound??? lol

    Blogger Meet Ups sound like such a fun time!!

    1. I'm for Egypt, for some secret reasons, I'm not allowed in Alabama...

    2. Ohh, really? Normally I woult tell you to spill the juice, but I'm not sure that's in the best interests of the alliance ;)

      Egypt here we comeee!!

    3. Egypt gets two votes here
      And all the sand for my rhyming rear
      Will let my go
      As I visit the show
      Get the donkey if you like
      I'll still tell it to take a hike

  2. Come on now, that's a low blow...right in my ankle you furball spewing git!

    1. Wow, alliance is getting strong.

    2. we're considering hiring Lurk as our spokesperson, such an eloquent man :)))

    3. hahahaha awww too bad
      That is what you get when alliance joining is had hahahaha

    4. I loled at Dez's comment.

    5. I LOLed too when I wrote it /blushblush/ :)

    6. A lot of lol-ing going on
      Here at my lawn

  3. Sunny Hawaii is where all the rave
    With exotic food and fruits of choice
    Beautiful beaches heavenly to laze
    Mr President will be happy to vouch


  4. i think it would be fun to give it a run at seeing each other my blog sisters and brother from another mother. think the choice is hard because there are down sides to each yard. hawaii might be it, because who would want to escape if its legit

    1. Yeah downsides in every way
      But still be cool to do one day
      Again Hawaii gets a vote
      I am keeping a note

  5. Some jack umm rabbit, alright! HERE's the crime scene in case anybody's interested.

    1. Yeah you have the habit
      Of being such a rabbit

  6. Alabama is a country now? Loved plus and minus in every single thing. Awesome and ran funny

    1. haha well the cat thinks so
      As they just have their own type of glow

    2. You learn new things everyday. :)
      Till day I thought Canada is 51st state and Texas is -50th state. Looks like I am wrong , Albama maybe 2nd -50?

    3. LOL I guess something new
      Isn't bad no matter if it isn't true

  7. why isn't Serbia in this list? I though the Schenanigans bar is situated there and Annzie and Lurk have already been here depleting all of our drink supplies.... but we will restock!

    1. Seee that is why
      We could not come upon high
      For there is no drink
      No one wants to stay looking pink

  8. Lovely nation rhythms. Next time please include Greece as well, rhythms legitimately with grease.

  9. I wanna go to Hawai soon lol
    And include England pleaseand I will love gp yo Greece too:)

    1. Sorry Im writing in my phone; I m in bed cause im little sick!!

    2. Yeah with you there
      Not the best at my lair
      But Hawaii is the place to be
      All nice and warm and sandy

  10. Oh, I wouldn't care where we would go
    I'd certainly try to show
    Probably have to schedule way in advance
    so we could save our allowance. ha.
    And people could schedule out of work
    would be fun to see each other and not just lurk.
    I actually think NYC
    might be the best place, you see.
    Lots to do
    if you didn't want to stay with the group.

    1. NYC??? Oh, I second that!! I didn't want to make it seem like I didn't want to travel ;)

    2. Yes! I think we need to go somewhere where at least one of us knows their way around. If we go to a foreign country that is unfamiliar to all, we will waste so much time figuring out what to do...or finding someone that speaks english! ha. is a central location, in that many flight go through there and if someone is coming from another country, NYC would be a great tourist stop regardless of bloggers. Just my thought, if we're actually talking seriously, anyway. :) But Hawaii would be great. At least it's still the USA and we wouldn't have to worry about having to take refuge in the American Embassy somewhere if something weird happened. lol...

      Total fantasy? Paris!

      So, 2013? I'm in!

    3. Ok, so when are you all coming to NY??? I'll reccommend some nice/cheaper hotels on the island and we can all take the train into the city. Let's do this!! lol

      Paris? Oui Oui!! Let's meet under the Eiffel Tower.

      I speak Greek, so that could be an option. Or we can do Spain and bring Gloria with us ;)

    4. Oooh...I like all of those ideas! But if we're serious...set's get it on the calendar! Next year? This fall? Some people might need time to save their pennies!

    5. Whenever works for me. People will need to save depending on how far they are from the decided meet point.

    6. LMAO You think Blabber knows her way around NY at all?
      Pfffft you'd be better off following a horse from a stall hahahahahahaha okay maybe not that bad
      As a fun time would be had
      It be harder for most to go overseas though
      As many are in the North American show
      But then some are not as well
      So for them it could be hell
      I say we should aim for next spring
      To maybe give it a ring
      Lock down some dates
      And then let all check on rates
      And save up for the trip
      Would really be fun to do for a week/weekend blip
      Could take a few days out like I did before
      And go from thurs-tues or something from each shore
      Announce it on each blog that wants to go
      And do a tally to see who wants to show
      Then pick the best spot
      For all where it wouldn't cost a lot
      Hawaii would be grand
      But it take a pretty penny to get me to such a land
      Vegas would be interesting too
      But I'm always for NY to come due
      Florida I suppose as well
      But yeah there is plenty to do at NY's cell
      So could be wise to go there
      Suppose we'd have to see who wanted to try and do such an affair
      And then plot a spot
      And go all hot to trot
      Bringing the reality to bear
      Chasing all from their lair

    7. Florida wouldn't be bad at all...
      Disney and all that's around that hall.
      Yeah, most are probably in North America
      and majority might have to rule for the area.
      flights to Hawaii would be expensive for all.
      Not to mention half the trip doing the flight haul.
      Spring sounds good to me.
      We could start saving our money.
      A week with the weekend in the middle
      is smart for saving on the flight cost riddle.
      Would have to take a poll
      and see who would be serious and all.
      It could be done
      and would be fun!

    8. Florida is ok...I have a lot of family there. Miami and South Beach is nice. Orlando is bleh! Disney isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

      Hawaii I think is just a little too expenseive ;)

      I really think this could be done!! It will be so fun!! Another one of my favorite cities is Boston. I agree with you on the poll. Probably the best way to go about it!

    9. I almost said Boston! I've never been but hear it's lovely...near the ocean too. Not as humid as Florida, too! Oooh...I might vote for that!

    10. If we go to Florida, we should go to Sarasota or another gulf side city...but Boston is sounding really good to me! It won't be so hot. Where is Pat? We're going to have this whole thing planned without him! haha.

    11. LOL Ok, so Boston works for me too! Such a gorgeous city and so many things to do. I'll just have to hide my NY accent b/c they strongly dislike us ;)

      Yes, I hate Florida whether. Whenever I'm there my head resembles and bird's nest. hahahahaha

    12. well, we wouldn't want you to have to take breaks to use your flat iron. lol.

      And Bostonians have their own can make fun of you both! ha. But then that would open myself up to you making fun of my midwestern one. haha. Something tells me we'd have fun doing that. And Pat...what did he sound like? Different from all of us, I'm thinking!

    13. Not so different at all
      And Boston isn't a bad call
      When I get this damn arm and computer fixed up
      We'll have to poll all to see who would save money in their cup

  11. Bora Bora and Cuba and Kuala Lumpur !!
    seriously, Thailand or Bali :)

    1. American's aren't allowed in Cuba though
      So that should br stricken from the places to go

  12. Hmmm Canada, I should go there one day!
    If everyone met up in Canada they could still be far away! It is a very big country!
    You have beer on that side of Canada too? Cool! We have beer and trees here too!
    French and Newfies. One you can't understand and the other talks like a twit... which one is which?
    My suggestion, Antartica! Bloggers should claim it and re name it Bloggerland!... then freeze to death... never mind thats a bad idea!

    1. LOL yeah not a good plan
      The cat and Pat aren't a fan

  13. Bora Bora!!!!! Bora Bora!!!!
    I want a beach!!!

    1. I surely wouldn't be opposed to going there
      Would be quite the fun affair

  14. As a guy who's left his house once in the past week just to go to the grocery store, I'd love a blogger meet up at any of those places. Just bring beer, and plenty of it.

    1. haha sure we can get beer there
      Which I'm also sure you are aware
      Once in a whole week?
      Wow that one time killed your streak..haha

  15. Fun world tour. Plusses and minuses abound, here at your rhyming mound. And I love how Hawaii, Alaska and Alabama have all been given what Quebecor's have been wanting for so many years, a country of their own lol The bama one is great though, as the truth does just flow. Egypt too, can't dislike anything with an alien view. Funny though, out of all those places, Alabama and Canada are the only ones I've ever been to.

    Another cool variation on this one would be have the cat travel to each part of the world, where the human are all gone, and to get them back, the cat has to work with a cat from that area, to overthrow those who've prisoned all the humans away from view.

    Finally..only because I think you'll find this funny…I found a flappy of my own…The last four times to the chiropractor, there's this guy there, early twenty's and he's a total flappy clone, too long to write all the inane things he does and say, but the other day the doctor was asking me if I finished supernatural yet, which of course I told him I haven't, but this flappy dude had to but in his nose, and said, oh, that's my favorite show, what's your favorite episode, mines when the devil…but I cut him off as I'm not that far yet, as he was going to blab something I assumed happened her in season 5, I've only at episode 4 right now, so he looked all upset I wouldn't let him finish, so he asked me what my favorite one is again…so, I told him, "the one where sam and dean argue with each other" and the moron said, yeah that's a good one hahaha

    1. Yeah always plus and minus to each one
      But most would be fun
      Well I've been to none
      Except Canada of course as I live in that one
      So any would work for me
      And yeah I gave them their own country hahahaha
      That be cool for the cat to do as well
      To cause some dirty human stealing things hell
      LMAO you have a Flappy too
      Oh that is fun to hear came due
      Such a pain in the ass they are
      And he is a moron by far
      They argue all the damn time
      What an idiot for agreeing with such a chime

  16. Haha... Cuba... the Canadians get all the free rum...what fun!!!!

    1. haha yeah be grand
      To get things free in Cuba's land

  17. Alaska would be fun. I want to see a moose bite someone in the caboose. Or maybe Canada, been there once and had a good time.

    1. That would give you glee?
      Sure it would be a sight to see

  18. I'm for Cuba. We Americans will come anyway.

    1. LOL good luck
      They might shoot you and say you were a duck

  19. That's a great list. I can't decide. I think a blogger party would be a blast anywhere, except Jersey. Right, Al?


  20. Such a fun rhyming post, Pat, for a blogger meet.

    Hawaii sounds and looks nice, but NY is just my side of the border,
    and such a big place to get lost too ~ Hope you are enjoying
    the warm weather ~

    1. NY and Hawaii are getting the most votes
      I guess anything beats Alabama and goats

  21. For a Blogger gathering, I'd probably vote for Hawaii. Though that is a valid point--imagine if conflicts emerged and there was no way to get off the islands. LOL.

    1. LOL yeah that be my vote too
      But tons of expenses and no way to get away would come due

  22. Western canada! no french + no newfies (great people though)

  23. A blogger meet would be so much fun!
    Everyone would come, all but one!
    I'm too broke to go anywhere at all!
    For my paychecks are oh so small!

    Only in a dream could I travel afar,
    Being the broke ass that I are!
    Except for maybe Florida, I have family there!
    Expenses would be cheap as I crash at their lair!

    It sounds fun to meet my all blogger friends!
    I hope it becomes reality where we all can shake hands!
    To come together and share a laugh or two!
    I need to hit the lottery and make it come true!

    1. Yeah I'm a broke ass too
      So close by it would have to come due
      But either way
      I'd charge it to skip my bay
      What the hell
      As meeting up would be swell

  24. Since Workingdan wrote such a brilliant poem,
    The blogger conventionites should call Florida home.

    Anyplace you gather is sure to be all that,
    With Pat's animated entourage led by a rhyming cat! Julie

    1. Yeah Florida works for me
      I guess we shall see
      As it would be fun
      To have done

  25. I like the cold, should have been born in Alaska, or Canada.

  26. rhyming in the name of countries..
    only u can pull off such things :P


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