A New York Minute Part Two! Brian, Screw You!

So Brian already used the title once at his sea and so part two had to come from me. Look I even picked up the NY mean streak and the cat was never even away from his bay that week. So Brian gets flipped the bird as the cat gawks about and steals a title from his written word. All in good fun of course though as I wouldn't want a 24/7 gawker at my show. Anyway on with the summation of Pat's time there and then back to the random stuff at my lair.

Elderly lady waiting for pick up from afar,
Drives her straight to teary bar.
As romantic interlude did not show,
From which she lost her glow.

Motion sickness set in,
As Blabber tried for the traffic win.
Limbs were almost lost,
Which would surely cost.

A bit over dramatic maybe,
As all were a nervous nelly.
The scary NS had her in the trunk,
Blabber was surely sunk.

Whoops! Just eating food,
With the scary NS dude.
Forgetting her phone,
Causing quite the groan.

Then came sights galore,
At the Manhatten shore.
Things shoved in your face,
At a steady pace.

Taxis that say no.
And traffic that is very slow.
Some smelly chinese town,
Famous folks abound on the wall giving off the crown.

Tumors on the feet,
Chubby arms can't be beat.
Cellar loos that are scary,
Dudes that are quite hairy.

Food and food some more,
Giving Pat the picky eating cure.
Coffee to the lips for the first time,
With a Starbucks chime.

Caged up animals looking sick,
Not wanting to perform for some hick.
Camels that pee for ten minutes or so,
With quite the nasty flow.

All the while learning more and more,
About ones own shore.
As well as the current state,
Revealing more to ones fate.

Plus Pat is a mutt,
I just hope he doesn't sniff a butt.
Too funny to me,
As everything was sunny.

Until the final day,
When a lonely subway woman was in dismay.
Of course Pat thought he'd get shot,
So we avoid her plot.

The cat must give a repeat,
That surely can't be beat.
Want to learn more about yourself?
Pick up, trust another and take a few days from your shelf.

Worst comes to worse,
You'll give a curse,
And go back.
But it's all about what you learn going down the track.

For change can't be stopped,
Maybe sometimes cropped.
Yet other times it needs to be made,
And so the plans are laid.
New York's memory will never fade,
And the adventure I would surely never trade.

Things flew by indeed and yeah quite the weird thing to read. You would think Pat is nuts or out sniffing butts. Wait! That is already his fate. But it all makes sense in his head and maybe the cat's or some dude named Ned. Yeah, Ned sends me fan mail all the time. He thinks I'm sublime. Maybe that is all in my head hmmm another voice could cause dread. So now all the NY posts, except for a few alliance things maybe, have come to pass and it is finally bid adieu by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. not at all weird things.. :)
    concluding verse was best !!!

  2. LOL again with the peeing camel. You never had coffee before you went to NY? Can't say I blame you, I'm not a big fan of it.

    1. Yeah the camel would pee
      All day long as far as I can see
      And nope never had it at all
      Now I do have about one a day at my hall

  3. This is an amazing ode to New York in my opinion. I know that the stuff you write is supposed to be comical and it always is but this is great in it's own right.

    1. Yeah comical is fun
      And I give it a run
      As well as some other things
      Under my wings
      As that is fun to do
      To give a view

  4. awww...no help for the lonely subway woman makes me sad, and starbucks de-virgining makes me glad, the title made me think i'd been had, the pic at top is rad, is it a reflection, finger back in your direction, lots of sights to see, even camels taking a pee...i must have missed that, but tumors on the feet i got from walking, some may say stalking but anyway, fun trip to NYC in your words today

    1. LOL nope you weren't had
      Just stole the title that was rad
      Lots of sights to see
      Which surely caused glee
      Wasn't too much stalking
      But lots of gawking
      And yeah de-virgined with coffee too
      That was surely something new
      Yeah the pic was taken as we ate
      Once more something new on Pat's plate

    2. So now are you a coffee whore
      always wanting more?
      That doesn't sound good but
      better than coffee slut.
      Hmmm.. that's no good either
      how about coffee lover?
      yes, better than the others!

    3. LOL yeah the last was best
      And will pass the test
      It is just one a day for me
      Here at my sea
      Not 20 like you
      As that would keep me up all night and day at my zoo..haha

    4. only 12 cups and not 20
      although it is still plenty
      but to run a zoo
      lots must be consumed, it's true!

    5. That I suppose is true
      I'd have to have many too
      To run such a zoo
      Meaning I'd surely need my own machine like you haha

    6. You know if a machine is bought by you
      some payback may come due
      and it could break some day
      as I laugh at my bay.

    7. LOL well one day it could break
      If I were to partake
      But for now I can get it free at work's machine
      And then go to starbucks scene
      So can't laugh yet
      Maybe one day I bet
      But I just won't tell
      So you'll never know my machine went to hell..haha

  5. Coffee to the lips for the first time,
    With a Starbucks chime.

    Seriously? Oh wow.

    1. Yep first time it was ever had
      Was there by this lad

  6. Coffe de-virgining. Rightly put :)
    Caged up animals, actually NYers deserve to be caged in other states, only in NY they are normal. Looks like you had trip of lifetime, for your high functioning OCD, NY seems to be the right place, you will no longer have OCD.
    Me, I had this OCD when I was young while growing up up with my grandma and after I had live with my mom there was no way I could live with OCD. Dirty people actually help you get over it, but you may have to loose your sanity to get there. :)

    1. Oh yeah it was surely quite the trip
      Much more than a life blip
      And the best thing for OCD
      Is for a dirty person to live with me?
      Hmm I may be single for a while longer then
      As I like clean at my den

  7. Sounds like you picked up some great skills
    while you experienced the NYC thrills.
    Maneuvering traffic and tasting new foods
    learning how yummy is a hot starbucks brew
    How not to fall for the subway sympathy trick
    and how to get rid of hotel towel men quick.
    That flying isn't so bad
    even that you need a new bed!

    1. LOL yes the LAST one is a must
      As mine is so bad it prob has rust
      I don't care if I go bust
      A new bad is needed and a new place with less dust
      But I will get out soon enough
      Before things get too rough

  8. Sounds like you had a great time, happy to hear that !

  9. I am glad you learned something more than just the NY sights,
    we do learn something about ourselves, our land, the people we
    meet face to face. I am sure you will have a repeat and maybe
    go to other shores for new adventures. Under the comical posts, I know is a generous and thoughtful writer ~ Cheers ~

    1. Yeah it was such the sights
      And a few frights
      Sure I will make the trek one day again
      To NY's den
      As well as here and there
      Making it a yearly thing at my lair
      And a thoughtful writer you say
      Hmmmm I may have to use ass more at my bay..hahaha

  10. The last of New York?

    I guess that's the end of the pork

    1. Yeah no more fake ham
      That is american toe jam

  11. how come you and Blabber didn't take any pics of the two of you? Why should we believe that your trip to NY actually happened without the photographic evidence?

    1. yep, we might even need recordings and finger prints!

    2. Pfft I guess you'll just have to believe
      That such a thing we did achieve
      But I suppose if it's pics you want
      Some naked butts one day could taunt..hahahahaha

    3. don't taunt it, flaunt it, cat!

    4. LOL oh it will
      But may not be your kind of thrill

  12. Who knew that NY could teach so much??? LOL That poor lady that was waiting for someone to pick her up and no one came! So sad!! The best feat oh the NY trip was getting you to drink coffee and diners opening your eyes to food!

    Oh, and the fact that Canadians are the denying their creation of fake bacon. Hmph...

    1. haha riiight
      She was waiting to shoot us on sight
      So we had to keep walking
      While she did her fake cry talking
      Yep coffee and diners were the best
      As my eyes are open to food to test
      Pffft don't say we created that
      You Americans did at your mat

  13. Replies
    1. A good song you say
      Hmm could do that with many at my bay

  14. Enjoyed your travelogue
    some day your poem will jog
    your memory when you forget
    all the people that you met
    when you went to New York
    and weren't stabbed with a fork
    (or a dork).

    1. oops....I meant (by a dork.)

    2. LOL stabbed with a dork..hahaha
      I think it would hurt more with a stork
      But the fork would take all
      At NY's hall
      And yeah one day I may need to look back
      When I'm an old fart at my shack

  15. Taxis that say "no"?
    That would fast increase my blood flow.
    But NY is a special place.
    Glad you've so many memories to embrace.


    1. Yeah I was just like wtf
      Used to that here as they suck
      And yep memories galore
      From NY's shore

  16. all that food - it sounds like my kind of town

    1. Yeah that it would be
      If food causes you glee

  17. Coffee to your lips for the first time.... that can't be right. And how come taxis said no to a famous guy like yourself? (Dezzy would say it's probaby the p.....)

    1. the poo stench, that's right!

    2. LOL yeah very first time
      I did the coffee chime
      Now I drink one a day
      Here at my bay
      And I guess they didn't like rhyme
      Or the poo is a crime

    3. Let's say what Dezz always says to me: EAT MY SHORTS! Oh wait, let's not. He's got some Cyborg X-Ray-I-Can-See-You-Naked-Now surgery done. But when he's all back in shape again, we'll say: EAT MY SHORTS!

    4. Still he might try
      So I would let that idea die..haha

  18. Glad you had a good time there but, I bet you were really glad to get back home to 'relatively' sane Nova Scotia ;)

    1. Yeah does make one appreciate what they have too
      At ones own zoo

  19. So you're a mutt sniffing butts? Okay. Maybe you and my dog should get together. He likes sniffing butts, too.

    1. LOL yes in a way that is true
      But at least I don't drink from the loo

  20. Looking you.yoi enjoy your coffe; is amazinhng like a travel can change you!

    1. Yeah travel can change
      As you leave your range

  21. You finally had it laid
    NY you had fondly bade
    Lots of memory
    Chinatown that's smelly
    That's aroma of chinese food
    It's heavenly if you're in the mood
    As long not near a camel
    Ny is just swell!


    1. Yeah avoid the camel indeed
      And Chinatown I would still take heed
      As the smell was blah to me
      I guess I just don't like sushi

  22. I hope Pat doesn't sniff a butt, too. lol

    1. Yes lets not have him sniff a butt
      As he is enough of a nut

  23. Hahaha - I'm sure NY wasn't ready for you!

    1. Yep they were scared of me
      And said no with glee

  24. You really captured the New York minute in this, all the things going on, the rhythm of sight and sound. 'Of course Pat though he'd get shot' made me laugh, at least you survived with all these expereinces. This had this rhythm to it , reminded me of 'The Night Mail' by W H Auden.
    Of course your poem was funnier.

    1. I always go for fun
      It just must be done
      But yeah had the rhythm factored in
      Today at my bin
      And survived I did
      Never even flipped my lid

  25. Wow, you just flew through the NYC tour, in a minute, I'm not so sure, but perhaps two or three. Lots of sights and things to see, many pleasant but many are certainly not. And you speak the truth, as once you go to NYC, that visit is typically impossible to forget you've seen

    1. Yep impossible to forget indeed
      And will always remember at my feed
      Was fun all around
      Even if some strange things were found..haha

  26. As a proud New Yorker, I confess you've scared me. In a funny way, of course. :)

    1. LOL well a funny scare isn't bad
      Maybe just a tad

  27. I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award http://jottingsandwritings.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/sunshine-blogger-award/


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