The Robots Are Coming! Don't You Hear Their Humming?

I bet it may surprise you to know that robots are taking over your show. That is right! Day and night, you have robots all over you. They are mixing with the germs at your zoo. And you can't see them at all. So they are truly having a ball. Maybe one day they will go nuts and burn down all huts. But until then I just thought it would be fun to see what they are in and give them a run.

Bugs bugs everywhere,
All over your lair.
But do you care?
As they aren't all that rare.

In your hair stuff,
Some skidoo that makes the waves rough.
Even safety cleaner.
I guess the bugs make it meaner.

Can even curl your iron too.
With some moisture care stuff they glue.
Right to your skin.
Don't you like robots helping you win?

A baby blanket has some,
The tennis racket you use to swat a bum.
A baby carriage too.
Look what those bugs can do.

Even a plush toy or two.
I bet that you never knew.
As they even take a hike,
When you clean your bike.

Blankets and throws as well,
Aren't robot bugs swell?
Body volume shampoo,
And Conditioner too!

Some speakers and a nap pillow,
Have the bugs whisper across a willow.
A diamond and some slippers,
I bet they are even in flippers.

Mouthwash has some too!
Oh I bet you didn't have a clue.
Imagine sloshing around robot bugs in your yap.
Maybe they'd make Flappy stop her flap.

Or she would choke.
And maybe even croak.
Like a frog that is,
Death is a nasty biz.

Except when you're a super powered cat,
Which I have in Pat's book number 4 at his mat.
The bugs romp around inside me too.
Just as they do with you.

Now if only you could harness that,
Then you could be powerful like the cat.
Well maybe as powerful as a mutt,
Your sniffer may even want to take a whiff of a butt.

Don't forget they are in vegetable cleaner as well.
Really? What the hell!
I guess all want you to eat the robot bugs.
Maybe there is a conspiracy at play with these thugs.

Like they are playing a long con.
Then they will turn them on,
And poof!
You'll fall of a roof or have another goof.

Robot bugs could make you dead,
And bang your pretty little head.
Don't you love them now?
You never know you could get lucky and they will make you meow.

So now you know they are in many things you pass daily at your show. If some evil mastermind not as nice as my rhyming behind, tries to take control and make them go for a stroll. You could end up robot din din and that would not be a win. I know really stretching it there. But think as you do up your hair the tiny robots could grab hold and rip it all out. That would make you shout. Didn't you like these sorta stretched facts that have come to pass? Now I must go chase those robot bugs away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. bugs and germs are quite enough, but nanobots are no bluff, microscopic terminators one day will rise and band together to take our lives but for now they live in our gullet, where they are safe from your bullet..


    1. Yeah they will take us over and we will be screw
      Those things are rather rude
      At least we get to flush them now
      And make them have a cow
      You even meow
      The coffee must be taking hold as you bow

    2. LOL that was weird to me too
      I wonder if one actually came due

  2. Anything biological is still fine by me, but when there's AI involved... (shudders)

    1. Yeah it gets scary then
      Still biological at my den
      Is not something I want too
      For that can be just as ewww

  3. World will be a much more better place if we didnt have bugs, any sort of bugs. Summer and bugs is like eating grapes not the seedless ones. Cant enjoy and relish to the core.

    1. Yeah summer is rather bleh but spring is alright

      I hate seeing bugs infest on my porch at night

    2. The real bugs do cause dismay
      But they have their point in the light of day
      The fake robot ones don't though
      And that will one day show

      An infestation like that
      Can also be found under somes door mat

  4. Bugs are everywhere?
    They wouldn't dare
    But robotic one's new
    What do we do
    In an oxygen tent we sleep
    Like MJ did
    But it's bad idea
    Your immune system gets weaker
    What the heck, live let live
    Just see what gives!


    1. haha until what gives brings on doom
      And makes you go boom
      Then all will be sad
      And nothing will be rad
      As the bugs take a stroll
      And assume control

  5. is this your paranoia about my Borg surgery, cat?

    1. Yes it brought it on
      As I looked at their buggy long con

  6. Good thing I don't use moisture care stuff haha. I've been called the greatest bug of all. ('Stop bugging me!' Does that ring a bell?) Your McFries have some, too. My couch has some, too, because my cats have declared it their property. No robot bugs but poo bugs, though. What's that... robot bugs in my mouth wash? Say it ain't so, Pat!

    1. you see, this is the proof that the Blue one and the ebil cat are in love. He comes to his place, and doesn't come to mine :( /criesinconsolablyandjumpsofthefirstcliff/

    2. LOL yep those robot bug, i.e. nanities are every where
      And I'm sure along with the poo ones they are across your lair
      Until one day
      When they want to cause dismay
      And then all are doomed to their evil robot ways
      And they drown us in bays

      LMAO just like a lemming to fly off a cliff
      And create such a tiff

    3. I climbed myself up again :) The Blue one did drop a visit after leaving your litter box, cat :)

    4. See he has to visit me first
      You are just a second burst
      And at least you can climb
      Even through the grime

  7. And I know how they spread them everywhere!
    They come down from the air!
    You know..those contrails spread them out
    and they get us before we know what it's about!

    1. Never knew they were spread like that
      Even more disturbing to the cat
      Before long we will all have our day
      As the machines take us away

    2. maybe smog is a good thing, you know?
      it makes the bug in the contrails travel slow.
      maybe they break up before touching down
      and Ohio is the best place around!

    3. LOL that could be true
      But then the pollution kills you
      So either way
      You are just as doomed as by bay
      Just maybe slower though
      There at your show

    4. oh, hell...we're all going down
      all the more reason to find that fountain!

    5. you're not doomed, Petsy, don't listen to the ebil cat. All members and supporters of the Alliance will never be doomed, just sexy, lovely and all groomed.

    6. Yes we need to find that damn thing
      Before the Fates chop our string

      Hmmm you rhymed at my sea
      What is wrong with thee?
      Making the allaince look bad
      But rhyming at my pad

  8. The small bugs aren't bad, its the one that have 200+ hitpoints you have to be worried about.

    1. Yeah those can lose their points
      And really mess up your joints

  9. Yes Pat I can heard their humming!! OMG!

  10. LOLOL Laughing at Brian's comment. Nano nano .... they will soon be taking over once they are thinking for themselves. I want to be Neo!! Fight the Matrix and come back in 2 more movies kicking, flying and just generally doing all sorts of cool stuff ;)

    1. Yeah if they start to think
      We will hit the brink
      And yeah that would be fun
      Flying around a ton
      Brian tries to be funny
      I guess this time he was right on the money

  11. I hate those bugs Pat specially bed bugs ~ I am very particular
    about those germy stuff ~

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. Yeah they are one of the worst
      Them and their thirst
      Yuck is all I can say
      And also have a nice day

  12. Its all that nano technology in the sci-fi movies we watch that puts thoughts like these in our heads. I think I need something stronger than Raid next to my computer.


    1. Yeah that is what makes these plans laid
      And you should surely get some supped up Raid

  13. Bugs bugs everywhere
    even on what looks clean
    we try our best to avoid them
    as some of them are downright mean!

    1. Those robot ones can get you too
      As they come in stuff that is supposed to help you

  14. The humming has turned into a roar at my pad. We have dog bugs, cat bugs, bird bugs, frog bugs, fish bugs, crab bugs, kid bugs, bug bugs. Oh my!

  15. Eeeepp!! Keep the robot fleas FAR FAR FAR away from my knees!!!

    1. Sadly you prob already have and have had
      Tons of robot bugs on you at your pad

  16. Robo bugs aren't bad..
    If only.. transformers remains only a fiction fact :P

    1. Yeah but doubtful it will be
      Only a fact as they sprout from the sea

  17. robot bugs, swirling in the mouthwash, dancing in the belly, geesh, it's like having the terminator swimming in your show, not the place I hope to go. Nano bots are here already, so the robot bugs must be true, a great follow up rhyme for the conspiracy theory chime, different yet relatable. I think everyone should get a super-powered cat to combat these robot fleas and bugs that dance around your food and mix with the germs about and above. Perhaps you could start doing what they do in horse-racing, and sell Orlin's services out there to other cats, creating a master breed of supercats, making money in the process but more importantly creating a resistance for when these robots germ there way to much larger and expansive plots. Fun write, a bit eerie to think of, but fun nonetheless

    1. Such a resistance would net me a lot of dough
      So why not do that at my show
      And yeah a bit eerie I will say
      As they can surely cause dismay

  18. Just what I needed to think about -- robot bugs. :)

    1. Well they are all around
      So think how they could surround

  19. I didn't need to be aware of all these bugs right now... @_@


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