Tarsier Man Sniffs A Butt. Or Maybe That Was The Mutt!

Tarsier Man saw an ad.
Lost puppy of some lad.
So he decided to help,
As the reward made him yelp.

A zillion dollars if found.
So he set out in search of the hound.
He searched under the bridge,
And in some old ladies fridge.

I guess he has a thing for that.
But was scared away by the old bat.
As she came at him with a broom,
But slipped on a mushroom.

Tariser Man is a slob,
As he eats on the job.
The poor lady was threatening to sue,
So he ran from view.

He tripped over a dog walker,
Who was quite the talker.
So he chatted her up,
And amazed her with his theme song hiccup.

Then he swiped a dog,
She had plenty and was in a fog.
He painted it up nice and neat,
From its ears to its feet.

Then went to collect his reward,
A zillion dollars would make him a lord.
He would have his tune sung all day.
From bay to bay.

He went to the lad,
And he became so glad.
But then the pup had a pee,
All over Tarsier Man like he was a tree.

Tarsier Man's suit of bark,
Now had a big wet mark.
He used the mutt to wipe it off,
As the lad began to scoff.

For the paint came off as well,
And things weren't swell.
For Tarsier Man met the dad,
Of the crying lad.

His eyes surely went pop,
And they flew off as his body went flop.
Then he noticed the real pup,
Play with a coffee cup.

So he became wise,
And used his eyes.
Tarsier Man stuck them inside the mutts ears,
And brought him back expecting cheers.

He wanted his dough,
But the father said no.
And let him go,
Telling him to scram from his show.

The kid was nice,
Thankful still for Tarsier Man's eye popping vice.
He thought it was cool,
As the mutt continued to drool.

He gave Tarsier Man the zillion bucks,
Which had pictures of ducks.
Not even a Canadian loonie
Or even better a toonie.

It was play money,
The flip side had a bunny.
Tarsier Man got mad,
And almost lashed out at the lad.

But then he heard,
From a chirping bird.
That someone had lost a dog,
To a dog walker in a fog.

They were offering a big reward.
And that hit a cord.
Tarsier Man picked up his borrowed mutt,
And took off for the hut.

Wanting the reward money,
Thinking it was funny.
How he saved the day twice,
Just by being ever so nice.

Now doesn't that work for you? This crazy nut job coming due once more at my shore. He saved the day by causing the dismay. A running theme with the bugged eyed creep. I don't think his thoughts run too deep. But never the less I guess he fixed the mess. And so another one of his tales have come to pass and it had to be told by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Been a week or so
      Since one was secured by you at my show

    2. Thanks! It's a nice feel!


    3. Glad it feels nice
      Maybe I'll send you some chewed up mice

  2. Of Tasier Man,a nice story
    A good deed twice in one day
    As always the case mostly
    Not rewarded to one's dismay!


    1. Yeah he did it for the money
      So not all bright and sunny
      To bad it was fake
      Maybe he'll go jump in a lake

  3. I'd be mad too if someone gave me a zillion dollars of play money. Someone should empty of bag of play money over Times Square during new years and watch chaos ensue.

    1. LOL that is a really good idea to try
      Although someone would prob die
      As all trampled for the fake dough
      And then the money tosser would end up in jail at the NY show

  4. ha saved the day twice, isnt he nice
    play money though is not good enough dough
    unless to Boardwalk you go, or pass go and get $200
    matts got a cool idea, would be interesting to see yeah?

    1. Nope sadly it isn't taken by vendors
      Or any other lenders
      So unless he wants to get free parking
      Tarsier is out for dealing with all the barking

  5. I really didn't need to see him back, cat! Why did you bring him back? Did you have to? Did you enjoy it?

    1. He has to come back once in a while
      With his eyes popping a mile
      Just to remind you all
      Of his stupid Tarsier Man call

  6. Well if it was a zillion dollars I will go for it too ~ But not play money, it would ruin my day ~

    Have a good long weekend Pat ~ I will be in the beach tomorrow..whohoo ~

    1. Yeah play money would suck
      Couldn't even buy a duck
      Be nice to go to the beach
      But right now that is out of reach

  7. I like chirping bird
    who sitting in fog
    alerting the world
    about the dog

    1. The bird
      Is absurd
      So the cat will eat
      The yummy treat

  8. I feel sorry for Tarsier Man getting attacked by an old lady and then not getting the reward he was looking for but at least he did a good deed. I was very suspicious myself at the "zillion dollars," reward.

    1. Bah serves him right
      For his eye popping sight
      I guess it was a good deed
      Although he still wanted the dough and yeah a zillion dollars would make me take heed

  9. I'm starting to get a bit of a crush on Tarsier Man...could it be his eyes? LMAO

    1. nope, it's just you having freaky taste, Elsie :PPP

    2. If Dez doesn't like him, then I don't like him. Solidarity!!

    3. One has freaky taste
      The other is a waste
      Then you got the follower Irish Air
      All the alliance can do is blare

  10. ah Here is the Tarsier man again! welcome Tarsier man!
    could be help us? maybe save me to be buried eternally?? LMAO

    1. what a great idea! T-man could dig up Gloria! Gloria..just offer him fake money! :)

    2. LMAO hmmm well if you dug you up
      He wouldn't do it like a cat or pup
      He'd use a shovel and lop of your head
      Then you wouldn't be buried, just umm dead hahahaha

    3. ew...better stay under ground
      so your head can be found!

    4. haha see
      Being buried is so bad for thee

    5. I m sure Tarsier man is better than you Pat!!!

    6. Pfft yeah right
      He has yet to see the light

  11. I'm trying to shoot off a quick post telling people where I am but blogger is being a bit fucky. I'll keep trying. I'm back to commenting a bit though.

    1. Blogger must be working for the ebil cat, Annzie :(

    2. Yeah blogger is a piece of trash at times
      Even for one who rhymes
      So it isn't working for me
      AS it has plenty of time fecked with my sea

  12. hey...i just lost my dog...do you think that tarsier man...? and regarding reward...i may would pay in poetry...all penciled with cute, yellow ducks of course..smiles

    1. LOL he would help for real dough
      Not sure such penciled stuff would make him show

  13. I can't believe the lost pets don't run from him!
    His outfit is scary and so is his grin!

    1. and so is the feline mind that created him :)

    2. wait..he doesn't have a grin!
      No mouth at all...what a sin!

    3. His mouth is hidden in his mask
      As he keeps it shut as he goes about the task
      And yes my mind is vast
      Wait until the big speil with all in blogland as the cast

    4. keep his mouth shut? you mean like a mime?
      lol.. they just keep coming up all the time!

    5. LOL those damn things haunt me
      Damn mimes are going on a spree

    6. haha..you can't get away
      They come every day
      even posing as trasier man
      if they can!
      You chat too much to be a mine
      they will never win you over in time.

    7. haha nope never ever
      Will I do such an endeavor
      As the cat could never shut up
      Especially with coffee now in his cup

  14. a zillion for a puppy

    worth more than some guppy

  15. The bunny money cracked me up!

    1. haha too bad it could not pass as real
      That would have been quite the deal

  16. A zillion.. I'd love a zillion. I like your money too. Ducks on one side. Better than monopoly money which I always thought was real as a kid! He's always into such a scam your very own Tarsier Man.. darn I rhymed again ;)

    1. haha always make you rhyme
      So fun to do every time
      And yeah a zillion would be grand
      If it was real here in my land

  17. Hahaha! Yeah, I think my eyeballs would pop out, too, if a painted pooch peed on me.

    A zillion bucks wouldn't be bad, though. Maybe I'll paint my pooch and send him over there.

    1. LOL well good luck with that
      I don't think your pooch would take too kindly to such things at your mat
      Or just eat the paint
      And then maybe feint

  18. Other than getting painted, I hope n dogs were harmed in any way.

    1. Nope no dogs were harmed
      Just some neighbors were alarmed

  19. He gets peed on and fake money! Haha. Serves him right for trying that.

    1. LOL yep serves him right
      For trying to let some get rich scheme take flight

  20. hmmm, what and interesting walk. I went to the Casino today and lost money; but every machine I abandoned paid of within the first few spins for the next patron.

    I'm pretending to care when Karma is going to favor me :)


    1. LOL wow that sucks indeed
      I guess you should have paid someone to do the deed
      And hit the button or give it a pull for you
      Then maybe a win would come due

  21. Somehow Tarsier always wins out, despite his methods and dilemmas he brings, to the Tarsier he's doing justice, and expects the gratitude to sing. Missed a few days of reading so a tarsier tale was a nice surprise to my catching up to date try. Can never be enough tarsier, well, maybe for his victims but not for the reader of his adventures, as there always filled with idiotic splendor.

    1. Glad he is fun
      When ever he comes for a run
      As idiotic slendor sums it up
      He's dumber than a pup


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